Is that iPhone 7? Or iPhone 7 Pro? No! It’s iPhone 6SE

The next iPhone design is not a mystery of course. We all have seen the leaked images of next iPhone, the so rumored iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Pro, having the similar design as of iPhone 6’s and 6S’s. This merely disappointed the Apple iPhone fans and the predictions about its sales was speculated.

Any new iPhone is expected to have a brand new admirable design that every mediocre companies copy for their models. But the leaked images show no difference between the iPhone 6 series smartphones and iPhone 7 (the rumored).

Another news announcement about the $100 price drop on the next iPhone, though had raised eyebrows yet raised a question with ‘why’ words. Why would a next generation technological gadget from a company like Apple would be offered for $100 drop compared to the iPhone 6S?


Something smelt fishy for gadget reviewers and tech experts.

No new design and price drop. What is Apple cooking in their labs?

Here comes another story that revolved around the 10th anniversary of the Apple iPhone. The story says,

In 2017, the Apple company completes 10 years of iPhone. So, as to make this decade special, the company is making an exceptional phone model that dominates any other smartphone in the world by 2017. That is why, the iPhone 7 is less cared about.

So, we have a new iPhone design for 10th anniversary?

Yes, exactly!

But what happens to iPhone 7? Who will buy it?

Wait! It is not iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Pro rumored. It is actually the iPhone 6SE.

What? Special Edition (SE) again?

Yes! Just like the iPhone 5SE, we will also be having the iPhone 6SE. Apple might have realized the failure of iPhone 5SE in the market and so announced the $100 cut on the next model.

This is a happy news to the hardcore fans of Apple iPhone. The 6SE will get the leaked design but the real iPhone 7 will be the game changer next year. If you wanted to buy an iPhone, wait for another year to grab the new age device.

So, it’s not an iPhone 7 or iPhone 7SE, it’s iPhone 6SE.

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