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10 Tips to Prevent Yourself from Online Scams While Looking for Jobs

Wondering how to look for a job online? Today, the advent of the internet has made our job-hunting process easier a lot and now we can find amazing job offers online sitting in the comfort of our home moreover, can go for the one that perfectly suits our personality and preferences. The modern day and age is bringing a myriad of opportunities to ease our living.

Well, don’t get excited. This is just one side and as we always say, ‘Every coin has two sides’ same is the case here. Undoubtedly, there are a number of legitimate and stable companies that provide an exciting range of job offers with the help of telecommuters. However, there are many fraudulent companies or unscrupulous individuals who scam thousands of job seekers.

The trend is growing at a rapid pace and there are many cases of scams that we come across daily. You might be surprised, that how these scammers get into your computer to steal your money and identity? Well, the answer to this question is hard to find, because of a number of ways that enable the scammers to offer great job and employment opportunities.

As we can see today, millions of people are looking for the jobs from homes to make their livelihood easier and happier, therefore, in order to trap the job seekers they majorly deal in the areas of home-based and business opportunities.

It has become a common practice of the crooks to defraud thousands and thousands of job seekers by making use of the latest and hi-tech schemes combining with the old ones. This is the surest way to make you fool to get out your personal information as well as your money. In the case of job scams, all our information related to personal, financial, identity theft and credit are on the line.

You never know, you might be their next victim. So, get ready to save you and your friends from such type of real online job scammers. Have a look at the 10 tips on how to prevent you from scams while looking for work online.
Internet Lottery

1. Avoid providing your personal information

No matter what the case is, it is always necessary that we should not disclose our personal details to any person unless or until we do not have surety that he/she will not misuse it. This can leads to identity theft. Review this article to find more on that topic. When applying for jobs online be aware of the questions that are the big red flags. Never impart your social security number and home address to anyone at your initial contact because it is hard to distinguish whether it is a legitimate company or a crook. Be cautious and do a proper research about the company.

2. Get help from the social networking sites

Asking someone about the company is not a right step to clear your doubts. To make you feel satisfied, sign up for a reliable site such as ‘FlexJobs’ to get daily updates related to the number of work options that are home based. This will prove to be an excellent tool and surely guide you so that you can make a difference between the real online job and a scammer. Never make a decision in hassle; this will put you in trouble. In order to get the right job, always put your best foot forward at the times you are searching for the job.

3. Go for the one that sounds too good to be true

While looking for jobs, it’s very often that we come across the ads that offer much more than our expectations and we get attracted towards such advertisements. Have you ever wondered that how it can be possible that someone is offering us annual salaries of $50,000 a year even without asking about our skills, prior experience and education? Do not response to such ads and look somewhere else to find the perfect job that meets your needs.

4. Never share your Bank Account Details

As we all know, Bank Details are the most crucial details that we should not discuss with any new or unknown employer. Though, direct money transfer is the most efficient technique that we all are enjoying today. However, to save you from the job scams don’t agree to share your bank account details with any third person whom you don’t trust. Feel free to grant access to your account, if it is legitimate.

5. Reject the Jobs with no expertise required

We often get many emails and job postings where it is clearly mentioned that no experience and expertise is required. Do you really think there is any firm that will hire you without even bothering about your skills and experience? All legitimate job offerings include some sort of requirements (education, skills, and experience) are essential to qualify the job posting.

6. Do a background check of the scammer

Before you make any decision, it is advisable to think twice and more in order to find out the status of the company. False Job Postings promises you for easy money, but it is up to you whether to jump into it without making any proper research or to protect you from job scams or schemes. To get the best job and to save you from the job scammers, harness the power of the internet.

7. Avoid making payments to get the job

There are a number of scam companies who take money from the candidates and then disappear. It is illegal to ask money from the job seekers in order to help them get good jobs. Never pay upfront for a promise, these are the things that are the signs of warning. Be alert of any recruiter who promises to provide you job leads.

8. Say ‘NO’ to Jobs with vague Job requirements

How to make a difference between the real email and the scam one is the biggest issue that we face. Well, the points that will help you to say ‘NO’ to the scam emails will include things like ‘Age must be 18 years old’, ‘Must be a Citizen’, ‘Do you have internet access?’ all these are the ridiculous questions that have nothing to do with your job. The real job always includes questions that are relevant to your qualification, Skills, and experience.

9. Ignore the emails containing unsolicited Job offers

Sending unsolicited job offers is an old trick that is used by the scammers for long. If they have sent you an email that seems to be well-written then don’t get trapped. If the email contains a legitimate address with the company’s original email site then you can trust it. But, if it is the one with the free email site, then do not pay attention to it, just ignore.

10. Stay Away from the marketing gimmicks of the scammers

If you find some amazing testimonials then don’t get impressed. These are designed specially by the scammers to grab the attention of the job seekers to make them fall for the scam. Scammers are often caught making such false money back guarantee policies by the real job companies online.

All the above-mentioned tips will definitely help you to keep your guard up moreover, to bring crooks to justice.

Not only this, if you have experienced Identity theft which is the most common practice by the fraudulent these days, then take a corrective measure at the right time to prevent you from online fraud and identity theft. It is the crime in which hackers misuse your personal information through various methods such as Data Breaches, Skimming, Unsecured Smartphone, Phishing and more.

To put a stop to identity theft in the first place, always use different passwords for your every account which must contain at least 8 characters along with letters, numbers, and symbols. Always try to use cash instead of Debit and Credit Cards. Moreover, avoid giving your personal information to the unsolicited callers to save you from identity theft.

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Andrew Gordon is a general content writer usually writes about the current events & news. Everyone expect usable information from content writers. He provides as much of that kind of information as possible. His Favorite quote is “Become your best. Share your best with the world!”
Continue Reading is Behind the Tricolor Flag Profile Picture | Digital India is Disguised; Beware

The fight between #NetNeutrality and #InternetBasics by has turned a foul turn this time. The had got a lot negative push from the net neutrality supporters, so they renamed it as ‘Free Basic Internet’ and promoted it on Facebook walls compelling the users to click ‘Yes, I’m in’ button. The absence of ‘close’ or ‘not interested’ button lit a spark in majority of the users and it went down after campaigning for few days.


The prime minister of India (2015), Narendra Modi have started a great initiative to make India a true digital hub to the world. As a part of the mission, he met the CEOs of the top tech companies that includes the CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg.


Mark Zuckerberg have changed his profile picture with overlaying tricolor Indian flag as showing support for Digital India campaign. This made Indians proud of being the citizens of the country like occasionally before. So, people started changing their profile pictures using the suggested link that indirectly votes support for which is against net neutrality.


What’s wrong?

There are supporters for both the causes. Both have their own positives and negatives as well. An idea won’t be promoted with no benefits at all but, the problem is that it should fit the luxury of freedom of usage of the people it is meant for.


Any campaign should not be elevated or taken down if it gets negative feedback. As it is not meant to be  another business venture, it should not be insisted up on the people or evil extort the votes from them. Whatever the support anticipated, that should be taken with the honest approval of the users/participants it is meant for. 


See how painting Digital India face from this following screenshot,




It is as same as manipulating the EVMs during elections to tunnel votes only for a single nominee. How worst it is if you vote for candidate ‘A’ and it counts into his opponent, candidate ‘B’ in the background? The same is happening with Digital India campaign-tri-coloring profile picture on Facebook.


How to avoid it?

Easy. You will find a pinned notification on your news feed asking you to support for Digital India with two familiar buttons, ‘I’m in’ and ‘Not now’. Just close the notification by clicking on the ‘x’ mark on the top-right corner.


How not to support blindly and support Digital India consciously?

Do not wear tricolor flag just as the one Mark Zuckerberg and some of your friends are wearing. If you truly want to show your support, go conventional. Hash tag #ISupportDigitalIndia on social media and it is the best way to show your support to this futuristic initiative.


The sad part of the story is, Narendra Modi, the honorable Prime Minister of India too have changed his profile picture to tricolor overlay as soon as Mark did. Does this mean anything ? What do you think? Is it the end of #NetNeutrality?

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Thank you so much for your loving and caring support

Dear Readers and My Friends,


I have spoken earlier about scammers targeting me and my blog to defame and damage my online reputation for which I got tremendous support and concern of fellow bloggers, friends and family-like communities.


I would like to thank all those friends and well-wishers who stood with me at that hard time. I felt literally grounded when faced such a situation at this growing stage of my blogging career.


Hereby, I would like to specify some of the names in specific who reminded me of my strengths and their backup for me in the time of crisis. They include Rohan Chaubey(comes first to mind), Rahul RadhaKrishnan, Ashutosh Ja, Harlena Singh madam(representing ABC community), Swadhin Agarwal, Gopi Talluri, Adeel Sami, Anil Sheoran, Nirmala Santhakumar, Rahul Kumar, Ahmad Imran, Umapathy Sekar and all others I might forgot to mention.


(Forgive me if I forgot to mention your name. Your support for me will always be remembered)


Your support gave me strength to fight against the issue. It may not have been solved yet, but I am brave enough to tackle it now.


Thank you so much. Love all :)

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Facebook 18+ Pornographic Videos Spam is Active Again

Facebook spam is not a new word for us. We have seen many Facebook spams so far and the spam I’m going to talk about today is not an old one, but seems so.


According to the web sources and after seeing some of my friends' profiles who are victimized to it, It is confirmed that the old 18+ video spam is being propagated through the Facebook profiles again and so I am willing to share some information about it with you.




This spam was seen in the past and we have also discussed about the preventive measures under online security discussions.


This time, it seemed to have been upgraded, as Facebook has made serious changes to its algorithm to get rid of spam in the news feed in the past after it was seen.


Lets see how the spam propagation works

It is a ‘Trojan’ malware that tags the victims' friends to that porn video post. When someone clicks on the video link, it will show a preview of the porn video followed by asking to install a flash player(fake) to continue the video.


This malware is found to be infecting 110k and counting so far, as per the information provided by Reza Faghani on To make its existence as hidden as possible, this malware tags only minimal list of 20 friends from the list.


What has upgraded?

As we talked about it previously, this malware is a upgraded version of the the past one. Ever since the Facebook algorithm is updated, the chance of propagating this kind of malware was discouraged and so it was not seen in recent days.


The older Trojan was used to not only tag but also send a message to the victim’s friends with the link. Thus, it was propagated like a nuclear reaction in the past.


Now, it is not sending any messages to victims’ friends but is tagging them in minimal.


Here is the true horror story

This malware actually propagates when the fake flash player is installed and run. The fake software will even record your mouse and keystrokes. Later, it establishes a network with the porn sites that it was intended to do.


How to protect yourselves?

  1. If you are a parent and worried about your children under 18 years, please go through this parenting guide to protect against online evils.
  2. Know about list of best child safety software on internet.
  3. Learn about detecting and fighting against malware on your computer.
  4. Learn about hiding your profile from unknown people.
  5. Learn about logging out from everywhere on Facebook.
  6. Learn about turning off unnecessary tagging on Facebook.
  7. Learn about removing tough and unnecessary extensions from Google Chrome.
  8. Updates your anti-virus definitions and upgrade your web browsers.
  9. Do not install unverified software.
  10. Be conscious always when on internet.

I personally thank my friend ShivKanth for pushing me forward to write this article in order to bring awareness among the friends on Facebook.


Stay safe!

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Facebook Work From Home Scam Debunked

These days, I have been seeing a spammy scam advertisement running on one of my browser tabs sometimes saying “Facebook Pays India Residents USD$257/day To Work From home” mocking fox news website with the published date as of today's.


This fake news was being propagated with the URL of website with a imposter look of an official news media website. This website also have a hacked image of an Indian family, fake proofs of payment checks and fake comments under the article to make the visitors fall for their filthy scam.


The webpage features a morphed image of Mark Zuckerberg’s team with a banner of text ‘Facebook work from home’ on their back along with the tag line in the bottom saying “As seen on: CNN, The Star Online, NewStraitsTimes, BBC”.




Debunking the ‘Facebook Work From Home’  scam

Level 1 investigation: This webpage contains a family photo of guy and his fake statements saying “All I had to do was browse the web and post links on other online sites. I also did some data entry work…


When searched for the image on the internet on Google, it showed some Facebook profiles among which we actually can’t pick the genuine one from. Take look at the following screenshot:




Also the fake admitting of Mr.X in the photo says that he was asked to post links, share stories and review sites and some data entry work. He also says that anyone with basic computer skills can do this work and no other skill is needed.


Catch 1: Why would a company like Facebook releases a picture in the name of a guy who is totally fake?


Catch 2: Facebook has nothing to do with the posting links and sharing content on other websites and forums as there is no point of following such beginner strategy to promote themselves.


Catch 3: The date of publishing of the news is found to be changing daily dynamically. But why? Is it to make it look fresh?




Catch 4: The fake check is found to be from ‘Amazon Services LLC’ instead of ‘Facebook’. Also all the other details can be found as morphed up on keen observation.




Level 2 Investigation: We have tried to dig a little deeper about the details of this scam and found the following astonishing facts.


The title of the website is found to be registered as “How To Lose 18 lbs of Belly Fat in Just 1 Month With This 1 Diet Trick Celebrities Use” which was an yesterday’s scam that looted huge amounts of money all over the globe. However, when we tried to visit the website, it showed us ‘403 forbidden error’ which means that the website is no longer available for anyone(as people might have realized it a scam by then).


Catch 5: If the title of the website is found to be something that is related to dieting and fitness, how come the website not not load? and how come the sub-page of the website, the new Facebook scam is loading?


After knowing the true face of the title, we have tried to dig out the details using ‘WhoIs’ tool on the internet. This is what it showed:


Domain Name: LOCALNEWS247.NET
Registry Domain ID: 1641531904_DOMAIN_NET-VRSN
Registrar WHOIS Server:
Registrar URL:
Updated Date:
Creation Date: 2011-02-22T12:27:00.00Z
Registrar Registration Expiration Date: 2015-02-22T12:27:27.00Z
Registrar: ENOM, INC.
Registrar IANA ID: 48


Catch 6: The expiration date of the domain is found to be 02-2015. If this program is real, how can you expect it to end within 3 upcoming months?(in reference to the catch 3). Doesn’t it conflict with the Catch 3 we have discussed earlier?


If we look at the details of ‘WhoIs’ information, we get some more information about the registrant of the website.


Domain Name: LOCALNEWS247.NET
Registry Domain ID: 1641531904_DOMAIN_NET-VRSN
Registrar WHOIS Server:
Registrar URL:
Updated Date:
Creation Date: 2011-02-22T12:27:00.00Z
Registrar Registration Expiration Date: 2015-02-22T12:27:27.00Z
Registrar: ENOM, INC.
Registrar IANA ID: 48
Registrar Abuse Contact Email:
Registrar Abuse Contact Phone: +1.4252982646
Domain Status: clientTransferProhibited
Registry Registrant ID:
Registrant Organization: WHOISGUARD, INC.
Registrant Street: P.O. BOX 0823-03411
Registrant City: PANAMA
Registrant State/Province: PANAMA
Registrant Postal Code: 00000
Registrant Country: PA
Registrant Phone: +507.8365503
Registrant Phone Ext:
Registrant Fax: +51.17057182
Registrant Fax Ext:
Registrant Email: B87F2227527C440CA4D8AFB1C2A6D763.PROTECT@WHOISGUARD.COM
Registry Admin ID:
Admin Organization: WHOISGUARD, INC.
Admin Street: P.O. BOX 0823-03411
Admin City: PANAMA
Admin State/Province: PANAMA
Admin Postal Code: 00000
Admin Country: PA
Admin Phone: +507.8365503
Admin Phone Ext:
Admin Fax: +51.17057182
Admin Fax Ext:
Admin Email: B87F2227527C440CA4D8AFB1C2A6D763.PROTECT@WHOISGUARD.COM
Registry Tech ID:
Tech Organization: WHOISGUARD, INC.
Tech Street: P.O. BOX 0823-03411
Tech City: PANAMA
Tech State/Province: PANAMA
Tech Postal Code: 00000
Tech Country: PA
Tech Phone: +507.8365503
Tech Phone Ext:
Tech Fax: +51.17057182
Tech Fax Ext:
DNSSEC: unSigned
URL of the ICANN WHOIS Data Problem Reporting System:


The registration link is total different from the this news published link. This is what it looks like:


Catch 7: Let us consider that the news is published in a real website like fox news, but what is the need to elevate the topic for such a popular news channel in a promotional way along with how-to-register links in it?


We have tried to dig out details for the registration link that is specified above. These are the details we’ve got to know from ‘WhoIs’ information:


Registry Domain ID: 1888502460_DOMAIN_COM-VRSN
Registrar WHOIS Server:
Registrar URL:
Updated Date: 2014-12-03T10:07:33.00Z
Creation Date: 2014-12-03T18:07:00.00Z
Registrar Registration Expiration Date: 2015-12-03T18:07:00.00Z
Registrar: ENOM, INC.
Registrar IANA ID: 48


The registration domain is found to be registered in the month of March, 2014 and it is going to expire in an year.


Catch 8: Why could company like Facebook not register a domain for 5 years at least to work along with a business plan?


The information from ‘WhoIs’ shows more relevant information about registration link and the details are as follows:


Registry Domain ID: 1888502460_DOMAIN_COM-VRSN
Registrar WHOIS Server:
Registrar URL:
Updated Date: 2014-12-03T10:07:33.00Z
Creation Date: 2014-12-03T18:07:00.00Z
Registrar Registration Expiration Date: 2015-12-03T18:07:00.00Z
Registrar: ENOM, INC.
Registrar IANA ID: 48
Registrar Abuse Contact Email:
Registrar Abuse Contact Phone: +1.4252982646
Domain Status: clientTransferProhibited
Registry Registrant ID:
Registrant Organization: WHOISGUARD, INC.
Registrant Street: P.O. BOX 0823-03411
Registrant City: PANAMA
Registrant State/Province: PANAMA
Registrant Postal Code: 00000
Registrant Country: PA
Registrant Phone: +507.8365503
Registrant Phone Ext:
Registrant Fax: +51.17057182
Registrant Fax Ext:
Registrant Email: A3278FE1D68B4F628A7FABF8C2FE4781.PROTECT@WHOISGUARD.COM
Registry Admin ID:
Admin Organization: WHOISGUARD, INC.
Admin Street: P.O. BOX 0823-03411
Admin City: PANAMA
Admin State/Province: PANAMA
Admin Postal Code: 00000
Admin Country: PA
Admin Phone: +507.8365503
Admin Phone Ext:
Admin Fax: +51.17057182
Admin Fax Ext:
Registry Tech ID:
Tech Organization: WHOISGUARD, INC.
Tech Street: P.O. BOX 0823-03411
Tech City: PANAMA
Tech State/Province: PANAMA
Tech Postal Code: 00000
Tech Country: PA
Tech Phone: +507.8365503
Tech Phone Ext:
Tech Fax: +51.17057182
Tech Fax Ext:
DNSSEC: unSigned
URL of the ICANN WHOIS Data Problem Reporting System:


The registrant of these domains is found to be linked up with another yesterday’s fraud business, All the P.O.Box addresses of the registrant is found to be same if you can observe from the ‘WhoIs’ information.


Level 3 Investigation: Later we’ve tried to investigate for the clues on the page and what we found are some naked facts. The comments below the news article are put to manipulate the judgment of the reader. In fact they are not the real comments nor even real Facebook profiles.


If we see the source code of the page, we can recognize them as fake profiles. Take a look at the following screenshots:






Also the timestamps of the comments are found to be so recent and you can observe it in the source page.


Catch 9: What’s the need of placing fake comments for the article for a company like Facebook?


Over to you

Earning online is same as earning offline. You have to put the effort and time to make the decent figures. Would you be paid just to walk-in and walk-out from your office building? Probably you’d never be. The same happens with working online too. Be careful with the scam programs and don’t waste your time and money on them.


Report to us if you found any such scam and we’ll debunk it and inform you the real fact and fiction!

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Beware of 100BestBuy Scams | Scam Analytics

This time we are analyzing the online shopping website, which is found to be performing fraudulent activities with its customers.

100BestBuy is an online #e-commerce website with huge range of product categories to buy from. This website looks like another e-commerce, online shopping site on the internet with great deals over various products.

No one have doubted the website and the business until they started offering deals like one as following.

Fig: A fake deal on iPhone 5c for Rs.699/-

This is a deal featuring iPhone 5C which is said to be given for the lucky draw contest winners.

Let us suppose it a lucky draw contest for a while. According to their rules, one should have to pay Rs.699/- and register in the contest. The winner chosen by lucky draw process would be awarded with the product, iPhone 5c in this context.


According to the information on the website, if you don’t win the contest, you will be get paid back your registration fee, Rs.699/- in this case.

Here is the Catch If the amount with which we are registering for the contest is paid back in any case, what is the need of paying it? They could even take the amount from winners after disclosing.

Investigating in Technical Perspective

We could extract some facts about this site from our technical perspective. Here the information is:

Registrant Org
Domains By Proxy, LLC was found in ~10,844,639 other domains

Registrar Status
clientDeleteProhibited, clientRenewProhibited, clientTransferProhibited, clientUpdateProhibited
Created on 2011-04-29 - Expires on 2017-04-29 - Updated on 2013-06-24

Name Server(s)
NS51.DOMAINCONTROL.COM (has 37,307,131 domains)
NS52.DOMAINCONTROL.COM (has 37,307,131 domains)

IP Address - 670 other sites hosted on this server

IP Location
- Washington - Seattle - Akamai Technologies Inc.
AS20940 AKAMAI-ASN1 Akamai International B.V.,US (registered Jul 10, 2001)
Domain Status
Registered And Active Website
Whois History
103 records have been archived since 2007-11-26

IP History
38 changes on 23 unique IP addresses over 8 years

Registrar History
2 registrars with 2 drops

Hosting History
8 changes on 5 unique name servers over 9 years

Whois Server
Website Title
Online Shopping in India | Get the Best Shopping Deals Online in India |

Server Type
Apache/2.2.22 (EL) DAV/2 PHP/5.4.12 mod_ssl/2.2.22 OpenSSL/0.9.8e-fips-rhel5
Response Code
SEO Score
1444 (Unique: 371, Linked: 82)
31 (Alt tags missing: 6)
67   (Internal: 65, Outbound: 1)
Whois Record ( last updated on 2014-08-16 )
Domain Name: 100BESTBUY.COM
Registrar URL:
Registrant Name: Registration Private
Registrant Organization: Domains By Proxy, LLC
DNSSEC: unsigned

This website was created back in April 2011 and modified in June 2013. That doesn’t gave us a catch but the complaints against it made it clear that the company has been flipping hats on people heads.

What’s they actually do?

Online Magic! Yes! this is only word I could invent to describe of what they are doing. They’d trick showing you an iPhone and when you subscribed for the lucky draw contest, they will send you some cheap T-shirts, those you could buy for 1/4th of the price in the market.

Complaint #1: Fake Products and Fake Site
I saw an add in 100 and enrolled myself in Samsung tab contest by paying 399.00/- through online as per their T&C if we couldn't win in the contest the entire money which we have paid will be paid back as credit points in our 100 bestbuy account. When I enrolled in contest I dint get any call or any reference ID so now the only option was left is to buy something through their website using my credit points.” – a victim on

Complaint #2: Total Fraud - Don’t Even Register
I didn't even order anything from their portal just registered. next day I received a phone call stating that I have won something and they are sending it over to my place and I have to pay 1000 rupees for it. When I said, I don;t want it, you select someone else, the guy on the other end literally said the following
"Nahi chaiye to register kahe kiye, Hum ch*ye baithe hai jo tum jaise logo ko call kate hai”.(Translate:Why did you register if you don’t wanted it. Are we looking such an A-holes to you?)” – A victim on
Complaint #3: 11 months and the product not yet delivered!!!
“I had purchased a portable laptop table from 100best last year on 10th august 2013, that too just to use my 699Rs. which they took under a contest and did not refund. I even paid Rs.204 more for the product (a total sum of Rs.903/-). But even after more than 11 months I haven't recieved it. on calling they say you had cancelled the order (Wtf!!! who would waste his/her money?) On contacting their service department throughemail, thry just keep asking details of the order and payment proof again and again. but no sign of delivery yet.” – a victim on
We’ve seen so may complaints like this else where than the specified sites. I think these proofs are enough to say it is a scam site.
Next time you find a deal, make sure it is exists for real not just in your imagination. Be safe!
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How Hospital Bounty Email Scam made me go ROFL

Yesterday,  when I was engaged in my work, I got an email, a woman asking me for help in getting her child out of her country with $2.5 million dollar bounty. I was impressed by the story she told in email and it resembles a true Indian movie story line.

How could a woman trust someone who is unknown to take care of her child? Wake up! super heroes live in different galaxy now. There is no such thing that makes you quick rich overnight. Take a look at the emotional compromising email shown below as it is:

“My Dearest One,
This is Miss Felicia Luna from Trinidad &Tobago. I am writing from a hospital in Ivory Coast, therefore this mail is very urgent, I am dying in the hospital which i don't know what tomorrow will be. I was told by my doctor that i was poisoned and has got my liver damaged and can only live for some months, and my step mother is the one that wants to kill me, to take my belongings since after the death of my Father.
I have a little orphan child, named Martins Henry and $2.5 million Dollars i inherited from my late father, my step mother and her children are after Martins because he knows about the documents of the money and about the poison, for this reason they do not want Martins to expose them, so they will do anything possible to kill him, so i want you to help him out of this country with the money.
This is the favour i need when you have gotten the money:-
(1) Set out 20% of the money to establish Martins as he has been there for me through out my illness and I have promised to support him in life. I want you to take him along with you to your country and establish him as your son.
(2) Give 30% of the money to handicap people and charity organization. The remaining 50% should be for you and others that you would love to assist.
Note; This should be a code between you and my orphan child in this transaction "Hospital" any mail from him, the Lawyer he will direct you to, without this code "Hospital" is not from Martins, the Lawyer or myself as I don't know what will happen to me in the next few hours.
Please do get back to me so that I can give you the contact of my orphan child Martins Henry, he will give you the documents of the money and will direct you to a well known lawyer that i have appointed to him, the lawyer will assist you to change the documents of the money to your name to enable the bank transfer the money to you.
And Let Martins send you his International passport to be sure of whom you are dealing with. Martins is so little therefore guide him. And if I don't hear from you, I will look for another person or an organization.
May Almighty God bless you and use you to accomplish my wish. Pray for me always.
Miss Felicia Luna.”
It seems like she has some valid points to make us believe. LOL! (read point No.1 and No.2 in email shown above).
I was burst into laughter when I saw her email ID showing like this:
May be she would have thought that because it was, I should be believing her and reply her with all my love and care for human race. Crap!
Days are gone where people fall for these kind of pranks. Though, there are people still living in the woods playing some non-sense games on facebook and responding to such emails. Hope you are not one of them!
Stay safe online!
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[Shocking Video] John Cena Died After Wrong Head Injury is a Scam

Facebook scams have no stop it seems. A new scam was found circulating from my friends profiles saying that John Cen, the famous WWE superstar dies after a wrong head injury. The hoax was generated to trick users into installing malware applications and harmful code in order to hack.
It also says that the WWE superstar was injured in match against Dwayne Johnson, popularly known as ‘The Rock’ while performing a deadly stunt in the action. This reveals the fact that the hoax was generated in 2012 when the drama between ‘The Rock’ and the John Cena was on fire about WWE championship.
However the message in the video is not true and John is fine and doing well. He also fought a match with Kane in the past Monday night RAW and qualified for the WWE World Heavy Weight Championship match at Money in the Bank ladder match 2014. The same hoax was generated in the name of Mark Callaway, popularly known as ‘The Undertaker’ in the past.
The WWE death hoaxes are generated to drag Facebook users into useless online surveys and installation of malware & harmful code. Therefore to hack.
The scammers also tried to convince users to click on the video to watch it full in its new[2014] propagation. The below screenshot showing fake conversations in the comments reveals their intention to trick us.


I wonder I could just found two comments only that too, one asking a way to watch the video and another saying how to, as a reply. I think ‘Hustle, Loyalty, Respect’ has more number of fans than we can see in comments.


Poor scammers, get caught this time too!

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Protecting Computers and Internet from Free Wi-Fi Hotspot hacks

You might have came across this word showing up in the wireless network list when you are at public places like airport. It seems quite simple for you but no that easy to stay safe as you thought. The Wi-Fi hotspot may not be a legitimate one and someone might have been baiting people like you.

The danger with free Wi-Fi hotspots is that you can well connect to them and use internet free like never before. But the thing is are you sure you are safe enough to login into your internet accounts and do your tasks? You might be smart enough to check HTTPS and SSL before the URLs you are about to login. The attacker i.e., the Free Wi-fi provider would steal your usernames and passwords before they sent to the respective webservers for validation. This is what we call ‘Man in the Middle’ attack. A victim can be tracked his internet activities when connected to the network an attacker offering.

Free Wifi_in_airports

How can it be hacked?

Let’s a take a tour of how the attack works and what can be hacked when it is performed.

In the scam, the Free W-Fi hotspot is in fact a hotspot. Instead, it’s an ad hoc, peer-to-peer network, set up by someone with a laptop nearby. Unless you know where to look, you won’t know it’s an ad hoc connection. And in many cases, you can use the Internet when you connect to the ad hoc network because the attacker has set up his PC to let you browse the Internet via his connection. But because you’re using his connection, all your traffic goes through his PC, and so he can see everything you do online, including all the usernames and passwords you enter for many web sites.

As you have directly connected to the attackers PC on a peer-to-peer basis and if you have setup your PC to allow file sharing, an attacker can have complete run of our shared folders, can snatch your files and plant some malware in it.

But even if you’re on a public hotspot, you may be vulnerable to snooping and unwanted visitors. To avoid this, enable your firewall while you are on a public network; be sure to use encrypted connections for POP, SMTP, or IMAP email clients; and if possible, connect to your work VPN or a VPN service provided by a third party.

You can’t actually see this coming. You will be browsing on the internet as usual and all this happens behind your blind fold. The hacker then steals what he need and what’s crucial and leaves the malware such as an infected media fi;e or document there by leaving to no option to track him down.

The security company Authentium has found dozens of ad hoc networks in airports in Atlanta’s airport, New York City’s La Guardia, the West Palm Beach airport, and Chicago’s O’Hare. And Internet users have reported finding them at Los Angeles’s LAX.

Next time you see a network naming itself “Free Wi-Fi”, beware! because it could be a scammer.

Stay safe on the Wireless Networks!
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Beware of Spoof Websites, RBI Warns India Again

News flew that some unknown people have started a website in the name of RBI and there by stealing the information regarding the savings accounts of customers. The website has started giving offers that are motivating people to give on their bank details online.


RBI said to media that the website with address is a fake one. RBI in this regard advised people not to believe in the offers they give on their website and be smart while banking online.

“We are not providing any savings account, current account and credit card services like other commercial banks.” RBI confirms.

It is known that RBI has already warned about the fake websites in their original website in the past.

AmfasTech advises you to stay safe from bank frauds and make sure you see HTTPS or secured SSL connection before the URL of the bank website while online. When you realize that you have been spoofed, report the issue to your nearest branch of the concerned bank.

Stay Safe Online!
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Google Promotion Scam: Consolation Prize Winning Notice!!!

Scammers are always hungry. Yeah not in that actual way of hunger but to loot a innocent on the internet. I’ve recently got an email saying that I had won some six figure amounts in the lottery drawn by Google search engine. Look at what it says precisely,
This is to inform you that you have won a prize money of(£500,000.00 GBP)
for the month of March 2014 Lottery promotion
which is organized by Google search engine.
contact  Mr.Harry Bolton for Claim.
E-mail: or
2014 Google promotion
Does Google really hadn’t got any better method to promote its existence on the web? C'mon! it’s the ‘Google’ he is talking about, the search engine giant which you and me use everyday when we sit on internet. Look at what it shows the senders email ID.
google promotion scam
Google using aol mail ID? LMAO!
Do you really think that Google needs to be promoted? So how could the hacker/scammer/spammer thinks that one would responds to his prank? Because he believes that there are still people in this world who anticipate easy money or easy way to become a millionaire.
If you had any second thoughts about earning easy money even after telling you all this epic story, you deserve a **beep** word along with the dumb scammer.
Stay Safe online!
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eBay Scam: Selling iPhones with Flappy Bird pre-installed is bogus

Known by the fact, the vintage smart phone game Flappy Bird has been pulled off from the app stores recently. This news got a lot of concerns from the Flappy Bird lovers all over the world. In a very short period, this news has spreaded to every nook of the internet world and finally turned into madness.

Internet scammers took advantage of this hype and started selling iPhones for high rates claiming that they have the last copy of the game pre-installed on the handset. You won't believe me if I say that I found an iPhone with Flappy Bird installed is set or sale for $8000 on eBay. You can found some similar sales on eBay with more than $2500 which totally doesn't worth buying in fact.

If it is highly wanted, why shutdown?

Think a while, if the game is that much wanted by the people, why it is shutdown? Sounds suspicious right? let's dig out facts,

If you observe the seller's feedback, you would caught them scamming red-handed. There you can find hardly 1-3 feedback messages from the buyers. Those too look like a trap to manipulate the victim. Take a look at the screenshot below.

If wanted, you can play Flappy Bird on your browser too

Yes! an HTML5 version of this game was released with in the hours of it's dismissal. Amfas Tech has already posted about this on Facebook earlier.

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Top 5 New Year Scams Online and How To Avoid Them

Every new year makes people believe that they would born again with perfection. Just as people, online scams also born assuring at least few fools before they go invisible in the span of time. So far many people have been victims of the scams that born every year along with the change yearly date. I warn you not to be ignorant while responding to such fraudulent emails and websites.


1. Lottery Scam

Standing No.1 of all the scams I’ve mentioned below, lottery online scams play a big boy in deceiving the people of all ages. Generally these scams spread virally through mobile text messages and mainly through emails asking us to claim the amount by registering or just funding some lump some amount of money. Most of the people in the history were brought on to the roads believing these messages from unknown sources. Among them, some even sold their properties to claim their huge fake lottery amount which later led to their suicide.


How to avoid: Better not to desire for easy money and be happy with what you had.


2. Money Transfer Scams

Money transfer scams are born and grew up in these recent years of increased common man’s smart intelligence. These scams generally spread through emails stating that their transfer of money from some XXXX person or bank has been confirmed and there by believing us so, asks our personal details. Take a look at the following screenshot from one of the scam emails I got.


Money Transfer Scams


These kind of scams expect people acting smart. Our act of being smart is their game plan. Some times these sort of mails come into our inboxes as they false addressed the legit person. Generally victims from the past are those who acted wise(which they are actually not) and lost their money from their bank accounts to nil.


How to avoid: Banks won’t ask for receivers confirmation during transactions. Such process go with the sender only. So be smart while reading the email or assessing it, not when responding in favor or getting someone else’s money.


3. ATM Award Prize

This online scam really makes me laugh at. Does anyone get a prize of $1.5million on using an ATM? If this happens small banks would have got swept away with the awards they give to their customers.


How to avoid: No bank gives such huge amounts of prizes on using their ATM. Offer like discounts and lottery draws may exist for festival seasons mainly in countries like India but not properties.


4. Double Your Money Schemes

This is the dumbest scam ever I’ve ever heard of. The predators vow trustworthy promises to the prey that they are going to give them the double the amount they invest. If questioned, they would mock tell you a fake business story that you would easily believe. Scams like SpeakAsia and HIM come under this category. The sad thing is that the deceived were all the teachers, govt. employees and those who have no knowledge about computers & online and also those who believe computers are the magic wands.

Speak Asia Fraud


The saddest thing is though these stay in headlines in daily news papers and news portals, people still believe in this sort of scams yet.


How to avoid: When you are investing money in something, you have that right to know how they are going to pay you during business? which you won’t actually. Be conscious of what’s happening around you. Idea to earn the double in a short time is not a clever move.


5. Fake Joining Letter Emails

Yes! everyone need a job. This necessity is making people who are searching for jobs fall for the prankster’s stupid pranks. Emails will be bombarded congratulating you for being selected for never applied and irrelevant jobs with very high undeserved salaries. Later in the letter they bring the issue of money depositing of affordable amount. Job hunters take risk at this thing by blindly paying him the money and get deceived.


How to avoid: In this context I recommend you to know how to identify a fake job offer and think over such emails



I wrap up this discussion with a caution to you to stay safe online and be smart enough not to pit fall into one evil cleverness.


Feel free to discuss in the comments section below. Share your experiences of how you acted when you find such emails and text messages!

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Union Bank of Nigeria (UBN) online scam analysis

A clever scammer always targets the common internet user. Unfortunately, a common internet user can’t actually suspect an fraudulent email. I don’t know why these scammers target Nigerian banks to impersonate. Any how they target innocent internet users online ultimately.


The following is another scam email I’ve found in my spam list. Most of the mail servers block these type of emails to enter your inbox but yet they get received into your spam folder. The following email is an impersonating email of Union Bank of Nigeria(UBN). I’ve already talked about Central Bank of Nigeria scam in my previous article: Fraud email impersonating Central Bank of Nigeria(CBN). Read that one also to get better idea over Nigeria bank scams.


Union Bank of Nigeria (UBN) online scam analysis


Check the originality of sender’s email address. To do this click on the top-right drop down options and choose ‘show original’. Source code of the email would be shown in the next window. Check if the ‘original source’, ‘received from’ and ‘from’ fields are original or not. Observe the highlighted areas of the following screenshot of the fraudulent email.


Source of fraud email


These emails shows you some invalid bank and identification numbers. This is to make us believe that they aren’t fraud and everything is going legal way.


How to not get caught in their trap?

It’s so easy! before you make any move regarding emails, ask yourself the ‘W’ questions relating to one another. If you got at least one good reason to find a favorable answer, think about it, search for it on internet and make a step ahead with a 100% chance of run back safe!


Feel free to share your opinion on this online scam in the comments below!

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WWW as an Internet Service | A brief history of the World Wide Web

The WWW (World Wide Web) or Web as it is informally known, has, together with e-mail, become the warhorse of the Internet. The Web has evolved from an immense "library" of static pages into a service offering access to multiple features and functions, an infinite number of services, programs, stores, etc.

A little History of WWW

In 1989, while working at CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, Tim Berners-Lee began to design a system for easy access to CERN's information. This system used hypertext to structure a network of links between documents. After obtaining approval to continue with the project, the first web browser was born, christened WorldWideWeb (without spaces).

By 1992, the system had extended beyond the walls of CERN and there were now considerably more "stable" servers: 26 Growth was now dramatic and by 1993 the Web was being mentioned in the New York Times. This was the year that Mosaic was launched, an X-Window/Unix browser that later became known as Netscape, a key factor in the popularization of the Web. In 1994, the WWW Consortium was set up as the catalyst for the development of the prevailing standards on the Web ( Its growth was now unstoppable and by the end of the 1990s, it had become the insignia service of the Internet, giving rise to the continuous growth of the online services that we know today.


The amazing success of the Web is down to two basic features: HTTP protocol and HTML language. The first allows straightforward and easy implementation of a communications system so that any type of file can be easily sent, simplifying the operation of the server, allowing low-power servers to deal with thousands of requests and cutting deployment costs. The second feature provides an easy and straightforward mechanism for composing linked pages that is also highly efficient and very user-friendly.
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Fraud Email Impersonating Barclays Bank PLC.London

“I’m as much worried as felt happy for the growing internet technologies because it grows a dark side of it too.” Some anonymous IT expert quoted in a meeting.

I talked about the spammy circulating Fraud email impersonating Governor of Central Bank of Nigeria in my previous article. This one is belonged to one of those Fraud category.

Fraud Email Impersonating Barclays Bank PLC.London

How to detect?

You no need have an big handy magnifying glass and a long coat with a hat on your head. You also no need to be a computer expert to detect. Mostly you no need to be a detective or a computer wizard to identify the fraud emails. All you needed a little common sense and observation.

What to observe?

Have you ever contacted the email address you are seeing above? If the answers is NO from you, that answer would answer your ‘fraud or genuine’ question after all.

If you are a Shakespehere in English, you would have already identified it fraud. I have already talked about the informality of the English they use in fraud emails in the ‘observation 4’ in the article that helps you detect the fraud job offers.

Why you?

You should ask this question yourself before you respond to such crap. If there are a lot people like you, who are non-related and strangers to the particular band or person offering you millions of dollars, why they had chosen you?

I know, by these questions above you would surely suspect an email if it looks spammy. But you shouldn’t conclude yourself if you really suspect it.

How to know if original? is the official Barclays website I found on the internet with a single time search on Google. You can contact them from their official site and they won’t hesitate to provide you information.

Are you the victim?

Barclays pay special attention to the online fraudulent activities impersonating their bank officials. You can contact them here, if you are one of the the victims of those online frauds. If you got an suspicious email that claims to be from them forward the email to and delete the email from your mailbox.

Be smart! Play safe online! Share this information to your friends and family and keep them safe too!Subscribe to our email updates and keep notified about more online scams.

See you next time with knowledge on a new scam!
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Fraud Email Impersonating Governor of Central Bank of Nigeria

This is the email I’ve got an hour ago asking my credentials for the transfer of such huge amount in dollars for no reason. This makes me think sometimes if I was a billionaire( I know you knew that I was kidding ). The following one is the screenshot of the email. Be smart & beware of the fraudulent e-mails you get. I’ve already spoken about them in the past. If you are lacked of awareness on online scams, you better read all the online scams I talked about.
Fraud Email Impersonating Governor of Central Bank of Nigeria
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Tata Motors Fake Job Scam

Internet scams actually target on computer and internet illiterates. The unfortunate thing is that even people with fair knowledge of using computers are getting into this trap. I’ve clearly written an article about how to identify a fake job offer in the past. You may read some of the key observations I have pointed out in the process of identifying a job offer, fake or real in that article.


I got an email this evening stating that I’ve been selected for a position in TATA MOTORS.


It says,


Your Resume has been selected by (Tata Motors). I have attached your Appointment Process letter with this email. Kindly see the attached file for more details you send a email CompanyH.R. Department email id: (


Note - you can callin official working Hours Monday to Saturday – 10 Am to 4 Pm,


Thanks & Regard

Tata Motors LTD (Team)

The above email is pasted as it is from my inbox without any change in a full stop or comma. Take a look at the screenshot of my email here,


Fake tata motors email

Look out there for the attachment they have attached to the email. The screenshot of attachment can be seen below,


Tata Motors Fake job Scam


Click on the above image to see the content clearly if you are interested in reading that fake letter.


Caution: Do not believe in such scams. Be conscious and be smart while replying for job offers you get on internet. Hope you a safe journey through internet.


If you want to get alerted on such scams in future, just drop your email in the subscription box above. We’ll try our best to keep you safe by letting you know about them earlier.

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How to Identify the Fake Job Offering Emails Resembling Top Companies

Everyone has taken the power of internet and emails into their hands to search jobs for their careers. Fortunately it has become so easy to find a job through internet but unfortunately it has become so easy for the hackers to cash the ignorance of people using internet. Some of my friends were also been fallen to the hacker’s pranks twice and more. They asked me to advice them to indentify such fake job offering mails resembling the rightful companies. So I tend to write this article for those who are finding a way to recognize those fake job offering emails resembling legitimate and genuine companies.

Even I have got and been getting such spam mails in hundreds to my mailbox everyday. With very good experience of internet security and hacking methodologies I have observed some impersonations and concluded some points to be analyzed before judging an email. Let’s go through them briefly one by one in no order.

Observation 1: No Much Detail

My first observation is that the fraudulent email never look furnished with detailed information. The specifications in the email would be vague and not clear at all. Take a look at the following email from my friend’s inbox. it came with an attachment with no body.image


# No legitimate company would send an email with no body or subject attaching a neatly formatted letter conveying the prank details.

# No legitimate company would risk its reputation sending you an non-detailed email that makes the readers upset.

Observation 2: Non-specific & Unrelated Descriptions

Secondly, I went to the detection of the letter. When I opened the letter from the attachments I’ve shown above, it says,
   Fake call letter from L&T

The email is impersonating L&T engineering company offering my friend to join as ‘executive/manager’. Look at the quote I mentioned here. My friend is an IT graduate, how could he be taken as manager. Sounds funny right!!
Zooming at the phrase will illustrate you, here it is,
non specific descriptions
#1 Another non-specific observation you should notice is the word ‘respective department’. How could a guy can be called for an interview or notified about shortlist until and unless he is aware of the designation of the job and department. As per them they have selected my friend by considering the academic project. Here is the catch again. Note this one, because it sometimes can be ignored while assessing a mail. I told you that my friend is an IT guy, even the guy who is pretending to hiring him should know that by the ‘academic records’ consideration. So word ‘respective’ doesn’t suits the criteria here. He might have specified it clearly ‘IT Department’.

Non specific descriptions
#2 Look at the second line. ‘Selected online’ wow that sounds great! my friend is a Bill Gates and this hiring guy found him online just by googling and shortlisted his name. Is this possible? for god sake even? NEVER!!. How could he select a guy living online for such a prestigious ‘executive/manager’ job? did he found my friend on facebook? or twitter? bull crap. He should specify the job portal or consultancy at least!

#3 Observe the last lines. ‘Selected candidate can choose desired location’. Does that company is completely lack of employees or what? Let us suppose so, then why would it offer the min salary of Rs.45,000/-PM.? Beside all this what is this last statement ‘you are going to get employment……….’ what does that mean? Jut think!

# No legitimate company sends such an non-detailed email to their shortlisted candidates using phrases like demonstrated above.

#  No company just shortlists you by seeing you online by googling. The HRM have some procedures to go with during recruitment. If they specify that they shortlisted you watching your resume, they would specify the job portal or consultancy they referred you from.

Observation 3: Security Deposit

Security Deposit #1 Look at the above screenshot. According to it, the selected candidate should security deposit Rs.10,200/- into so and so banks specified. But how? just by filling up the deposit form? I don’t think so. After that what’s with this Air ticket? for what? flying to Pune, Mumbai, Banglore, Chandigarh and New Delhi?  That too they are going to send you air ticket only after security deposit. Is the guy(my friend) selected or just shortlisted? Can’t he go himself for the interview?LOL

#2 Look at the line ‘this is compulsory because this is company process’ which company? fraudulent and co.? That made me rolled on floor laughing.


# No legitimate company asks for security deposits before get hired. Recruited people might be asked to security deposit some amount of money according to their company norms but that amount won’t be in some Rs.10,200/- or Rs.16,232 like that. I strongly believe that amount would be in lacks along with the particular time period of agreement.  

Observation 4: Look at the Grammar

Zoom in the offer letter above and read the whole once. You will find blunder of grammar mistakes and spelling mistakes.

# Everyone of us might not be a proficient in grammar. Don’t worry you may leave this observation and go on with the other ones.

Observation 5: Fraudulent Always Take Precautions

Fraudulent Taking Precautions
# Observe the highlighted text. The selected candidates are not allowed to visit the office in advance. Why so? are they afraid of being revealed if the candidate visits the office just before one day of the interview?

# Group code number is not transferrable. What does that mean? Are they worried that their non-existed identity could be enquired?

# Date of security deposit is right after the day my friend got this mail and interestingly the date of interview is on next month almost a month later. What do the cheater think? Can we forget about the guy in just a month who made us deposit foolishly into his account?

# There is nothing to do with the pre-advanced visits for the company. No company restricts so.

# Fraudulent will take care not to be caught at anytime. The above statements in the above letter illustrates so.

Observation 6: They Don’t Care About Format of the Letter

Non professional designation specification 
The official letter will be in a professional format with neat justification and font styles. The formatting of the letter or email mostly aims at conveying the information. Genuine companies or impersonating companies like our demo would always tries to catch the reader’s interest. Take a look at the signature and attribution pane. Do you think it is professional?

I believe the professional attribution pane includes the

Name of the HR or signature or relevant,
His position or designation in the company,
Company name,
Contact details

These attribution parameters may change according to the companies but would the format would be the same as specified above.

Companies take this seriously

Many companies are aware of this impersonating emails in the name of them. So they warn people on their sites to be careful and checkout the norms that the company follows.

TCS is one such company warns people on their website regarding  this fraudulent activity.
TVS is another company warning with a caution notice on their website, here it is,

Not only these two there are many companies that warn about the scam going on with their name. Some of them like Maruthi Suzuki, another TATA company, even Google and Gmail are also under attack.

Getting a genuine job online isn’t a difficult task, but we should be careful in responding to these spam emails. BEWARE!! BE SAFE ON INTERNET!!

Comment below if you think you got an suspected email like this and you can’t assess it. We will assess it for you!
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Beware Of The Top Most Common Frauds On Internet

1. Internet Auctions:

Shop in a "virtual marketplace" that offers a huge selection of products at great deals. After sending their money, consumers receive an item that is less valuable than promised, or, worse yet, nothing at all.

2. Internet Access Services:

Free money, simply for cashing a check. Consumers are "trapped" into long-term contracts for Internet access or another web service, with substantial penalties for cancellation or early termination.



3. Credit Card Fraud:

Surf the Internet and view adult images online for free, just for sharing your credit card number to prove you're over 18. Fraudulent promoters use their credit card numbers to run up charges on the cards.

4. International Modem Dialing:

Get free access to adult material and pornography by downloading a "viewer" or "dialer" computer program. Consumers complained about xorbitant long-distance charges on their phone bill. Through the program, their modem is disconnected, then reconnected to the Internet through an international long-distance number.

5. Web Cramming:

Get a free custom-designed website for a 30-day trial period, with no obligation to continue. Consumers are charged on their telephone bills or received a separate invoice, even if they never accepted the offer or agreed to continue the service after the trial period.

6. Multilevel Marketing Plans/ Pyramids:

Make money through the products and services you sell as well as those sold by the people you recruit into the program. Consumers say that they've bought into plans and programs, but their customers are other distributors, not the general public.

7. Travel and Vacation:

Get a luxurious trip with lots of "extras" at a bargain-basement price. Companies deliver lower-quality accommodations and services than they've advertised or no trip at all. Others impose hidden charges or additional requirements after consumers have paid.

8. Business Opportunities:

Taken in by promises about potential earnings, many consumers have invested in a "biz op" that turned out to be a "biz flop." There was no evidence to back up the earnings claims.

9. Investments:

Make an initial investment in a day trading system or service and you'll quickly realize huge returns. But big profits always mean big risk. Consumers have lost money to programs that claim to be able to predict the market with 100 percent accuracy.


10. Health Care Products/Services:

Claims for "miracle" products and treatments convince consumers that their health problems can be cured. But people with serious illnesses who put their hopes in these offers might delay getting the health care they need.

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