How to Crop Content on PDF Files & Save as Separate File

Portable Document Format (PDF) files are the most convenient to carry document format. The reason to use PDF files is that one cannot easily modify or manipulate the content on the PDF files like as they do with .doc or .docx files. This article will teach you of how to crop the particular section of the PDF file and save it as a separate file.

Just like we need a tool to view PDF files, we need a tool to edit and modify them. It is not possible to edit documents with the normal Adobe Acrobat Reader as it has limited functionality. You need to purchase Adobe Acrobat Pro to edit PDF document. An Acrobat Pro subscription costs $12/month for standard subscription and $299 for standard full license. For Mac users, it costs $499 for a standard license.

If you are a business owner and an individual, it is quite not affordable to buy the software for a simple purpose.

Affordable Alternatives to Adobe Acrobat Pro

Wondershare PDFelement is the affordable piece of software that I found as an alternative for Adobe high cost PDF software. Wondershare offer this software (Windows) for $69.95 and Mac version for $99.95 with lifetime license and support. You can even download the trail version (Windows | Mac) of this software before purchasing.

Trial version of Wondershare PDFelement will only exhibit limited features and lays an watermark on the saved documents. If you want a serious PDF editor, better buy it (Windows | Mac) one time and use it forever.

Cropping content on PDF files with PDFelement software

After installing the software on your computer, run the program.

Go to File > Open > Select a PDF file and open it into the Wondershare PDFelement program.

Not go to Pages > Crop.

Then select the area on the PDF page that you wanted to crop and hit Enter.

A ‘Crop Settings’ window will popup where you can adjust the Crop Margins and Page Range. After setting these options, hit on ‘Crop’ button.

Now the selected page(s) will be cropped and shown as shown below.

Right-click on the cropped page and select ‘Print’ option. Choose the PDF printer and print it to PDF.


That’s it. That’s how you can crop content on PDF files and save as separate file.


Watch the video tutorial demonstrating how to crop PDF files and save as separate file:


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