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Amfas(Ask Me For A Solution) Tech started as an idea of sharing the passion for technology with the world. Our mission is to make this tech world easier to understand, wonderful to use, and awesome to live in, with our informative, educating, and thought-provoking articles. We wish to keep access to this website open to all kinds of technology, blogging, and digital marketing aspirants and make it accessible for both dummies and experts.

Our team of passionate tech savvies, bloggers, and digital marketers love to spend time on smartphones, computers, gadgets, explore the web, update the readers with the latest tech news from all around the world. Our reviews are unbiased and share opinions out of experience to help choose the right device for our readers. Our passion for tech extends to software and apps on Windows, MacOS, Android, and iOS platforms. We use the programs before we write about them. We love to make suggestions to developers and guide users to use the software/hardware fully and safely.

Blogging has always been the driving factor, the motivation to put the interest in tech and writing integrated, on one platform since the beginning. It's been a long journey and we have raised from noob to expert in the span of time. There is no better teacher than experience. We, at Amfas Tech, are trying to keep hold of all the knowledge that has come from experience and flourish it in the articles we write about blogging, SEO, and digital marketing.

We always dream of safer internet and so would like to alert people about online scams by debunking them and providing security guidelines to stay safer and secure online. Our tech-savvies are so compassionate about the frauds happening online, causing loss of health, wealth, and trust over emerging technologies. That's why we have both computer and online security articles to keep the readers aware of the threats beforehand.

We help people in designing and developing the software, websites & applications on the web and also help companies promote, market, and advertise their products through our branding. We take immense care while choosing to promote any product or service as we are self-aware of underlying danger with fraudster companies. Therefore, our recommendations are safer.

Our mission extends to help global causes and situations technologically. We are delighted to help them anytime at the price of satisfaction.

Thank you so much for your interest to know about us. Contact us at info@amfastech.com if you need any further information. You can ping us on any social media for a quick chat.

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