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Pop Your Profit Up With The Best Monetization Solution For Webmasters

Online monetization has become the major trend in the digital environment and now it’s possible to monetize almost everything. And I mean… Everything. All the digital entertainment is almost built on these bones and keep growing.

So, you have a website on your own, you worked so hard to build up your audience. Now it’s time to think about earning some extra from your website audience or even make it your lifetime earnings.

Ready, steady… Go.

Finding a monetization solution may seem you an easy-peasy deal as the Internet is trashed with them. But, it may become not so simple as it looks. There are a lot of ephemera advertising networks that closes with the full amount of your earned money, there are a lot of scam advertising networks that don't even pay.

The easiest and the most popular monetization solution among the publishers is Adsense, a high-end Google monetization solution with an overwhelming mass of rules that make you feel like under a sword of Damocles.

Advertising and affiliate networks are the second popular monetization solutions but they are most stable and can become as profitable or even more profitable than Adsense.


What’s pops and how to cook them?

What do you imagine when you hear pops advertising? Something irritative? Well, you shouldn’t. It should sound like a jangling of coins because there it is: a mother lode.


Why’s that?

Just a few words: It’s profitable. While some webmasters doing $8 a day with banners other resourceful webmasters doing $100 a day with pops. Pop advertising is worth every penny.

There’s one thing you should stick to: To avoid mass audience irritation you should take it easy on pop-ups or just skip to… Popunders.

They just pop under the main browser window or creating a new tab and it’s less irritative than a bunch of windows keep popping in front of your website users’ screen. They definitely don’t deserve this.

why choose popups

Where is the money, Lebovsky?

The solution is out there. I am pleased to present you Clickadu - a premium advertising network, specializing in popunders.

Established in 2014 they have grown to a massive advertising net with 4500 active publishers and still continuing to grow.


why choose clickadu


What’s so great about Clickadu?

First, an eye-catching thing is support. I know that you’re interested more in hearing that money-thing but support is really doing great and every question or suggestion can be solved right away with your personal manager or support team.


And now, a gold bag. The minimum payout is $10 what is good for small-traffic websites and your earnings can be withdrawn twice a month or by request. It’s good to see a variety of payment methods even the popular crypto BitCoin.

What are they paying for? The basic model is CPM (means per 1000 ad impressions), that’s a way more profitable than banner CPC/CPM. For high-demanding traffic, the CPM could raise up to $14 or even more. Constantly updating Anti-Adblock code could help you to earn 20% more.

Handy Monetization Platform makes it easy to monetize your website. The statistics update every hour and there you can filter your earnings as you wish: by date, by a website, by ad zone etc.


What’s the catch?

That sounds a little too good to be true. But it is, except that you can’t monetize a website with 36 daily visitors. Still, you need to work on a traffic quantity and quality to earn more so be patient there. Those two ‘q’ can lead you to the success affiliate marketing.


Watch my stats going:

clickadu stats
Here’s a small tip over here: Never watch CPM column as it’s just a… Number. The main thing here is profit.


Should I try?

You definitely should even if you’re still questioning your success. No one bites you if you try and at the end a humble or not so bounty is waiting for you. Double your earnings with website monetization.


Good luck on your way to the pop!

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Adsterra Review: The Growing Advertiser-Publisher Platform

After advertising has taken the new shape, the online marketing has evolved into a structure that push the promotions through the tiny amplifying nodes to the customer. Technically speaking, the advertisers started to hire publishers (bloggers and content makers) for job specific tasks like their product promotions which turned out to be the easiest and affordable way of piercing through market verticals.

Started in 2013, as a platform to bring the advertiser and publisher on one platform, Adsterra has been growing its base on the either ends. This advertising network has grown its premium base to 10 billion impressions per month by the end of the year 2016 thereby expanding the opportunities for the advertisers and still is open to take in more potential publishers.

Why join Adsterra network as an advertiser?

Adsterra network offers the access to the smart advertising platform for businesses to promote their products or services to get the bigger numbers on the ROI table. It has a network of 4000K+ publishers (both niche specific and premium) to push the product through to the customers eyes on the web; specifically to the chosen ones. As an advertiser, you can chose your best fitting pricing model and pay for performance delivered. The pricing models that you can chose from are CPM, CPA, CPL, CPO and CPI (PPI). With the high quality traffic from their publisher network, you will get better impressions, leads, conversions and sales.

Basically, as an advertiser, you can target the specific class of customers through the smart targeting system of Adsterra network. The targeting can be filtered by the geo location of the user, browser one uses, the device and it’s vendor, via mobile networks and Wi-Fi, by the type of operating system they are using and keywords they use in search engines.

If you could remember, you would be shown ads related to your phone model, browser on social media and apps asking you to buy something or take some action. For example, if you are using Samsung Galaxy Note 8, you would be shown an advertisement asking you to protect it from fall-disasters by buying a bumper case.

Another example you would have noticed is an advertisement asking you to install antivirus for you operating system. This is how you can target your customers based on the aforementioned filtered channels which is a flexible benefit to the marketing team.

Smart retargeting solution

Adsterra offers a smart retargeting solution that converts the returning traffic on your website into your customers. The sales funnel that routes the visitors to a customer is as shown below:


How to install retargeting solution on your sales website?

A piece of Adsterra code will have to be placed on the webpage or landing page that stores a cookie on the users computers on their first visit and recognizes the user on the later visits to show them the ads you wanted to display.


Responsive Ad formats for both desktop and mobile

Adsterra offers 4 types of display ads, leaderboards, rectangle, skyscraper, and popunders.


Leaderboard – Leaderboard ads are long horizontal ad banners with highest conversion rates. These banners can be placed under the content and beside the headers on the landing pages.

Rectangle – Rectangle ad is also on of the most common type of ad formats with highest conversion rates. These are highly preferred ad formats in the market and they can be blend into any type of content and sidebars of the website or landing page.

Skyscraper – Skyscrapers are vertical long ad banners that looks like the rotated version of the leaderboard ads. They also have good conversion rates and are less likely used on the website. But, the skyscrapers on landing pages give better results depending on the design and layout of the page.

Popunders – These type of ads are seen behind the main window and are not actually visible until the main browser window is closed. One can notice these ads running on the taskbar as an extra browser window. These ads will not disturb the user until he choses to opt-out of the current main window.

Self-Service Platform (SSP)

Creating, managing and analyzing campaign results would not need a personal assistance. The user-friendly campaign dashboard will let you take all the steps without any confusion.

The automated system will eliminate the need of a personal manager to handle campaigning business on Adsterra platform. One can make any changes to the campaigns based on the targeted audience and performance.

Become Adsterra Advertiser to boost your ROI on digital marketing efforts through channelized targeting. 

Why join Adsterra network as a publisher?

Publishers or the content creators have equal opportunity on Adsterra. With the best CPMs in the market and 100% self-claimed fill rates, this ad network offers best customized solution to monetize the content on the website for publisher. The fraud detecting system stops the harmful ads that carry malware on to the devices intelligently before they even appear. As a publisher, one can effectively take the advantage of the diversity of the ad formats available.


Let’s take a look at the benefits of becoming a publisher on Adsterra:

Best CPM rates

Every impression on the site is monetized with 100% filled rate of the ads with best CPM rates from the large advertise base.

Safe ads – fraud detection system

Adsterra filters out the ads that bring malware and other harmful adware to the devices they are displayed on. Their fraud detection system will not approve the ads carrying suspicious push codes.

Multiple Ad formats

Apart from the leader boards, rectangle, skyscrapers and popunders, publishers have access to utilize the interestitials, direct links and video banners.

Interestitials – Full page ads covering the whole screen.

Direct links –  Links inside the content.

Video banners – Video banners playing video ads blend inside the content of the pages.

Timely payments

Adsterra pays its publishers twice in a month according to their NET15 policy. Once the minimum threshold of $100 is reached, the payment will be automatically initiated. One can get paid though Bitcoins, wire transfer, Paxum, Payza, Paypal, Webmoney and ePayments.


Note: The wire transfer will take highest charges of all other payment modes i.e., $50 but for EUR wire transfers. All the wire transfers will be done within 3-5 business days.

Become Adsterra Publisher and start monetizing your content.

No blog? You can even join the referral program to make money

You don’t need to have a blog or you don’t need to be a blogger to earn from Adsterra Network. You can signup to its referral program and promote your link with the referral ID. Once someone joins the network as a publisher, a 5% commissions from their earning will be credited to your account for lifetime.

You can have access to the statistics and reports like the publishers get.

How to earn big with Adsterra referral program?

  • Place your referral link inside the content that you write on social media or other platforms (including the blogposts if you can manage).
  • Add reviews on Adsterra platforms and place your links inviting the readers to join the network.
  • Spread the word to your friends and colleagues through any messaging platform.
  • Refer your link in relevant community discussions and comments. Do not spam!
  • You can use your referral link through contextual advertising like AdWords or similar tools.

You will also be given the appropriate banners to promote your referral link. A personal manager who takes cares of it all will help you with the choosing of size of banners and type of banners you need.


Join Adsterra Network Referral program and make the monetize your online presence.

I believe this ad network would become one of the best monetizing solution to the publishers and a fine advertising network through channeled targeting. Tell me what do you think about Adsterra and share you experiences with us in comments below.

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Easy Way To Make Money With CPA Affiliate Program - admitad Review

Among the top advertising networks, AdSense stands on the top of the priority queue for the publishers because of its CPM and CPC ad rates for some niches. The approval process for AdSense has become more difficult than in the past now due to the huge demand. Affiliate marketing has become the best solution for publishers who are not able to get their AdSense accounts approved or banned for some reason.

If you are one of those affiliate marketing enthusiastics, you should read this post completely. Because admitad affiliate network which I’m going to tell you about has full potential to help you in affiliate marketing success.

You can skip down to details if you are an experienced affiliate marketer. DO NOT SKIP this section if you want to explore more about CPA.

Affiliate marketing is a type of marketing where advertisers pays the commissions to publishers (affiliate marketers) for the sale or lead they generated for any product or a service. If you are an affiliate marketer, you can join the any good CPA network as a publisher and promote their product or service through your website/blog. With the evolution of the digital era, affiliate marketing has shaped into one of the best forms of marketing for brands to gross profits effortlessly. As a result, almost every company on the internet started to implement this type of marketing into their business model.

The thing you should be noticing here is the competition that has increased in the industry in the course of time. This in turn gave a chance to publishers to cash in from affiliate marketing at best.

In broad words, Affiliate marketing is a Cost-Per-Action (CPA) based marketing model that operates in two diversifications:
  1. Direct sale generation
  2. Lead generation
In direct sale model, the affiliate marketer has to generate valid sales of the product or service whereas in lead generation model, the affiliate will encourage the visitor or user to show interest in the product or sale. There are more CPA affiliate marketing models other than these two which include the completion of desired action/task like form filling, surveying, downloading a software, signing up to an offer etcetera.

Let me introduce you a big name in the field of affiliate marketing which is spreading through countries increasing their affiliate marketers and advertisers base. admitad is a trusted global network of CPA affiliate programs where it helps advertisers with very good sales statistics and affiliate marketers with good revenues.

Something about admitad CPA network?


admitad is currently helping 1300 widely recognized international brands with 540,000 registered affiliate marketers. This company has started its operations in 2010 in Germany headquartering in Heilbronn. Later it spread into branches across the globe and likely-to-set up another two new branches in Poland and China by the end of 2017. Some of the big advertisers they are associated with like Aliexpress,, eBay, Citibank, Nike, Adidas and Target Microsoft. The promising and strongest geo volumes of admitad includes USA, Russia, Western Europe, UK and India.

Should I join admitad?

Let me list out all the benefits that admitad has to offer you as an affiliate marketer.

Extraordinary In-House platform

The in-house platform of admitad affiliate network provides access to all advertisers registered with them. As a publisher, you can check out the product details, commissions, cookie lifetime and reports of approved sales and all. admitad provides the complete dashboard for publishers to keep track of sales and commissions.

Easy to Use interface


There is no need to learn to use the dashboard that admitad provides. Advertisers are sorted out in categorized menus and products by niches. Upon everything, you have a search bar for quick finding.

Allows to Work On Multiple Niche

advertising category

admitad allows you to choose from different category of products and services of advertisers. You can choose the right product matching your website niche and start promoting them in your creative ways. Some of the main categories on admitad are apparel, electronics, furniture, household products, sports, toys, mobile phones, online games and online services. Why don’t you check out all the categories for yourself from this link?

Weekly payments & multiple modes

This is the dark chocolate of all admitad features. Unlike all other affiliate programs, admitad will not restrict publishers from drawing their hard-earned commissions until some huge thresholds reached or until the end of the month. admitad allows publishers to draw funds weekly and the minimum threshold is $10. Yeah! If they push it lower than that, you would literally get nothing into your bank account after all charges processed. Although, I would recommend you to keep the balance in your account until it reaches some $25 or $50 to save it from going zero because of the processing charges.

admitad offers a faster payment process unlike other affiliate networks. Actually, the other affiliate networks will not pay you unless the advertiser is invoiced, but admitad will not wait for the advertiser pay for the publisher’s work. They initiate the payment for the valid business made to the advertiser as soon as possible (and takes it from advertiser later). That means you can withdraw funds from advertiser’s negative balance.

Personal Mentor For Regular Support

admitad will not push everything on your head and enjoy your performances sitting in a boss chair. You will be assigned with personal account manager who will help you make more sales thereby more commissions. A personal mentor of your niche with internal knowledge over the business model of admitad will help you grow. All of this for free. No charges involved.

Are they doing too much to a publisher? I thought so.

Detailed & Transparent reporting

Statistics are the buzzers in affiliate marketing, be it for an advertiser or a publisher. admitad provides the data intelligence tools for reporting of the sales, commissions, actions of the people from various geo locations and internet usage behaviors. You can target a campaign by adding your own SubID to the link and track the impressions and clicks on the product or service.

All the reports can be exported to XML or XLS for external access when saved into local computers. This reported data can be feed through admitad API or Postback URL tool for own application usage.

Availability of Various Tools

admitad provides tools that are useful in improving the performance for both advertisers and publishers. Tools that we have already seen like dashboard, reports, metrics and statistics are already in the industry leading tools category. Apart from these, admitad also provides the most advanced technical tools like fingerprint tracking, cross-device tracking, powerful anti-fraud detecting tools, anti-cookie tools, deep linking tools and advertiser toolbox, etc. All these tools collectively gives you the full flexible control over the admitad settings for better performance.

Reading those most advanced options might have brought a feeling in your gut that you should sign up for this now. Do not think a second more, sign up to admitad.

Let me wrap up

We have seen many affiliate programs like admitad, which offer dashboard, statistics of their own but the advanced technological tools like fingerprint tracking, cross-device tracking and anti-cookie tools make it unique and stand out from the crowd. The assignment of dedicated account manager and niche mentor is a motivation to work with admitad. Don’t just stare at your screen, signup to admitad today and experience the whole new trend of affiliate marketing business.

Gawd! They pay publishers without invoicing the advertisers. How cool is that! Ohoh! I guess I’m typing my thoughts too. See you in my next post!

Don’t forget to share your experience in comments below. All the best!
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4 Proven Strategies to Turn Your Blog into a Money Making Machine

Successful bloggers make hundreds of thousands of dollars per month. Each of these bloggers may have a unique way of making money from their blogs. However, I can vouch for one thing - none of these entrepreneurs become successful overnight. All of them have worked hard for months and years to become what they have become today.




So, if you have the patience and are ready to work hard then here is a quick guide on how you can turn your blog into a money making machine:


Build Audience

You need to build a significant audience base for your blog. No blogger can monetize their blogs if they don't have sufficient readers. In fact, most of the bloggers fail at this stage. According to a report, only 13% of the bloggers make $1000 or more per month from their blogs. This is because most of the bloggers give up too soon.


Create high-quality search engine friendly content and promote through all possible media. Optimize your site for search engines, as Google is the primary source of long-term traffic. You can use sponsored post feature of Facebook to amplify the reach of your blogs to a targeted audience. Also, use email marketing automation to build a loyal audience base.


Affiliate Marketing

Most of the successful bloggers use affiliate marketing to generate passive income from their blog. They write great content, build traffic and recommend great products which they have used in the past. On every sale of the product through their affiliate links, bloggers make a commission.


To build a sustained income through affiliate marketing, you need to generate massive traffic. Also, you have to be ethical in promoting a product. Ideally, you should promote only those products which you have used and found them excellent.


You can get started with affiliate marketing by signing up on,, or any other suitable affiliate platforms. Also, You can directly join affiliate programs of merchants such as Amazon or any other appropriate merchant which sells product related to your niche.


Online Training

You can provide online training through your blog. To generate income from selling training programs, you don’t need heavy traffic to your website. You can generate a decent income even you have 50 or 100 visitors a day on your blog.


There are several platforms that you can use to start online training. Some of them include Udemy, Teachable, etc. These platforms help you with the infrastructure required to set up an online training program on the website. Based on the package you have chosen, they may charge a percentage of sales as their fee.


Sell eBooks

Many bloggers generate a decent income by selling eBooks through their website. You can do it too. You can write an eBook on any hot topic in your niche. If you have a large number of evergreen posts on your site, you can compile them logically to make it an eBook. Of course, you need to compile it skillfully and put additional information to develop it in the eBook format.


There are several platforms like Amazon Kindle, Smashwords, and Lulu that can help you turn your idea into a brilliant eBook. To drive traffic to the landing page, you can use link your articles to eBook. You can also hire a content writer if you don’t have time to write the eBook or not very comfortable with writing eBook.



Many bloggers use the old technique of AdSense to monetize their blogs. Although it is a great tool generate income, the earnings are too little to sustain for long. Thus, you need to adopt cutting edge techniques to make money from your articles. You must create unique, top quality content regularly and use efficient internet marketing techniques to build an audience. Once you have built a significant audience base, you have done half of the work. Remaining half can be done by using right monetization strategies as discussed in this blog.


There are numerous ways to make money online from blogs. However, the techniques discussed above are highly efficient and takes less time. If you have any other method or methods that are more effective than the ones discussed above, please share it through comments.


About Author: Adela Belin is a private educator and professional writer. She shares her teaching experience with colleagues, students, and writers. Feel free to contact Adela on G+.
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How to Save More on Amazon Great Indian Festival Sale?

Amazon India offer great and exclusive deals during every festival seasons. There will be eye-popping discounts on every category of products during those days. The customers also spend a lot of time in front on their computers to grab the best deals in those days. Naming the deals festival ‘Amazon Great Indian Festival Sale’ Amazon bags double profits from the business they will have at that time.


Amazingly, there is a chance to SAVE MORE MONEY on those deals as you think you can. All you need is some patience and controlled excitement. Let me share you some tips to save some more money on the discounts.


Actually, the Amazon Great Indian Festival Sale would be for 5-7 days. That means you will have numerous deals in those 5 days where some of them expire in hours and some long last till all 5 days.




Tip #1: When you are selecting a product, make sure to look at the deal’s expiry time/date. Do not overexcite even if you have only a few minutes to grab it.




Overexcitement kills your intelligence. Take a couple of minutes, research about the original cost of the product and make your decision to buy.


Tip #2: Don’t just settle down with one best deal. Lookout for a better one in that category until you can. Add all the best deals to your cart and decide later.


This technique will save your time in deciding over one another like as judges in X-Factor auditions do.


Tip #3: Don’t go for EMI’s. Some EMIs sum up to the original price of the product at final. If you cannot afford the product at a time and want to choose EMIs, choose short time payments option. This will at least reduce the interest and save a few bucks.




Tip #4: Choose to pay instantly from banks that give more cashbacks or benefits. Even if you can COD an item, don’t go for it. I understand that you are comfortable with COD as the paying money when the product arrives will be more gut-satisfying.


But, banks give very good benefits if their cards/payment gateways are used. You would better earn some cashback on the top of the best discount of your product.


For example, Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 (3GB, 32GB edition) is given 8% discount on its original price of Rs.11,999 i.e., it comes for Rs.,10,999 (Rs.1,000 off on total). If you use HDFC bank account for paying for it, you would get additional discount up to 15%. That sums up the Rs.10,999 to Rs.9,349. Hope you find the difference.


Tip #5: Products bought from mobile app will get better discounts and cashbacks from bank. HDFC gives 10% cashback if ordered from website and 15% cashback if ordered from the mobile app.




Download and install Amazon app on your phone if you haven’t yet. Actually let me help you with the downloading. Follow these links to install Amazon on your phone.


Amazon App for Android

Amazon App for Windows

Amazon App for iOS


Hope that helps you save more money on this year’s Amazon Great Indian Festival Sale.

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8 Most Recommended Ways to Earn Money from Your Blog

Earning money from blogs is easy these days, but many bloggers fail to do that. The reasons are that their ideas are not so good OR they might have resigned from it too soon. In this article, we’re going to learn the 8 most recommended ways to earn money from blogs.



1. Google AdSense

Google AdSense is probably the most recommended Advertising network that allows website/blog owners to monetize their online content.

Wikipedia says: Google AdSense is a program run by Google that allows publishers in the Google Network of content sites to serve automatic text, image, video, or interactive media advertisements, that are targeted to site content and audience.

If your blog is having good organic traffic (Search Traffic), apply for Google AdSense. If your blog is not approved by Google AdSense, here are some alternatives that you can try:

2. Write eBooks and sell them!

This is another way to earn money from your blog. Write E-books, publish them on Amazon Kindle, promote them via your blog and earn money! Ryan Biddulph, a blogger is earning great by writing what he learns about blogging, marketing, etc. Not everybody is blessed with the art of writing, but the practice can make you able to write cool books that people love to buy.


3. Sell space for advertisements on your blog

This technique is being used by many bloggers. By selling space for ads, you can make enough money from your blog. Create a page regarding this service and put your own rates for a single advertisement. Create a banner with “Advertise here” written on it and put that where your blog space is free like in sidebars, below post title, footer, etc. That works!


4. Sell affiliate products

This is a proven way of monetizing a blog. Here, you need to deal with an affiliate program and promote their products and services on your blog. Whenever your blog reader/visitor makes a purchase you will receive a certain commission. Regardless of your blog topic/niche, you should always find an affiliate program which would fit the requirements of your readership.


5. Offer services to your blog readers

This technique is used by most of the successful bloggers. One of the professional bloggers, Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai’s earns great by offering services to his blog readers. You can offer services to your visitors like setting up a blog, fixing their blog issues, writing articles and selling them, etc.

How to sell services?

  • Create a page with title “Our Services” OR “Hire Me”.
  • Feature your page in the navigation menu of your blog.
  • Write what can you do for your readers.
  • At the end of the page, put your public e-mail (by which visitors will contact you).
  • Or Simply attach contact form at the end of page.

6. Sponsored posts

This is another superb way of earning money from blogs. What you need to do is to promote a product but not for free. Charge for sponsored posts. That works only when your blog has high authority :)


7. Write paid reviews

Some brands pay for writing reviews of their products. Bloggers can get benefit from that.

Create a page on your blog regarding “Paid Reviews” with the tagline let your product reviewed by us. Share your pricing details publicly and attach contact form so that visitors may contact you directly if they’re interested.


8. Donations

When all else fails, you can ask for money (when you are providing some awesome information for free on your blog. Asking donations by misleading readers is never enouraged). Many bloggers did this and got good results.


Final Words

If you know any other good way to earn money from blogs, share with us in comments. Waiting for your suggestions and comments :)

About The Author

Muhammad Ahmad is a blogger, SEO expert & a Graphic Designer. He loves to share his ideas about blogging, SEO and freelancing!
Follow him on: Facebook | Twitter

* The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent the entire writing or managing teams and they do not reflect any of the specific official policy or position of
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How to Make Money with Infolinks on Your Blog

Infolinks has been the one of the best contextual advertising programs and is the next best option for both newbie and experienced bloggers. Technically, Infolinks provides the better opportunities to make money compared to that of Google AdSense. This is being realized slowly by the bloggers these days. The reasons to say so are,


Infolinks gives quick approval – Infolinks, unlike Google AdSense won’t take much time for approval.When you apply for an account, the team will hardly take 48 hours to get back to you with the status. But Google AdSense takes a week or more to send you any status.


Infolinks need no ad space – Unlike other contextual advertising programs, Infolinks need no ad space on the website layout. It comforts the website designers and causes no worry about adjusting the design to blend the ads in.


Different kind of  advertisements – Displaying ad spaces in different sizes and different places can’t help all the times. That is the reason why only a few people could make good money from other advertising network programs.


Infolinks provides flexible options to display ads of different categories on the website. The type of ads they provide are easy to configure and install.


(You should notice that I haven’t used the word ‘create’ here)


Yes, you don’t have to create ads on Infolinks. All you need to do is choose the particular ad type that you want to display on the site and configure it according to your blog styles (link and font). The piece of code that you install on your site at the time of activating the account will take care of it.


Cross network compatibility –Infolinks is compatible with other advertising networks as well. It can be used along with most of the other advertising networks like Google AdSense.


If applying and configuring is that easy, why should you miss the opportunity?  Sit back tight, I’ll take you on a tour that shows how to make money from Infolinks on you blog.


Applying for Infolinks

Applying for Infolinks is an easy process. It won’t ask much form information initially. To apply for an publisher account, go to and enter your basic details to get started. This includes the first name, email address, and the website/blog URL.


That’s it! You’ve now successfully applied for an Infolinks account to monetize your blog/website. Now wait for 24-48 hours for the response from the Infolinks team. Meanwhile, they would review your website and check if it is eligible for displaying their ads. This is how the advertisers actually get quality websites to show their advertisements through Infolinks.


Note for reader: Bookmark this page and come back after you get the approval.


Activating the website

It is easy to activate your website after approval. You should activate your website to start earning from it. You would get several flexible options to get your website activated. Infolinks provides native activation methods for WordPress, Blogger, Drupal and Joomla platforms through direct plugin installations. If you are not a techie and don’t know how to edit and save code on your blog/website, better go with this readymade option.




There is another method to activate your website i.e., through installing the code directly on the website and saving it. Go for this option if you are a techie and have knowledge about the code on your website. Choosing this option will help you have an idea of where you have placed the code and that is useful when you are optimizing  or tweaking your website.




You can activate your website through the “Integrate” option on the dashboard later.




Type of ads

Infolinks allows publishers to show different kind of ads based on the interest of the user. They always recommend to have all kind of ads activated on your website to get the best of revenue.


But generally, it is not recommended to sink your website with only ads as the visitors who come would expect to access quality information only. Advertisements should not be distracting the visitors from accessing the website.


Make sure you don’t over flood your website with ads than the content.


There are five type of ads Infolinks displays on a website. Let’s see which type of ads suit best for your website that can help you earn the best your website deserves.


In text ads

Infolinks script automatically finds out the best keywords and displays hyperlinked ads on them.



You can set the no. of links to be displayed on a page, color of the links, type of styling (dotted or double dotted) and color of the ad unit that pops up when hovered on the link on the dashboard itself. When done, tick the option ‘ Turn on InText ads for’ option and click ‘Save’ button.





  • Do not display more than 4-5 in text ads on the page. Having too much links on the page will disturb the visitor and may increase bounce rate.
  • Choose the same link color that matches your website’s links color.

In fold ads

In fold ads option pops up a window with ads from the bottom of the screen. You can only customize the color of the window as it won’t need much customization to blend in. This type of ads minimize on to the bottom of the screen and maximize according to the scrolling behavior.


If yours is a site with large articles and much scroll-down-to-access information, then this type ads would surely bring you good revenues.



  • Choose this type of ads for long article based or scrollable websites.
  • Blend the color of the popup with the colors on the site. 

In tag ads

The ‘In tag’ type of ads display ads in the form of tags under the article, based on the keywords from the page. These ads will not disturb the rest of the content.



  • Turn on this ads if you don’t want your visitors get away without reading the information on the page completely.

In frame ads

In frame ads cover up the empty spaces that appear on either sides of the website’s layout. These ads also will not touch the content at all.



  • Turn on this ads if your website has a narrow layout.
  • In frame ads can overlay the layout of the website if it has the full screen responsive template.

In screen ads

In screen ads display advertisements in a light box pop up before leaving the page. For example, if the visitor click on a link  and that takes him to another page, then the ‘in screen ads’ will display. They will not appear while scrolling through the information on the page.



If you have a download website or website that encourages visitors to navigate through the webpages much, then this type of ads will be very useful in making the best revenues.


Report generating

Infolinks provides easy report generating methods to access the earnings information on the dashboard. You can choose to get these reports to your email directly and periodically. You can choose to receive reports on daily, weekly and monthly basis. The email reporting can be toggled on /off with just one click.




You can view your reports right on the dashboard by choosing the date ranges.




Payment settings

Infolinks allows publishers to receive payments through different services. They include eCheck/Local Bank Transfer, Wire Transfer, Payoneer prepaid debit card and PayPal. One must need to reach $100 threshold to receive the payment through wire transfer and $50 threshold to receive the payments through other payment options.


To set your payment method, go to Account > Payment Settings and enter the full details.




Once done, the above screen will show up. You can now go back and manage your dashboard.


Add websites

If you want to show up Infolinks ads on the other websites also, you no need to apply for them separately again. Just go to Account > My Websites > Add Website and enter the details like website URL, category, language and your message for the Infolinks team.


Referral earnings

Infolinks allows you to earn by referring yours friends to join. Every publisher will get a referral link with an unique ID in it. You can just send it to your friends or you can use the banners to display on your sites.




The banners are available in every common sizes 300x250, 728x90, 160x600 and 350x50. You can choose one of the best sizes and place it on your website.


Quick support and blog

The team of Infolinks is always active in taking concerns of the publishers and advertisers. They respond with-in 24 hours and 48 hours at max. They have a blog that contains the information like trends which is helpful in keyword research for any  publisher.


Infolinks have well established history and is well known to every blogger at an average today. One can make bold figures of income with them through proper keyword optimization and ad type selection.


When are you joining? What do you think about making money with Infolinks on your blog? Share your thoughts in comments section.

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Use PayUmoney to Get Discount, Cash back on Orders at FoodPanda

FoodPanda and AmfasTech? Wait! There is PayUMoney here and this article is about making money. Someone sometime have said “A dollar saved is a dollar earned”.


Foodies should become happy as PiCodi is going to make them know about the best offers available for them. Ordering food online is something which foodies love to do regularly, and one of the reasons for it is that ordering food online helps in saving money. It also gives the option to order food from different restaurants easily. You should use PayUmoney for making payment at FoodPanda as then you'll be able to save money. You’ll be also able to get cash back which you’ll be able to use for ordering food for free at FoodPanda. Go through this post to know everything about FoodPanda, PayUmoney and the available discount offers.


FoodPanda: Best Website for Ordering Food Online

FoodPanda is one of the most popular websites for ordering food online. Order your favorite South Indian, Punjabi, Chinese and Italian food online by using debit card, credit card or PayUmoney and you'll be able to get the best discount offers. FoodPanda will allow you to order food from the best restaurants, and that's why you can try to order food every time from a new restaurant. People who're going to celebrate birthday or wedding anniversary shall definitely have a look at the offers which FoodPanda is giving to those who want to order food from popular restaurants.

FoodPanda is getting more popular day by day, and that’s why you should definitely try to use FoodPanda mobile App for ordering food as soon as possible.


PayUmoney: Popular Online Payment Platform

PayUmoney is now a well known online payment platform. It can be very useful for you as it will allow you to make online payments, transfer money and the most amazing thing is that many online stores offer discount and cash back on payments made using PayUmoney. It will also help you in making payment without the tension of online fraud as you won’t be using your debit or credit card again and again.

If you immediately want to stop making use of debit card or credit card while ordering food online or while buying any other thing online, then you should definitely prefer to pay using PayUmoney.


Making Payment at FoodPanda Using PayUmoney

Every online food ordering website may not allow you to make payment using PayUmoney, but FoodPanda will always allow you to make payment using PayUmoney. A good thing is that various different coupons are available for getting discount or cash back on ordering tasty food items through FoodPanda.

One of the coupons will allow you to get 50% on food ordered using the FoodPanda mobile App. There are even some cash back coupons available which will allow you to get cash back with every order on FoodPanda.


Other Popular Discount and Cash Back Offers Available with PayUmoney

You may be surprised to know that not only FoodPanda, but also other popular sites like Bookmyshow, Redbus also allow you to pay money using PayUmoney. Book movie tickets now at Bookmyshow using PayUmoney for getting 20% discount. If you're going to travel, then you should make use of the coupon which provides 2% discount on bus and hotel bookings done at Redbus using PayUmoney.


You should definitely make your friends know about FoodPanda online food ordering platform and PayUmoney which is been used by people for making online payments. FoodPanda makes people happy by allowing them to order food items, while PayUmoney makes people happy by allowing them to pay easily at various online. PayUmoney discount offers are always very useful and it is one of the reasons making people use PayUmoney more regularly.


I hope that you’ll soon make use of FoodPanda Cashback deal for saving your money. Many people who still prefer to pay by cash should definitely opt for PayUmoney as soon as possible. PiCodi will keep providing you information about the discount offers and cash back which you can get by making payment at various online platforms using PayUmoney. Are you going to order food regularly through FoodPanda? Will you start making payments by making use of PayUmoney?

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How to Create Beautiful Image Ads for Your Advertiser

If getting advertisers for your blog is a struggle, satisfying them with your ad creatives is another hurdle. You can’t just let go of any advertiser who comes to sign a deal with you, for just one time.

In order to pursue the successful blogging career, you must maintain long lasting business relationship with your advertisers. Only a happy advertiser(your customer) would like to proceed doing business with you.

Don’t you agree?

Satisfying the advertiser is the only way to maintain long-term relationship. One of the practices for achieving so is creating beautiful ad creatives. We’ll going to see how to create them in respect to the IAB guidelines.  

According to the major advertising networks like Google AdSense, the most successful Ad sizes are 300x250 medium rectangle, 336x280 large rectangle, 728x90 leaderboard and 160x600 wide skyscraper.

Here, we are going to use the the most famous image creator for creating the beautiful image ad units of successful ad sizes. has introduced few more sized templates recently among which the ad sizes exist. However, custom size images can be created if wanted.

Creating Ad Units

Step 1: Go to and click on more button.


Step 2: Scroll down and under Ads category, you will find the IAB ad templates of above said sizes.

Step 3: Choose your template and edit the old way by uploading your images, adding existing ones and backgrounds.

Step 4: Save it on your computer and upload it on your website where you wanted it to appear.

That’s it!

Yeah, I agree that it isn’t a great trick, but admit that you didn’t know about it earlier. If you knew it, kudos to you! Cheers :)
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How to Build Autopilot Internet Marketing Blogs?

Blogging is no more just a hobby. People have already started taking it as a career. Internet marketing has its role in blogging success which we will be discussing it further in this blog post.


As you know, creating a blog and leaving it to the world won’t help you make money. You must work on it as if you are doing a 9-5 job.


Is that what you have been told so far by most of the fellow bloggers around you? Yeah! you are not the only one. I’ve been told so.


They aren’t wrong. In fact, working on a blog with that dedication will definitely workout for anyone. But it depends on the strategies followed.


In this guide of building autopilot internet marketing blogs, I would like to present to you some of the successful strategies followed by probloggers that will help you understand the creative tactics of money blogging.


Most successful bloggers build their subscriber list. They try to build a strong relationship with them and promote their offers. Yes, it works! If you reply to your subscribers and help them solve their problem, they will surely respect your suggestions(promotions) and don’t hesitate to buy them.


This is the best strategy that works in all internet ages. Most of the probloggers and internet marketers make huge money by following this strategy only.


Ok then, how far you can follow it? Would you be collecting email ID’s of your subscribers manually even after getting 100k subscribers?


You would be getting a lot of traffic by then. Why should waste the flow? Let’s automate it.




Automating the flow

Step 1: Show an opt-in page to your visitors – Show your massive traffic a page to stay tuned to your blog. Be careful with your content in this context as it must be appealing enough to your visitors to subscribe to your mailing list.


Step 2: Email frequency – Do not hurry up with your promotional emails as soon as one subscribes to your list. Send them the useful updates for which they have subscribed at most. Send special emails once or twice in a week along with the links hyperlinked to texts to your affiliate products and some of your own products like eBooks and useful material.


Step 3: Links back to your blog posts – Selling or giving away free eBooks will impress your subscribers. Don’t just leave them free by just offering free/paid downloads. Put links back to your blog posts(internal linking) in your eBook. This will help them visit back your site for references.


Step 4: Write about your subscribers problems – The heart of this process flow is the content that you create for your subscribers. Try to give problem solving tutorials and articles for your subscribers. This will bring you more visitor-to-subscriber conversions and the whole process runs again from the beginning.


Step 5: Balance your content with selling products – Do not over do promotion in your blog posts or eBooks. You may loose your subscribers. Balance your content with your promotional links. Make sure you place 60% content and 40% promotional stuff even on a landing page.


Benefits of this model

The benefits of this model can be easily listed out. Here they are,


1. It is fast and trustworthy

2. It works for sure as it is not any over-night miracle technique

3. You may not have to go brainstorm to apply these strategies


Getting started

To get started with this process, you must ask yourself these two questions,


1. Are my visitors willing to pay money on this product? – Before you think of shooting an promotional arrow, think for a while in your visitors shoes if the product/service is worth buying?


2. How many will-buy audience do you have in your list?Promoting bananas to tigers won’t help you at all. It wastes your time. Think once before you get started if your visitors would buy the products or not. If not, you may loose him/her by sending a couple of unwanted promotionals.


3. How tight is the competition? – Research about the market trend of your promotional products and the competition. This helps you cuddle up your strategies to reach your audience creatively.


Working on the process

It is easy to work on the process after the ‘getting started’ research a it will help you bake it easily. Create landing pages for your promotional products with the same 60% content and 40% promotional stuff formula applied.


Automate the process by linking the ‘thank you’ pages to opt-in page where you will get the subscriptions. When you need to update, update the landing pages and create new ones. The rest of the process will be driven with this autopilot process.


Over to you

I hope this research helps you autopilot your internet marketing blog. Take short breaks in between as you are meant to be living not blog-breathing. Don’t hesitate to make suggestions in the process and share your success story. Over to you!

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Beginner’s Guide to Promote Affiliate Links | Affiliate Promoting Templates for Beginners

Among all the online earning methods, affiliate marketing has its own place in the top list of scopeful ways. It is also one of the two major sources of income for bloggers and publishers all over the blogosphere. The earning scope depends on the individual strategies practiced by individual affiliate marketers.

This tutorial is especially for newbies who wants to get themselves into affiliate marketing and earn some handsome figures online.

Affiliate marketing is not all about promoting your affiliate links, it is also about researching trends and following them. For e.g., you cannot make any money promoting cool drinks in winter where as you could make more than expected profit from it if sold in summer. The same way, promotion also needs some own strategies and ideas rather than just promoting like a zombie.




Promoting affiliate links is not just copy pasting links

Most newbies think that promotion means copy pasting their affiliate links on their social media profiles, which is not exactly true.

Imagine – What if a door-to-door selling salesman comes with his arsenal and just displays all his products in front of your door without speaking a word? Would you even think of buying them?

Just think Would you even look at the hoarding with only the shop name displayed on it? Thought it is planted in the right place with right size of text? Or how useful you think it is?

This is what happens when you just post links on your social media profiles. Just posting links on your social media links will not work out.

The saddest thing is that most newbies create blogs to promote, I mean just promote their single line of hyperlink as the title and body of the article. If you are the one of those new to blogging and blogger interface lambs, I recommend you to go through these Blogger basics tutorials first.

Learning how to use blogger effectively won’t tighten the lid. You should know how to write and what to write in a blog. Follow the links specified below to learn,

Promoting affiliate links on your blog?

Most of the affiliate programs ask site name and its URL while registering. It is also good to have a blog of your own before you start thinking of making money from affiliate marketing.

If you had a blog already, these are the following ways to promote your products in it.

Promoting through reviewing – Review the products on your blog and blend your affiliate links into it. For e.g., if you would like to promote Redmi 1S, write a genuine review of the product and put your buy now affiliate links in it.

Promoting by specifying related products – Put your related products promoting links under the review of the product. For e.g., After promoting the Redmi 1S links through your review, at the end of the article, place the buy now links of related products like Redmi Note 4G, Mi3, Xiaomi power bank and so on.

Place banners – Placing banners on your blog’s heat map can help you promote your affiliate products. Do not decorate your blog with hell lot of banners as it frightens off your visitors to never come back again.

Find the right places to place banners where your visitor engage mostly.

Places like under the title and under the body will grab attention of your visitors and can bring you high CTR(Click Through Rate).

Also placing the banners inside the content just like the one you are seeing on the left will help you make most of any earning program other than affiliate marketing.

Place affiliate search engines – Some of the affiliate programs provide search engines for publishers. Think a second before you place it on your blog. Make sure you make it look natural on your blog. Because a search engine that only searches products from a particular shop might not impress your visitors. You must use your creative strategy to install one on your site.

Promoting affiliate links on your blog has no limitations. Choose and create your own strategies and test them with results. Practice, innovate and invent new tricks to promote. Always remember to make them look as natural as possible.

Promoting affiliate links on social media

Social media, unlike the blog, need special and creative strategies to promote affiliate links. Any unnatural promoting strategies will be stomped to ground by the spam filtering algorithms of those respective social media networks.

As we discussed earlier, leaving links alone cannot help you in promotion. You have to write something about it. For e.g., check out the following templates for social media promotion of your affiliate links,

Template 1: [Name of the product] is available just for [price], grab it now before the offer expires: [affiliate link]

Template 2: Finally! I got [name of the product] in my hands for [price of the product] on [ecommerce store] [affiliate link]

Template 3: I never thought I’d like this [product] [name of the product]. Got this from [name of the site/ecommerce store] for [price of the product] [affiliate link]

Template 4: It’s time for [competing product/company], [competing product/company], [competing product/company], … to pack up their stuff. [product name] from [company name] enters market yesterday. Check out now: [affiliate link]

Template 5: [name of the store] gives [percentage] discount on [type of product(s)]. Grab the deal before the stock goes unavailable: [affiliate link]

Template 6: [name of the product] is awarded as the best selling [type of the product] of the year. I got it yesterday, when are you getting one? [affiliate link]

and so on like this, you can create your own promoting message along with your affiliate link on social media.

Name of the product/product name – For e.g., iPhone
Affiliate link – Link to the product including your affiliate ID
Price/Price of the product – For e.g., Rs.4,300
Ecommerce store/store/name of the store/name of the site – For e.g., Flipkart, Amazon
Competing product/company/company name – For e.g., Samsung Alpha(product), Micromax(company)
Type of the product – For e.g., smartphones, shoes, apparel, books, etc..
Percentage – For e.g., 10%, 20%

Tip on the edge
Shorten the affiliate link before you promote it with the templates. A compact link would be visual friendly to your friends and fans.

Hope that helps. Till next time!
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How to Start Making Money with Fiverr

This article is dedicated to all those online money making aspirants who have been asking me about data entry jobs for some days. Follow the guide and create gigs of your own skills and earn genuine money online. Let’s begin!

Fiverr is a marketplace where you can offer your services starting at $5. This service is totally for free and you need to have to spend a penny to create an account in it. A service offered is called as a gig on Fiverr.


Whenever you offer a service on Fiverr, someone interested will buy it and so that’s how you will be paid.



For e.g., If I know Photoshop well and I’ll create a gig offering photo morphing or $5. Someone who is interested will contact me and assign me a work to do for them. I’d finish the work and report the result to them. As soon as I’m done with my servicing, I’ll be get paid. All this happens through Fiverr dashboard application which is easy to use and manage.


How to signup to Fiverr?

Signing up is as simple as drinking water. You may not have to fill up a deck of textboxes at the time of joining. Just go to and click on join on the top right corner of the page.




Just enter you email ID and click continue. You may not need to enter a single character if you connect with Facebook or Google+.


You will then be sent a confirmation email. Once you confirm your account, you will then be able to log into the dashboard.


Log into the dashboard and complete your profile information including the profile picture.



How to create a gig(offer your service)?

Offering your service is also called creating a gig on To create a gig, click on your username > My Sales > Create a Gig.




Give your gig a title, choose it under appropriate category, upload your work relevant images, write an attractive description of it, give relevant tags of your own, select the maximum duration you can deliver the service with in and write any instructions for the buyer of your service.


When you are done with filling information about the service you are offering, click Save & Continue.


Navigate to your username > My Sales > My Gigs to view all the gigs you have created.




Click on Preview to see how it looks for your buyer. The preview look like as shown in following screenshot,




This way you can create you own gigs of your on skills and get paid for your work online.


Hope that helps!



Don’t forget to share you gigs with me on our Facebook page. All the best!

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Make Money with Apple’s Affiliate Program

Apple have made a lot of money from you in the form of new versions of iDevices, upgrades, music, eBooks and apps from the store. Now it’s your turn to take the favor back.

Apple allows developers and marketers to promote their products and apps in the store and pay commissions for the conversions they bring complying with their guidelines.

Why Apple affiliates?

As you know, there are many Apple freaks in the world who can afford to buy apple products at any cost. Those who bought Apple devices, would not hesitate to buy music, apps, software and eBooks from iTunes, App Store, iBooks and the Mac App Store.

So the probability of buying or not buying from the Apple store is more compared to any other stores like Google Play.

Signing up for the affiliate program

You need to sign up for the program before you start making money with Apple affiliate program.

To register,
  1. Go to and click on Apply now.
  2. The sign up process will take you through 4-steps that includes the asking of your contact information, public information, PHG terms & conditions and confirmation.
  3. When you are done with the final step, you will get a confirmation email like as shown below, apple-affiliates-confirmation
  4. It took an hour for me to get the approval email and it may take more or less time for you than that. So, wait till you get the confirmation email. Once you got the confirmation email, you can start referring the apple store products and start earning from it.
  5. apple-affiliates-approved

Signing in and earning

  1. To start earning, sign into your affiliate account and click on Tools.
  2. Go through the guidelines once before you get started. The dashboard provides the following tools that gives flexibility of integrating the product links in the site.
    1. Link Maker – Allows you to create links to the specific product in the store.
    2. Widget Builder – Can create widgets that allows you to explore products, music, apps and more right from your website without leaving it.
    3. RSS Feed Generator – Allows to incorporate lists for top music, apps, books and more. Adding this feed to your website allows you to view them using the standard feed reader.
    4. Banner Builder – Allows you to create banners of different products from the store.
    5. Auto Link Maker – It makes the job easy for you. It will convert all of the apple store links into your affiliate links with just one-time installation of JavaScript snippet on your website.
  3. Along with these tools, there available some advanced linking tools for developers and webmasters to integrate the APIs on their websites.
You can promote the products like the way I promoted them simply for the first time on Amfas Tech. Read that article here.

Generating reports

It is good to keep track of the reports to know what your site visitors like to download the most from Apple stores. It helps you later in improvising your marketing strategies as well.

Setting payment options

Set your payment options from Settings > Payments. Once you reach the threshold, you can get paid by generating self-bill invoice for all approved sales.

There is no minimum threshold set by Apple. So you can set your own by entering the value in the minimum payment threshold field.

You can also choose to create the self-bill invoices automatically on a particular date on a month or when threshold meets.

Also you can generate multiple payment methods as per your comfort.


Navigate through the dashboard before you just start earning from the Apple store. It will make you understand more about the affiliate program.

Wish you all the best! Don’t forget to share your happiness when you with us when you get your first payment. Apple rocks!
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Blend Google AdSense Ads with Content to Make More Money

The real game starts when you got an AdSense account approved by Google. Getting an approval can’t start your earnings go numbers. The real trick lies in implementing the ad units on your website. We’re going to see how to blend the ad units on the websites to increase CTR and there by the income.


You might have got approved your AdSense account in the very first attempt and that shouldn't mitigate your respect for Google. Also, that doesn’t mean you will start making $$$ if you just place your ad units on your website.


Why won’t normal placing of ads won’t work?

Because people choose not to click on ads. No one including me would like to click on ads while searching for content on a website.


Would you prefer clicking on ads particularly when searching for something else on the website which is probably the content?


Sadly, the fact is that no one visit your blog to click on ads. Do they? Tell me if you visit blogs to click on ads?


No one does so. Because everyone is after content, not the ads.


Here comes the interesting part

If your visitors don’t like to click on ads, how can you just place your ad units on your blog? How can you make them look like ads after all?


According to Google, you can customize your ad units with different styles(as given in AdSense panel) but the code generated should never be tampered.


I’m not going to teach you a trick that Google hates. So, we will make the ad blend properly with the design of the website, so that making the ads don’t look like ads.


Will people click on blended ads?

Yes, they will! Everyone love to checkout the related content on the website to what they are searching for.


Google Ad units display the links and graphics that are related to the content after all


As the ads displayed by Google are relevant, your visitors will not hesitate to click on them if they are truly interesting.


How to blend AdSense Ad units?

Bending AdSense ad units is so simple and all you need to do is a browser with inspect element feature and an AdSense account.

  1. Go to your AdSense account > My ads > +New ad unit.
  2. Give the Ad unit a Name and and choose the desired Ad size.
  3. Leave the type of ad to Text & display ads to increase the demand for your ad units for both text and display ads.
  4. Click on Text ad style > Select Default > Click on Copy & Edit and customize it to match the colors of your website’s template design.



Apart from the Font family and Font size, all the other fields take hexadecimal code of the color. To get the color of your website’s template, you have to use inspect element feature in your browser.


Replace the colors with the colors used in your website or else if you don’t know what colors are used, use Inspect element feature.


Go to your website’s homepage and Right-Click > Select Inspect Element. This will allow you access the design elements of your website’s pages. Find out the colors used and use them here.




Save the ad style and save the ad code. Install it on your website and make it look like part of the content not an ad. That is what pro-bloggers follow too,


Here is the blended ads implementation by Amit Agarwal on,




and the blended ads implementation by Varun Krishnan on Fone Arena,




and so on..


So, give it a best shot and now count on numbers for $$$ in your account. All the best!

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