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How to Retrieve Forgotten Outlook 2019 PST Password? - A Step-by-step Guide

For security purpose, most of the people use passwords to their documents to keep information safe. This will help a user to protect Outlook PST file from malicious activities such as spam, phishing, etc. Although, some programs may not provide any functionality to protect password protected files or folders. Besides, MS Outlook is the most popular email client, which provides this feature. This way, no one else has complete access except an authorized user. Make sure that you created a strong password to keep data safe and secure. But unfortunately, you forgot the password for Outlook data file. Now, in the forthcoming section, we will discuss a step-by-step guide to let users know how to retrieve forgotten Outlook 2019 PST password.

Users Query Related to Recovery of Outlook Password 

Let us consider these two scenarios that have taken from the forum site:

  • "Yesterday I have changed the password for my Outlook data file (.pst). This file is strictly private, confidential and I am scared that one of my colleagues know that password. The worst thing is I forgot the password of my PST file so, I cannot access it. Is there any approach to remove forgot Outlook 2019 PST password. Thanks in Advance.”
  • I tried to open Outlook archives and then, all of a sudden i got an error after entering the password to it – ‘The password you have typed is incorrect. Retype the password.’ I might have forgotten to mention the exact same password. Now, how can I access this PST file? What are all the possible ways to remove the forgotten password from Outlook PST file."

How to Retrieve Forgotten Outlook 2019 PST Password Manually?

This method supports Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, and 2007 versions. Here are the following steps to remove forgot Outlook PST password:

Download and install Outlook application and click on File tab
Then, you have to choose Account Settings and go to Account Settings again.

Select Data Files tab and click PST file for which you want to change the forgotten password. Choose Settings option.

Navigate to Change Password to set password for PST file under the Outlook data file dialog box.

Eventually, you can set a New Password to protect Outlook data file (.pst) and click OK button to verify it.

Note: Make sure that your password should be of 15 characters or less than 15 characters.

Challenges Faced While Performing Manual Method

One can easily retrieve forgotten Outlook password from PST file using this above manual method. However, there are some drawbacks while implementing the manual approach. Some of them are listed below:
  • When you perform the manual process, you have to choose each PST file at once to remove the password.
  • MS Outlook installation is mandatory to unlock Outlook .pst file password. 
  • This method is very long and it takes a lot of time to carry out the entire process. 
To overcome all the constraints of the manual method, you can opt for a reliable and error-free solution.

Wrapping Up

Many times users face the queries, out of which, one such is "how to retrieve forgotten Outlook 2019 PST password. Therefore, in this blog, we have discussed a manual approach to unlock password protected PST. Else, users can take the help of an automated solution to recover lost Outlook .pst password without any data loss.

Author Bio: Anna Malhotra is a Technical blogger in SysTools Software Pvt Ltd. She loves to write about many different technologies. Besides blogging, she likes to participate in several communities and share solutions to users who are often troubled.

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Meet the Next Level Social Media Kit Creator, Crello

Digital marketing wouldn’t be easy without a proper media kit. Media kit isn’t like creating a standard flyer to stick in a corner of the street for the next month or two. The necessity for new media kit to promote is at the heart of digital marketing for any organization irrespective of its size and business model.

Before we start...

From the corporate companies to the NGOs, every business page needs to have right media kit for promotions, announcements and for website sliders. Now that we know about the photoshop which is used to create media kit by professionals. But, have you ever imagined how much time will it take to create a stunning poster or flyer digitally? It puts the designer’s creativity under pressure resulting in lame output at the end.

To fasten the process of media kit creation, developers have introduced some platforms which allow anyone create stunning designs in minutes. This move saved the small companies that cannot afford a skillful designer. 

What the ready-made media kit creators do?

All media kit creator platform offers users a neat workspace with readymade templates in all sizes supported by different social media platforms. They will have free images and paid images from original creators and lot of templates to create perfect posters in minutes. This is what I call LEVEL 1 of creating media kit using a web platform. 

What is Next Level platform be like?

The first level designer tools use only static images, some fonts, objects and multiple sizes. The LEVEL 2, the NEXT LEVEL platform is creating media kit that animates. Animating promotions and videos are what mostly paid attention for, these days. Of course, images had been one in the highest prioritized media formats. But, due to the emerging video platforms, people got used to posts that actually animate. 

Meet Crello, the Next Level designing platform

Recently, when I was searching for more to design my social media posts, I found this wonderful platform,, which allows users to create animated posts and video posts and export them to desired format. I’ve bought a license to put my hands on the platform. Here is what my impressions are;

Crello is an easy-to-use design tool for creating stunning images for social media and other digital marketing means. Lot of free templates suitable to the trend are available which can be modified with just one click and edit at one’s hand will. 

Themes & formats:

It has 16,000 templates and 260 fonts in 40 formats to choose from. This variety of options motivated me to take a leap. 

Huge library of photos & illustrations:

Crello has a huge dinosaur library of 65 million images to choose. If you still want to upload your custom images and photos, there is an upload option through which we can do it.

How to design something on Crello?

Go to and signup for a new account. Once your account is created, signin. You will see the following dashboard:

You can directly click on any template to start designing or you can set dimensions of your choice and click ‘let’s go’ button to start designing from the scratch. 

My Projects

My projects will show all your works at one place for future reference and download. So, you don’t need to worry about power surges or internet interruptions while you are designing something. Everything will be auto-saved by time- to-time.

Trash – It will have your deleted projects. If you had changed your mind and go with the deleted design, you don’t need to go frustrated about it. Just check trash folder and restore it to resume working on it again.


Inspiration is where you can all the templates to start your design. If you are stressed for the day and still need to design something for your social media, this is the option that comes as a savior for you.

You can simple choose the category to filter out the necessary template related to that category. 

Design work-space

This is how the designer work-space looks like. It was totally bombarded with the options unlike the previous level 1 platforms I’ve used. 


  • Millions of free and paid photos.
  • Various text formats and objects.
  • The elements can be locked, edited separated for text and graphic.
  • Shortcut keys & how-to guide for quick help.
  • Can group the elements for easy moving.
  • Separate download and share options with no confusion (because I’ve seen download and share as one option on other level 1 platforms).

Every element can be customized. Just click on the right spot and keep editing to your flexibility. If you can, the new design will totally take a new shape out of a template that is available on Crello.

Surprise for you:

While I was playing with Crello, I found out it is coming for 50% discount on its premium plans. I suggest you grab it before it evaporates. 
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The Best(and more) iTunes Alternative for All Apple Devices in 2019 | Backup & File Handling Made Easy With MacX MediaTrans

How many times would we had regretted about not saving the data somewhere on the computer before our expensive iPhone shows up a never moving Apple logo on the screen? Last time it happened to my cousin’s iPhone where she had lost 1200+ moments of her college life (she did not backup either on cloud or on computer).

It is very important to backup data on iPhone as the architecture of software and hardware are not that easy to repair by every other mobile phone technician.

MacX MediaTrans is an ultimate files management and backup software for iPhones and iPads with features more than that of a native files transfer and backup software, iTunes. It encrypts the personal media files with high-grade AES 256 encryption, safeguarding against unforeseen data losses.

If you think I have forgot about iTunes software that actually backs up photos, music, videos on your iPhone onto your computer, I would like to ask, how many times are you comfortable in using the iTunes interface? Not every basic computer user knows how to fully use iTunes software.

If you are a professional and you think you can find a way with iTunes, just have a look at the features of the software and make a judgement after reading this complete review.

Features of MacX MediaTrans for Mac:

  • Import or export music, photos and videos in a two-way sync process in higher data transfer speeds.
  • Creates, deletes and edits playlists without any limits unlike iTunes.
  • Easily manage the tracks, albums and genres in batch.
  • Create ringtones for iPhones.
  • Auto convert the audio or video format to iPhone/iPad supported formats.
  • Reduces the size of the large media files up to 50% without losing the quality.
  • Auto-rotate the videos to bring the right way up.
  • Encrypts the media files with AES 256 encryption technique safeguarding against the unseen data losses.
  • Transfer photos in batch without needing any cloud involvement.
  • Faster media transfer rates; High quality photos will be transferred in seconds.
  • Auto converts HEIC to JPG.

Software Compatibility:

Supports devices from iOS 8.4 to latest.

Music Transfer Features on MacX MediaTrans:

  • Syncs music in bulk or selectively with no data erased on the device.
  • Allows adding, deleting and editing the playlists as wanted.
  • Allows transferring of music not purchased on iTunes to computer.
  • Creates iPhone ringtones through auto-conversion from AAC to MPC and vice-versa.

Photo/Video Transfer Features on MacX MediaTrans:

  • Allows to delete any particular photo from iPhone camera roll or photo gallery.
  • Backs up large 4K videos, live photos onto Mac to free up device memory.
  • Auto-converts HEIC to JPG.
  • Auto-converts videos to MP4 by compressing the size to 50% with no loss of quality.

Bonus Features of MacX MediaTrans:

  • Turns iPhone into USB storage device by allowing it to store word, PDF, Excel, dmg, apps and iBooks.
  • Encrypts media transferred from iPhone to Mac.
  • Syncs files in a two-way fashion without needing of cloud storage like iCloud and internet connection.
  • User-friendly interface; easy and stable to use.

Hands on MacX MediaTrans:

Downloading and installing of MacX MediaTrans is as same as installing any typical software on Mac.

Downloading & Installing:

Step 1: Download the software from (official website).

Step 2: Double click on the .dmg file. Drag and drop it into applications folder.

That’s it! MacX MediaTrans is now installed on your device.


Step 1: When you open it for the first time from the launchpad or from Applications folder, you would see a footer asking to register the software. If you have not bought the license, get a license on their website.

Step 2: Enter the license and register to utilise full features of the software.

Hands on:

macx mediatrans

The simple user-friendly interface offers the features on one screen that can be seen on first sight. Choose the option that you want to use and connect your iPhone/iPad/iPod.

macx mediatrans-connect phone

You won’t find this simplicity in interface and powerful features in iTunes. Do you? Share your thoughts in comments below about it.

Advantages of MacX MediaTrans over iTunes:

  • Transfers 100 4K photos in 8 seconds.
  • Two-way sync without data loss.
  • No duplicates created during the sync process.
  • Recognises and connects to iPhone intelligently.
  • No Apple ID required anywhere in the process.
  • Easy interface; A noob can use it without any fear.

Complete advantages of MacX MediaTrans over iTunes:

The complete advantages of MacX MediaTrans is seen in the following screenshots:

macx medicatrans vs itunes

macx medicatrans vs itunes

Wrapping up:
It is a fact that iTunes restricts users to transfer files and photos and the interface is quite confusing for a basic computer user. One cannot watch number of tutorials before transferring their media and files onto Mac computer.

MacX MediaTrans offers complete set of flexibility in handling the files backup from iPhone/iPad/iPod and Mac in easy, simple and faster way. I suggest you not make it late before the 40% discount expires. It is coming for lowest price than charging cable for iPhone itself.

What do you think? MacX MediaTrans or iTunes? Which on is your favourite?
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Top SEO Tools For On-Page Optimization in 2019

As Google has set some important rules associated with search engine optimization, it is important for a business to do on-page SEO in the best possible manner. You might have a fabulous website with a great promotional campaign but if it is not optimized, you can’t expect instant and positive results. It is not easy to ensure the top position in the search engine results. To get instant help, you can use the free SEO tools list which helps in on-page optimization.

Why it is important to do on-page SEO?

It is quite essential to do on-page SEO because it affects the method by which Google and other search engines converts the content on your page. You should make sure that your content has been optimized according to the chosen keywords, it will help you to attain a higher rank on search engine pages.

When you will not do on-page SEO, it can be the scenario that your competitors can beat your position on search engine result pages even if they have low-quality content and a less powerful backlink profile.

What are the SEO tools for on-page SEO?

A wide range of tools is available for doing the on-page SEO. Let’s have a look at some of them:

This is the most useful keyword research tool uses Google Autocomplete to produce long keywords. This specific tool is used to add or remove something from a specific term. You can use it to generate suitable keywords. For finding the long keywords, Google domain and language combination can be used. It is capable of producing 700+ keywords in any language based on your preference.

Google Adwords keyword planner tool is used to search for keywords and ad group ideas to decide what all specific keywords can perform. It is even useful for creating a new keyword list by using lists of multiple keywords. It helps you select competitive bids and budgets. Here, you can have a look at the way it works:

  1. First, you should choose the “Search for new keyword and ad group ideas” option.
  2. Try to enter those phrases that help you describe your product, URL of your website page, and the relevant category of the product.
  3. Tap on “Get Ideas” option and check the keywords from the Ad group ideas tab
  4. Now, you should tap on the double arrows to add an ad group or keyword idea.
  5. Use the “Get estimates and review plan” to have a look at the graph showing the standard CPC bids and the daily traffic estimates.

SEO crawler

SEO crawler has its site auditor tool permits you to examine your page. By a single click, you can check the page speed and find duplicate tags and content. Also, it will be easy for you to do keyword optimization and identify broken links. The work which was taking long duration will take only a few seconds. The most important thing is that you can save your money and time. It is the powerful SEO on-page tool and almost five thousand businesses are using it to optimize their chosen keywords.

A site auditor tool will facilitate you with a checklist of rectifications which you can do for every page on your website. This is just like having your own in-house SEO consultant. After you do all such changes, it gets easy for you to check results in the rank tracker. You can have a look at rankings of the primary keywords. It would be easy for you to find the change in your main keyword in the coming days and weeks.


When you approach a writer for content or a content service provider, it is important for you to use an effective tool like Copyscape to check the uniqueness of content. You shouldn’t publish copied content as Google will accept that at any cost.

Make sure that your writers are developing informative content and have not emulated it from anywhere else. While using Copyscape, you simply have to paste the written text into the space provided and it will help you identify whether the content is unique or not.

Moz on-page grader is an SEO tool which inspects your page and helps you compare it with the existing SEO factors that can have an impact on ranking. It is the SEO tool which helps you attain better output so that you can make the required improvements.

This specific on-page SEO tool is quite simple and is the perfect choice for the starters. Moz on-page grader is quite beneficial for you in all possible manner.

Using this particular on-page SEO tool, you can find the suitable key phrases and keywords. It will show the keywords in the form of a list format which can be easily copied and pasted. For using it, you will have to go through these steps:

  1. First, you should access the link
  2. Enter the desired keywords and tap on the “Suggest” option.
  3. You should browse the list of ideas and click on the relevant phrases so that you can improvise them according to your preference
  4. Tap on the green plus icon to choose the applicable keyword you want. After doing so, you should choose “Get” located at the top of the page.
  5. You can see a box showing all the keywords.
  6. Choose all of them and tap “Copy” to export them directly to Google Keyword Tool.
  7. Now, you should paste keywords in the “Find Keywords” section of Google Keyword Planner.
  8. You can change the match type, location, and device option accordingly and tap the “Search” button.

Screaming Frog has been found as older and the most reliable on-page SEO tool used by people from the very beginning. This is a crawler which checks all your URL’s and helps you search elements of your website so that you can examine them accordingly.

It is the best tool for finding out the broken links and make sure that redirects have been created in a proper way. You can inspect your page titles and produce the XML sitemaps. Also, you can detect duplicate content in the best possible manner. It is the most effective tool because it has many features integrated into it.

The digital world is highly competitive and you must have to use the latest technologies to keep up with it. Keyword Eye is one such SEO on page tool that can ensure the use of the best keywords available. You can type your desired keyword and check the suggested words along with the competitiveness of the word measured by its frequent uses, over the search engine.

URI Valet presents you with the important details related to your website which includes everything such as downloading speed, object details, and server headers. This on-page SEO tool integrates ten more structural tools and helps you get clarity. This particular SEO tool uses all internal and external links and authorizes them. It will display graphs which will define the object size including the downloading time.

Robot.txt file tool helps you identify whether the robots.txt file is restricting Googlebot from performing the crawling function. To understand its working method, you will have to go through certain steps:
  • Sign in to your Google Webmaster Tools account to get access to the Robots.txt Testing Tool.
  • Choose the website you want to check
  • Make sure you have selected robots.txt Tester tool from the “Crawl” section.
  • This SEO tool will copy the robots.txt file into the text editor, so that you can make changes and check your logic or syntax.
  • Go through the file and find the warnings to make the required changes.
  • You should enter the path in the text box located at the bottom of the page and choose the user agent from the drop-down menu.
  • Tap on the “Test” button to search out if the URL has been blocked or not.


SEO is the best thing which can bring a large number of audience for your website. If the number of site visitors will be enhanced, it will push your site ultimately at the top of the search engine result pages. Businesses who are eager to see their website at a better position should use the On-page SEO tools. It would be great when you download the on-page SEO tools guide and get the desired output from your business.

Author Bio: Bryan Lazaris is an SEOspecialist got several years of experience in the same field. He helps businesses to boost their website performance. Apart from this, he shares his expertise to update people with new trends of search engine optimization.
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Recover Deleted/Formatted Files on Mac in 2019(Feat. EaseUs Data Recovery Wizard)

Data is expensive than anything else. Apple Mac computers have become the best choice for writers, programmers, video creators and tech lovers. For what the price they come, Apple MacBooks server the worth of user experience from handling of the machine to peak processing capabilities.

This led data stealers to target MacBooks and Apple ecosystems for important and expensive data.

Also, some software, while using crash the system due to obsolete versions of programming technologies used in making them.

All these result in DATA LOSS.

In 2019, losing data is more serious issue than a nuclear war. Whether in personal and organisational viewpoint, one cannot afford to lose the data on one’s MacBook.

The common threats causing data loss on Mac:
  • Deletion on purpose or accidental
  • Formatting the drive or wrong partitioning
  • System crash due to power failure
  • Virus and ransomeware attacks

What files can be recovered?

All type of files including photos, documents, videos, audios, emails, archives, RAW files, etc., can be recovered using EaseUs Data Recovery Wizard. 

What is EaseUs Data Recovery Wizard?

EaseUs Data Recovery Wizard is recovery software for Mac developed by EaseUs, the company with 14 years of experience in creating data recovery solutions. This software recovers the data that is deleted, formatted and lost due to various causes. The user experience of this software need no expertise knowledge of using computers. In just three simple steps, you can have your lost files back. 

Features of EaseUs Data Recovery Wizard:

  • Easy to use and noob-friendly UI.
  • Supports 200+ file formats including all types of images, videos, audios, documents, archives, and emails.
  • Recovers data from any storage device connected to Mac such as hard drive, USB drive, SSD, memory card, digital camera, SD card, CF card, iPod, MP3 player and so on.
  • Recover files from installation failures, upgrades, crashes, power failures and corrupted disks.
  • Recovers files from unreadable memory cards, access denied disks, error showing memory cards
  • Recovers files from ransomware attacks.


Due to the simple user interface, we feel the software lacks some professional features like as shown below:

Filtered scanning for type of files – It takes lot of time to scan the whole disk for all formats while we are looking for one single type of files.

Filtered scanning for size of files – Sometimes, we know the size of files that were deleted. It would have been useful to put another kind of filter before scanning that defines the file size.

No date of deletion – A date of deletion in the file details could have been more useful to identify the deleted files easily. 

How to download and install?

Installing software on Mac is pretty easy thing. Isn’t it? So is with EaseUs Data Recovery Wizard. Download the software from EaseUs official website(link) and open it. Drag and drop it in the applications folder as it instructs. 


Enter the license key to activate the product. Or else you won’t be able to recover more than 2GB. Take a look at the following table of pro-edition benefits:


Are you going to buy it for full price or what? You can buy EaseUs Data Recovery Wizard for Mac at 50% discounted price(click on the link to follow-up).

How to recover files on Mac using EaseUs Data Recovery Wizard?

Now that we have seen how to buy and enter the license code to get the complete benefits of the software. Let’s see how it actually works.

Run the software and you will see this following screen at first.


Allow the software to run if it appears on you Mac version.

Step 1: After giving permissions, it will ask you to select the disks on the computer to scan for lost files.


Step 2: The recovery process will start as you can see the progress bar showing the estimated time to complete the scan and number of files found in real-time.


Step 3: After the scan completes, it will show you all the files in the files pane. You can now filter the files to be recovered and hit ‘Recover Now’ button.


DON’T FORGET: EaseUs Data Recovery Wizard is now at 50% off. Buy now at 50% off or buy later at full price.
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How To Watch All Format Videos On Your iPhone; Best Technique Of 2019

After buying an iPhone by spending ten times more than normal Android phones, how unfair it is if it cannot play MKV, AAC and FLV format videos? Also imagine inability of playing iPhone HEVC videos with old version of quick time, Photos, Final Cut Pro, iMovie on your favorite MacBook and even on Windows Media Player, adobe on Windows PC. Let me take this much further by letting your know that 4K 60FPS videos shot with iPhone won’t play smoothly on VLC and other major media players. To be more obvious, iPhones cannot play drone and GoPro video formats as well.

Why is this happening with your iPhone?

The answer is simple. You might be having an old iPhone (older than iPhone 7) or a new one. The interoperability between the old and new iPhone is limited by the hardware under the hood.

To be particular, new Apple codec HEVC (H.265) is compatible with iPhone and later versions. Therefore, videos shot on iPhones older than iPhone 7 cannot play them. It’s that simple.

Do you need to upgrade your iPhone?

I would say that if I was Apple’s CEO. I’m one of those who still love the design of iPhone SE over other future models. I know you are one of my kind. So, let me introduce you the best solution for iPhone video format incompatibilities and issues related. I introduce to you, VideoProc – the best video converter I’ve come across in these recent times.

What is VideoProc Software? Why I think it is the best so far?

VideoProc is a one-stop solution for video processing that I’ve come across while searching for my iPhone video format problems. It saved my iPhone from being smashed to the floor.

Why it is the best I’ve seen so far?

VideoProc is the only software that processes video by utilizing full GPU acceleration. It processes the video 3X faster than other tools in the market by utilizing hardware acceleration powered bu Intel, AMD and NVIDIA GPUs delivering smooth 4K video editing experience and without compromising on output quality.

The full hardware acceleration will help not only to transcode and process the video but also to optimize the file size and video output quality.

How VideoProc converts the video? [Hands-on demo]

After installing the VideoProc video converter on your Mac or PC, run the software. It opens up to this following screen.


Step 1: Select the first option, ‘Video’. It will open up the video converter wizard.

Step 2: Select ‘iPhone’ from the available formats to be converted into and add the video into the work space.


Step 3: To configure the hardware acceleration, click on ‘Hardware Acceleration Engine’ and it opens up the following screen.


Check or uncheck the options to get the desired output quality powered by hardware acceleration.

Step 4: When done, close the hardware acceleration settings and click ‘Run’ to run the video conversion process.

Features of VideoProc:

Video Converter – VideoProc converts videos of all formats into compatible formats to iPhone and Android. You can set the output format to MP4 H264, iPhone, Android, MP4 HEVC and 4K H264. These options are the popular video formats and so why they are made available on first sight.

It can convert videos into 4K, MP4(H264, HEVC, MPEG4), AVI, WEBM, MKV, MOV M4V, MPEG-2, DIVX and 3GP formats.

VideoProc can also convert videos in device compatibility mode. It can convert videos compatible to iPhone, iPad, Huawei, Samsung, Oppo, Vivo, PS4, Xbox and Mi devices.

Convert & Backup DVD – VideoProc’s DVD tool rips DVD with files of 180+ formats and backs them up in a hard drive safely. This ripping process won’t take more than 5 minutes as hardware acceleration involved.

Downloader – VideoProc can download most highest quality available from the 1000+ streaming sites including YouTube and Facebook. They can be directly converted, saved on and sent to your mobile phones later.

Recorder – This is a screen and web cam recorder feature comes with converter stitched along. The screens recorded videos can be then converted on the go and can be uploaded to YouTube as well. It supports screen record and webcam record at the same time.

All video file formats, GPUs and operating systems supported can be seen on this technical specification page of VideoProc.

System requirements need to run VideoProc:

Operating System - VideoProc runs on both 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems including Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. The Apple operating systems that come under compatibility are Mac OS X Snow Leopard, Lion, Mavericks, Yosemite, El Captain, macOS Sierra, macOS High Sierra, macOS Mojave (10.14)

Processor – Intel and AMD processor with minimum 1GHz.

RAM – Minimum 1GB RAM (Still, 2GB or above is recommended)

Free Hard Disk – Minimum 200MB for installation

Graphic Card – 256MB (512MB or above is recommended)


Choosing an iPhone is not your mistake. Don’t even blame Apple for the incompatibilities over media playing. You won’t get a better phone with security like iPhone unless you are the president of the United States of America. VideoProc snaps away your guilt and makes you feel proud again for having the luxurious phone in your hand.

Get your free trial of VideoProc software now and thank me later.

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