Google Introduces Anchor/Overlay and Vignette Ad Formats

Google had left us a clue about this overlay ads 2 years ago and you had seen that in a post on Amfas Tech in the past. Google comes up with the beta version of the Anchor/Overlay and Vignette ads with readers in mind.

New ad formats may or may not work for all of the AdSense publishers. Because, we’ve seen it in the past. The custom sizes, super large vertical and horizontal banners didn’t work out for most of the publishers. Overlay ads as they sound, will appear blinding the content during the page load time.

Coming back to the new overlay ads, they display at the bottom of the content as always-on-top units. These can be dismissed by click on ‘X’ on the ad. If the readers clicks on it, they will be displayed full screen with animations or videos. These ads will also appear as links ads that we see with infolinks integration. These two ad types will work on mobile screens only.

On the other side, the vignette ads loads in the loading time of the webpage like as we see ads on YouTube videos. These ads can be easily skipped by users at anytime like as of YouTube’s.

overlay-ads-adsense                                   vignette-ads-adsense
Anchor/Overlay ads                                                                            Vignette Ads

Google introducing these ads is quite sweet shocking people because, overlaying the content might act against their own policies. But, Google confirms that these ads are introduced keeping the use in mind and so they are safe to implement on our sites too in terms of Google SEO.

The good news is that we can preview the ads on the mobile by adding the hashtag #googleads to the URL of the page.

The new Google ad formats are cool. But, these ad formats could affect the user engagement rate as they do for the other ad serving networks like infolinks. This might result in increase of bounce rates on mobile phones. Because, it is always better to have minimum ads on the mobile version of the websites.

Google provides all guidelines to enable and implement these ad formats on your website. You will have to add a piece of ad code in <head> or <body> sections of the pages for these ads. Login into your AdSense account, you will see the instructions right on the screen.

Please note that these ad formats are still in beta phase. It might take some time to Google to regularize them. Enabling them on the site would be experimenting itself. So, do it with this point in mind.

All the best!

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