Possible Solutions to DNS Errors After Changing URL in Webmaster Tools

Bloggers and webmasters often encounter DNS errors in Google Webmaster Tools. The message saying Over the last 24 hours, Google bot encountered 40 errors while attempting to retrieve DNS information for your site. The overall error rate for DNS queries for your site is 14.8%.” will worry you till it is resolved.

(The values seen in bold are variable from site to site)

We will discuss the possible solutions to this problem and will try to find a solution(for which you came here) that can solve your problem by the end.

Solution #1:

Check for error rating – If the error rating is closer or equal to 100%, check if name servers are correctly configured or not. Go to your domain registrar’s dashboard that is provided to you when buying the domain and set the values correctly. If you have no technical knowledge to change them for yourself, ask the registrar without any hesitation.

If you find no clue of how to contact your domain registrant, please check the email format designed by our friend +Rohan Chaubey:

To The [company name] Customer Support Team,

I recently bought a domain from your site. I am facing some DNS errors after changing the URL in the Webmasters tools. While checking for error rating I wanted to verify if name servers are correctly configured or not.

I possess no technical knowledge to change them myself. I would highly appreciate if your staff could help me in getting them configured correctly.

I am ready to bear any charges for your time and service if needed. Thank you so much for your time and consideration. I look forward to hear back from you soon.

[Your name].
[Account details or web address].

Solution #2

Upgrade your hosting plan – If the error rate is less than 100%, the problem might be caused due to server overload. This happens mainly due the following 7 reasons:
  1. Uncontrollable amount of natural web traffic trying to access the site within the same time.
  2. Distributed Denial of Service(DDoS) attacks on the server where you website is hosted.
  3. Uncontrollable amount of unusual or bot traffic sent to your website.
  4. Affected web browsers and computers due to viruses and worms.
  5. Because you have hosted your website on a limited capability host and you get excess number of client requests to access that page that your server cannot handle.
  6. Low speed internet connections finding it difficult sending request to servers and receive the response.
  7. Maintenance or repairing of web servers
The possible solution to this problem is upgrading the resources to your server and improving the configuration that can handle ample of client requests at once. Also, consider security features in order to avoid hacker attacks on your website.

Solution #3

Fixing DNS problems on your own computer – Sometimes, the DNS configuration on your own computer might get disturbed due to the recent changes you have made to your network or the changes made by your ISP.

To detect if the error is with your computer, ask your friends to check if they could open your website without any glitches on their side. If they could open your site normally from their side, it would definitely your computer configuration problem.

I have faced this situation in the past once and worried why my website alone is not working on my side. Later, with the help of my online friends, I could figure out the real problem is and changed and back the DNS configuration from Google to default.


Solution #4

Fetch as Google – This is the simplest solution ever for this problem. Use ‘Fetch as Google’ option in Google Webmaster Tools to tell Google bot to re-crawl your website once. It will Google to update the status of your website.

Perform this step even after solving the problem once. It will be helpful in reducing the ‘URL not found’ errors due to this DNS blackout.

Hope these solutions would help you get your problem solved. Please share if you have any other or better solutions than specified ones. We’ll update them in the article with an attribution of your name.


Also I would like to thank Rohan Chaubey, the wise soul in young body for helping us out with the letter format to contact the hosting providers. He’ll be with us from today, if you need any other help regarding the composing of any emails

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  1. Hi Sasidhar,

    What a great initiative this is! I am sure it will help many facing the problem. Happy to make my small contribution and I would be happy to help anyone with writing e-mails. You know I love doing that. :)

    ~ Rohan.

  2. Hello Sasidhar,

    Definitely the good topic to share your views!

    I'd just say that even one has no-or-little-knowledge about Google Webmaster Tools, they should at least make their knowledge to increase because this is the tool that is like a back-bone of your website. If one doesn't know how to operate GWT, they may end up loosing so much for their websites.

    This is indeed the guide everyone should read to.

    For me, I did some changes recently and getting lots of 404 errors. The only thing I do the most is "Fetch as Google".

    Thank you Rohan for this demo email! :)

    See me often!

    ~ Adeel Sami

  3. Thank you Adeel sir. I know there is an typo made in the e-mail. Sasidhar will fix it soon as I have already informed him. :)

  4. Hi Rohan,

    You are a great helped in any need and everyone knows it. Thank you for being such #Rohanlicious

  5. Hi Adeel bro,

    Thank you so much for such kind words. Google webmastertools is a great resource for any webmaster. It is also common to get DNS erros once in ayear atleast. People usually worry and start jumping on to help forums helter skeltor. Hope this helps all those in need.

    Thank you for taking time in sharing your ideas about it.

    Have a great day :)

  6. Hi Rohan,

    The typo error has been fixed. Thanks for noticing it at earliest!

  7. Hi Sasidhar

    Love this post. I remember when I had these kind of errors with my former hosts. I had to change to another host due to this issue. So you are so right.

    Thanks for sharing this info

  8. Hi Ikechi,

    Glad you are abale to figure out some solutions at last with the help of this article. Thank you so much for stopping by and sharing your thoughts about it.

    Have a great week ahead :)

  9. Hi Sasidhar

    I want to tell you an interesting thing that, Today a friend of mine asked me about this topic and want my help, You know its hard to define them the process on the social media. I am thinking about that then i have visited your blog and found this post here, I feel blessed. I have shared the link with him and hope that he will get help from your blog also in the future.

    Really great work and I am also gonna love this...
    Keep it Up Bro!

    Blogging is the best thing you can do with the internet...!

  10. Hi Akram,

    Thank you so much for your kind words. A blogger would be satisfied only when he comes to know that the content has come to use in sovling their issues. Thank you for sharing the link to your friend.

    You can ask me anytime about any technical issue and I'll try my best to solve it.

    Thank you :)

    Have a great week ahead :)

  11. Hi Sasidhar,

    Very informative post, indeed! :)

    Honestly, I have never experienced DNS errors before. But, I feel that this article is very useful for those who experience DNS errors. And you also provide some solutions to your readers. You really have done a good job. :)

    So, I will share your article. I'm sure it could be a reference for those who experience DNS errors. Thanks for sharing. Have a great day for you!


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  13. Hi Nanda,

    Glad you found it useful and thank you so much so sharing it ro your circles. DNS errors are very common for any website. Hope this article helps those in need.

    Thank you so much for taking time in sharing your thoughts about it.

    Have a great day :)


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