Become our guest blogger

Become our guest blogger

Updated: 22-01-2019
Update Summary: Rephrased

Want to share your thoughts with our readers and gain exposure to fellow bloggers and pro-bloggers? Amfas Tech welcomes enthusiastic bloggers to display their writing skills and knowledge for better opportunities.

You need not to be a regular author to do so. We allow guest authors with good writing skills and better knowledge on the topics chosen. Checkout the following guidelines before you shoot us an email.

1. You should be able to write unique and engaging articles. No copy-written, cloned or spun articles are accepted.

2. We accept articles on 'Computer & Internet Technologies', 'Gadgets', 'Software & Web Development', 'SEO', 'Blogging', 'Business', 'Internet Marketing' and so related.

3. Don't forget to include the 'author bio' attribution in the end of each post. We do not review articles without 'author bio'. We also don't accept the articles of your clients with their author bio's.

4. You may mention 'nofollow' links to authority references inside the article if necessary.

5. We do not allow 'DO FOLLOW' backlinks from the article/blog to your blog, company products or services.

6. Do not send copyrighted material or recreated articles. Your future emails will be ignored.

7. Do not send promoting articles(with relevant text snippets and links redirecting back to the promotional subjects or sites) or sponsored posts.

8. PUBLISHING A GUEST POST IS NO MORE FREE on Amfas Tech. Standard rates will be charged. Email us at or for more information about it.

If you want to promote your/your client's product or service with us, talk to us about it.

8. Do not send your client's promotional articles. We are not here to entertain business for your clients for free. Also do not send articles for backlinks - We have professionals to sniff out links from your submissions.

9. If you want to guest post representing a company, please make sure to include your designation in the organization. However, we DO NOT ALLOW the boasting promotion of your own products and services through guest posts. You representation of the company is verified officially before the decision is taken.

10. Above all, your article should not violate Blogger Content Policies and Google Prohibited Content Policies.


* Guest bloggers are greatly respected in the blogospehere as they come forward to share their skills and showcase them on one's blog. Please do not disrespect this tradition with cheap tricks to gain backlinks. However, gaining backlinks from guest blogging was penalized long way back. Instead, guest blogging to gain global exposure to your authorship is always appreciated.

* Unnatural outbound links or links with targeted keywords in the articles are not entertained.

* Removal of the content once published is not possible. Do not play cheap tricks of link bargaining after the post is published.

* We will own the full rights of the article once published. We may remove it in future without notifying you in case it is found to be violating our policies.

* Don't try to outsmart plagiarism checkers for uniqueness. We don't like zero and low quality posts. We don't take the blame if anyone claims the content, it's all yours (see this example).

* We analyse the content manually and due to that, it may take few days to get a reply from us. Please be patient. We are trying to make this platform healthy safe and informative.

Send your articles to We'll get back to you after a keen verification.