Why Do You Need a Mobile Manager Software on Your Computer?

Android has been the most used operating system all over the world. The features, open source nature of the technology, availability of the number of applications for different purposes and the cost of development are the crucial factors of Android’s popularity.

Apple iOS is no less to the popularity level of Android but a premium operating system and is exclusively available with the Apple devices. iOS is known for its stability, seamless performance and innovation. Apple would be the first operating system to get new application ideas most of the times which are later adapted into the Android by the developer.

What is this all about? What’s the need for a mobile manager?


I just started a post with a topic Android and iOS and the title seems different. Am I misleading you?


We live in a world where our lifestyles are dependent on mobile phones. It is hard to find a person having an only single mobile phone these days or a person with a mobile phone that is aged more than 12 months.

I wonder if you had caught my point!

Yes! I am talking about data integrity over mobile phones. This article is about the mobile manager that is needed to take backups and manage the mobile content including the messages, contacts, music, and files on the smartphone.

We switch mobile phones very easily. That is why the smartphone market is in the boom. What we actually don’t care before switching the SIM and memory cards is the data. We don’t actually worry about the crucial data like contacts, calendar entries, and messages.

My phone syncs data with my Google account, should I still listen to you?

What Google backs up is the contacts that are associated with the Gmail account and that are saved to that particular Google account. What happens to your contacts saved onto your device?

This applies the same to the calendar entries too. Then what about the SMSs? You might have some registration details confirmation in them that has to be shown to the authorities in the future.

The simple conclusion is, Google won’t synchronize all your data. Don’t be in a trans.

(Well! I guess you still wanna listen to me. Then, read on..)

I have backup apps on my device. Should I still…?

Backup application is the great innovational app ideas for mobile phones. Most of them work only when there is a data/Wi-Fi connection. Some mobile phones don’t even have the stable Google Play Services installed on them to reinstall those backup apps for restoring purposes.

Only a mobile manager can restore the stuff back on to the device irrespective of its version and state (You must have had taken backup using the same software in the past).

I recommend you to buy a premium version of the mobile manager to look after your smartphone data from time to time.

(You can the mobile manage software reviews from this link if you want to get one).

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