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12 Online Marketing Strategies Every Entrepreneur Needs

Synopsis: Are you an entrepreneur that needs to know about basic online marketing? Lucky for you, we compiled a list of the most advantageous strategies you can use to put your business on top of its game.

Entrepreneurs are known to invest in any means necessary to get their businesses off the ground. They get good quality merchandise, hire the best service providers, and do their due diligence when it comes to the time-consuming paperwork.


Aside from that, they have to look into how they can market their businesses in the best way possible. For a year like 2017, the best strategy would be to use the internet and the many advantages it offers.




Why use online marketing?

The easy answer is that everyone is practically online 70% of the day. Although it is not a healthy habit, you cannot deny that people are more in tune with their devices than they ever were. That is why it is a good idea to pinpoint an audience that makes up about 3 billion people – and that is just on Facebook.


You can also tap into other mediums like search engines, blogs, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and so much more. Every day a new application comes out and you get to choose from thousands that will fit your business’s needs. Now, the question is, how do you utilize these tools to market your brand?


Strategies for Online Marketing that Works

When it comes to strategy, all you need to do is choose one that works best for your company. Depending on your industry, you need to determine which one will give you the most leads, conversions, and increase sales. For now, here are some helpful tips you can use.


1. Follow other online marketers.

If you can’t beat them, join them. By following other online marketers, you can study their strategies, replicate them (legally, of course), and develop your own strategies. Rest assured that they will work because these people are experts in their field. Soon, you too will be one of the best online marketers out there, as long as you follow the rules of the gurus of the internet and social media marketing.


2. Prioritize your personal brand.

It is especially important for you to make sure that your brand stands out. There is almost no evidence of a “first and only” business anymore. By the time someone shoots out a new idea, ten businesses pop up in its place. That is why you need to focus more on making yourself into a brand that matters by using an effective visual and online marketing strategy.


3. Follow search engine SEO algorithm rules.

Many entrepreneurs get reeled in by SEO promises from sketchy companies. If you plan on hiring an SEO expert, make sure that you do your homework. Algorithms change on a regular basis and they are pretty easy to understand when you go directly to the source like Bing or Google. According to the aforementioned companies, you don’t need to bombard your site with “well-placed” keywords. All you need to do is write something relevant. This is where content marketing comes in.


4. Use content marketing.

Advertising may not be dead, but it sure as heck is too expensive to bear these days. Unless you are a Triple A company, you should not even try to work with big advertising firms. You will only lose money that you could have used for your online marketing strategies. Content marketing, however, will get you the advertising you need at no cost or just a little bit. If you are not a talented writer, you can get academic help and find someone who can give your company a content marketing trove that you can use for your website’s blog.


5. Market your business through social media.

This is probably the most effective way to market your brand. People are always on social media, whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, and much more. Reddit is even considered as a social media platform, now that it has one of the highest engagement rates online.


6. Read social media marketing books.

This may not be considered an online task, but reading social media marketing books always helps everyone who needs to find untapped information. Most books are not available for free, so you will have to shell out a little bit just to get thousands of dollars’ worth of information.


7. Increase your conversion rates.

In order to do this, you need to design your website, content marketing, and social media marketing strategy so that it calls people to keep coming back and send out the word about your business. Here are some examples:

  • Prompts for newsletter sign-ups.
  • Invites to educational webinars
  • Seasonal discounts and promos
  • Call to action statements
  • Share buttons for social media

When people visit your site or social media page, you can invite them to take a look at your products and services. You also have the chance to tell them why you are the right choice and why they should hire you. That can easily be done by asking them politely through the mediums mentioned above.


8. Utilize email marketing.

Email marketing is different from newsletter subscriptions because you are the ones sending out invites to your business. There are many sites that offer a collection of emails that you can send out prompts to. The good thing about it is that these emails are open to receiving organic emails, which will not go directly to their spam folders. Think of it as online telemarketing, but less invasive.


9. Use effective marketing tools.

These tools include paid advertising sites, SEO specialist sites, analytics sites, to name a few. Online marketing requires a great deal of work and these tools will save you time and effort. Social media management tools can be a big help too. You can schedule posts, control everything from one place and get administrative work done after.


10. Consider various mediums for marketing.

Rather than rely on content marketing or social media posting, you can also use videos, photos, and other applications to market your business. Forums are an interesting place to discuss your business, but make sure that it does not come out as a hard sell. Most importantly, your mediums should be visually enticing. Hire a designer, videographer, or learn how to make your own works of art for your business.


11. List down your goals and set a marketing plan.

After studying all of these marketing strategies, it is time to make a plan for your company. The study which is the best fit for the type of industry you are in. Find out who is likely to buy from you and what they want to buy. Study how much people are willing to spend. Plan, plan, plan. Never compromise on this phase because you cannot be successful if you play everything by ear.


Now that you are ready, it is time to put all your online marketing strategy plans into action. Create a time-sensitive checklist or calendar, allow the proper budget, conduct market and research studies – or buy one – and start selling your business to the online world.


Remember, online marketing is not a one-time deal. You need to be consistent and flexible. Always go with the trends, make sure to be politically correct, and never compromise your beliefs as a business as long as they are morally right. That is the way to succeed as an entrepreneur.


Author Bio: Norman Arvidsson is a freelance writer for GetAcademicHelp from Atlanta. He is also an entrepreneur, blogger, and web developer. He is familiar with the business, marketing, and e-learning. Follow him via Twitter.

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5 Types of Video Content that Performs Great on Blogs

Blogging is a great platform to showcase your hobbies, talents, and skills. With the rising influence of bloggers today, creating content can sometime be a challenge. Because of this, bloggers come up with different types of content that are both interactive and engaging for their readers to enjoy.


Videos can help blogs get traffic. For example, a 5-minute video about a certain topic means a reader will stay in that blog, for 5-minutes, as long as the video content is interesting and not boring.


Because of this, some idea that comes to mind is to utilize the power of motion picture. With different types of video content available, bloggers now have to streamline which works best for them. Videos can be best used depending on the theme of the blog. Whether you are into fashion, travel, food, or any topic, there are various ways to keep your blog interesting using video content.




Here are 5 type of video content that performs great on blogs:


1. Guides and Tutorials

This type of video content has proven to be effective of blogs. Why? People want to be taught about things, the easiest way possible. Guides and tutorials have been the go-to video content of different bloggers such a beauty, fashion, and even travel.

Just like how-to articles, guides and tutorial are appealing to readers because the readers will find ways to answer unresolved problems or tasks, while at the same time gaining new knowledge.


For beauty bloggers, make up tutorials have been their go-to style. With women looking to perfect different styles of makeup, this kind of tutorial has been proven helpful for some women.


For fashion and style bloggers, guide to dressing up for a certain event is an example of this type of video content. People may sometimes find it hard to dress up for work, night out, dates, or interviews. By watching guides like these, readers will have a sense of ease especially if they find them interesting and informative.


Most of these articles are direct to camera videos, which mean there’s no need for fancy theatrics as long as the content is good and the lighting is of high quality.


There are more themed blogs who utilize this type of video content because guides and tutorials video content provides a step-by-step guide to a certain topic. Because they are done in videos, bloggers need to ensure their content is interesting, informative, and fresh.


2. Reviews

Readers are always on the lookout to find something new and interesting on the internet, such as:

  • New technology
  • New makeup
  • New cars
  • Current news
  • New movies
  • New TV show episode

Though there are other new things to find on the internet, these examples can be done through video content. This is to say, video content are more visually appealing to some readers than reading text.


Reviews are widely popular in the blogging world. This type of video has been utilized by many bloggers, especially when there is a new product they believe in. Furthermore, there are different ways to start review, for example:

  • You start with unboxing the product
  • You make a demo of the product
  • You tell your readers what you think of the product

With the ruse of social media, these reviews can be seen everywhere. With readers having more voice today because of these social media tools, making a review can sometimes be hard to accomplish. If you are not familiar with reviews, you can start by reading a few on different websites or hire writing services to know how to make reviews. But what makes a review great is honesty. You tell your readers what they have to know, and not just an idea of what the product seem to sell.


3. Interview

Looking for the right people to interview can sometimes be challenging. But with the right determination and topic, bloggers can achieve this kind of video content.

  • Choose the right and appropriate topic
  • Choose the right person to interview, someone who is relevant
  • Formulate the right questions
  • Edit the video and make it engaging

Furthermore, there are various ways to do interviews. With the influence of technology and Internet, interviews can be done in different ways:

  • Personal in-depth interviews
  • Video call interviews
  • Skype interviews

As long as the content is good, interviews can be done the way you want it.


4. Events

The idea of having a sneak peek of what’s happening in a social event is interesting enough for readers to enjoy. When bloggers do video content regarding an event they recently attended, their readers will somehow live vicariously through them. Because of this, the blogger becomes inspiring, while the reader will have someone to look up to.


With different events happening almost every day, bloggers can choose different social events to attend to, such as:

  • Travel
  • Venue
  • Food
  • Speakers
  • Fashion shows
  • Trade shows
  • Business conference

Apart from events being fun, readers can also learn what these bloggers gained during their time at the event, through their content.


This type of content is the opportunity for blogger to record their social life and share their experience to their audience. In line with this, great contents translate to traffic.


5. Culture and travel

Nothing is as engaging than looking at travel-related posts. These kinds of content give satisfaction to readers, while at the same time help the place or country’s tourism. But there are factors to consider if you want to try this type of content:

  • Quality photos – They have to be colorful and visually appetizing.
  • Great story – This includes learning about their culture and people, than just focusing on tourist spots.
  • Instagram worthy outfits – A good travel photo include a lot of outfit of the days. As bloggers, make sure what you wear is appealing for you as well as your audience.
  • Cool and new places to visit – As bloggers, it is somehow your duty to always showcase what is new in your specific field. Go to places that have not been overused on social media. It is important to always be on the lookout of newly opened establishments with great product.

Culture and travel videos are usually long videos. To create quality content with viral capabilities, make sure you consider each trip as a way to connect with your audience, and one way to achieve this is through sharing personal experiences.

  • Journal your daily itinerary
  • Talk about different parts of the place such as tourist spots, food, people, and culture
  • Give a rundown of you expenses to make it relatable to your audience
  • Reveal the cheap places to go to for budget travelers

Just like any other content, it all starts with an idea followed by content, until it transforms to a medium. Video content are great for blogs and bloggers because they are engaging and interesting. The best way to consider when bloggers want to try making content with videos is to make sure they will set up high quality products, both visually and the text.


Lastly, these five examples are being utilized by many, which mean your content should always stand out while staying true to you and your blog’s brand.


Author Bio: Michael Harred is a blogger and writer at Lord of Papers. He is interested in blogging and social media. Also, being fond of design Michael illustrates books. To find more about Michael – check his Twitter and Facebook.

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8 Must Have iPhone Apps For Small Business Owners

Business owners are always working round the clock, involved in a number of tasks. Managing all these at a time can be bit of a task. Modern technology and the various apps that comes handy nowadays will help smooth things out. If you are an iPhone owner and a business owner too, these 10 apps are must have in your mobile.




1. inDinero

inDinero is a one-stop accounting app which helps the user to keep his books accounts proper, file taxes and also assists in managing payrolls. You can get a proper and clear view of your financial health whenever needed through its feature where it stores data in the backup.


While this app is free available on mobile, its software version costs anywhere between $349 to $1,999 a month.


This app is compatible on iPhone.


2. Evernote

Evernote as the name suggests helps to note anything and everything wherever you are in the world. It aids features which enables one to type, record voice notes and snap pictures bringing all the facilities into one platform. This app helps to make all tasks more productive.


This app is compatible on iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone.


3. HootSuite

Owning a business is not easy, one needs to keep his presence felt in all places in order to grow and expand their business. What else other than social media do this job better? Being active in social media is very much necessary which has helped bridge the gap between the world. At the same time managing various apps at a time can be a task in itself.


HootSuite helps you bring all your social media accounts at a place and using a single app allows you to communicate on a variety of social media platforms.


This app is compatible and available for free on iPhone, Android and Blackberry with a premium charge of $99/month on upgraded versions.


4. Asana

Asana is an app which is compatible iPhone applications. This app helps to plan projects and organize tasks accordingly along with your team. This also helps to aid in listing tasks and works for your whole team.


This app is compatible for iPhone and available for free for small businesses.


5. Expensify

An absolutely must have app, this integrates your bank account and credit card with itself and helps you by notifying you whenever a payment has to be made. Along with, it assists in categorizing payments in various categories giving you a proper picture of your financial health. You can also take snaps of your receipts to list them and generate report whenever needed.


This app is compatible and available for free on iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone.


6. Triplt

As business owners are you on wheels regularly? Are you often traveling and find it difficult to manage things at a short notice. No need to worry any longer, Triplt helps you maintain a proper balance while juggling between things. It assists in staying organized. Just by forwarding your confirmation emails of your reservation, this app builds itinerary which you can look up to at any time. It also aids notification assistance whenever there is a change in the flight timings.


This app is compatible on iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone.


7. LinkedIn

LinkedIn provides platform for people and business owners to network. Signing up to LinkedIn and creating an account with, one can create groups and know about the latest activities, making networking much easier, to reach out to people.


This app is compatible in iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone.


8. Any.DO

Typing and inputting can be tedious tasks at times and it may not be possible to type everything at length. Any.DO helps to bail you off this problem by providing voice input feature. This is one of the most recommended apps for every business owner. You can load any information of any new item by using the voice feature. Also with just a shake of the phone, you can remove all the completed task.


This app is available for free on iPhone and Android.


Author Bio: Aishwarya Raghunath has authored this post. She regularly contributes to the blog Desi Hisab- Daily Expenses Manager and you can download this expense manager app from Google Play store. Apart from that she is a gadget freak and investment manager.

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7 Marketing Tips Every Small Business Owner Should Know

In today’s world of online marketing, you don’t have to be a large business in order to be in the game. There are various methods and channels that you can use to market your product or services, and compete with the big names in your area. Still, while starting a small business is a fun experience, it also presents a challenge, and it requires effort and patience in order to do it right.


While thinking big and taking on risks may seem enticing, there is a number of common practices that you need to apply in order for your marketing strategy to pan out. Here are 7 marketing tips that you, as a small business owner, should know.




Create high quality content

There is a lot of truth to the saying that content is key. By creating and posting content that is valuable to your visitors, you will drive traffic to your website and increase the conversions into leads or customers. There are various kinds of content that you can implement – blog posts, e-books, podcasts, case studies, videos, etc. You need to grab your visitors’ attention by creating content that is tailored according to their needs. Mention your services, products, business and the people behind it in your posts. In order for you to really benefit from the quality content that you are posting, you should come up with a content promotion strategy.


Design a good browsing experience

As people today look up your online presence before deciding to buy from you, it is essential that you have an impeccably designed website that offers a quality and enticing experience for your visitors. If your website is outdated, it will most probably drive them away to your competition. When designing your website, keep in mind that less is more. For example, creating a simple and clear checkout process is extremely important, as no one enjoys filling unnecessarily long forms. Your website’s speed is also crucial, as it leaves a better impression and drives more traffic and sales.


Define your target audience

By defining your target audience you will be able to determine how and where to market your business. Start by looking at your current customer base. Determine who they are and why they are buying from you, and which ones benefit your business the most. Then look at your competition and look for a niche that they may have overseen. List the benefits of your products or services and then determine who has use of them. Think about demographics factors such as location, age, gender, income, education, etc.


Implement email marketing

Using email is a cost-effective way to promote your content, products and services easily, by providing instant information to your customers. There are various tools for setting an email marketing campaign. Via email, you can educate customers about your services or upcoming events, or upsell to your current customer base. What’s great is that with email marketing there’s less paper trail, so you can spend less while having a more sustainable marketing strategy.


Design for mobile devices

Your website needs to be adaptive to different screen sizes, in order to provide a good user experience on every device. In today’s era of smartphones, having a mobile-friendly design is essential, as a large number of users is shopping via their mobile phones, and expects a website that is tailored to their needs. A mobile-friendly website is bound to increase your traffic and sales, and if you don’t pay attention to this aspect, it is quite possible that your visitors will look for similar products elsewhere.


Collaborate with others

It is no secret that great minds work well together, which can especially be applied to business ventures. An essential strategy for a small business is to build a relationship and develop a collaboration with other businesses in the same niche. By doing this, you will be challenged to think and look for solutions outside of your comfort zone, while staying on top in the marketing world, as businesses that collaborate market better.


Engage with others on forums and in groups

There is a great number of forums and online groups where you can engage with communities that relate to what you are marketing, such as Reddit, Quora, LinkedIn groups and Google+. By participating in these online communities you can boost your network with more traffic and potential new customers. By sharing your knowledge and insights on the subject, and taking part in related conversations, your brand will gain more credibility. You can also use the right opportunity to include links to your blog or website, so that people can look you up and learn more about what you are offering.


Final words

You need to keep in mind that coming up with a good marketing strategy is based on trial and error. Once you implement a certain method or practice, you need to track it for results, and constantly keep improving on what you already have. Make sure that you put yourself out there, by attending events in order to increase your knowledge and exchange ideas. By meeting new people in your field, there is often an opportunity to improve your perspective. Take up any chance to network and learn.


Author Bio: Steven Clarke is a web entrepreneur. He also works as a business consultant at Logo Design Sydney. In his spare time, he likes to write about his ideas and share them with the world. Steven is a regular contributor to several websites.

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7 Steps to Create Google and User Friendly Website Content

In the process of creating content for your website, there are two main concerns you'll need to consider – how to appeal to your readers and give them content they want and love, and, at the very same time, how to make Google and other search engines happy and wanting to rank your website high up. There's a balancing act you'll need to accomplish, but if you educate yourself ahead of time, you can create content that'll be Google and user friendly.




1. Always be an original

No one wants to see information copied and pasted from one website to the next – not Google, and not your readers. What they're looking for is new information, stuff they can't find anywhere else. Perhaps it's a different perspective on a topic that's been talked about ad nauseum, where you may not think there's anything left to talk about – surprisingly, there's always a new way to look at anything. And Google loves to see original content, because they know it's what readers want! So, not only will your readers be getting valuable information they'll want to see – but Google will value that information higher, making it easier for those readers to find it. It's all a big, beautiful circle held together with your original content as the glue.


2. Keywords can unlock many closed doors

It's tempting to want to stuff your content with an abundance of keywords to help boost the chances your readers will find it in their Google searches. But that plan could quickly backfire on you. Keyword stuffing is a big red flag for search engines to see your content stuffed to the brim with keywords. And, besides that, your readers will not want to read an unnatural sounding article that's repetitive and frustrating to get through.


3. Fresh is best

Who doesn't love to read the latest news on anything? It's always best to keep your content fresh and updated on the regular. If there's a topic your readers are interested in, they won't be able to get enough content about it, so keeping it updated regularly can ensure that they'll continually be coming back for more. And Google values fresh content much higher than the stuff that's been sitting around stagnant for some time.


4. Lead with your best stuff

Why save the best for last? If you try to drag out a reader's attention by dangling a carrot of juicy information in front of them, you risk losing them. Grab their attention right away by hooking them in with your best information first. Then, they're more likely to stick around and read a little more, because you're already got them interested.


5. Link it up

Don't try to keep your readers hostage on your website. Show them where they can find other information that's valuable to them, and they'll appreciate it. Demonstrating that you're willing to open the doors of your website up with links to other sites shows your readers that you have a true interest in giving them the information they want. And, when Google sees websites linking to one another, it makes them very happy.


6. Lists rule

They're easy to read and to the point. Lists are some of the best, user friendly things you can add to your content. Yes, readers want information, but they want it fast, in an easy to digest format. Lists are tailor-made for that – they give you a super condensed version of what you're looking for, so there's no need to read through pages of text to search for something. So, whether you've got lists throughout your content or your entire article is a list, the readers are going to like it, which means Google likes it too.


7. Be authentic

It seems easy to want to hide behind your keyboard, but the advantages to putting yourself out there are far greater than hiding away. Not only does Google authorship love to see a real name attached to content, but your readers love it as well. When they see a real person, it's much easier to relate to, feel more comfortable with and be more trusting of them. Trying to remain anonymous will only make your content devoid of any human realness, and won't make Google nor your readers happy.

When you're looking to put together content that appeals to Google and your users, there are a number of online tools and resources to help you achieve this. Assistance ranging from simple spelling and grammar checks all the way through to complete content creation is available online.


Produce website content that makes Google smile and keeps readers coming back with these tools:

Keyword Density Checker
A keyword density of between 2-3% is the ideal number you should be aiming for in your content. Check where you're sitting with this tool.


Easy Word Count
Studies have shown that a length of between 2,000 and 2,500 words helps content rank higher in the search engines. A word count tool, such as this, can help keep you at the right length.


On-Page Optimization Tool
Seeing your website as a search engine spider sees it can give you a perspective that will show you ways of improving the content so as to optimize your SEO.


It's always best to have a real person proofread your content, and the expert team at EssayRoo are there to help you with this task when you need them.


Cite It In
While you're providing your readers with other resources to check out, be sure you're properly citing them with the help of Cite It In. They simplify the confusing process of referencing sources.


Free Keyword Tool
Take the guesswork out of your advertising dollars and optimize your PPC campaigns with more effective keyword selection, made possible by this free keyword tool.


UK Writings
Whether it's total content creation or help with editing something you've already created, the team at UK Writings is staffed with professionals who can assist you in any way you need.


Plagiarism Guides

Plagiarism is a terrible thing to be accused of, and can permanently tarnish your reputation. Avoid this terrible mistake with the help of the plagiarism guides at Australian Help and Academized.


Instantly get feedback and corrections as you write, when you download ProWritingAid right to your device.


Slick Write
Mistakes in your writing can cause readers to call into question your credibility. Keep your credibility intact by keeping your grammar flawless with the help of Slick Write.


Boom Essays
Expert help from Boom Essays is always available, whether it be for content creation or you're looking for a real person to proofread your work.


Author's bio:

Gloria Kopp is a web content writer and an e-Learning consultant from Manville city. She graduated from University of Wyoming and started a career of creative writer, now she works as an editor at Resumention. Besides, she is a regular contributor to such websites as Studydemic, HuffingtonPost, Engadget, etc.

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7 Ways to Expose Your Content Using Facebook

One of the most common ways to expose content is using social media networks. You can create a profile or page and then start sharing your posts or articles there, so people can read/watch it, share it and like it. But, as you know, it is easier said than done.


It is not enough just to sit and write a post, so then you can hope for the best. Most of the time what will come from it is a couple of views, and that is it. You need to go that extra mile if you really want to spread the word about what you are doing by doing some of the ways we will present to you below.




1. Join groups of interest

There are several groups on Facebook dedicated to the most amazing topics. And most of them are very active. So what you have to do is to find out which are the best options for you, join them, and discover the best way to share your content with them.


Generally speaking, what you want is to pick those groups where your target audience virtually hangs out and become an effective contributor. Read all posts with interest, and answer questions if you can. Also, make sure that you follow the group’s guidelines so not to be inconvenient.


And don’t overdo your posting – instead, only use your content to answer people’s questions or when you are 100% sure that they will be happy to see it. Otherwise, it will backfire on you.


2. Pay for ads

Sometimes, what you want to share is just too commercial. So it is better, to be honest about it and pay for ads on Facebook. The biggest social media network has been improving their paid advertising solution, so you are getting much more than before.


What you need to ensure here is that your ad will be seen by the target audience that you want. And Facebook won’t guess it for you. You are the one who needs to narrow down to whom your ad will be displayed by giving them insights into their characteristics – meaning that if you don’t know your target audience very well, do your homework before buying your ads.


3. Make the most of the visual resources

Only your family and friends want to hear from you on Facebook. Your clients, maybe not so much. Your potential clients, probably even less. You have to understand that Facebook is a social media for informal conversations and not for business. So you need to find your way to get their attention in a positive manner.


And the best way to do it is by making the most of any visual resources you might have. You will want to look for high-quality photos and illustrations, perfectly edited and emotionally engaging. And it is because your target audience needs to feel motivated to read your post. And nothing better than the right image to do it.


4. Answer your comments one by one

A good trick to use on Facebook to keep your post at the top of your results is by answering your comments sparsely. As you might know, every time that someone comments on your post it goes up and gets to be seen by more people. And the same happen when you answer them.


So, instead of answering all your comments in one go, answer a couple of them and then come back for more later. It will bring your post back to people’s timelines and notifications, improving your chances to be heard by more people.


5. Post consistently

If you are posting the right content to the right people, the chances are that they will be waiting to hear more from you. And the truth is that people follow patterns even unconsciously and also tend to forget things (and people) quite easily. Meaning that they will be expecting you to show up with a decent frequency and offering the same type of content.


In other words, make sure that you post regularly, usually at the same time, and that you only write about the same subject – the one that you know well. It will help people to see you as an authority in your area of interest, and it will also make you sound professional, as in taking your content seriously.


6. Tag the right people

If you are sure that someone really wants to hear or read what you just posted, don’t be afraid of tagging them on your comment or even on the post itself. Let’s say that a potential client has mentioned that they would love to know more about a certain book, which you hadn’t read yet. But now you did, and you wrote a post about it. In this case, there is no harm in tagging the person.


By doing it, you will refresh your name of your potential client’s memory. And it will also increase the chances that they will comment and engage with your post, and even share it with their own audience – just because people love to see their names mentioned online.


7. Create a user-generated content contest

If you want to see your content getting more shares, then let your audience create it. User-generated content is something that people really engage with and tend to share with their families and friends – which is all that you can dream of.


So as your followers to create their own content about your brand of the topic of choice. You will certainly get more views than you never had before and it won’t cost you much. Just make sure that the rules are clear and enjoy the results later.


The bottom line

As you can see, there are many simple ways to increase the exposure of your content on Facebook. And they are all easy to implement. Yes, there will be a bit of hard work, but it is all part of networking.


The good news is that, once you build up your audience, it tends to be loyal as long you keep offering what they need. Meaning that you will have the perfect place to promote your posts, products, and service from now on.


About author:

Eliza Medley is a talented writer for research paper help. Also, she is a marketing expert and guest contributor for many blogs. Her articles are related to education, tech, blogging, and internet marketing. Follow @Eliza_Medley on Twitter.

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How Artificial Intelligence Will Change the Future

Artificial intelligence is already here. When you visit a website and a popup window featuring an attractive face asks you if you have any questions, that’s probably not a real person. Instead, it’s a bot that has learned to answer questions just like a human. AI is also behind all of those driverless cars you keep hearing about but have probably not seen in person.


Artificial intelligence is simply the capability of computer systems to learn from various sources of input and to become more and more intelligent. Google, Amazon, NetFlix, and Tesla are just a few examples of brands who are doing amazing things with this technology.


In fact, you probably couldn't spend more than an hour online without running into some type of technology driven by artificial intelligence. AI is used to learn patterns, make predictions, and formulate appropriate responses.


While AI capabilities have been around for decades, there weren’t many practical uses for it in the past. This is why for many years, references to artificial intelligence remained largely in the realm of sci-fi. Now, that has changed.


Thanks to the internet, big data, and consumer demand for better user experiences, AI has a newly found usefulness. What’s even more exciting than that is the fact that AI will have a huge impact on the future. To put it into perspective, 32 percent of software technology and IT companies invested in AI in 2016. Keep reading to learn more.


Here are just a few of the ways that AI will impact our future.


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Our Possessions Will Become Smarter And More Connected

Fifteen years ago, you could expect to invest around 2 grand in a decent home computer system. Now, this technology has gotten significantly smaller. It’s also cheaper as well. Because of this, nearly anything that is powered by electricity can have a computer or processor put inside of it. Our thermostats, home security systems, appliances, and other items are now available as connected devices.


At the moment, the internet of things is still relatively small. This is partial because people might go more than a decade before they replace a dishwasher or refrigerator. That means adopting these new technologies is a slow process. However, in the future owning connected appliances, cars, and other devices will be the norm.


That isn’t the only change the future will bring. Most IOT devices only communicate with one or two sources. For example, your thermostat might be connected to an app on your phone. However, in the future that is likely to change. Imagine your car sending a signal to your thermostat when it senses you are fifteen minutes from home. The thermostat could then automatically adjust from a budget friendly temperature to one that is more fit for humans in anticipation of your arrival. The head of your electric toothbrush might even work with your refrigerator to include ‘new toothbrush heads’ on your weekly shopping list.


As connected devices become the norm, businesses will find new ways to use artificial intelligence to create more connections. This will create better customer experiences, and make life more convenient for us all.


Brands Will Use Machine Learning to Serve Customers Better

If there is one thing that meets the ‘classical’ definition of artificial intelligence that is familiar to most, machine learning would be it. If you’ve ever interacted with Cleverbot or seen the movie AI, what you have seen is a humanized version of machine learning. This is essentially a computer system that not only memorizes input but adapts as well.


Picture a chatbot offering up automated customer service on a website. However, instead of just being able to answer direct questions or memorize some basic exchanges, the bot can detect when a customer is getting frustrated. This could then be used as a signal to provide reassurance or to ask the customer if they want to escalate the issue. Even more exciting for brands would be a bot driven by artificial intelligence that could sense when a customer was most receptive to making a purchase or listening to a sales pitch. The bot could then signal a real sales rep or customer service representative to take over. It could also initiate a discussion about special offers or discounts. Machine learning can even play a role in improving the internal processes and procedures in an organization. For example, by analyzing customer responses to social content, a system might recommend that a marketing team improve writing to increase engagement.


More Brands Will Start Using Their Data For Analytical Purposes

A large part of artificial intelligence will be in the area of data and analytics. Unfortunately, most companies are not taking advantage of the data they have stored beyond operational purposes. The result of this is that they don’t truly have the insight into their customers’ behaviors, values, and needs that they should. In fact, companies that aren’t using data are missing huge opportunities to gain and retain loyal customers.


Currently, there are many tools available that can be used to clean and refine data for analysis, as well as tools that can be used to perform that analysis. In the future, there will be even more of these tools available, the price points for them will lower significantly, and this will make the process of data analysis more accessible to smaller businesses.


What’s the role of AI in all of this? Currently, analytics tools only give users the information that they ask for. When artificial intelligence is added to the mix, the tools will be able to anticipate which data is useful and even arrange that data in ways that are most useful for the user. As a result, the information can be used to gain even more insight. This can be used to enhance customer experiences, and recognize points of disconnect.


Predictive Analytics Will Become The Next Big Thing

Data itself, and even the analysis performed using that data all contains patterns. Just like you used patterns in school to predict what might come next in a row of shapes and symbols, artificial intelligence can be used to recognize patterns as well. Then, it to can predict what comes next. However, rather than predicting a shape or color, AI might be used to predict customer behavior or the popularity of a product at a given time.


Over time, systems can become smarter and even better able to formulate predictions that are accurate. The development of this intelligence will likely come from not just better capabilities within the systems themselves, but also an increased availability of data from which to learn. Think of all of those connected devices and appliances that people will have. Now, imagine those all feeding data into a household management system that will eventually learn your family’s patterns of behavior. This could then be used to recommend schedule changes and other things to help make your daily life run more efficiently.


It’s not difficult to imagine non-competing brands sharing data with one another to enhance their predictive analytics abilities as well. Imagine airlines, hotels, and rental car companies sharing aggregate data with one another so that each brand could improve their abilities to predict patterns in the behavior of travelers.



There likely will not be a watershed moment that changes the way AI impacts our daily lives. Instead, it will be a gradual process where data becomes more available and AI is slowly incorporated into analytics tools.


About Author:

Malia Keirsey is an ambitious guest contributor, writer and web designer for this reviews page. She has finished the University of Chicago with master’s degree in sociology. Today, she is fond of blogging and writing about internet marketing, tech, and education. Follow @MaliaKeirsey on Twitter.

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6 Tips To Improve Your Website And Make It Stand Out

Keeping your website fresh and up to date with current trends and technologies is essential for your search engine ranking and UX. If you don’t pay enough attention to your website’s design and functionality, a high bounce rate is an inevitable outcome, and your conversion rates will drop immensely. If this is the kind of situation you are facing, then it’s time to implement some changes and test them out. Here are 6 tips on how you could do that.




1. Use quality images

It is always a good idea to refresh your site with a set of new and quality images that give the wanted mood to your website. Rotating images on your website is a good way to make sure that your users are returning, as well as that your new visitors have a good first impression of your website. In order to have a perfect user experience, you should avoid generic stock photography, and use images that convey your own services and products in a sincere way that will increase brand loyalty. Keep in mind that your images need to be optimized in format and size, so that your website’s performance is unaffected. There are various image optimization plugins that can help you do this.


2. Make attractive CTAs

The visual cues on your website are important, since they help your users determine and find what they are looking for. Coloring is essential, and bold and unexpected color moments are bound to bring attention to where it’s due. Mark your calls to action with appropriate action words in order to make sure that your users know exactly what they will achieve by clicking on them. They should include verbs that invite them to take a wanted action, and they should be called to do it right away. Keep in mind the psychology of color and the words that you use, in order to incorporate the appropriate psychological triggers for your visitors to identify with your website’s content.


3. Use customer testimonials to your advantage

Customer testimonials are a kind of social proof of your competence and the quality of your products. Presenting this form of trust signals on your website is a good way to increase conversions on your sales, because it gives your brand a more favorable perception. The customers’ patience for sleazy marketing tricks is really low, so building trust with your customer base in a constructive way is extremely important. A large number of satisfied customers has a substantial influence, so make sure that you incorporate testimonials and reviews from your most loyal customers on various sections of your website: your product pages, landing pages, pricing pages and your home page.


4. Take care of your 404 errors

If not a warrant for a search engine penalty, landing on a non-existing page is a certain path to throwing away your visitors. Next to slow loading speed, there’s nothing worse than piquing your user’s interest with content, only for them to face a 404 error instead of what they were looking for. The problem with 404 errors is that they aren’t always your fault. It happens that pages change and URLs shift, and often you don’t even know that it happened. You need to optimize your 404 pages, or you can use some of the existing plugins that help you check for broken links and fix them right away.


5. Use WordPress

It is essential that you incorporate a good CMS for your website. WordPress is often recommended as the best solution, as it is very SEO-friendly due to a good semantic markup, and comes with a lot of customization options and plugins, which can help improve your website’s appearance and functionality. A good plugin you should try out is WordPress SEO by Yoast, which includes a complete website optimization package, allowing you to add open graph meta data, publish XML sitemap, do page analysis and more. Another one is W3 Total Cache, which optimizes your website’s speed and performance with browser caching and compresses pages for faster downloading.


6. Pay attention to detail

One of the most basic tips is to check your website’s content for improvements and pay attention to the smallest of details.Go through your website’s content and implement some on-page optimization methods, like writing meta-descriptions for your pages, adding alt and title tags to your images, using appropriate headings and subheadings, performing keyword analysis, etc. Paying attention to such details can go a long way.


In the end, it’s important that you test the improvements and tweaks to your website, and always make sure you’re ahead of what your users expect from you. A properly designed website is both pleasant to the eye and at its best functionality. Make sure to never focus on one aspect at the price of another, and you’ll be good to go.


Author Bio:

Steven Clarke is a web entrepreneur and a business consultant. Whenever he gets the time, he likes to write about his ideas and share them with the world. He is currently advising WordPress Development companies from Sydney. You can find him on Twitter.

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