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How Easy Is It To Hack Into Your Life [Infographic]

We live in two worlds. The real one in which we live just for sleeping and other we live actually like a zombie. Do you think we are safe behind the simple ‘phrase’ locked profiles? Take a look at the infographic to know about it.
How Easy is it to Hack into Your Life?
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Millions of Xiaomi MI Accounts Hacked, Confirms Symantec

The danger with Xiaomi phones that the IAF has been warning people working in defense and their families about has become real today. Xiaomi, the third major mobile company in the world have got the hacker impact so early unexpectedly.


People in India have raised concern over the issue regarding the loss of their privacy and valuable information secretly after Indian Air Force(IAF)’s warning statement. We’ve seen Hugo Barra responding to the situation with his detailed status update about the gathering of personal information and makes a statement that the information is used to improve user experience in future version of the device.




The flash sales of the devices through ecommerce websites shows the intensity of the impact that can cause threat to. The hacker news exposes the screenshots of some of the leaked information of MI users and tweets the updates on twitter. Symantec, the maker of security software confirms the news shared by the hacker news on twitter.



May be this is the time for Xiaomi to set up backup servers for Indian users or else the ‘ecommerce sale, cheap smart phones’ show is going to end as earlier as it was started. Let’s wait what the heads of the company say about it.

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Google Introduces Mobile Usability Tracking in Webmaster Tools

Good News again! Google has been awesome with the optimization of its apps and services from the past few days. We’ve seen the new ‘Inbox’ app, new mobile UI for Gmail, Google Drive and updated technical webmaster guidelines in the past few days only.

Now, Google introduces the mobile usability tracker in webmaster tools to track the visitors of our websites accessing from mobile phones.

The new feature shows mobile issues identified on our websites with graphs over timeline so as to keep track of the progress over time.


Google have already specified the 25 principles of mobile web design in the past(we have discussed about them previously). Follow the guidelines specified by Google to make your website mobile friendly so that you won’t loose any visitors from mobile devices.

Use the following helpful guides from Google to resolve any issues regarding your mobile usability of your website.

For issues regarding mobile viewport - http://goo.gl/m6QlkF
For issues regarding mobile font sizes - http://goo.gl/Kc8zDG
For issues regarding content size of the mobile viewport - http://goo.gl/YfDzcw
For issues regarding clickable links/buttons placed too close - http://goo.gl/eOX0wV
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How to Make Free Calls from PC to Phone in India

All Indian techies have a dream that they wanted to make a call from their computer to phone for a minute at least. People have tried services like Skype which ended up asking for credit before making a call. Later a mobile app named Flipcall got into picture to help desperate Indians, but in a twisted way.

After being fed up with all the apps that asked for credit before making a call for a second at least, Indians were just confined to the internet applications on their smart phones to receive calls made from computers(via Skype on PC to Skype on smart phone) and from fellow smartphones.

It has also been on news that the telecom companies have requested central government of India to stop voice calls made through internet, so does Skype from November 10th of this year.

Although WhatsApp is going to announce their voice calling feature very soon and Viber has been the best alternative for the call rates hike till now, one yet cannot make a call from PC to a landline and mobile phones with no internet by using them.

Here comes an android app that allow users to make free calls in limited number of minutes. As we cannot use this app to make calls from PC to phone directly, we’re going to use it in a tricky way.

What? An android app? How could we make calls from PC with it? Have you lost your mind?

I’m actually fine! Thank you for your concern.

I’m not even boozing when I am writing this article. It is true you can make calls from your computer to any phone. Let’s go see how!

You’ve to have the android emulator software installed on your computer, one like BlueStacks or BlueStacks itself.

The second thing you require is the Flipcall app. For your kind information, Flipcall is running its beta version and the app is available by invite only.

If you don’t get an app from the original sources, ask your friends on social media to create an .apk file of an already installed Flipcall app from their device for you. You may also refer him the process of creating APK file from already installed app using this link.

When you get the APK file from your friend, install it using BlueStacks installer on your computer. Once installed, it will look like as shown in the following screenshot:


Click/tap on it to open. The screen orientation automatically turns into vertical giving it a look of phablet on computer screen.


You can see a dialer, contacts and credit button in the bottom of the screen. Click on the dialer and start typing the phone number you want to make a call to and press call button.


As soon as you hit the call button, you would get a call from Flipcall asking you to wait for a second till they connect you to the number you have actually dialed.

You are not initially charged anything, but later after the limit is over, Flipcall asks you to add credit to your Flipcall account in order to make any further calls.

Bonus Tip

Flipcall gives set of free minutes per registered phone number. You can completely uninstall the Flipcall from your PC, install it again, register with a new number this time and can get the free minutes. It may not work for you always as it depends on cache state of installed software on your computer.


You may also use apps like Flipcall that give free limited talk-time to make calls for free.

But somehow you could make calls even to a landline number using this trick. So enjoy!

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