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Another iCloud Hack: Hacker Leaks Nude Photos of Kim Kardashian and Two Other Celebrities on 4chan Forums

Kim_KardashianIts been hardly a month since the hackers leaked the private photos of Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton, Ariana Grande and some other famous stars of Hollywood. This time hackers leaked the nude photos of Kim Kardashian, the famous television personality on 4chan and Reddit.

This is the second time happening of the leak of photographs of celebrity on the 4chan communities. The website authorities and FBI were lounged into action immediately after the leak news was heard. They assures that they are going to take care of the content that was reported to be posted on their website.

It is also believed that the hacker leaked some private photos of some other celebrities including Vanessa Hudgens and Hope Solo on the website. However the recue team have deleted the photos shortly after they posted, but Kim Kardashian is believed to be taking legal action on the predator.

The vulnerability assessment so far says that the photographs were hacked from their private computers and hand held devices. So it is advised to keep their computer’s security get updated by time to time.

How to resist these kind of hacks?

One may not keep his/her digital data safe unless he gets an over all idea of the security limitations on his/her computer or smart phone. However the following tips can help you fight back against these kind of attacks and can keep you safe for some extent.
  • Create strong and complex passwords
  • Keep updating anti-virus definitions
  • Keep an eye on your background running programs
  • Do not install unverified software
  • Be careful while installing any software as you may install harmful crapware by chance or ignorance
Statutory Warning: Do not drink and use computers, smartphones, internet, social media and majorly iCloud.
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Optimizing Pinterest Profile to Drive Massive Traffic to Your Site

Pinterest is one of the best traffic sources for a website. It is an effective social media that drives massive traffic there by conversions to a business site or subscriptions to blogs. It helps both the business owners, bloggers, marketers as well as social media freaks to increase their fan base on internet and there by increasing their reach.

Getting started with pinterest with ordinary or incomplete profile information may not help you even your strategies are worthy enough to get people engagement.

I have researched and implemented the best pinterest optimization strategies in the market to drive traffic to my website and I have been successful since then. I would like to share those techniques and I wish you see success more sooner that I got.

Optimizing your pinterest account covers the optimization of the following areas on your profile.
  1. Profile image
  2. Account name
  3. Account description
  4. Linking your site
  5. Location (of the business)
  6. Linking with other social networking profiles

1. Profile image that adds your personality to branding

The profile image in any social network is the appealing part of the profile that catches visitor’s interest. Just like that, the profile picture on pinterest will give the first impression for the visitor.

A genuine smiling close up will copy happiness on the visitors face too. Use the same profile image that you use on other social networks. This will help your visitors identify your face quickly.

A general picture like as shown below can portray your profile as personal than a professional one.


A complete logo as your profile picture would do better promotion of your website or business than a smiling picture but, people would not like to follow brands unless they are famous enough.


So what's the best optimization?
Overlay your logo in the bottom of your profile picture to make it look professional more than of personal. When someone share your pins, your profile picture will be shown with the logo and can give your site the best promotion in both ways.

A profile picture like as shown below does its best in getting followers and adds your personality to the profile as well as promotes brand.


Pinterest will take the profile images of size 600x600px and will reduce them to 165x165px after uploading. The edges would be slightly cropped and makes sure it fits the space correctly.

Use online photo editing tools or Photoshop to create/edit your own combo profile picture.

2. Account name that increase brand recognition

Your profile name should not only increase your personality but also brand recognition. A normal profile name like ‘Sasidhar Kareti’ can only display my name to my profile visitors but a name like ‘Sasidhar Kareti {Amfas Tech}’ will also help me promote my website.


If someone new comes to visit my profile, he would notice the string ‘Amfas Tech’ along with my name which would remind him when he sees any of my site links or other social profiles on the internet in future.

3. Account description that is authoritative

The profile description adds authority of your website on your profile. Pinterest allows only 160 characters in the profile description. So choose right words to fill-in information about yourself.

What to include?
  • About your business
  • About your pins
  • Tagline of your website or business
  • Keywords regarding your website or business

4. Linking your website

Add your website URL to the profile that will showcase it on your profile page. In fact linking your site will allow people find the website source of your pins.

You should verify your site by adding the snippet of code in your website. A verified website would help the world confirm that you own that website and thus proves your authority that we talked about previously.


To verify a website, go to Settings >> Profile >> Add URL of your website and click on the ‘Verify’ link to get the snippet of code.


Once the code is added, refresh the pinterest page and you will see a verified mark beside the website link.

5. Location of the business

I think I don’t have to say tell you about the importance of the locality specification. A business with locality specification would get highest priority on search engines as we have seen the pigeon update doing the same recently.

So many business websites that haven’t specified the locality on any of their pages have paid the price for he Google local search algorithm. Pinterest haven’t come up with any local search algorithm yet but can be expected as a possibility.

Moreover, a business with specified locality on the website will earn much trust from visitors than making them believe in some kind of internet business with no physical address.


What about blogs or real internet businesses?
If you are running a blog or internet businesses, give the city name, state and country you live in very frequently or the city in your quick reach. You may also choose to provide the combination of city, state and country in the location field.

Benefits of giving your location
  • Makes your business look more real
  • Makes you blog look more humanly updated one with your profile information
Cons of giving your location information
  • It reveals your privacy on the internet
  • May lead to overlapped time of consulting in family hours

6. Linking with other social networking profiles

Your every social networking profile including pinterest profile on the web should not work individually for you. You should maintain a perfect sync among all the profiles which helps your visitors also visit on their favorite social media.

Let us suppose a guy X loves to hangout on facebook all the time. If he visits my pinterest profile which he finds out interesting but doesn’t want to follow me on pinterest. This results me ending up loosing a follower of my blog updates.

To connect your pinterest profile to facebook and twitter, go to Settings >> Social Networks >> Turn on the link to all the other social profiles.


Benefits of linking to other social profiles
  • Will give more choices to your profile visitor to follow you on different social media profiles.
  • Will help other social network fans follow pinterest updates by linking to its timeline.
  • Will keep track your pinterest activity on your other profiles.
Cons of linking to other social profiles
  • Will loop automated updates sent through Buffer app or Hoot suite.
  • Cannot flexible automate website updates.

7. Adding ‘Pinit’ widgets

Social media widgets ever play fair. Just like Facebook’s like box, Twitter's embedded tweets, Google+ page widget, Pinterest also provides different kind of widgets for website to increase the fan base on the network.

My favorite widget from one of those is the hover ‘Pinit’ button which you can see on amfastech.com by hovering your mouse on to the images in the content. It increases my pinterest referrals that can help the article rank good in SERP.

One more word

Pinterest is a wonderful platform to get as much social referral traffic as you can. In fact it has billions of users and every day millions of pins are being pinned to the boards. Some businesses get highest traffic only from pinterest compared to leading giants like Facebook and Twitter.

Optimize your pinterest profile, get more referrals and get ranked well on SERPs. All the best!
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Enhance Your Communication By IPhone Apps For Business Owner

In the event that you are an entrepreneur, you know how troublesome it might be running an organization particularly from the beginning. Because of mechanical advances in versatile correspondences, you can get to the best possible instruments to upgrade your business interchanges.

There are numerous business applications accessible and new ones popping up consistently. There are applications made to encourage more prominent benefit in every aspect of your business, whether its dealing with your accounts or getting the most out of your interchanges frameworks. Actualizing these applications is no more a choice, however a need for enhancing your business operations.

Let's take Apple as a case. Apple has in excess of one million applications in the Application store. As per a Localytics' report, clients of the iphone and ipad are about twice as reliable to their applications than Android clients, the investigation found. Around 35% of Apple gadget clients opened their applications 11 times or more, contrasted with only 23% of Android clients. On account of this current, how about we investigate these iphone applications you ought to consider to help you enhance your business interchanges:


It is safe to say that you are the individual who is constantly attached to your work area? Here is an application intended for you, Acrobits permits you to make calls utilizing your organization ID and achieve your group with augmentation based dialing capacity. Best of everything, it doesn't use up your smartphone minutes. Acrobits is the heading SIP Customer on the application store. This application works with the most recent abilities of ios.

This iphone SIP client app empowers you to make free phone calls to other VoIP clients. VoIP administration suppliers are regularly called SIP suppliers, that is the reason the application is alluded to as SIP Customer.

Acrobits offers the adaptability of VoIP to cell phones effortlessly. Awesome for representatives that travel abroad. Among the gimmicks of Acrobits softphone customer incorporates: notices on approaching calls, different SIP record help and nitty gritty call history.


The best gimmick of this VoIP application is that it offers free calls to any smartphone in the United States and Canada. It gives high definition voice clarity, feature calling and the sky is the limit from there. Up to 10 clients on the iCall system can feature gathering all the while. In examination to different applications, iCall is an incredible decision in light of the fact that feature conferencing with 10 clients is a typically paid administration.

Voice Brief

It is safe to say that you are an occupied proficient who finishes different assignments without a break in sight? All things considered, this is the right application for you. This intriguing application utilizes content to-voice systems to peruse you the most recent news, climate and even your twitter and Facebook nourishes. This application empowers you to pick the wellspring of your inclination, for example, CNN and Fox News. Voice Brief can additionally read rundown lines from your Gmail account.

Dragon Dictation

This helpful application interprets your voice reminders into mail the same way your VoIP smartphone framework does. Don't squander significant time, use Monster Correspondence for making messages, instant messages or even to redesign your Twitter and Facebook accounts. The main thing you have to do is talk, see the content and send it!

There is most likely Apple strives to give its clients applications the most noteworthy benchmarks. Their objective is to help, upgrade their time and accomplish the occupation effectively, effortlessly and rapidly. Take a stab at fusing these most recent iPhone application patterns to build your business benefit.

What are the most helpful iPhone applications? What applications do you utilize day by day? We need to know!
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iPhone 6 Repair Guide Before Taking it to AppleCare

It’s just been two weeks hardly since the iPhone 6 was launched into markets and people started looking for repair manuals on the internet after watching the guy dropping his new iPhone 6 on the concrete floor while airing on Australia's live TV. He was the first guy to drop his iPhone 6 on live TV and he became an overnight star on social media.

You cannot escape from the unexpected accidents happen to your iPhone anytime anywhere. Not that I’m scaring you or not even it is final destination X I’m frightening you about.

You need not to afraid if something happens to your new iPhone 6. I am now going on with the tips to remember before you take your damaged iPhone 6 to the hospital, the Apple Care.

“Accidents happen. Sometimes a screen can get cracked or shattered. We’re here to help.” says Apple in their repair support page.

Repair and replacement cost varies with iPhone model and your AppleCare coverage. Replacing the screen costs about $109 for 4.7 inch version of the iPhone 6 and $129 for iPhone 6 plus just as iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C and iPhone 5 costs. You will also be charged with the shipping fee of $6.95 exclusive of local taxes if you are a US citizen.

Remember that the accidental damage would not be considered under one year limited warranty. If you get to claim the warranty of your iPhone 6 at Apple store, they will diagnose your device first and will make sure it doesn’t have experienced any external damage.

Any external damages would cost extra out-of warrantee fee. The out-of-warrantee costs for the iPhone 6 is $299 and iPhone 6 Plus is $329 with shipping charges included.

Don’t forget to backup your iPhone 6 to iCloud if possible.

If you want to claim your ‘First one to drop new iPhone 6’ title, contact News9 Australia and narrate them your story. Just kidding!
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Is Your Site Not Performing Admirably On SERPs?

Is your site performing great on SERPs (Search Engine Result Page)? In the event that yes then its amazing yet in the event that not then it might be possible only by taking after some straightforward traps. Really its a general issue of just about every blogger including accomplished ones excessively that their website doesn't shows up on SERPs significantly in the wake of keeping up a consistent overhaul recurrence.

Is Your Site Not Performing Admirably On SERPs?

In case you're a beginner then its a decent time to center from the earliest starting point. Really positioning on SERPs doesn't just relies on upon the quantity of recorded pages, there are numerous different components excessively which chooses your page's position. Some individuals surmise that submitting a webpage to Webmasters device just can make their online journal show up on the SERPs yet its not the reality. Webmasters Instrument just files your blog's pages however it doesn't chooses your blog's position. A large number of site pages get listed by Google yet on the SERP, there is space for just 10. So what are the elements that are in charge of it? So this article is about noting all these inquiries.

Why Your Site Is Not Performing Admirably On SERPs? 

Mistaken practices in charge of poor rankings: 

  • Despicable Picture Advancement 
  • Absence of Post Interlinking 
  • Absence of Inbound Connections or Backlinks
  •  Non Advanced Posts Structure 
  • Nonattendance of Meta Portrayal 
  • Mistaken utilization of Robots.txt 
Presently in the wake of perusing all the above given wrong practices, clearly there is a need to propose them.

I specified all the critical components which can straightforwardly influence your site's rankings. All the practices given above are extremely vital and matters a great deal and can seriously influence your Site's SEO esteem if not endeavored appropriately. So to resolution them I'm providing for some straightforward yet successful ways.

Our Formula to resolution the issues:

Legitimate Picture Improvement

 I have effectively talked about the essentials of Picture enhancement in one of my past articles. As indicated by a calculation, you can support your site's movement by more than 35% if your pictures are decently advanced. Picture streamlining comprises of numerous practices like Title Advancement, Alt Content Improvement, Name Enhancement and so on. For complete data about picture advancement strategies, you can.

Legitimate Post Interlinking 

Your posts ought to be interlinked legitimately with a specific end goal to increase higher positions in SERPs. You can comprehend the idea of getting higher positions with the assistance of post interlinking by a little sample. Assume there are two networks of arachnids in your home, unified with exceptionally broad cross-linking of networks which makes it thicker and other with light crosslinking.

In the event that you attempt to break down the distinction between two then you'll watch that web with broad cross connecting is not difficult to recognize in correlation to the web with softly cross interfaced web. Same thing happens on account of googlebots, they rank your website concurring the cross joining and intuitiveness among the posts on the grounds that they are not difficult to watch and identify.

Inbound Connections Building 

Inbound connections are the unsung legend of fruitful inbound promoting. They help build movement, enhance SEO, and — if included in an article by a significant news source — might be an extraordinary advertising win. There are two reasons why we have to assemble Inbound Connections. First and foremost, its a chance to get referral movement from an alternate site. An inbound connection from an online journal is a parkway for that blog's reagers to visit you. Yet relying upon the measure of movement that blog or site gets, the connection may send a low volume of activity.

Streamline post Structure 

Post Structure incorporates legitimate utilization of text styles, shades, headings, passages and so on. Posts with improved structure help in great SEO Esteem in view of better lucidness.

Include a Legitimate Meta Portrayal 

Meta depictions are HTML characteristics that give compact clarifications of the substance of website pages. Meta depictions are regularly utilized on Search Engine result pages (SERPs) to show review bits for a given page. Meta portrayal labels, while not paramount to web crawler rankings, are to a great degree critical in picking up client navigate from SERPs. These short sections are a webmaster's chance to promote substance to searchers and to tell them precisely whether the given page contains the data they're searching for.

Appropriately Utilize Robots.txt Record 

Robots.txt document is a tradition to prompting participating web crawlers and other web robots about getting to all or piece of a site which is overall freely see capable. Robots are frequently utilized via web crawlers to sort and chronicle sites, or by webmasters to edit source code. The standard is not the same as, yet might be utilized as a part of conjunction with, Sitemaps, a robot consideration standard for sites. Frequently by disgraceful utilization of this document can prompt awful execution of site on SERPs. So utilize it appropriately.
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