Meet Google’s New Messaging and Video Calling Apps at IO16

Google has introduced two new messaging and video calling apps in IO16, the Google I/O event of 2016. These two apps are named ‘Allo’ and ‘Duo’ and are developed to change the experience of messaging and video calling.

Those who are already using Hangouts app on the phone will migrate to Allo and Duo just like people migrated on to Inbox from default Gmail app. The two apps differ a lot in user experience.

Meet Allo, the smart messaging app

Allo messaging application is smart and makes your conversations more expressive. All the contacts in the phone will be integrated into the application once installed. You can start conversations with the contacts right after the installation and setup.

The smart features will keep the conversations flowing and get things down with semi-automation. It learns from the user and determines to choose the replies based on the message received and give them as suggestions.


If someone is using ‘lol’ more than ‘haha’, the app suggests the word ‘lol’ at the appropriate time. It happens the same with the ‘haha’ if it is widely used. The machine learning nature helps the conversations flow faster and butter smooth.

Allo comes with the Google assistant that allows you to search for the information right from the app. You can chat one-on-one with Google assistant or make calls in a group chat. There is no need to switch among the apps to book a dinner that was fixed in the conversation, set a bet and check the scores of the match that was going on.

Along with the maps and video sharing, Allo allows users to translate conversations right on the go. This feature will be very helpful for those who will be using the native language keyboard for convenience.

Meet Duo, the new video calling app

Duo is a simple and fast video calling application made to work in all bandwidth conditions. Hoping that it would work with the low bandwidth internet connections too unlike Hangout app.


It is a full-screen video calling app with no cluttering UI elements. This app features the live video preview of the caller on the screen while it’s ringing. The preview will establish full communication between both the parties when you answer the call.

Duo can self-adjust the video quality based on the network quality. It can render HD video up to 720p quality. It can transition calls between the cellular and Wi-Fi networks without the call drops efficiently.

And everything that goes to ear to ear is encrypted.

Google is planning to bring both these apps for both Android and iOS in the coming months in this year itself.

Be with us on social media channels to know when it is released. Because we can’t wait to experience them too.

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