10 Tips to Prevent Yourself from Online Scams While Looking for Jobs

Wondering how to look for a job online? Today, the advent of the internet has made our job-hunting process easier a lot and now we can find amazing job offers online sitting in the comfort of our home moreover, can go for the one that perfectly suits our personality and preferences. The modern-day and age is bringing a myriad of opportunities to ease our living.

Well, don’t get excited. This is just one side and as we always say, ‘Every coin has two sides’ same is the case here. Undoubtedly, there are a number of legitimate and stable companies that provide an exciting range of job offers with the help of telecommuters. However, there are many fraudulent companies or unscrupulous individuals who scam thousands of job seekers.

The trend is growing at a rapid pace and there are many cases of scams that we come across daily. You might be surprised, that how these scammers get into your computer to steal your money and identity? Well, the answer to this question is hard to find, because of a number of ways that enable the scammers to offer great job and employment opportunities.

As we can see today, millions of people are looking for the jobs from homes to make their lives easier and happier, therefore, in order to trap the job seekers, they majorly deal in the areas of home-based and business opportunities.

It has become a common practice of the crooks to defraud thousands and thousands of job seekers by making use of the latest and hi-tech schemes combining with the old ones. This is the surest way to make you fool to get out your personal information as well as your money. In the case of job scams, all our information related to personal, financial, identity theft and credit are on the line.

You never know, you might be their next victim. So, get ready to save you and your friends from such type of real online job scammers. Have a look at the 10 tips on how to prevent you from scams while looking for work online.
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1. Avoid providing your personal information

No matter what the case is, it is always necessary that we should not disclose our personal details to any person unless or until we do not have surety that he/she will not misuse it. This can leads to identity theft. Review this article to find more on that topic. When applying for jobs online be aware of the questions that are the big red flags. Never impart your social security number and home address to anyone at your initial contact because it is hard to distinguish whether it is a legitimate company or a crook. Be cautious and do proper research about the company.

2. Get help from social networking sites

Asking someone about the company is not the right step to clear your doubts. To make you feel satisfied, sign up for a reliable site such as ‘FlexJobs’ to get daily updates related to the number of work options that are home-based. This will prove to be an excellent tool and surely guide you so that you can make a difference between the real online job and a scammer. Never make a decision in hassle; this will put you in trouble. In order to get the right job, always put your best foot forward at the times you are searching for the job.

3. Go for the one that sounds too good to be true

While looking for jobs, it’s very often that we come across the ads that offer much more than our expectations and we get attracted to such advertisements. Have you ever wondered how it can be possible that someone is offering us annual salaries of $50,000 a year even without asking about our skills, prior experience and education? Do not a response to such ads and look somewhere else to find the perfect job that meets your needs.

4. Never share your Bank Account Details

As we all know, Bank Details are the most crucial details that we should not discuss with any new or unknown employer. Though, direct money transfer is the most efficient technique that we all are enjoying today. However, to save you from the job scams don’t agree to share your bank account details with any third person whom you don’t trust. Feel free to grant access to your account, if it is legitimate.

5. Reject the Jobs with no expertise required

We often get many emails and job postings where it is clearly mentioned that no experience and expertise is required. Do you really think there is any firm that will hire you without even bothering about your skills and experience? All legitimate job offerings include some sort of requirements (education, skills, and experience) are essential to qualify for the job posting.

6. Do a background check of the scammer

Before you make any decision, it is advisable to think twice and more in order to find out the status of the company. False Job Postings promises you for easy money, but it is up to you whether to jump into it without making any proper research or to protect you from job scams or schemes. To get the best job and to save you from the job scammers, harness the power of the internet.

7. Avoid making payments to get the job

There are a number of scam companies who take money from the candidates and then disappear. It is illegal to ask money from job seekers in order to help them get good jobs. Never pay upfront for a promise, these are the things that are the signs of warning. Be alert of any recruiter who promises to provide you job leads.

8. Say ‘NO’ to Jobs with vague Job requirements

How to make a difference between the real email and the scam one is the biggest issue that we face. Well, the points that will help you to say ‘NO’ to the scam emails will include things like ‘Age must be 18 years old’, ‘Must be a Citizen’, ‘Do you have internet access?’ all these are the ridiculous questions that have nothing to do with your job. The real job always includes questions that are relevant to your qualification, skills, and experience.

9. Ignore the emails containing unsolicited Job offers

Sending unsolicited job offers is an old trick that is used by the scammers for long. If they have sent you an email that seems to be well-written then don’t get trapped. If the email contains a legitimate address with the company’s original email site then you can trust it. But, if it is the one with the free email site, then do not pay attention to it, just ignore.

10. Stay Away from the marketing gimmicks of the scammers

If you find some amazing testimonials then don’t get impressed. These are designed specially by the scammers to grab the attention of the job seekers to make them fall for the scam. Scammers are often caught making such false money-back guarantee policies by the real job companies online.

All the above-mentioned tips will definitely help you to keep your guard up moreover, to bring crooks to justice.

Not only this, if you have experienced Identity theft which is the most common practice by the fraudulent these days, then take a corrective measure at the right time to prevent you from online fraud and identity theft. It is the crime in which hackers misuse your personal information through various methods such as Data Breaches, Skimming, Unsecured Smartphone, Phishing and more.

To put a stop to identity theft in the first place, always use different passwords for your every account which must contain at least 8 characters along with letters, numbers, and symbols. Always try to use cash instead of Debit and Credit Cards. Moreover, avoid giving your personal information to the unsolicited callers to save you from identity theft.

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