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Guest blogging is highly respected at We see it as an opportunity to showcase writing skills and establish authority on the web. But, guest blogging is also considered a way to build links by businesses. As most of the guest blog requests that we receive come with an automated cover letter, intending to gain backlinks to their(and clients') websites, we've decided to make the review process more serious.

What kind of guest posts we accept?

1. Articles related to Technology, Blogging, and Digital Marketing; or their sub-niches are allowed.

2. Articles should be in the English language only.

3. Every article should be finely proofread before it is sent to our review team.

4. Only 100% original and non-plagiarized articles considered for the review process.

5. Articles with no 'author bio' don't qualify for the review process. Submissions coming from a different person with a different author name would be taken as business outreach. When it's a business, talk business. 

6. Articles are allowed to have 'nofollow' links to external sites for references according to context. We are experts in sniffing out promotional links. So, don't even think about it. Ignore this point if you are a genuine guest blogger. 

7. No promotional snippets or links are allowed in the article. If you are looking for it, talk business. Guest posting is for passionate bloggers who want to gain exposure to their authorship.

Message For Businesses: If we find out that the content is spun or rewritten or of low quality in the future, we will delete the whole content of the page and mention the name of the representative and the company name he is stewarding on the page with an apology message to our readers. So, we advise you to choose a qualified PR team that would not drag you into this cone of shame later.

Important: Guest posting on is not free anymore. Every author must pay the publishing fee that will be discussed in the email conversation. 

Most important: Templated and robotic emails will either be ignored or reported spam. If you are genuinely interested, show it in your email inquiry.

We sincerely thank you for your contributions. Your genuine work will always gain great exposure on the web. All the best :)

*You guest post request email auto complies with the above guidelines mentioned. We hold the right to accept, publish and remove the content submitted to us at any point of time.

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