bSafe You App Review: Your safety is in your hands

After the brutal kill event that happened in the capital city of India, the safety for women has been taken to every piece of technical possibility in which mobile application development is one of them. Personal safety apps are being developed from then on that ensure the safety of the women.


‘bSafe You’ is one such application designed to keep track of your safety 24/7. It works for both everyday safety and emergencies, making it a good safety tool in perfect times. You and your friends can keep track of yourselves at the times of emergencies. ‘bSafe You’ allows you to set your own personal safety network of your friends, family and those you can trust.


Danger not only come from unknown people but also from well known ones sometimes. bSafe have some safety precautionary features that would save you from getting into trouble at most earlier times before the situation gets too worse.




Let’s take a look at the full features of this application:

  • You can setup your own personal network of friends,family and co-workers.
  • Can share your location to find each other easily.
  • You can ask your friends to real-time trace you with ‘Follow Me’s live GPS or walk home with them safer from wherever you are.
  • Can make your phone ring with a Fake Call from the person you had setup.
  • In case of emergencies, the guardian alert button would notify your friends about your location through GPS and automates the recording of video to show what’s happening there. It even sets off an siren that panics the attacker and keeps you safe way from him.



See what media says about bSafe application:



bSafe application is available for both Android and iOS devices.


Things you should remember while using this app

You should turn on internet connection while using this app. Never forget to turn on internet when you come out lonely at hard times. Unless your internet connection is turned on, the app doesn’t work.


Keep the phone away from the attacker. If he tries to drag it from you, throw it away into soft surfaces giving it time to share the emergency alert to you beloved ones. Throwing it on hard surfaces might damage the phone and it may lead to unexpected havoc.


Remember, mobile applications alone can’t help you fight against him. So don’t completely dependent on the digital applications, unleash your safety combat skills at those times.


Last but not least, You safety is in your hands! Never forget it!

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