iOS 7 Dupes You Might Have Never Heard Of

Time and now Apple has been introducing innovative versions for its operating system iOS. The latest to join the suite of iOS versions is iOS 7. Avid iOS lovers have always been keen on embracing newer versions of iOS, which are equipped with bug fixes, security modules, added features and much more. After bidding farewell to iOS6, iOS7 has become the latest boom in the iOS development industry. Even though iOS7 is equipped with best in-class designs, there are ample number of things you might not know about this operating system. My aim behind writing this blogpost is to make you familiar with some iOS7 cons nobody would've told you till date.

Although Workable, iOS7 lacks some basic assets

iOS users have found this iOS Application Development as a workable operating system which lacks certain assets necessary for rendering a brilliant experience to Apple users. If this had been the year 2011, the inception of iOS7 would've marked a revolution, but this is 2014 when iOS is already having a stiff competition from Google's Android, BlackBerry and Windows. With some drastic changes between iO6 and iOS7, it won't be wrong to say that Apple developers will definitely get something different to work on.

iOS7- What all it lacks?

Brief Battery Life - In today's hectic lifestyles, people love indulging in various activities via their smartphones. Serving as one of the most popularly-used smartphones, iPhones have stood out from the crowd. Yet, there's a major disadvantage with iPhones built using iOS7, they come with a brief battery life. This is something that surely bothers a lot of iPhone users who fear the basic idea of staying away from their smartphone.

Bugs in iMessage still remain unfixed - Well, ever since the launch of iOS7, there have been complaints that the messages sent over the the iMessage platform encounter a delivery failure. This is something that Apple had promised to fix but still hasn't.

Illegible fonts continue to exist - The font used in iOS7 has actually turned off the iPhone consumers. The combination of high-resolution screen with very thin vertical lines has caused readability issues. With the background being translucent and fonts being too thin, iOS7 users have become distracted and frustrated. With a wide scope for altering the size and boldness of iOS7 font, we can definitely expect something better coming our way.

Security concerns remain unresolved - Even Though Apple has introduced two major security fixes since the release of iOS7, there are some perils that still exist in the operating system. Some of the serious security concerns are still prominent around the passcode screen.

Calendar App is unable to save daily updates - Calendar app installed in the iOS7 is incompetent in offering an overview of the day's events each time the user is accessing the “Month” view. Although Apple has worked on the Calendar app's look and feel, the iOS7 still lacks the potential to make a calendar look like a calendar.

Universal Search disappears randomly - The introduction of iOS 7 has changed the definition of universal search. In iOS7, you can easily search everything that's available within your device, but in order to carry out a web search, it is mandatory for you to visit a browser. In addition to this, iOS7 has even modified the screen swiping technique from the traditional left to right movement to screen top tapping. It's been found that users are taking time to getting used to this brand new screen swiping technique.

Lack of download option to iOS6 - Buying a product and returning it to the store owner on finding it bad is something that pleases the customers for sure. However, in case of a software, the scenario is entirely different. Apple has removed every possibility of performing a backwards downgrade from iOS7 to iOS6. The sole reason for this move is to grow the count of devices running on its iOS7 platform. The company wants to maintain operating system consistency across its ecosystem, quite unlike Android which has consumers using devices with different Android OS versions.


Well, addressing all the aforementioned issues will surely take Apple a lot of time and a good amount of commitment. All we can do is simply wait for another major update and hope all our queries/confusions regarding the functioning of iOS7 would get resolved.

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Rick Brown is a technical writer with Mobiers Ltd – iPhone Application Development Company. You can also opt to avail adherent iOS Developer for hire in case you are willing to hire the same.

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