Easy Fix Available For iPhone If Charging Slow

Is your iPhone taking the world’s all time for charging? It is not you are dreaming if you see you prestigious Apple product charging slowly than usual.

In fact, there exits a lot of queries in the apple forums about the slow charging issue of iPhone, iPad and iPod. So that means your iPhone is acting normal just like everyone’s and one more thing,  you are not dreaming.

It is not the hardware or software issue every time you face a problem with it. It might also because of the foreign object that is blocking the lightening port from charging your device. There is an easy fix for it and you don’t have to take pain fixing it.

The problem occurs often by a physical clog or dust rolls that accumulates when in pockets, purses and open spaces.


Cleaning the clog from the port is very simple. Turn off your iDevice, grab a toothpick or a opened paper clip, then gently put it into the port and remove the clog you can see.

Turn on your phone and try connecting it to the charging port. If you still experience the slow charging, use compressed can of blow-air to ward off the remaining dust from the port.

If it still takes more than usual time, that means its time to buy a new lightening cord for your iPhone.

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