Amfas Tech Wins the NationWide Micromax’s Innovative Technical Content Contest

I am glad to let you know that Amfas Tech’s article has won the first prize in the innovative technical content contest held by Micromax India for the year 2015. The winners were announced on February 5th, 2016 honoring with the grand prize of ₹1,00,000.

The contest was hosted on the multiple sites including Blogmint, the influencer marketing media where I got to know about it. The contest was to write an innovative technical content with the touch of humor in the article. I wrote this tech-kitchen article which has been published on with the title ‘How to cook with smartphones (no apps or guides)’.


Hereby, I’d like to thank Micromax’s jury for selecting my article as the best from all the entries received from the contestants all over India. Also, thanks to Blogmint for bringing up the contest on to the platform and following up till the contestants receive the prizes.

I cannot thank enough my friends, fellow bloggers who encouraged me to participate in the contest and reminded me about the important dates often. The positive spirit and healthy professional-friendly relationship that they maintained is utmost appreciable gesture. That inspired me and it will inspire those who are reading this.

Thank you everyone. If you are reading this, consider yourself one of those ‘everyone’.


With all the thankfulness,

- Sasidhar Kareti,
CEO & founder,
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It's The End Of The Year Folks! Thank You 2015 Times For Such A Fantastic Year

Is this earth or are we living in a Interstellar galaxy? Time passes very fast, probably faster than the Snapdragon 810 processor which is the known faster processor so far till today, Nah! I must say, till the end of this year.

2015 has been one of the best years to talk about the transition that amfas tech have been through. I've tried to put my best efforts to bring you the best guides, stories and damn funny articles and in this regard I would like to thank you all for re-fuelling my efforts with your responses, comments, likes, shares and mainly the love & support you shared for amfas tech.

I've seen amfas tech floating in the winds of success and dripping in the sands of failure. I believe that is how the process of life happens on this very planet (I'm still not sure about aliens out there).

This year was fantastic and I hope to see the same or more love and support from you in 2016 too. We are going to surprise you in the new year. Wait for it!

Yours lovingly,
Sasidhar Kareti,
CEO & Founder of Amfas Tech
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Fighting Spam: Spam Commenters List #1 Is Available Now

Dear fellow bloggers,


We’re all know how much havoc the spamming does to our blogs even though having quality content. Unfortunately, tech giants like Google themselves could not handle the spam on the internet. So, they update their pam filtering algorithms from time-to-time after doing a lot of research on the spammers behaviors.


According to Matt Cutts, in one of his videos, spam commenting will be considered as a part of unethical link building schemes and if the link(s) appears too much in comments rather than being linked by real people, Google assumes them a distortion to their ranking algorithms and so penalizes them.


Watch this video to know what Matt says,



However, it is our responsibility too to keep our website and blogs spam comments free. They not only spoil the ranking and reputation but also the positivity of the discussions. In this regard, we’d like to add our little contribution as help to fellow bloggers and webmasters the list of  spam commenters weekly as possible. We hope it will help you block/blacklist those profilers before they could do any harm to (y)our sites.


Together, with the support of web giants like Google, we can fight spam(mers) and make our sites clean and get them ranked of what they deserve.


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Thank you so much for your loving and caring support

Dear Readers and My Friends,


I have spoken earlier about scammers targeting me and my blog to defame and damage my online reputation for which I got tremendous support and concern of fellow bloggers, friends and family-like communities.


I would like to thank all those friends and well-wishers who stood with me at that hard time. I felt literally grounded when faced such a situation at this growing stage of my blogging career.


Hereby, I would like to specify some of the names in specific who reminded me of my strengths and their backup for me in the time of crisis. They include Rohan Chaubey(comes first to mind), Rahul RadhaKrishnan, Ashutosh Ja, Harlena Singh madam(representing ABC community), Swadhin Agarwal, Gopi Talluri, Adeel Sami, Anil Sheoran, Nirmala Santhakumar, Rahul Kumar, Ahmad Imran, Umapathy Sekar and all others I might forgot to mention.


(Forgive me if I forgot to mention your name. Your support for me will always be remembered)


Your support gave me strength to fight against the issue. It may not have been solved yet, but I am brave enough to tackle it now.


Thank you so much. Love all :)

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Scammers targeting us, need your support

Dear Readers,


Recently, it has been brought to my notice that scammers started spoiling my online reputation by making some false complaints on Amfas Tech with totally invalid statements and untruthful information to damage mine and my blog’s image online.


You know who am I.. always provided the quality information and helped people with open hands since the beginning.


I tried my best time in guiding my visitors/readers regarding the issues related to technology and blogging since the startup. I have arranged a number of team viewer sessions with individual askers and solved their problems remotely, totally for FREE.


You know it well that I live by the word ‘Ask Me For A Solution(AMFAS)’ and proved the same through my actions in the form of help when you are in need.


I started out an online safety campaign to stop people get into scammers’ and hackers’ hands. Scammers who were affected with my logical questionnaire posts bounced back and started building fake reputation of my blog and in my name, on the internet.


I need your support now, to take the site up level by level and make it more accessible to everyone with quality information. Without your love and care, Amfas Tech could not be the same as you are seeing it today. Please support me in this crisis situation.


Thank you so much for you uncanny love and care. I always owe something else yet to you.

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Amfas Tech Starts New Tech Forums Named ‘Passion for Technology’

Before you start reading: Computers and relevant technologies, gadgets, programming, blogging, SEO, internet marketing, e-Business are included in ‘tech’ theme of our forums.

With your support and love, we have travelled this far and we would like to take this journey a take-off to another level.

To bring readers the whole tech blogging world onto one platform by associating with fellow tech bloggers, Amfas Tech proudly presents ‘Passion for Technology’ forums, a place for tech bloggers flourish their blogging knowledge at a place to sophisticate readers with sources of various blogs on the web.

These forums are driven by values to help readers get their tech problems solved by offering a solution at one place.

How this is going to benefit bloggers?

That’s really right question to ask at this time. Why should you join our forums where as I wanted all the readers stay sticked to one place to get their problems solved? Is it not going to affect your traffic?

Not at all! These forums instead will help to increase traffic to your blogs. Here is how ‘Passion for technology’ is going to help you.
  1. You can start a sub-forum with your blog name, where you can share either summarized version of your latest blog posts with a link back to them.
  2. Your blog post links that are posted in the forum will be referred in Amfas Tech’s relevant articles from now on. For e.g., If you have written an article about ‘list of plagiarism checker tools’ and posted it in the forum and if I am writing an article about ‘plagiarism’, I will link a reference to your blog post.
  3. Every time your blog post link is referred in Amfas Tech’s articles, you will be notified personally.
  4. Top active bloggers will be featured on Amfas Tech every month along with their top blog posts of the month. 
  5. Top active bloggers will get their articles featured in the form of monthly best resources on Amfas Tech.

How this is going to benefit readers?

The readers are the inspiration for starting up of these forums. In the pursuit of a finding a complete solution, readers will jump on from one blog to another blog and will keep searching for that sorceress's stone till it is found.

Amfas Tech’s ‘passion for technology’ forums is going to give them an index of solutions at one place. One may easily and quickly find a solution by referring the index rather than going through a 2000 page book. Isn’t it?

A warm welcome to all fellow tech bloggers

In this regard, I would like to invite all fellow tech bloggers who share their technical knowledge through their wonderful blogs to join ‘Passion for Technology’ forums and make this idea benefiting for both our readers and us.

We’d be glad to have you on the board. You can get started by joining the forums here.

Thank you so much and all the best!
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Amfas Tech turns 2 today: An open letter to all our readers

Dear readers,


Its been 2 years since we started our tech journey with Amfas Tech. Right on this day, before 2 years i.e., on 21st December 2012, Amfas Tech was officially launched with a theme of helping computer illiterates understand the beauty of technology. The theme went on innovating and here we are today evolved in these 2 wonderful years.




We have introduced and added new thematic missions through our evolution like as ‘computer and online security’ which focuses to bring light on the dark and brighter side of security concerns of computer and internet technologies, ‘Troubleshooting guide’ that focuses to bring awareness on repairing the computing devices, ‘Gadget Reviews’ that reveals the true pros and cons of a gadget and so like alike.


We have extended our mission to blogging and SEO to share knowledge of about blogging and search engine optimization for newbie and semi-pro bloggers. Later we have included ‘Internet Marketing’ in it and started sharing the marketing and money making tips. We have been evolving all these 2 years through innovating and we will be.


We have worked out hard to help our returning as well as first time visitors with dedication that is totally free of charge. We have recently started ‘Dummies Guide’ for absolute beginners of computers & internet upon the request of one of our loyal readers. And are looking forward  to start more ‘core side of technology through practical learning’.


All of this is not possible if there is no encouragement of yours. Your love and support for us all these 2 years motivated, encouraged and inspired us to move forward with a hope of future scope and success. Every success milestone we have reached because of you drugged us to pave way for another.


Your support for us on social media profiles always reminds us of our goals to bring wonderful content for you everyday.


Joining the other communities is only once side of the coin I have seen so far. Joining ‘Aha-Now Blogging Community’ is the whole flipside of it that I have been seeing since October. How could I miss to thank this wonderful community of novice, beginner, semi-pro and pro bloggers for giving such care and love towards Amfas Tech. This community truly shed the light upon us and put us in the visual range of many worldly pro-bloggers Thank you so much Harleena Singh madam for accepting the invite.


Happy Christmas!


With love,

Sasidhar Kareti,

CEO & Founder,

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Internship Program 2014 Course Details

Dear interns,

I have tried to my best in designing this internship course compatible for every beginner and novice. I believe this course index will help you keep track of what is being trained in live sessions. Every course topic given below takes you to the neatly explained session when clicked on it.

Feel free to contact me through any medium of communication and I’ll be available at the best of my time to attend your queries.

Happy blogging!

Course Topics:
  1. Blogging with SEO
    1. Creating and editing blog posts
      1. Working with blogger editor effectively
    2. How to blog being a writer?
    3. How to write a glitch free blog post?
    4. How to select, optimize and add an image to a blog post?
    5. How to choose a perfect title for a blog post?
      1. What are the things to consider
      2. Introduction to keyword
      3. Exploring best keywords
      4. Introduction to internet trends & keyword suggestion tools
      5. Keyword optimization
      6. How to insert keywords in title
      7. Importance of uniqueness
    6. Importance of internal linking
      1. Optimizing internal links
      2. Keyword insertion in permalink
        1. Introduction to permalink
        2. Permalink optimization
        3. Inserting keywords in permalink
    7. How to generate traffic
      1. Generating organic traffic
      2. Generating social media traffic
    8. How to get loyal readers to a blog?
    9. How to build your blog network?
  2. Internet Marketing
    1. Why you should not blog just for Google AdSense?
    2. How to blog in order to earn online?  
    3. What is internet marketing and how does it help you while blogging?
    4. How to promote your products on internet?
      1. Promoting on social media
      2. Promoting on your blog
    5. How to build your personal brand online and how it helps you
Not yet joined our internship program? Join now!
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Join as an Technical Content Writing Intern in Amfas Tech and Learn Blogging & Internet Marketing

If you are new to blogging? If you are still struggling to make $$$ from your blog? If you have been looking for some guidance from experienced pro-bloggers? You are in the right place.


Amfas Tech is accepting content writing interns for its blog now! Details of the internship program are as follows,


  1. Education is no bar
  2. Must be a technical aspirant
  3. Must have good writing skills
  4. Must have good English vocabulary
  5. Must be a Blogging & Internet Marketing aspirant
  6. Good knowledge over the topics that we write on(visit our blog index to see what we write about or just go to homepage and learn from our welcome message)
How this Internship will benefit you?
By entering this internship, you will learn,
  1. Why you should not blog just for Google AdSense?
  2. How to blog in order to earn online?
  3. Blogging with Search Engine Optimization(SEO)
  4. How to blog creatively?
  5. How to improve you writing style?
  6. How to get loyal readers for your blog?
  7. How to build your blog’s fan base?
  8. How to do internet marketing?
  9. How to build your personal brand online and how it helps you?
  10. Will get a certificate of completion at the end
  11. You can promote your affiliate links in your articles
What You Have To Do?
You need to write about the specific assigned topic or any interesting topic of your choice with the consent of the blog owners. All assignments will be given after a keen assessment of your technical writing skills.

Things To Note
  1. We don’t waste time on ‘for-certificate’ entries.
  2. We won’t tolerate plagiarism, violation of Amfas Tech’s and Google policies at any cost. Immediate action will be taken on the candidates who does so.
  3. We don’t allow personal blog promotion in blog posts.
  4. We don’t allow sponsored posts on our blog unless they are bound by our polices.
  5. You will be kept under watch for 1 week or more based upon your performance. The blog owners have right to strip you out of the internship program anytime if your performance results are not satisfactory.
  6. You will have to write 8-10 articles and work for 2 months at least to get the certificate.
How To Apply?
To apply, you can reach us out directly at or apply through
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Grateful for being selected as the ‘New GEM’ of Aha-Now Blogging Community for the month of October 2014

Here my story of my experiences in Aha-Now Blogging Community after spending and sharing time and knowledge with the fellow passionate bloggers and inspiring personalities for a month. I am grateful to the ABC team for selecting me a ‘new GEM’ for the month of October 2014.


Blogging has been my hobby, passion and a part of my routine. It has been more like breathing for me all these two years. It was a month ago I came to know about an awesome blogging community that is not like any other forum or community on the internet as far as I know.




I signed up for the community membership in Aha-Now Blogging Community(shortly known as ABC) just as I did for a few forums before. I never engaged in discussions seriously before in any of the famous forums I have joined but kept feeding up with the new discussion topics and noticed some kind of emptiness in them.


When I joined ABC, I thought it would be another forum like community with a lot of babbling over the topics, but when I once stepped in, the scene was total different. Starting from madam Harleena Singh’s warm welcome to sir Vinay’s starter guidelines, every second of existence in ABC encouraged, educated and inspired me.


One thing I should confess that I’ve been given more than enough chances for my toddler mistakes I have done in the community and have been educated from time to time. The act of kindness, respect and treating one another as a part of the family fascinated me and kept me look back at the family for any kind of blogging and personal help.


This community gave me quality readers as well as good friends like Harleena Singh, Swadhin Agarwal, Yvonne I Wilson, Nisha Pandey, Ravi Chahar, Ikechi Awazie, Rohan Chaubey and more. I am looking forward to meet more people from the community and congratulate the winner Ravi Chahar for the $600 worth Ergotron WorkFit-A Sit-Stand Workstation.


Thank you ABC team for taking me into your wonderful family and thank you for choosing me a the ‘New Gem’ for the month of October 2014.

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