How to Make Money with Infolinks on Your Blog

Infolinks has been the one of the best contextual advertising programs and is the next best option for both newbie and experienced bloggers. Technically, Infolinks provides the better opportunities to make money compared to that of Google AdSense. This is being realized slowly by the bloggers these days. The reasons to say so are,

Infolinks gives quick approval – Infolinks, unlike Google AdSense won’t take much time for approval.When you apply for an account, the team will hardly take 48 hours to get back to you with the status. But Google AdSense takes a week or more to send you any status.

Infolinks need no ad space – Unlike other contextual advertising programs, Infolinks need no ad space on the website layout. It comforts the website designers and causes no worry about adjusting the design to blend the ads in.

Different kind of  advertisements – Displaying ad spaces in different sizes and different places can’t help all the times. That is the reason why only a few people could make good money from other advertising network programs.

Infolinks provides flexible options to display ads of different categories on the website. The type of ads they provide are easy to configure and install.

(You should notice that I haven’t used the word ‘create’ here)

Yes, you don’t have to create ads on Infolinks. All you need to do is choose the particular ad type that you want to display on the site and configure it according to your blog styles (link and font). The piece of code that you install on your site at the time of activating the account will take care of it.

Cross network compatibility –Infolinks is compatible with other advertising networks as well. It can be used along with most of the other advertising networks like Google AdSense.

If applying and configuring is that easy, why should you miss the opportunity?  Sit back tight, I’ll take you on a tour that shows how to make money from Infolinks on you blog.

Applying for Infolinks

Applying for Infolinks is an easy process. It won’t ask much form information initially. To apply for an publisher account, go to and enter your basic details to get started. This includes the first name, email address, and the website/blog URL.

That’s it! You’ve now successfully applied for an Infolinks account to monetize your blog/website. Now wait for 24-48 hours for the response from the Infolinks team. Meanwhile, they would review your website and check if it is eligible for displaying their ads. This is how the advertisers actually get quality websites to show their advertisements through Infolinks.

Note for reader: Bookmark this page and come back after you get the approval.

Activating the website

It is easy to activate your website after approval. You should activate your website to start earning from it. You would get several flexible options to get your website activated. Infolinks provides native activation methods for WordPress, Blogger, Drupal and Joomla platforms through direct plugin installations. If you are not a techie and don’t know how to edit and save code on your blog/website, better go with this readymade option.

There is another method to activate your website i.e., through installing the code directly on the website and saving it. Go for this option if you are a techie and have knowledge about the code on your website. Choosing this option will help you have an idea of where you have placed the code and that is useful when you are optimizing  or tweaking your website.


You can activate your website through the “Integrate” option on the dashboard later.

Type of ads

Infolinks allows publishers to show different kind of ads based on the interest of the user. They always recommend to have all kind of ads activated on your website to get the best of revenue.

But generally, it is not recommended to sink your website with only ads as the visitors who come would expect to access quality information only. Advertisements should not be distracting the visitors from accessing the website.

Make sure you don’t over flood your website with ads than the content.

There are five type of ads Infolinks displays on a website. Let’s see which type of ads suit best for your website that can help you earn the best your website deserves.

In text ads

Infolinks script automatically finds out the best keywords and displays hyperlinked ads on them.

You can set the no. of links to be displayed on a page, color of the links, type of styling (dotted or double dotted) and color of the ad unit that pops up when hovered on the link on the dashboard itself. When done, tick the option ‘ Turn on InText ads for’ option and click ‘Save’ button.

  • Do not display more than 4-5 in text ads on the page. Having too much links on the page will disturb the visitor and may increase bounce rate.
  • Choose the same link color that matches your website’s links color.

In fold ads

In fold ads option pops up a window with ads from the bottom of the screen. You can only customize the color of the window as it won’t need much customization to blend in. This type of ads minimize on to the bottom of the screen and maximize according to the scrolling behavior.

If yours is a site with large articles and much scroll-down-to-access information, then this type ads would surely bring you good revenues.

  • Choose this type of ads for long article based or scrollable websites.
  • Blend the color of the popup with the colors on the site. 

In tag ads

The ‘In tag’ type of ads display ads in the form of tags under the article, based on the keywords from the page. These ads will not disturb the rest of the content.

  • Turn on these ads if you don’t want your visitors to get away without reading the information on the page completely.

In frame ads

In frame ads cover up the empty spaces that appear on either side of the website’s layout. These ads also will not touch the content at all.

  • Turn on these ads if your website has a narrow layout.
  • In frame ads can overlay the layout of the website if it has the full-screen responsive template.

In screen ads

In screen ads display advertisements in a light box pop up before leaving the page. For example, if the visitor click on a link and that takes him to another page, then the ‘in-screen ads’ will display. They will not appear while scrolling through the information on the page.

If you have a download website or website that encourages visitors to navigate through the webpages much, then this type of ads will be very useful in making the best revenues.

Report generating

Infolinks provides easy report generating methods to access the earnings information on the dashboard. You can choose to get these reports to your email directly and periodically. You can choose to receive reports on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. The email reporting can be toggled on /off with just one click.


You can view your reports right on the dashboard by choosing the date ranges.

Payment settings

Infolinks allows publishers to receive payments through different services. They include eCheck/Local Bank Transfer, Wire Transfer, Payoneer prepaid debit card and PayPal. One must need to reach $100 threshold to receive the payment through wire transfer and $50 threshold to receive the payments through other payment options.

To set your payment method, go to Account > Payment Settings and enter the full details.

Once done, the above screen will show up. You can now go back and manage your dashboard.

Add websites

If you want to show up Infolinks ads on the other websites also, you no need to apply for them separately again. Just go to Account > My Websites > Add Website and enter the details like website URL, category, language and your message for the Infolinks team.

Referral earnings

Infolinks allows you to earn by referring your friends to join. Every publisher will get a referral link with an unique ID in it. You can just send it to your friends or you can use the banners to display on your sites.

The banners are available in every common sizes 300x250, 728x90, 160x600 and 350x50. You can choose one of the best sizes and place them on your website.

Quick support and blog

The team of Infolinks is always active in taking concerns of the publishers and advertisers. They respond with-in 24 hours and 48 hours at max. They have a blog that contains information like trends which is helpful in keyword research for any publisher.

Infolinks have well-established history and are well known to every blogger at an average today. One can make bold figures of income with them through proper keyword optimization and ad type selection.

When are you joining? What do you think about making money with Infolinks on your blog? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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  1. Thats quite a review Sasidhar. You just detailed every bit of information needed. Even I used infolinks for a while. I agree with all your points but only thing that bother me is the readability. The text ads and tag ads are just disturbs the readers. May be they can look into that particular thing.

    1. Good to hear from you after a long while Gowthamma. Yeah! I think so, some kind of ads might disturb readers if used excessively. Keep visiting back!

      Thank you :)

  2. Hi Sasidhar

    I have been waiting for you to do a review on Info links although I should have told you.

    Great review! My only question is if info links is effective in the personal development niche

    1. Hi Ikechi,

      As I told you before, you can reach me out and suggest me a topic that you wanted to know anytime. You can also suggest the line of procceding on that topic and I'll take care it fulfills your appetite with a neat article.

      I'm happy to see you getting something you wanted today. Thank you :)

      Infolinks won't display 'display' ad units. Most of the ad formats are in link format and thus I think it might pull down the readers from the heights of inspiration when they find disturning ads wandering on the cotnent. It would be better to have display ad units on the sidebar for personality development blogs.

      Generally, infolinks can be used on any sort of good blog.


  3. Hello Sasidhar,

    Very awesome! Infolinks is no doubt very easy program to use and they do not turn down the applications, regardless of how Google AdSense does it.

    I tried this program back in 2009 with my experimental blog and earned around... $5.00 because my intention back then was not to earn and rather experiment things out. :)

    I am sure will give it a try again this year! Thanks for putting up this useful resource about Infolinks!

    ~ Adeel

    1. Hi Adeel bro,

      Infolinks was the second best choice at those times and I hope it is, now also. It is not also easy but also have flexible options to customize ads. I've tried this experimental in the past too.

      Thanks for taking time to share your experiences with them.

      Have a nice Sunday :)


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