Union Bank of Nigeria (UBN) Online Scam | Beware of Fake Emails

A clever scammer always targets the common internet user. Unfortunately, a common internet user can’t actually suspect a fraudulent email. I don’t know why these scammers target Nigerian banks to impersonate. Anyhow they target innocent internet users online ultimately.

The following is another scam email I’ve found in my spam list. Most of the mail servers block these type of emails to enter your inbox but yet they get received into your spam folder. The following email is an impersonating email of Union Bank of Nigeria(UBN). I’ve already talked about Central Bank of Nigeria scam in my previous article: Fraud email impersonating Central Bank of Nigeria(CBN). Read that one also to get a better idea over Nigeria bank scams.

Union Bank of Nigeria (UBN) online scam analysis

Check the originality of the sender’s email address. To do this click on the top-right dropdown options and choose ‘show original’. The source code of the email would be shown in the next window. Check if the ‘original source’, ‘received from’ and ‘from’ fields are original or not. Observe the highlighted areas of the following screenshot of the fraudulent email.

Source of fraud email

These emails show you some invalid bank and identification numbers. This is to make us believe that they aren’t a fraud and everything is going the legal way.

How to not get caught in their trap?

It’s so easy! before you make any move regarding emails, ask yourself the ‘W’ questions relating to one another. If you got at least one good reason to find a favorable answer, think about it, search for it on the internet and make a step ahead with a 100% chance of run back safe!

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