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5 Bad Practices Not To Follow While Promoting Blog Posts

Even though you blog better and you have ‘those’ writing skills to attract readers just like that, you can’t make it so with these 5 bad practices of promoting your blog and content. This article will tell you of what is not and what is to follow while promoting your blog posts.


Writing an article is not the only big thing about blogging. Promoting it also takes the same chills. No matter how long and how good your article is, it is nothing if it is not properly promoted. You may get good appreciation from your readers but believe me it will not be up to the mark you deserved for it.


Readout the 5 bad practices you might be following in promoting your blog posts.




#1 Posting link on social media and doing nothing

Social media is as influential as search engines. You may get or not loyal readers for your blog from search engines but social media brings them for sure.


Don’t just leave links on social media profiles, groups and communities. It looks like you are spamming for social media spam algorithms.


Write a small snippet of the article consisting of 2-3 lines at least along with the shortened post link and promote it.


Respond to the likes and shares of people and be thankful for their kind activities on your article link. It makes them feel comfortable, happy and lets them choose to like and share your future blog posts also.


Incase of twitter the title of the post with the shortened URL of it and ‘@’ mentioning of your username/handle would be great. You can then track and monitor the people who are sharing your blog posts that helps you analyze what people like to read about.


#2 Not conversing with people

People respond to your ideas in the article. Apart from liking and sharing, people comment on it to share their opinions about the article you wrote.


Don’t just ignore the commenters and don’t make them feel like they are talking to a lifeless volleyball in a casted away island.


One commenter you ignored is the one loyal reader you lost. So, never miss a chance to reply to your readers comments. No matter however their opinions are, welcome them first if it is his/her first visit to our blog, then compose a reply and kiss a bye with greetings and thanks. This makes them feel comfortable and pulls them to your blog when they see any article link shared on social media or communities.


If you don’t know how to converse and communicate with people who comes to read your blog posts, the Aha-now Blogging Community(ABC) by madam Harleena Singh can help you so.


#3 Read commitments won’t work

One of the pathetic attempts bloggers do at entry levels is the read commitments from the fellow bloggers and readers. There are communities which award points for mutual visiting blogs and those points can be traded to promote more links in it.


People won’t read your articles for lollipops or popcorn unless they truly deserve it so.


In that case, people will just open he link, let it half loaded and closes it. This may bring a page view but not the real reader for your article.


Also that the mutual commitments like “read mine and I’ll read yours” also don’t work and they are ultimately useless.


#4 No comeback strategies

You might be good enough to post the article link in 50+ communities on single social media network, 30+ in other and 20+ in another. But how many times did you visited back to check if there is any activity running on your updates?


It is good if you have raised a topic in a forum or community about the topic you have chosen in your article. But, it is not going to help you make friends if you never visited them back since your first visit.


The no comeback strategies you practice will surely reflect on your readers too. You should not let go of any reader once visited your blog with your actions and behavior.


You were in the middle of a discussion through comments under an article and you just left it without properly ending it – It will make your partners in the discussion feel dishonored by your negligent action.


Never end discussions without proper ending to it. Never try to dominate your partner. One single discussion should not be the final one for your discussing partner.


#5 Dropping links in comments

One of the worst link building strategies bloggers still practice till today is dropping links in comments. Every link you leave will look irrelevant to the author of the blog and comment system as well which is automatically pushed under spam category.


If you got your blog URL get spammed by a couple of comment systems, you’ll never be able to pull up your blog again.


If you are doing this to build backlinks to your blog, this is not the right way. Google have been evolving much intelligent from time to time to weed out spam blogs from the blogosphere. If your blog is noticed under spam category to it’s algorithms, you will have to pay for it so badly.


Leaving comments in the comment form with details like name, email, website URL and your genuine message will surely work like magic. You no need to leave any further links to your blog again. Give it a try and don’t for get to share the result with us.


Also, commenting on the commentluv comment system enabled blogs will surely build do-follow backlinks in a genuine way.


One last word

When you are putting efforts to write, you should also put efforts to promote it. It should not be in a way that is totally invalid and non-recommended. You content is to be praised not to be spammed by some piece of lifeless code, the so called ‘algorithms’ of search engines.


Good luck!

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Indian Air Force warns about the threat with Xiaomi Smartphones

The so called Chinese Apple, Xiaomi the beast of the budget phones which was introduced a few months ago in India have been accused a threat by Indian Air Force(IAF) earlier this week. It was found that the smartphones made by Xiaomi are sending user data to servers in China.

F-Secure, the major security software maker have already warned earlier than everyone that the Xiaomi phones were sending information like carrier name, phone number, IMEI, contacts and text messages back to Beijing.

"Next we connected to and logged into Mi Cloud, the iCloud-like service from Xiaomi. Then we repeated the same test steps as before. This time, the IMSI details were sent to api.account.xiaomi.com, as well as the IMEI and phone number," says F-Secure in an article.
IAF vs Xiaomi(2)
It makes it much worse if any of the family members of those who are working in defense and research are spied and the information thereby used can be vulnerable to the national security.

Hugo Barra, the vice-president of International business activities of Xiaomi quickly responds to the IAF’s accusation of the threat and writes about the situation in a detailed status update on his Google plus profile. He says that it is just a migration of e-commerce and MIUI services to expand the user’s usability.

“In 2015, we are planning to take on a new challenge to further improve the performance of our services for users in large and fast-growing markets such as India and Brazil. 

In these markets, where Amazon AWS services aren't yet available, we will be working with local data center providers to set up our service infrastructure.  Once that has been completed, users in these markets will be much closer to their data and enjoy even faster speeds by connecting to local servers.” says Hugo Barra in his status update.

However, I feel that there is a point in IAF’s accusation about the threat. The recent attacks on iCloud accounts in China and the government’s interfering nature in such user privacy issues locally, makes the point much bolder and stronger.

Let’s see how far Xiaomi takes it. Because Indians will believe IAF rather than Xiaomi. What do you say?
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How to Stop Windows 8.1 Apps Access Your Location

Windows 8.1 computers come with location sensors that let you choose best of your choices around your proximity. To be clear, applications in Windows 8.1 computer use your location(with your consent only) to serve you better based on the location you are presently living in.

It helps you not to set the location or search for something most particular to the location every time you use your computer.

Your Windows 8.1 computer with allowed location access will help you get the local news updates, weather forecast and also the location based relevant information from the concerned apps.

Benefits apart – Allowing your computer to access your location might get you some troubles like blockage of websites and some applications based on the location which you ever wanted to use.

Allowing access may also turn some social media network’s display language to the locally matched/preferred language automatically which would be troublesome while using it.

So there is a need to control the location access eventually.

Turning off the location access to apps in Windows 8.1

To stop the location access in Windows 8.1, we need to turn off the location and GPS sensors on the computer/laptop. To do so,

Press Win+S and type-in “location” and click on Location Privacy Settings from the results shown.



Click or tap on the Let Windows and apps use my location option to turn off the location access to all the apps shown below Let these apps use my location or you can choose to turn off location access to apps in particular.


Turning off the location sensor

We can also block the accessing of location by turning off the location sensor in your computer. To do so,

Press Win+S and type-in “location” in the search.

Click on Location Settings from the results shown.


Turn off by un-ticking the option Turn on the Windows Location platform.


The second option is optional. You may choose to turn it off or on and it is based on your Microsoft-and-you relationship.

Important step

Clear your system’s cache and temporary files and restart the computer.

Congratulations! you have now a location based restriction free Windows 8.1 computer/laptop with you. Enjoy the freedom!
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Google Introduces New Share Button for Google Accounts

Google has introduced a new share button for Google accounts. The new share button looks like a bit one plus logo and will be visible on the top right profile menu when logged on Google.com.


The new button looks good and is handy too. You can access it anytime while using any of the Google services. It is visible on almost all Google products like Gmail, YouTube, Google Images, News, Google+,



It seems like Google is trying to revamp its services and apps for this season. We’ve also seen the Inbox app being revamped so recently.

You can download Inbox App for your IOS from here: https://itunes.apple.com/app/id905060486
and for your Android from here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.google.android.apps.inbox
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