Top 5 New Year Scams Online and How To Avoid Them

Every new year makes people believe that they would born again with perfection. Just as people, online scams also born assuring at least a few fools before they go invisible in the span of time. So far many people have been victims of the scams that born every year along with the change yearly date. I warn you not to be ignorant while responding to such fraudulent emails and websites.

1. Lottery Scam

Standing No.1 of all the scams I’ve mentioned below, lottery online scams play a big boy in deceiving the people of all ages. Generally, these scams spread virally through mobile text messages and mainly through emails asking us to claim the amount by registering or just funding some lump some amount of money. Most of the people in history were brought on to the roads believing these messages from unknown sources. Among them, some even sold their properties to claim their huge fake lottery amount which later led to their suicide.

How to avoid: Better not to desire for easy money and be happy with what you had.

2. Money Transfer Scams

Money transfer scams are born and grew up in these recent years of increased common man’s smart intelligence. These scams generally spread through emails stating that their transfer of money from some XXXX person or bank has been confirmed and there by believing us so, asks our personal details. Take a look at the following screenshot from one of the scam emails I got.

Money Transfer Scams

These kinds of scams expect people acting smart. Our act of being smart is their game plan. Some times these sort of mails come into our inboxes as they false addressed the legit person. Generally, victims from the past are those who acted wise(which they are actually not) and lost their money from their bank accounts to nil.

How to avoid: Banks won’t ask for receivers confirmation during transactions. Such process goes with the sender only. So be smart while reading the email or assessing it, not when responding in favor or getting someone else’s money.

3. ATM Award Prize

This online scam really makes me laugh at. Does anyone get a prize of $1.5million on using an ATM? If this happens small banks would have got swept away with the awards they give to their customers.

How to avoid: No bank gives such huge amounts of prizes on using their ATM. Offer like discounts and lottery draws may exist for festival seasons mainly in countries like India but not properties.

4. Double Your Money Schemes

This is the dumbest scam ever I’ve ever heard of. The predators vow trustworthy promises to the prey that they are going to give them the double the amount they invest. If questioned, they would mock tell you a fake business story that you would easily believe. Scams like SpeakAsia and HIM come under this category. The sad thing is that the deceived were all the teachers, govt. employees and those who have no knowledge about computers & online and also those who believe computers are the magic wands.
Speak Asia Fraud

The saddest thing is though these stay in headlines in daily newspapers and news portals, people still believe in this sort of scams yet.

How to avoid: When you are investing money in something, you have that right to know how they are going to pay you during business? which you won’t actually. Be conscious of what’s happening around you. The idea to earn double in a short time is not a clever move.

5. Fake Joining Letter Emails

Yes! everyone needs a job. This necessity is making people who are searching for jobs fall for the prankster’s stupid pranks. Emails will be bombarded congratulating you for being selected for never applied and irrelevant jobs with very high undeserved salaries. Later in the letter, they bring the issue of money depositing of the affordable amount. Job hunters take a risk at this thing by blindly paying him the money and get deceived.

How to avoid: In this context I recommend you to know how to identify a fake job offer and think over such emails


I wrap up this discussion with caution to you to stay safe online and be smart enough not to pitfall into one evil cleverness.

Feel free to discuss in the comments section below. Share your experiences of how you acted when you find such emails and text messages!

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