How to Start Making Money with Fiverr

This article is dedicated to all those online money making aspirants who have been asking me about data entry jobs for some days. Follow the guide and create gigs of your own skills and earn genuine money online. Let’s begin!

Fiverr is a marketplace where you can offer your services starting at $5. This service is totally for free and you need to have to spend a penny to create an account in it. A service offered is called as a gig on Fiverr.

Whenever you offer a service on Fiverr, someone interested will buy it and so that’s how you will be paid.

For e.g., If I know Photoshop well and I’ll create a gig offering photo morphing or $5. Someone who is interested will contact me and assign me to work to do for them. I’d finish the work and report the result to them. As soon as I’m done with my servicing, I’ll be getting paid. All this happens through Fiverr dashboard application which is easy to use and manage.

How to signup to Fiverr?

Signing up is as simple as drinking water. You may not have to fill up a deck of textboxes at the time of joining. Just go to and click on join on the top right corner of the page.

Just enter your an email ID and click continue. You may not need to enter a single character if you connect with Facebook or Google+.

You will then be sent a confirmation email. Once you confirm your account, you will then be able to log into the dashboard.

Log in to the dashboard and complete your profile information including the profile picture.

How to create a gig(offer your service)?

Offering your service is also called creating a gig on To create a gig, click on your username > My Sales > Create a Gig.

Give your gig a title, choose it under the appropriate category, upload your work relevant images, write an attractive description of it, give relevant tags of your own, select the maximum duration you can deliver the service within and write any instructions for the buyer of your service.

When you are done with filling information about the service you are offering, click Save & Continue.

Navigate to your username > My Sales > My Gigs to view all the gigs you have created.

Click on Preview to see how it looks for your buyer. The preview looks like as shown in the following screenshot,

This way you can create your own gigs of your own skills and get paid for your work online.

Hope that helps!


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