About us

About us

Amfas(Ask Me For A Solution) Tech is an idea of sharing the passion for technology with the world. Our mission is to make this tech world easier to understand, wonderful to use, and awesome to live in, with our educating articles. We wish to make this website open to all kind of technology, blogging and internet marketing aspirants and make accessible for both dummies and experts.

Our team of passionate tech savvies and bloggers, love to spend time on computers, web & software development, gadget reviews and blogging strategies all day & night long. We help people on software & web - design & development, blogging, SEO, business and internet marketing issues and share useful information regarding the same on our blog.

We always dream of safer internet and so would like to alert people about the online scams by debunking them and providing security guidelines to stay safer and secure online.

We help people in designing and developing the software, websites & applications on the web and also help companies promote, market and advertise their products through our branding.

Our mission extends to help global causes and situations technologically. We are delighted to help them anytime at the price of satisfaction.

The secret behind the color combo in our logo

Why the first 'a' is in red color?

The idea of starting up amfas tech was first started when people started asking me queries about technology and computers. It is of course the core of the whole motivation I've got to set this website up. As to keep the motive alive 24x7, the first letter of the title amfas tech is highlighted red.

Why only red?

Because, red increases the passion and intensity towards what we are doing. It assures the safety, survival according to Indian mythology.

Why tech is in blue?

The blue color highlighting the theme of our blog, 'tech' keeps us encouraged and motivated thereby increasing the productivity. It creates a sense of security and trust in brand.

Thank you so much for your interest to know about us. Contact us at info@amfastech.com if you need any further information!

Have a good day :)

Sasidhar Kareti,
CEO & Founder,
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