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Cuelinks is an affiliate link management service that was recently started up in India. This Mumbai based company focuses on Indian publishers who are making their earnings with affiliate marketing so far and new. Affiliate marketing is on rising compared to the past couple of years and it is already getting priority along with the famous CPC programs like Google AdSense.

Cuelinks was introduced on a motive to provide better affiliate link management and reporting solution to the publishers.


What’s the motive of Cuelinks?

Affiliate marketing is not a one-time job solution. Publishers have to take efforts of communicating with the merchants and the affiliate networks for campaigns, product links, payments, reports and any support regarding the program. Sometimes it may be difficult to understand the linking scheme of those affiliate programs thereby causing confusion which may lead you to leave it off at all.

Cuelinks claims to be eliminating all such problems and avail all those needs a publisher looks for in one platform.

Registration & Installation

The registration process is available for both publishers and merchants. Those who want to market their products can signup as a merchant and those who want to earn from affiliations can signup as a publisher.

The registration process would take up to 24 hours to activate your account. After activation, you have to go with one-time installation of the code on your website.

Once you install the code in your website, you no need to link every product you wanted to refer from the merchant's website with your affiliate ID. You may just post the link of the product on your website and Cuelinks code would take care of adding affiliate ID to it. Once the product is bought through your affiliate ID, the commissions are being updated in your dashboard.

How Does Cuelinks work?

Cuelinks feed on publishers as well as on merchants. It gives 65% of the revenue that comes from affiliating the merchants products to publishers. Top-performing publishers would even get more than 75% of revenue.

As a matter of fact the earnings share, Cuelinks is giving on top eCommerce websites like Flipkart, Amazon, is low compared to their original rates. One can earn 100% of commissions by directly referring to the respective website’s affiliate links. If so, why come to Cuelinks?

Can it be used along with Google AdSense?

This is the question that strikes in every AdSense publisher mind when told about Cuelinks. Google AdSense is the best publisher program than anything. No other program in the world gives such high CPCs like Google does. Who doesn’t agree with the fact?

The reason why I am dragging AdSense into the scene is that the one-time-installation Cuelinks code’s behavior. When the code installed in the website, every outbound link from the site is referred by Cuelinks referral system,

Incase of AdSense, when someone clicks on the Ad, it should take them directly to the URL shown in that Ad unit. Then Google tracks our publisher ID and pays us according to the CPC of that Ad. This is how Google AdSense works. If clicking on AdSense Ad takes the visitor to somewhere before it goes the actual URL, Google considers it as spoofing and terminates the AdSense account. After all, redirecting visitors or modifying Ad unit code that takes them to false destinations is against the AdSense policies. Hope you know the cost of violating Google policies as better as I do.

How to use Cuelinks along with AdSense without violation

There is another way to put Cuelinks and AdSense in one sheath without violating Google policies i.e., API installation. Cuelinks allows you to search for a merchant by using the ‘merchant lookup’ and get a referral link to his products/services. Let us suppose I choose to refer products from the referral link would look like this,

This method of affiliate marketing doesn’t redirect every other outbounding link to the Cuelinks referral link. So it does not violate Google AdSense policies.

This method of affiliation is the an official recommendation of Cuelinks team to amfastech team when raised the issue.

There is another way you can use Cuelinks along with the AdSense apart from the direct API installation. You can create widgets and place them on your website/blog without worrying about the AdSense again as it also doesn’t violates its policies.


Managing affiliate links in one platform is very helpful as it saves the time of sail across different affiliate program platforms at once.

The actual commissions from affiliate programs like Amazon and Flipart differ a lot from Cuelinks commissions. It is better to go with the actual affiliate programs directly than to go with Cuelinks.

If suppose Flipkart is giving 10% commission on a product and it is referred through Cuelinks, you have to loose 3.5% of your commission and you will get 6.5% on it at last. This loss is considerable.

The one-time code installation still seems a threat to Google AdSense. One can’t afford to loose his AdSense account for Cuelinks.

Cuelinks seems not sure about merchant signups. Emails like following are often flooded into inbox,
Dear Publisher,

Please note that the below mentioned campaigns need to be paused with immediate effect.
-Kitchens of India
Kindly stop promoting the above campaigns until further update.
Warm Regards,
Aaron Coelho
Executive - Affiliate Marketing |
M: +91 9920979552 |
O:   22 6565 8001

Cuelinks is a trustworthy affiliate link managing business. It is struggling hard to stand still in this competitive environment to win publishers as well as merchant’s trust. Amfas Tech wishes good luck to all Cuelinks publishers and merchants and we hope this review helped you to some extent at least.

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  1. i worked with the service however it dosen't track clicks and earnings properly. there isn't any revenue since days while adsense reported a revenue in much shorter term.

    1. Thank you for sharign your experiences with cuelinks Rounak


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