Tata Motors Fake Job Scam

Internet scams actually target on computer and internet illiterates. The unfortunate thing is that even people with a fair knowledge of using computers are getting into this trap. I’ve clearly written an article about how to identify a fake job offer in the past. You may read some of the key observations I have pointed out in the process of identifying a job offer, fake or real in that article.

I got an email this evening stating that I’ve been selected for a position in TATA MOTORS.

It says,

Your Resume has been selected by (Tata Motors). I have attached your Appointment Process letter with this email. Kindly see the attached file for more details you send a email CompanyH.R. Department email id: (account@tatamotorshr.co.in)

Note - you can callin official working Hours Monday to Saturday – 10 Am to 4 Pm,

Thanks & Regard
Tata Motors LTD (Team)

The above email is pasted as it is from my inbox without any change in a full stop or comma. Take a look at the screenshot of my email here,

Fake tata motors email

Look out there for the attachment they have attached to the email. The screenshot of attachment can be seen below,

Tata Motors Fake job Scam

Click on the above image to see the content clearly if you are interested in reading that fake letter.

Caution: Do not believe in such scams. Be conscious and be smart while replying for job offers you get on the internet. Hope you a safe journey through the internet.

If you want to get alerted on such scams in the future, just drop your email in the subscription box above. We’ll try our best to keep you safe by letting you know about them earlier.

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