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The Best(and more) iTunes Alternative for All Apple Devices in 2019 | Backup & File Handling Made Easy With MacX MediaTrans

How many times would we had regretted about not saving the data somewhere on the computer before our expensive iPhone shows up a never moving Apple logo on the screen? Last time it happened to my cousin’s iPhone where she had lost 1200+ moments of her college life (she did not backup either on cloud or on computer).

It is very important to backup data on iPhone as the architecture of software and hardware are not that easy to repair by every other mobile phone technician.

MacX MediaTrans is an ultimate files management and backup software for iPhones and iPads with features more than that of a native files transfer and backup software, iTunes. It encrypts the personal media files with high-grade AES 256 encryption, safeguarding against unforeseen data losses.

If you think I have forgot about iTunes software that actually backs up photos, music, videos on your iPhone onto your computer, I would like to ask, how many times are you comfortable in using the iTunes interface? Not every basic computer user knows how to fully use iTunes software.

If you are a professional and you think you can find a way with iTunes, just have a look at the features of the software and make a judgement after reading this complete review.

Features of MacX MediaTrans for Mac:

  • Import or export music, photos and videos in a two-way sync process in higher data transfer speeds.
  • Creates, deletes and edits playlists without any limits unlike iTunes.
  • Easily manage the tracks, albums and genres in batch.
  • Create ringtones for iPhones.
  • Auto convert the audio or video format to iPhone/iPad supported formats.
  • Reduces the size of the large media files up to 50% without losing the quality.
  • Auto-rotate the videos to bring the right way up.
  • Encrypts the media files with AES 256 encryption technique safeguarding against the unseen data losses.
  • Transfer photos in batch without needing any cloud involvement.
  • Faster media transfer rates; High quality photos will be transferred in seconds.
  • Auto converts HEIC to JPG.

Software Compatibility:

Supports devices from iOS 8.4 to latest.

Music Transfer Features on MacX MediaTrans:

  • Syncs music in bulk or selectively with no data erased on the device.
  • Allows adding, deleting and editing the playlists as wanted.
  • Allows transferring of music not purchased on iTunes to computer.
  • Creates iPhone ringtones through auto-conversion from AAC to MPC and vice-versa.

Photo/Video Transfer Features on MacX MediaTrans:

  • Allows to delete any particular photo from iPhone camera roll or photo gallery.
  • Backs up large 4K videos, live photos onto Mac to free up device memory.
  • Auto-converts HEIC to JPG.
  • Auto-converts videos to MP4 by compressing the size to 50% with no loss of quality.

Bonus Features of MacX MediaTrans:

  • Turns iPhone into USB storage device by allowing it to store word, PDF, Excel, dmg, apps and iBooks.
  • Encrypts media transferred from iPhone to Mac.
  • Syncs files in a two-way fashion without needing of cloud storage like iCloud and internet connection.
  • User-friendly interface; easy and stable to use.

Hands on MacX MediaTrans:

Downloading and installing of MacX MediaTrans is as same as installing any typical software on Mac.

Downloading & Installing:

Step 1: Download the software from (official website).

Step 2: Double click on the .dmg file. Drag and drop it into applications folder.

That’s it! MacX MediaTrans is now installed on your device.


Step 1: When you open it for the first time from the launchpad or from Applications folder, you would see a footer asking to register the software. If you have not bought the license, get a license on their website.

Step 2: Enter the license and register to utilise full features of the software.

Hands on:

macx mediatrans

The simple user-friendly interface offers the features on one screen that can be seen on first sight. Choose the option that you want to use and connect your iPhone/iPad/iPod.

macx mediatrans-connect phone

You won’t find this simplicity in interface and powerful features in iTunes. Do you? Share your thoughts in comments below about it.

Advantages of MacX MediaTrans over iTunes:

  • Transfers 100 4K photos in 8 seconds.
  • Two-way sync without data loss.
  • No duplicates created during the sync process.
  • Recognises and connects to iPhone intelligently.
  • No Apple ID required anywhere in the process.
  • Easy interface; A noob can use it without any fear.

Complete advantages of MacX MediaTrans over iTunes:

The complete advantages of MacX MediaTrans is seen in the following screenshots:

macx medicatrans vs itunes

macx medicatrans vs itunes

Wrapping up:
It is a fact that iTunes restricts users to transfer files and photos and the interface is quite confusing for a basic computer user. One cannot watch number of tutorials before transferring their media and files onto Mac computer.

MacX MediaTrans offers complete set of flexibility in handling the files backup from iPhone/iPad/iPod and Mac in easy, simple and faster way. I suggest you not make it late before the 40% discount expires. It is coming for lowest price than charging cable for iPhone itself.

What do you think? MacX MediaTrans or iTunes? Which on is your favourite?
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How To Watch All Format Videos On Your iPhone; Best Technique Of 2019

After buying an iPhone by spending ten times more than normal Android phones, how unfair it is if it cannot play MKV, AAC and FLV format videos? Also imagine inability of playing iPhone HEVC videos with old version of quick time, Photos, Final Cut Pro, iMovie on your favorite MacBook and even on Windows Media Player, adobe on Windows PC. Let me take this much further by letting your know that 4K 60FPS videos shot with iPhone won’t play smoothly on VLC and other major media players. To be more obvious, iPhones cannot play drone and GoPro video formats as well.

Why is this happening with your iPhone?

The answer is simple. You might be having an old iPhone (older than iPhone 7) or a new one. The interoperability between the old and new iPhone is limited by the hardware under the hood.

To be particular, new Apple codec HEVC (H.265) is compatible with iPhone and later versions. Therefore, videos shot on iPhones older than iPhone 7 cannot play them. It’s that simple.

Do you need to upgrade your iPhone?

I would say that if I was Apple’s CEO. I’m one of those who still love the design of iPhone SE over other future models. I know you are one of my kind. So, let me introduce you the best solution for iPhone video format incompatibilities and issues related. I introduce to you, VideoProc – the best video converter I’ve come across in these recent times.

What is VideoProc Software? Why I think it is the best so far?

VideoProc is a one-stop solution for video processing that I’ve come across while searching for my iPhone video format problems. It saved my iPhone from being smashed to the floor.

Why it is the best I’ve seen so far?

VideoProc is the only software that processes video by utilizing full GPU acceleration. It processes the video 3X faster than other tools in the market by utilizing hardware acceleration powered bu Intel, AMD and NVIDIA GPUs delivering smooth 4K video editing experience and without compromising on output quality.

The full hardware acceleration will help not only to transcode and process the video but also to optimize the file size and video output quality.

How VideoProc converts the video? [Hands-on demo]

After installing the VideoProc video converter on your Mac or PC, run the software. It opens up to this following screen.


Step 1: Select the first option, ‘Video’. It will open up the video converter wizard.

Step 2: Select ‘iPhone’ from the available formats to be converted into and add the video into the work space.


Step 3: To configure the hardware acceleration, click on ‘Hardware Acceleration Engine’ and it opens up the following screen.


Check or uncheck the options to get the desired output quality powered by hardware acceleration.

Step 4: When done, close the hardware acceleration settings and click ‘Run’ to run the video conversion process.

Features of VideoProc:

Video Converter – VideoProc converts videos of all formats into compatible formats to iPhone and Android. You can set the output format to MP4 H264, iPhone, Android, MP4 HEVC and 4K H264. These options are the popular video formats and so why they are made available on first sight.

It can convert videos into 4K, MP4(H264, HEVC, MPEG4), AVI, WEBM, MKV, MOV M4V, MPEG-2, DIVX and 3GP formats.

VideoProc can also convert videos in device compatibility mode. It can convert videos compatible to iPhone, iPad, Huawei, Samsung, Oppo, Vivo, PS4, Xbox and Mi devices.

Convert & Backup DVD – VideoProc’s DVD tool rips DVD with files of 180+ formats and backs them up in a hard drive safely. This ripping process won’t take more than 5 minutes as hardware acceleration involved.

Downloader – VideoProc can download most highest quality available from the 1000+ streaming sites including YouTube and Facebook. They can be directly converted, saved on and sent to your mobile phones later.

Recorder – This is a screen and web cam recorder feature comes with converter stitched along. The screens recorded videos can be then converted on the go and can be uploaded to YouTube as well. It supports screen record and webcam record at the same time.

All video file formats, GPUs and operating systems supported can be seen on this technical specification page of VideoProc.

System requirements need to run VideoProc:

Operating System - VideoProc runs on both 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems including Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. The Apple operating systems that come under compatibility are Mac OS X Snow Leopard, Lion, Mavericks, Yosemite, El Captain, macOS Sierra, macOS High Sierra, macOS Mojave (10.14)

Processor – Intel and AMD processor with minimum 1GHz.

RAM – Minimum 1GB RAM (Still, 2GB or above is recommended)

Free Hard Disk – Minimum 200MB for installation

Graphic Card – 256MB (512MB or above is recommended)


Choosing an iPhone is not your mistake. Don’t even blame Apple for the incompatibilities over media playing. You won’t get a better phone with security like iPhone unless you are the president of the United States of America. VideoProc snaps away your guilt and makes you feel proud again for having the luxurious phone in your hand.

Get your free trial of VideoProc software now and thank me later.

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Recover Deleted Data from iPhone – Contacts, Photos, Text Messages & WhatsApp History

It is very common to find yourself stuck in a dilemma when you accidently delete important data from your phone. Recovering lost data is a tiring task that might be rendered useless if we are unequipped with appropriate tools and software. In this situation iMyFone D-Back Software is a knight in shining armor. For people who have been in this situation where they are unable to recover the lost data on their device this article might shine some light on how to resolve that problem.

Why do we need it?

As clumsy as most of us would deny being, we have all been in a situation where we wish we had an undo button. Our devices as compact and reliable they might seem to us are vulnerable to environmental hazards as well as computing malfunctions. In these circumstances our data is exposed to being deleted or damaged.

Our devices are prone to certain malware and viruses that puts the data on our phone at risk. There have been cases where users forgot their passcode lock and became victim to a complete phone reset losing all the data on their device. Upgrading your device initiates an auto reset which also leaves the data on your device at bay. Jail breaking your device is never recommended unless absolutely necessary. Amongst the multiple reasons, the safe return of the files and data on your device can not be guaranteed.


What does it do?

iMyFone D-Back Software has a grasp on multitude of applications on your device. This enables the user to efficiently trace the data on your device without any trouble. Smart Recovery empowers the users to search and look up specific data in a flash of a second. iMyFone D-Back Software ensures to keep the integrity of the data and files intact when recovering. You can search up the data depending on file type, file size or file name specifically. More than that iMyFone D-Back Software would sieve through each and every file on your device to find the lost data. The effectiveness of the entire system is impeccable.

The software can recover almost all the deleted files on your iPhone, including text messages, notes, contacts, photos, videos, call history, WhatsApp/Wechat/Kik/Viber conversation.


iOS devices have a built in safe switch when it comes to data recovery. Utilizing iMyFone D-Back Software’s lightening flash technology you would be done recovering your lost data in no time. iMyFone Data has outdone itself when it comes to recovering data on your iOS device even without the back up data. The software itself incorporates the iDevice and manages to go through each and every hidden aspect in order to recover the files you lost. Your contacts, messages, photos, videos and all files would be recovered in no time, thanks to iMyFone D-Back Software and its latest algorithm.


You can be a victim of theft where your iDevice might be stolen or lost. Your precious data on your iPhone might be lost forever. With the help of iMyFone D-Back you can easily sweep through your iTunes account. iTunes is a safe lock storing all your saved data for whenever you wish to access it. iMyFone D-Back ensures a safe connection with your iTunes account even without your device. So if you ever seem to misplace or lose your iDevice you can always count on iMyFone D-Back for the safe recovery of your important data and files.


iMyFone D-Back also establishes a reliable connection with your iCloud account. You can extract the files and data you require and transfer it to your iDevice or desktop. The software enables the users to preview the files extensively so that you can selectively choose what you want to restore on our device. iMyFone D-Back Software is capable of reading through the data and alarm you in case any files are being stored twice on the phone.


In a nutshell the software is a helping tool that conjoins variable data recovery option in one place. It opens a world of possibilities where you can easily recover any file or document without any hassle.

The properties of iMyFone D-Back Software adheres to the ever increasing needs of the people and cater to all those who wish to benefit from its impeccable data recovery options. You can rely on iMyFone D-Back Software when it comes to the safe recovery of your lost data.

* This post is sponsored by iMyFone D-Back Technology Co.Ltd

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6 Major Reasons to Adopt Swift For iOS App Development

Have you decided to develop an iOS application? You might face some of the challenges while choosing a right programming language for building. It’s obvious as choosing a right and suitable language is the most important step that can make or break your application.


With the inception of Swift, a lot of developers have started using this high-end language that is a general purpose compiled and multi-paradigm programming language. Developed by Apple for iOS developers to build codes for iOS, WatchOS, MacOS, Linux, and TVOS.


In addition to this, Swift was developed using an approach that is both modern and is ease of use to develop software patterns and enhance the performance of an application. Many of you all are aware of this language that is new yet powerful.




If you are planning to develop an iOS application, opting for Swift is the best choice for you as it comes with enormous features to make you amaze.


Let’s Have a Look at the Different Reasons to Adopt Swift for Developing iOS Apps


Open Source & Gaining Popularity Instantly

Swift is the most powerful programming language over other programming languages. Being an open source language, it has gained much popularity in the market as it makes it immediately accessible and less costly for startup companies.


As per the studies, open source software/languages mutually help business owners to save approximately $60 billion per year. The language is obtainable on Linux and work is being done to bring Swift to Windows.


Moreover, the language shows an excellent potentiality and growing rapidly. It was a monopoly for Objective-C to develop native iOS application until 2014; however, Swift has brought an end to that era.


A Lot Easier to Read as well as Write

One of the best things about Swift programming language is that it drops practices like ending with semicolons or using digression to surround conditional expressions inside if/else statements.


Further, the language’s method and function calls make use of the benchmark convention of a comma-separated list of parameters. With lesser code, it helps you to get the same results as per the syntax requirements. The results will be clear, simpler, and more expressive language.


The readability of this language has made it easy for programmers from JavaScript, Java, Python, C++ and C# to adopt Swift into their tool chain.


A Highly Innovative Approach

It’s true that the Swift is a new language and it is the main reason why you should start learning it right now. Mainly designed to make app development more interactive and approachable, Swift has made app developing more accessible for all those, who are developing their own applications.


This is the reason why Swift will be widely used. We can consider this programming language of the future. So, it is advisable for you to adopt the principle – the newer – the better. You should be the one, who stepped into the future in the front row.


Well, it is right that any other innovation, Swift needs some adjustments and learning. It is a good option that you make use of something that is popular; however, it is way better to be the one, who’s engaged in the process of enhancements and innovations.


Safer and A Lot Easier to Maintain

As we all know that safety is the most important aspect when it comes to mobile applications. In this cutthroat market, a startup should concentrate on developing a highly secure mobile application.


In addition to this, if the application is easy to maintain, it is a boon really. Swift is a highly amazing language that delivers both benefits at the same time. Whether it is the way it handles bugs or calls the pointer variables, it is well-known for producing safer applications than Objective-C.


Apart from this, Swift is highly easier language to maintain and it doesn’t have any kind of legacy code to deal with. This language doesn’t have any dependencies like Objective-C. So, opting for Swift for building an iOS application is a right option because of its safe feature.


Fast Yet Powerful Programming Language

From its beginning, the Swift programming language was mainly developed to be the fast and considered as a powerful. The codes that are written in this language are compatible with the latest hardware and get most out of them.


The syntax and standard library of this language ensure that the Swift codes function amazingly. However, the successor of Swift to the languages C and Objective-C, and it includes the primitives of programming like types, operators, and the flow controls.


Furthermore, the language also comes with some of the borrowed features, comprising classes, generic, protocols and more from the object-oriented language. It delivers the Cocoa and the Cocoa Touch developers the power of programming that is required to build some powerful quality apps.


It is one such programming language, which is mainly built to be something way grand when compared to its predecessors. However, the language is still in its work-in-progress mode, but you should adopt this high-end language because of its new and undiscovered potential that will make it easier to code.


Less Code Means Fewer Chances of Errors

As already mentioned that Swift requires less code than other programming languages, the chances of errors will be less. As a functional programming language, Swift is highly popular for supporting passing functions as variables.


Thus, you can develop highly generic code that can do a lot of amazing things, decreasing repetition and efforts. Along with this, Swift’s expectable behavior when a null optional variable is used, this is the programming language that triggers a runtime crash.


The bang fuels-up the bug-fixing process because of its consistent behavior and it forces users to fix the problem instantly. Hence, the development time will be reduced.


Above-mentioned reasons will surely make you ready to adopt Swift for building iOS application. These reasons are enough for any iOS developer to adopt this high-end and powerful programming language that makes development easy.


If you want to develop a feature-rich iOS application with requisite features, you can hire an experienced iPhone app development company that has a veteran team of iOS app developers with a specialization in Swift language and other latest tools.


Author Bio: Sohel Ather writes on iOS App Development topic for Space-O Technologies - You may contact, if you are looking to hire experienced team of iOS App designers and developers to comprehend your needs.

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Everything About Router and Modem Default IP Address on Different Operating Systems

What is a Router and Modem Default IP Address?

The setup page of your PC permits you to alter various settings (for the example, the name and passphrase of the Wi-Fi) as well as to view certain information. For this, we need the IP address of the router. But, let’s start at the beginning: all modems and routers have web-based interfaces and as a result, they are configured by a web browser. There are some modems and routers which can be accessed by their name, but all of them are accessed by way of the IP address. So, in order to have full access to a router, you need a username and a passphrase, although you cannot even get a prompt for this if you don’t know the IP address.

What is an IP address?

An IP address always consists of 4 numbers which are separated by full stops. A common home network uses an IP address which begins with the following line of numbers - 192.168. Most commonly, a router will possess an IP address like for example and

Who knows the IP address?

In the case that the ISP (or Internet Service Provider) which you use has installed the router and modem, the provider knows the IP address as well as username and the passphrase for these devices. It is the experience of most techies that providers never disclose the information about the address to their customers directly. On the other hand, if you installed the router yourself, the IP address can be obtained from the documents given by the manufacturer (sometimes the address can be found on the router bottom, on a label).

How can we find the default IP address?

However, after setting up a network, every device on it can show the router’s IP address if we do what is necessary. This information can help:


The IP address of the router is the “Default Gateway” on Windows. There are a couple of ways of finding this address, this being the first one: use the command ipconfig in a window for Command Prompt. The other way is this one:

1. Open Control Panel (on Windows 10, this is done by right-clicking Start and choosing Control Panel).

2. Then click on View network status and tasks in Network and Internet.

3. Further, click your connection name to the right of Connections (the top-right corner of the page).

4. Then hit the Details button in the window that comes up and look for the IP address on the right of the IPv4 Default Gateway part.

On iPhone/iPad:

Open the app Settings, tap in Wi-Fi, and tap the name of the Wi-Fi network you are using. The IP address of the router will appear to the right side of Router.

Mac OS X:

Click on the Apple menu at the top of the screen (on the bar) and choose System Preferences. Then click on the icon called Network. Choose the network connection (Wi-Fi and a wired Ethernet connection). Then tap on the Advanced button which is located on the bottom, and click the tab TCP/IP. What you will see is the IP address of the router shown on the right.


It may sound strange, but the Android system offers no way of viewing the information on the network connection. Some third-party apps for Android show this information. What you need to do is install any one of it, tap in View and choose AP list. The top of the screen will show this header: Connected to: [Network Name]. Then tap on that, following which a window will be shown with some more info about the network. The address of the router is located on the right side of Gateway.


The information we need is really easy to find with Linux desktop, as most Linux desktops have an icon in the notification area. Click on the network icon and choose Connection Information. You will be able to find the IP address next to Gateway or Default Route.

It is possible to find this address, the Internet Protocol one, on all other devices as well, as all devices which let you link to the network and see info about the network connection usually display it. All you need to do is look in the settings for network connections and look at the Gateway address.

Author Bio:

Masha Winget, owner of is a technology writer & blogger by profession. She loves to write articles for many online communities, blogs, & websites related to computer tips & new technologies.
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Is that iPhone 7? Or iPhone 7 Pro? No! It’s iPhone 6SE

The next iPhone design is not a mystery of course. We all have seen the leaked images of next iPhone, the so rumored iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Pro, having the similar design as of iPhone 6’s and 6S’s. This merely disappointed the Apple iPhone fans and the predictions about its sales was speculated.

Any new iPhone is expected to have a brand new admirable design that every mediocre companies copy for their models. But the leaked images show no difference between the iPhone 6 series smartphones and iPhone 7 (the rumored).

Another news announcement about the $100 price drop on the next iPhone, though had raised eyebrows yet raised a question with ‘why’ words. Why would a next generation technological gadget from a company like Apple would be offered for $100 drop compared to the iPhone 6S?


Something smelt fishy for gadget reviewers and tech experts.

No new design and price drop. What is Apple cooking in their labs?

Here comes another story that revolved around the 10th anniversary of the Apple iPhone. The story says,

In 2017, the Apple company completes 10 years of iPhone. So, as to make this decade special, the company is making an exceptional phone model that dominates any other smartphone in the world by 2017. That is why, the iPhone 7 is less cared about.

So, we have a new iPhone design for 10th anniversary?

Yes, exactly!

But what happens to iPhone 7? Who will buy it?

Wait! It is not iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Pro rumored. It is actually the iPhone 6SE.

What? Special Edition (SE) again?

Yes! Just like the iPhone 5SE, we will also be having the iPhone 6SE. Apple might have realized the failure of iPhone 5SE in the market and so announced the $100 cut on the next model.

This is a happy news to the hardcore fans of Apple iPhone. The 6SE will get the leaked design but the real iPhone 7 will be the game changer next year. If you wanted to buy an iPhone, wait for another year to grab the new age device.

So, it’s not an iPhone 7 or iPhone 7SE, it’s iPhone 6SE.
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Make Your Child Dreams True with Pokémon Go

The next reality era of gaming entertainment has started with Pokémon Go. The augmented reality game developed by Niantic Inc. is fulfilling the child dreams of youngsters today.

Pokémon was one of the best Japanese animated cartoon series that took children into separate world. Children of that times lived a secret life in leading character Ash and his friends’ Misty and Brock. A large stock of merchandize was being marketed at those times. Later children grew up and Pokémon merchandize was stopped. That led everyone into disappointment.

After a decade of bidding a goodbye, the Pokémon series now re-entered in the form of a augmented reality game. In this game, you will be exploring the Poke world with your phone just like the real Ash, Misty and Brock, catch Pokémons on the way, have fights, exchange Pokémons, badges and live that second life again, but in reality this time.


You can create a profile and character associated with it, customize the apparel. The character will be shown on the Poke world map (normal GPS map makes into Poke world map). It moves along with you just the tracker moves on the regular maps. You can open the camera and see the augmented objects and Pokémons roaming around. That means you will see the Pokémon world only through your camera that open in the game application.

You can throw Poke ball to catch the Pokémons wandering around you. You may challenge or be challenged by the other Pokémon Go players in your area.

Pokémon Go totally changes the mobile gaming with the introduction of the augmented reality into it. Know if your region has availability to this game, download it from Google Play and start playing.

Gotta catch ‘em all! Gotta catch ‘em all.
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Meet Google’s New Messaging and Video Calling Apps at IO16

Google has introduced two new messaging and video calling apps in IO16, the Google I/O event of 2016. These two app are named ‘Allo’ and ‘Duo’ and are developed to change the experience of messaging and video calling.


Those who are already using Hangouts app on the phone will migrate to Allo and Duo just like people migrated on to Inbox from default Gmail app. The two apps differ a lot in user experience.


Meet Allo, the smart messaging app

Allo messaging application is smart and makes your conversations more expressive. All the contacts in the phone will be integrated to the application once installed. You can start conversations with the contacts right after the installation and setup.


The smart features will keep the conversations flowing and get things down with semi-automation. It learns from the user and determines to choose the replies based on the message received and give them as suggestions.




If someone is uses ‘lol’ more than ‘haha’, the app suggests the word ‘lol’ at appropriate time. It happens the same with the ‘haha’ if it is widely used. The machine learning nature helps the conversations flow faster and butter smooth.


Allo comes with the Google assistant that allows you to search the information right from the app. You can chat one-on-one with Google assistant or make calls in a group chat. There is no need to switch among the apps to book a dinner that was fixed in the conversation, set a bet  and check the scores of the match that was going on.


Along with the maps and video sharing, Allo allow users to translate conversations right on the go. This feature will be very helpful for those who will be using the native language keyboard for convenience.


Meet Duo, the new video calling app

Duo is a simple and fast video calling application made to work in the all bandwidth conditions. Hoping that it would work with the low bandwidth internet connections too unlike Hangout app.




It is a full screen video calling app with no cluttering UI elements. This app features the live video preview of the caller on the screen while it’s ringing. The preview will establish full communication between both the parties when you answer the call.


Duo can self-adjust the video quality based on the network quality. It can render HD video up to 720p quality. It can transition calls between the cellular and Wi-Fi networks without the call drops efficiently.



And everything that goes to ear to ear is encrypted.


Google is planning to bring both these apps for both Android and iOS in coming months in this year itself.


Be with us on social media channels to know when it is released. Because, we can’t wait to experience them too.

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Why Do You Need a Mobile Manager Software on Your Computer?

Android has been the most used operating system all over the world. The features, open source nature of the technology, availability of the number of applications for different purposes and the cost of development are the crucial factors of the Android’s popularity.


Apple iOS is no less to the popularity level of Android but a premium operating system and is exclusively available with the Apple devices. iOS is known for its stability, seamless performance and innovation. Apple would be the first operating system to get new application ideas most of the times which are later adapted into the Android by the developer.


What is this all about? What’s the need of a mobile manager?



I just started a post with a topic Android and iOS and the title seems different. Am I misleading you?




We live in a world where our lifestyles are dependent on the mobile phones. It is hard find a person having only single mobile phone these days or a person with a mobile phone that is aged more than 12 months.


I wonder if you had caught my point!


Yes! I am talking about the data integrity over the mobile phones. This article is about the mobile manager that is needed to take backups and manage the mobile content including the messages, contacts, music and files on the smartphone.


We switch mobile phones very easily. That is why smartphone market is in boom. What we actually don’t care before switching the SIM and memory cards is the data. We don’t actually worry about the crucial data like contacts, calendar entries and messages.


My phone syncs data with my Google account, should I still listen to you?

What Google backs up is the contacts that are associated with the Gmail account and that are saved to that particular Google account. What happens to your contacts saved onto your device?


This applies the same to the calendar entries too. Then what about the SMSs? You might have some registration details confirmation in them that has to be shown to the authorities in future.


The simple conclusion is, Google won’t synchronize all your data. Don’t be in a trans.


(Well! I guess you still wanna listen to me. Then, read on..)


I have backup apps on my device. Should I still…?

Backup application are the great innovational app ideas for mobile phones. Most of them work only when there is a data/Wi-Fi connection. Some mobile phones don’t even have the stable Google Play Services installed on them to reinstall those backup apps for restoring purposes.


Only a mobile manager can restore the stuff back on to the device irrespective of its version and state (You must have had taken backup using the same software in the past).


I recommend you to buy a premium version of the mobile manager to look after your smartphone data from time to time.


(You can the mobile manage software reviews from this link if you want to get one)

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XNSPY App Review: How an iPhone Spy Software Assists Parents in their Parenting

An iPhone is something out of this world. Sleek looks and lovely features of an iPhone make everyone go crazy over it. Be it a teenaged kid or sixty years old businessmen, all are die-hard fans of this amazing smartphone. Of course you don’t need to teach an adult how to go about life, but your teenaged child does need your supervision. To avoid your kids from misusing their smartphone by getting involved in wrong activities, parents need to keep a close eye on them with the help of an iPhone spy software, Xnspy.

A Highly Useful App

Xnspy is a highly useful and user-friendly monitoring software for your child’s iPhone. This app gets installed inside your kid’s cell phone in less than five minutes and covers very little space inside it. All the latest iPhone models work amazingly well alongside this amazing app. Usually you need to Jailbreak the iPhone handset for effective monitoring but if you are not up for it then the ‘Non-Jailbreak’ iPhone version of Xnspy would be best suited for you. What you need is an internet connection and your personal log-in details to gain complete access to your child’s entire cell phone data.

Phone Data And Web Access

Whatever pictures, videos and audio files that your kid has stored inside their iPhone, all those files will be shown to you with the help of Xnspy. To keep a close eye on your kids, Xnspy even provides you with the entire web browsing history of your kids along with the pages bookmarked by them. Parents may even view all the e-mail messages of their kids.

SMS Messages And ‘Record Surroundings’

SMS messages present inside your kid’s cell phone are shown to you without any fuss. This includes all the messages in the Sent Box, Drafts and the Inbox of their iPhone. If your kid is extra smart and they delete SMS messages from their phone, you may even recover those messages through your online account. With the help of the ‘Record surroundings’ feature of this iPhone spy software, you may even record all the sounds that are in the surroundings of your kid’s iPhone.

Assisting Parents

Kids need a close supervision during their teenage and this is the ultimate responsibility of all parents. An iPhone spy software eases up a lot of work for parents and assists them in knowing in great detail about the activities of their kids.

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How to Install Xamarin to Microsoft Visual Studio

The announcement of third-party mobile application development platform, Xamarin as open source is buzzing around the .NET developer forums and discussion boards now.

This mobile application development platform can be used integrating with the Visual Studio IDE of Microsoft for free now. There won’t be any trial period to expire or it won’t ask for commercial license to continue in any future. All you would need to have is the latest version of genuine licensed Visual Studio IDE software installed on your computer.

Installation of Xamarin will be executed in three phases. They are,

1. Installation of Java JDK
2. Installation of Android SDK
3. Installation of Xamarin libraries

1. Installation of Java JDK

In this phase the Xamarin installer will download and install the latest version of the Java JDK which is needed for the Android app development.

Java is platform independent and it will be installed with out any intermediator interpreters on Windows.

2. Installation of Android SDK

Installation of Android SDK is the 2nd phase of installing Xamarin to Visual Studio. Android development is all managed by this Android SDK from Google. To develop the android apps with Java, you would need to download and install complete android studio but as we are aiming to develop the android apps using .NET technologies like C# and F#, we only need the core layer, the Android SDK.


This android SDK will integrate into the Visual Studio allowing us to develop right from the VS IDE itself. This is another reason why Android SDK don’t need another IDE (android studio) for developer interface coding.

3. Installation of Xamarin libraries

Xamarin acts as intermediator interpreter for .NET technologies C#/F# and Java. The coding conventions of .NET will be translated into Java native coding using the Xamarin libraries. This is the third and last phase of installing Xamarin to Visual Studio IDE.

Let the Xamarin installer install the libraries needed for the integration with Visual Studio.

After installation, open Visual Studio > File > New Project. You would find the Android and iOS project options to continue. Go to Xamarin University and learn how to program with Xamarin on Visual Studio with .NET technologies.

That’s it! Enjoy Android and iOS app development from Visual Studio.
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Apple iPhone SE Overview: Specifications, Price & Availability

The long waited and most buzzed gadget of the year, iPhone SE was unveiled by Apple most recently for stunning price. The 4-inch model look like iPhone 5S and has no iPhone 6’s design aesthetics applied unless the rose gold model. Apple also unveiled 9.7 inch iPad Pro and reduced the price of Apple Watch. We’ll see more about these two unveils separately later. Let’s get back to the 4-inch newbie.

iPhone SE is inspired by the amazing response that iPhone 5S has got than any iPhone so far. The large screen phones are still not fitting into the lifestyle of the many users and it is pretty hard to use one with one single hand. The necessity is observed by Apple and brought the new iPhone SE rather to the iPhone 6C.


Is it the end of ‘C’ series phones from Apple?

The ‘C’ series phones were the first budget venture of the Apple which failed to attract the large audience but the Apple fan boys and fan girls. The iPhone 5C probably was the first and last iPhone of Apple’s ‘C’ series smartphone history. The new release of iPhone SE says it so.

iPhone SE Specifications

The new budget iPhone is a 4-inch smartphone probably is the most powerful budget phone ever released. It has the same design of iPhone 5S and is available in 4 colors, space gray, silver, gold and rose gold.

SE comes with the same chipset that iPhone 6S had. The A9 is equipped inside this little awesomeness thereby improving the performance literally twice than the iPhone 5S comparatively. The GPU is also improved to deliver 3X faster performance than 5S. Performance wise, iPhone SE is definitely a big deal.

This little beast has 12MP iSight camera that iPhone 6S had which can record 4K videos like magic. The specifications are almost as same as iPhone 6S except a few iconic features like 3D touch. The features like Live Photos, Retina Flash, iCloud Photo Library are included in this budget edition. The most interesting addition is the ‘Hey Siri’ feature to access the voice assistant of Apple family.

The Price and Availability

The Apple announced the iPhone SE in two memory variants, 16GB and 64GB pricing $399 and $499 respectively. The orders will be taken from 24th of March of this year and it is going to be available in stores by March 31st.

The pricing of $399 is not a big deal compared to the price of iPhone 5S three months ago. iPhone SE performs much better than the iPhone 5S and the specifications prove so. If you are planning to buy a budget friendly small iPhone, this is the time. Go for it.

How to buy/order iPhone SE?

Go to Apple Shop, select the color, memory variant, the network carrier, choose the subscription and pay it to own it.

What do you say? Is iPhone SE a big deal for iPhone lovers who can’t afford those expensive models? Share you thoughts about it in comments below.
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Top 7 Must-Have Apps for Digital Marketing

This following article is written by Nuur Hasan, a software developer, web developer and a technical writer with more than seven years of experience. He believes that sharing knowledge can do wonders and that is why he likes to blog. His other interests include politics and sports.


If you are into digital marketing, these six iOS and Android apps would make your life much easier:




Perch is a free app for both Android and iOS users. It is extremely beneficial for small local businesses as it gives you an overview of what people talk about your business and your competitor’s business on the social media. You just have to tell the names of the companies to Perch and it would automatically generate updates of those companies on different social media sites. If someone leaves a review of your company on a social media, the alert function will send you a notification.


Google AdWords


Google recently launched a new free app called the AdWords. This app allows the campaign marketers to check real-time alerts and even examine their campaign stats. It also lets them to update bids and budgets. It gets a lot easier for marketers if they are running a pay-per-click campaign on Google. This app is currently available for Android users but it would be available for iOS users in the near future.




IFTTT arrived on the iPhone in late 2013 and the Android version landed shortly after. Both apps have seen numerous improvements since launch and are ideal for automating a range of marketing tasks such as 'controlling your world', creating To-Do notes, sharing them, taking and instantly sharing pictures etc. This app is lesser known than it should be. Its simplicity, clean design and excellent functionality makes it a top app for digital marketing.




Hubspot is getting famous between marketing managers as it gives them access to HubSpot tools and analytics. The HubSpot service is available for $200 per month but you can download the app for free. You can even try it without paying a penny before actually purchasing the service. According to the reviews, iOS app is much more consistent than the Android app.


Hootsuite, Buffer and Other Apps

Many digital marketers love using Hootsuite and Buffer as they are quite useful for marketing purposes. Hootsuite offers different plans according to the requirement of people. It proposes a free plan, a Pro plan and an Enterprise plan. Free plan is of course free, whereas Pro plan costs around $10. This app helps in creating updates that could be posted on different social sites at the same time. It offers many other features like monitoring if somebody mentions your business on any social media, sending direct messages on twitter etc.



Hootsuite just launched a new app for iOS users called the Hootsuite Suggestions. It is available for Pro users only at the moment. This app helps you to generate and share different social media posts.



Buffer offers two different plans. One is free while the “Awesome Plan” can be purchased for $102 per year. It recently launched a new tool called Pablo. Pablo lets you create visual media posts by using your own photos.

* If you have any complaints regarding the content of this page. Please don’t hesitate to report it to us.
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5 Must Have Apps for Your iPhone 6

iPhone 6 has marked the benchmarks for the next generation of smart phones and there is no doubt about it. From the day it is announced to be releasing to the day it is launched, excitements spread over the social media networks like never.

Congratulations to you for having one that everyone dreamed to be having. Apart from the bending complaints, the new version of iPhone is really awesome with its functionality and looks as well.

Having an extraordinary phone doesn’t make it useful, having the right apps makes it so. I have picked up some useful applications every iPhone 6 is worth having them. Here are they,

1. Find My iPhone

Find My iPhone

Have you ever lost your phone? You won’t care if it a normal smart phone and what if it is your new iPhone 6? I had recently read a story about how a guy could recover his lost iPhone 6 on ‘The Verge’. His story have made it clear that this app is a must-have one your iPhone.

2. Inbox by Google


Inbox is the new definition for email inbox define by Google so recently. Inbox app is not just a email UI anymore, it can remember the dates, notify, alarm and alert you as per the schedules. If a single app is such useful, how could I miss mentioning it in the five of my choice.

3. Microsoft Word


Being an windows user and having an iPhone is always hard to swallow. The synchronization feature that an iPhone have with the Mac computers is not existed with Windows.

Though it is, the Microsoft comes up with amazing MS Office apps on to iOS and MS Word is one of them. There exists MS Excel and PowerPoint too, but I don’t want to make this article look like it’s dedicated to Microsoft apps.

4. MyScript Calculator


MyScript Calculator is a simple and elegant tool that transcripts what you write on the screen, calculates and displays you the result. It may not recognize the textual representations but works brilliant with the numerical and other mathematical operations.

5. Microsoft Remote Desktop


Microsoft’s remote desktop app helps you to connect to a remote PC and your work resources from anywhere. You can access your remote resources through your remote desktop gateway. The app allows you to easily connect to external monitors and projectors while giving presentations.

What do you think?

These are the 5 apps that I picked up randomly but chose them very selectively. What do you think? Are they really worth trying? Share your thoughts in comments below.
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A Complete Tutorial On Selecting The Best XML Parser

This is a guest article submitted by Emily Heming, a savvy writer for a leading Mobile Application Development Company from where you can also avail the facility to hire dedicated iPhone developers with her best assistance.


XML parser forms a crucial component of every iPhone app development project. Being careless during the selection of an XML parser can refrain you from developing an outstanding iPhone app. With an incredible collection of XML parsers available for the iPhone projects, it often becomes tedious for the developers to choose the best XML parser.


Through this blog, I intend to make it convenient for you to select an XML parser for your iPhone app development project. I'll be sharing tips that would enable you to choose from a million different XML parsers that are available for the iPhone. So, let's know more about these tips and make the most of them.


Unleashing the types and importance of an XML Parser

Well, deciphering the XML code included within an app is something that's quite crucial and challenging for the developers who're going to work on the app's development part in the future. An XML parser is the component that does this job well. It offers all the vital information to the program on how it should read the XML code. There are two types of XML parsers, as explained below:




SAX parser – This is the one wherein the XML code is notified as and when the parser navigates through the XML tree. Here, you need to keep a track of the state and objects that are required for monitoring the data.




DOM Parser – This is the one that reads the entire XML document and builds up an in-memory representation. While using a DOM parser, you can even construct Xpath queries for pulling out particular pieces of code.


And now, XML parser selection tips you can't afford to miss

1. Analyze what you actually want to do with the parser

The selection of an XML parser primarily depends on what you actually want to do with the help of the parser. If you're inclined on just reading small XML documents, then a parser like TouchXML, GdataXML and KissXML can turn to be handy. Similarly, if you want to read extremely large XML documents, then the parser's performance is something you need to be bothered about. Under such a situation, XML parsers like TBXML, LIBXML2 SAX and libxml DOM serve as the best fit.


2. Check out the accuracy rate of deciphering the XML code

As one of the commonly overlooked factors for choosing a parser, accuracy of deciphering XML code is something that needs to be paid due heed to. While choosing an XML parser, you need to check whether there are any non-trivial bugs or not.


Although no parser is perfect, there are definitely some that turn to be more reliable as compared to others. Two of the commonly encountered bugs in XML Parsers include the ones mentioned below:

  • Failure to report the incorrect syntax used in the code
  • Reporting the correct constructs as errors

Well, it’s actually hard to say which one of the above two is more severe. While the former one causes issues for systems that receive malformed documents which finally get rejected, the latter one prevents you from handling the data efficiently.


3. Check out the parsing speed of the shortlisted XML Parser

Before proceeding ahead with the selection of an XML parser, it is necessary to check out the parsing speed of the parser in addition to the amount of memory space that's consumed by it.


If you're planning to serve the XML document via a network, then the speed with which data is moved over the network is to be watched out. It is quite essential to buffer your I/O or else it's going to affect your code's performance, irrespective of how fast or how slow the parser is. Talking about memory space, SAX is generally much more efficient as compared to DOM parser.


4. Check out the license under which the parser has been published

It is important to check out the license under which the parser is published. While a majority of parsers are available for free in the free-beer sense, others are free in the free-speech sense. Ensure that the license restrictions don't get in your way of selecting the right XML parser for your iPhone project.


Wrapping Up

So, with those handy XML parser selection tips, I'm sure it would become simpler for you to choose a relevant and highly useful parser for your next iPhone app development venture.

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Review of iOS 8: Modernization of iOS 7 continues with iOS 8

Sorry! Our writer was drunk and wrote this article. We hate alcoholic articles too, so removed! Go to our home page to find some worthy articles to read!

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Enhance Your Communication By IPhone Apps For Business Owner

In the event that you are an entrepreneur, you know how troublesome it might be running an organization particularly from the beginning. Because of mechanical advances in versatile correspondences, you can get to the best possible instruments to upgrade your business interchanges.

There are numerous business applications accessible and new ones popping up consistently. There are applications made to encourage more prominent benefit in every aspect of your business, whether its dealing with your accounts or getting the most out of your interchanges frameworks. Actualizing these applications is no more a choice, however a need for enhancing your business operations.

Let's take Apple as a case. Apple has in excess of one million applications in the Application store. As per a Localytics' report, clients of the iphone and ipad are about twice as reliable to their applications than Android clients, the investigation found. Around 35% of Apple gadget clients opened their applications 11 times or more, contrasted with only 23% of Android clients. On account of this current, how about we investigate these iphone applications you ought to consider to help you enhance your business interchanges:


It is safe to say that you are the individual who is constantly attached to your work area? Here is an application intended for you, Acrobits permits you to make calls utilizing your organization ID and achieve your group with augmentation based dialing capacity. Best of everything, it doesn't use up your smartphone minutes. Acrobits is the heading SIP Customer on the application store. This application works with the most recent abilities of ios.

This iphone SIP client app empowers you to make free phone calls to other VoIP clients. VoIP administration suppliers are regularly called SIP suppliers, that is the reason the application is alluded to as SIP Customer.

Acrobits offers the adaptability of VoIP to cell phones effortlessly. Awesome for representatives that travel abroad. Among the gimmicks of Acrobits softphone customer incorporates: notices on approaching calls, different SIP record help and nitty gritty call history.


The best gimmick of this VoIP application is that it offers free calls to any smartphone in the United States and Canada. It gives high definition voice clarity, feature calling and the sky is the limit from there. Up to 10 clients on the iCall system can feature gathering all the while. In examination to different applications, iCall is an incredible decision in light of the fact that feature conferencing with 10 clients is a typically paid administration.

Voice Brief

It is safe to say that you are an occupied proficient who finishes different assignments without a break in sight? All things considered, this is the right application for you. This intriguing application utilizes content to-voice systems to peruse you the most recent news, climate and even your twitter and Facebook nourishes. This application empowers you to pick the wellspring of your inclination, for example, CNN and Fox News. Voice Brief can additionally read rundown lines from your Gmail account.

Dragon Dictation

This helpful application interprets your voice reminders into mail the same way your VoIP smartphone framework does. Don't squander significant time, use Monster Correspondence for making messages, instant messages or even to redesign your Twitter and Facebook accounts. The main thing you have to do is talk, see the content and send it!

There is most likely Apple strives to give its clients applications the most noteworthy benchmarks. Their objective is to help, upgrade their time and accomplish the occupation effectively, effortlessly and rapidly. Take a stab at fusing these most recent iPhone application patterns to build your business benefit.

What are the most helpful iPhone applications? What applications do you utilize day by day? We need to know!
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Apple Launches iPhone 6 with 4.7 and 5.5 Inch Screens, Watch Live Twitter Trends on #AppleLive

Apple officially announced the most awaited iPhone 6 a couple of minutes ago. The iPhone 6 is available in two large screen sizes 4.7 and 5.5 inch screens. It also features iOS 8 with health apps and adapts a new landscape mode of the home screen.

Watch people's expressions on twiter live:

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iOS 7 Dupes You Might Have Never Heard Of

Time and now Apple has been introducing innovative versions for its operating system iOS. The latest to join the suite of iOS versions is iOS 7. Avid iOS lovers have always been keen on embracing newer versions of iOS, which are equipped with bug fixes, security modules, added features and much more. After bidding farewell to iOS6, iOS7 has become the latest boom in the iOS development industry. Even though iOS7 is equipped with best in-class designs, there are ample number of things you might not know about this operating system. My aim behind writing this blogpost is to make you familiar with some iOS7 cons nobody would've told you till date.

Although Workable, iOS7 lacks some basic assets

iOS users have found this iOS Application Development as a workable operating system which lacks certain assets necessary for rendering a brilliant experience to Apple users. If this had been the year 2011, the inception of iOS7 would've marked a revolution, but this is 2014 when iOS is already having a stiff competition from Google's Android, BlackBerry and Windows. With some drastic changes between iO6 and iOS7, it won't be wrong to say that Apple developers will definitely get something different to work on.

iOS7- What all it lacks?

Brief Battery Life - In today's hectic lifestyles, people love indulging in various activities via their smartphones. Serving as one of the most popularly-used smartphones, iPhones have stood out from the crowd. Yet, there's a major disadvantage with iPhones built using iOS7, they come with a brief battery life. This is something that surely bothers a lot of iPhone users who fear the basic idea of staying away from their smartphone.

Bugs in iMessage still remain unfixed - Well, ever since the launch of iOS7, there have been complaints that the messages sent over the the iMessage platform encounter a delivery failure. This is something that Apple had promised to fix but still hasn't.

Illegible fonts continue to exist - The font used in iOS7 has actually turned off the iPhone consumers. The combination of high-resolution screen with very thin vertical lines has caused readability issues. With the background being translucent and fonts being too thin, iOS7 users have become distracted and frustrated. With a wide scope for altering the size and boldness of iOS7 font, we can definitely expect something better coming our way.

Security concerns remain unresolved - Even Though Apple has introduced two major security fixes since the release of iOS7, there are some perils that still exist in the operating system. Some of the serious security concerns are still prominent around the passcode screen.

Calendar App is unable to save daily updates - Calendar app installed in the iOS7 is incompetent in offering an overview of the day's events each time the user is accessing the “Month” view. Although Apple has worked on the Calendar app's look and feel, the iOS7 still lacks the potential to make a calendar look like a calendar.

Universal Search disappears randomly - The introduction of iOS 7 has changed the definition of universal search. In iOS7, you can easily search everything that's available within your device, but in order to carry out a web search, it is mandatory for you to visit a browser. In addition to this, iOS7 has even modified the screen swiping technique from the traditional left to right movement to screen top tapping. It's been found that users are taking time to getting used to this brand new screen swiping technique.

Lack of download option to iOS6 - Buying a product and returning it to the store owner on finding it bad is something that pleases the customers for sure. However, in case of a software, the scenario is entirely different. Apple has removed every possibility of performing a backwards downgrade from iOS7 to iOS6. The sole reason for this move is to grow the count of devices running on its iOS7 platform. The company wants to maintain operating system consistency across its ecosystem, quite unlike Android which has consumers using devices with different Android OS versions.


Well, addressing all the aforementioned issues will surely take Apple a lot of time and a good amount of commitment. All we can do is simply wait for another major update and hope all our queries/confusions regarding the functioning of iOS7 would get resolved.

Author Bio:

Rick Brown is a technical writer with Mobiers Ltd – iPhone Application Development Company. You can also opt to avail adherent iOS Developer for hire in case you are willing to hire the same.
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How Secure is Your Data On iCloud?

The recent massive iCloud hack on famous Hollywood celebrity devices have left them perplexed with the leak of their private photographs and videos on the internet. The hacker had publicly put them on the internet for the exchange of money.

The happening of the hack rises the concern about the security if the iCloud on Apple devices. Do you use iCloud on your Apple device? How secure do you think it is?


Apple have already talked about the security and privacy of the iCloud in its support portal in the past. Let’s take a look at the security features of Apple’s iCloud in brief.

What Apple Promises About iCloud Data Security?

Apple promises to keep the data secured in the cloud in all times of storage and retrieval. According to Apple, one has to get the authentication tokens to store or retrieve the data to and from the cloud respectively. They also claim to be using 128 bit AES encryption technology to secure data during the dual communication and data transfer process.

There by, Apple summarizes how the data is secured while using various iCloud features. The table is as follows:

Calendars Yes Yes A minimum of 128-bit AES encryption
Contacts Yes Yes
Bookmarks Yes Yes
Reminders Yes Yes
Photos Yes Yes
Documents in the Cloud Yes Yes
Backup Yes Yes
Find My iPhone Yes Yes
Find My Friends Yes Yes
iCloud Keychain Yes Yes
Uses 256-bit AES encryption to store and transmit passwords and credit card information. Also uses elliptic curve asymmetric cryptography and key wrapping. Yes N/A All sessions at are encrypted with SSL. Any data accessed via is encrypted on server as indicated in this table.
Back to My Mac Yes N/A Back to My Mac does not store data on iCloud. Data retrieved from other computers is encrypted with SSL while in transit.
iTunes in the Cloud Yes N/A Purchased or matched music files are not encrypted on server because they do not contain any personal information.
Mail and Notes Yes No All traffic between your devices and iCloud Mail and Notes is encrypted with SSL. Consistent with standard industry practice, iCloud does not encrypt data stored on IMAP mail servers. All Apple email clients support optional S/MIME encryption.
Tabular Information Source: Apple Support Website

What could have happened in case of massive iCloud hack?

Apple security walls were thought to be strong enough to defend against the attacks till yesterday. When it was once found that it could be cracked easily, people started to fear about the security of their personal and sensitive data.


According to Apple, even a third-party application has to communicate through secured SSL connection to access iCloud data. If it was that secure, what could have happened with the Jennifer Lawrence's’ Apple device? Was it the new heartbleed bug again?

I can’t say anything until Apple responds the massive hack news.

How to Secure Your Photos?

Let’s not dig into deep. Take care of these basic things while you use iCloud on your Apple device.
  • Do not share your private photos to streams.
  • Make sure you are sharing them with the right people.
  • Take care of applications that are running without your consent.
  • Keep an eye on the streams you have shared.
Read the Apple icloud's help topics and educate yourself about the photo sharing to iCloud.

Have you ever felt like loosing privacy on iCloud? Share your experiences with the iCloud in comments below.
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