Fraud Email Impersonating Barclays Bank PLC.London

“I’m as much worried as felt happy for the growing internet technologies because it grows a dark side of it too.” Some anonymous IT expert quoted in a meeting.

I talked about the spammy circulating Fraud email impersonating Governor of Central Bank of Nigeria in my previous article. This one is belonged to one of those Fraud category.

Fraud Email Impersonating Barclays Bank PLC.London

How to detect?

You no need have an big handy magnifying glass and a long coat with a hat on your head. You also no need to be a computer expert to detect. Mostly you no need to be a detective or a computer wizard to identify the fraud emails. All you needed a little common sense and observation.

What to observe?

Have you ever contacted the email address you are seeing above? If the answers is NO from you, that answer would answer your ‘fraud or genuine’ question after all.

If you are a Shakespehere in English, you would have already identified it fraud. I have already talked about the informality of the English they use in fraud emails in the ‘observation 4’ in the article that helps you detect the fraud job offers.

Why you?

You should ask this question yourself before you respond to such crap. If there are a lot people like you, who are non-related and strangers to the particular band or person offering you millions of dollars, why they had chosen you?

I know, by these questions above you would surely suspect an email if it looks spammy. But you shouldn’t conclude yourself if you really suspect it.

How to know if original? is the official Barclays website I found on the internet with a single time search on Google. You can contact them from their official site and they won’t hesitate to provide you information.

Are you the victim?

Barclays pay special attention to the online fraudulent activities impersonating their bank officials. You can contact them here, if you are one of the the victims of those online frauds. If you got an suspicious email that claims to be from them forward the email to and delete the email from your mailbox.

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See you next time with knowledge on a new scam!

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