How Not to Overspend and Save Money on Hard Drives

Hard drives are the physical and accessible stage devices that we are using in this technology era. Mechanical, SSD or Cloud, whatever you call it by the name, the data will finally has to store in a physical device.

You might have learnt in the school days that computers’ hardware is perishable and can worn out with time. Of course, hardware would. Because they will be made form the earthly available materials only.

The bottom line is that we end up buying a new hard drive if anything goes wrong with the existing one. Sometime it is not about the buying a new hard drive, it is about saving the money.

Any hard drive with emulators and heavy tools installed will worn out sooner than expected. The best way to retreat the investment of money on new HDDs is to avoid ignoring the health status of the devices.

We have many HDD health showing tools available for both Windows, Mac and Linux. Some of these tools not only monitor the status of the health of the hard drive but also provide simple options to defrag, delete junk and optimize the drives at regular intervals.

Let’s see what should we focus on, in order to save money on hard drives maintenance and while buying them.

Avoid bad and incompatible software

Bad software means the programs that destroy the system software while running. Software like emulators and simulators destroy the hardware by force rendering the capability of the hardware to perform. They even overtake the control of the file system format on the local machines to operate the tools on the emulator with their native environment.

A hard drive of 500GB (suppose) will be divided into 450GB and 50GB (suppose the emulator assigned memory) for the emulator and that chunk of memory will be differently formatted for the native file support the emulator. This leaves the hard drive summarize the total storage on the computer as 450GB.

The emulator assigned memory can be retrieved later after removing the emulator software on the system but, the part of storage that was assigned will dump a lot of junk and bad clusters while re-formatting back to computer’s file format. This leaves the system loss some part of the hard drive storage as dead memory.

Use the emulators rarely. It is always better to buy a specific device or hardware instead of emulating it on the working system.

The less you use the emulators on the computer the less are the chances of hard drive failure. The less the chances of hard drive failure the less the chances of buying a new hard drive. Thus, your money will be saved.

Buy hard drives with large capacity at one time

You may not need the high capacity storage drives for your usage. But the need for data storage will never end. The greed for information will always open doors to storage expansion on your computer.

If you compare the prices of the storage devices, the larger capacity hard drives are cheaper than the lower capacity hard drives. For example, Seagate Expansion 1TB Portable External Hard Drive costs $55 where as same Seagate Expansion with 2TB Portable External Hard Drive costs just $80. The 5TB version of same Seagate Expansion Portable External Hard Drive costs just $130. Hope you got my point.

Buy/expand cloud storage instead of multiple hard drives

You can also save money on hard drives by opting for cloud storages. You can access your data anywhere with a computer having an internet connection. If you wanted to expand the storage, you would be having to upgrade to a higher storage plan. That’s it.

Pricing on the cloud storages will have to be paid monthly. If we take Google Drive as an example, spending $1.99 per month on 100GB monthly is a worthy investment if you are a power data user. Their highest plan is $299.99 for 30TB storage monthly.

If you are running a business, it is completely worth going for Google cloud storage.

Hope that helps!
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5 Best Wireless Keyboards for Apple Mac/iOS Devices of 2016

When it is about working for long hours, there is a need for sophisticated equipment for high productivity. One cannot work on the laptop keyboard all the hours. The sitting posture might also not be good when working on the laptop.

Apple MacBook devices are known for their excellent computing experience. They are wonderful machines to work on. But, when you are working on any multimedia project or editing a video, trackpad and laptop built-in keyboard will add stress to complete the job. So, it is always better to have an external mouse and keyboard when working in office.

Any mouse will work the same with Mac or Windows, but the keyboards should be specific. Apple’s official keyboard is costly and is not quite affordable for everyone. There are many other alternatives for it online. Let me pick some good looking and best performing wireless keyboards for your Apple MacBook that are under your budget and requirement.

1. GMYLE Universal Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard

GYMLE Universal Bluetooth Wireless is a 3 system keyboard compatible with iOS, Android and Windows. It works on AAA batteries and can last up to 3 months (depends on usage though).

2. Satechi Bluetooth Wireless Smart Keyboard


Satechi Wireless keyboard is compatible with Mac OSX, iOS, PC, Android and Windows operating systems. You can easily switch between 5 connected devices and can be used as both wired and wireless based on the purpose and need.

3. Anker Ultra Compact Slim Profile Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard


Anker Ultra Compact wireless keyboard is shorter than the traditional keyboard and fits in 2 thirds of the space that it would take. This keyboard is compatible for iOS, Android, Windows and Mac operating systems. It comes with 800mAh internal rechargeable battery that lasts long for 6 moths on single charge.

4. Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K750


Logitech Wireless Solar keyboard charges itself in any natural light and can work for 3 months in total darkness. It is built ultra slim and comes with a Logitech unifying receiver that connects to additional compatible devices.

5. HDE Mini Aluminum Wireless Multimedia Keyboard


As the name sounds, HDE Mini Aluminum Wireless Multimedia Keyboard is a mini keyboard easy to carry and is compatible with the iOS devices like iPad and iPad pro. This keyboard can also be connected to Windows PCs.

Hope you liked them all. Choose one among those 5 and get computing on Apple Mac/iOS devices on your fingertips.
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Xiaomi Launches Redmi 3 High; How Different is it from Redmi Note 3?


Xiaomi has launched another version of Redmi Note 3 for 899 CNY i.e., $139 USD yesterday. The new version of the Redmi Note 3 is named as ‘Redmi 3 High’ with some downgrades and upgrades to the features and hardware of the device.

Xiaomi Redmi 3 High has 3GB RAM and 32GB internal storage and is available at the same rate of previous Redmi Note 3. The hype for flash sale has not even come down yet and launching of another Note 3 version will impact the sales of 2GB/16GB version fro sure.

People are still using tricks to buy Redmi Note 3 in a flash sale. The 3GB/32GB version is the first preference of everyone and the 2GB/16GB as second. If Redmi 3 High comes into market a the same price, the stocks for 2GB/16GB will have to be sold at even cheaper prices.

What does Xiaomi Redmi 3 High have? How different is it from the normal Redmi Note 3? Here are the differences,
  1. Redmi 3 High is a 5 inch phone with 720p display whereas Redmi Note 3 is a 5.5 inch phone with 1080p display.
  2. Redmi Note 3 has Snapdragon 650 processor where as Redmi 3 High has Snapdragon 616 processor.
  3. The Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 has 16MP camera where as Redmi 3 High has 13MP rear camera using same technologies. The front camera remain the same.
  4. Xiaomi Redmi 3 High comes with Android Marshmallow 6.0 whereas Redmi 3 comes with Android Lollipop 5.1.1 on board.
  5. Redmi 3 comes High comes with Quick Charge 3.0
This product is currently available in China and has not released in the international market. The MediaTek processor version of Chinese Redmi Note 3 may not clash with the Snapdragon version of the Redmi 3 High.

Let’s wait till it gets into the international market.
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Tricks to Buy Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 in Flash Sale (No Scripts)

It is not an updated script or a super fast computer or internet. It is all common sense and little knowledge that acted for me today while booking Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 from Amazon’s flash sale. I haven’t used any scripts or helping apps for adding the unit to my cart. My story can help you book Redmi Note 3 next time.

Note: However, the working of this trick depends on various factors like health of the web browser, speed on the internet connection and working conditions of your peripheral devices.

Register for flash sale from two Amazon accounts

I have registered for flash sale from my two Amazon accounts. Because two can give you more chances than one single account. Don’t do it from more than two, because you may not get time to hit the ‘buy’ button all at a time.

Do not use script, it may mislead

I actually wanted to use a script but, I didn’t rely on it much. Websites like Amazon can trick you with the script parameters that may end you up with wrong product in the cart.

The script I have used was taken from a blog. I was pretty convinced to use the script for Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 flash sale this time until I found this comment under his post, suggesting the changes needed in the script.

The commenter suggests the change ‘jQuery("button:eq(0)’ in the script to ‘jQuery("button:eq(3)’. Technically, this change will add up the gold 3GB/32GB version of Redmi Note 3 in to cart. However, Amazon has kept on changing the order of smartphone list from sale to sale to confuse the script developers.

Beware of the web browser you use

So, I used my two registrations, one with script and another normally. I found during the countdown to start a sale that the browser(Google Chrome) which am I using for script purpose is showing wrong countdown time with almost 5-7 seconds lately. The countdown for 2GB/16GB products are a step ahead. Initially, I thought the sale was set to start like that by default.

I checked another browser (Mozilla Firefox) which I am using for normal booking purpose. The timers are running correctly on this one. This started smelling fishy and uninstalled the script extensions and additions on the Chrome and refreshed the page.

For my surprise, the problem is not with the scripts but the browser itself. The code related to run timers is not working in order. I still ignored this and waited for the sale to start.

Browser extensions will add weight

The web browser you are using to book the phone should have very few to no extensions on it. Because, the extensions can prolong the page loading time of the web pages. It might be in seconds that you cannot notice normally. But, during flash false, each second counts.

Do not rely on limited stock open sale

As it is an open sale, those who haven’t registered and those who have will be on the page jamming the servers to load lately for slow internet speed connections. The sale on April 27th on was over in a few seconds.

Do you own research in selecting a color or the device

If you want to grab the phone in a flash sale, decide over the version based on the specifications and color. Do not waste your time asking people ‘which one would be good looking?’. It is the performance that you should ask about, not the color. Different people will have different interests over the color the device. So, decide the color first.

Or the person you asked might mislead you to trim the competition for that color version during the sales.

Read my story..

What I noticed for April 27th sale was people were bragging about the 3GB/32GB Gold version. The Amazon page was also showing 3GB/32GB Gold version only for the upcoming sale. Space grey was my first preference and target, but all I saw in the stock was the 2GB/16GB version. That was a decision making time for me. I am a techie and a power user; 2GB/16GB will not come to any use of my usage but, the regarding the looks space grey rules my mind.

Just as everyone does, I joined a few groups in social media and started asking queries about the phone. Some of my questions about availability 3GB/32GB grey version were not answered satisfactory.

I have found the 3GB/32GB grey version on which says out of stock. I thought everyone is after gold version of Redmi Note 3 and underestimated the hype for the grey version. More over the availability of 3GB/32GB version reviews on the internet are of gold version's. So I've decided to grab a gold version compromising the grey looks.

Finally, when the sale started on April 27th, I have my two browsers opened Chrome and Firefox. Chrome with more than 10 extensions dumped me loading the page for life time and leaving me a waiting list status where as Firefox added the 3GB/32GB grey unit quickly into my cart.

Have two delivery addresses ready before adding

Finally, somehow I had my grey 3GB version in m cart but when I clicked the checkout button, the error popped up showing that the seller cannot deliver the product to my address. After wasting a lot of my time over thinking, I have reminded of my friend in near by city and the time left was 3:00 minutes and counting down. I made a call asked his address, filled up the delivery form, paid for the product and when it was running below 20 seconds, I proceeded the checkout very dramatically that would only see in movies.


Don't play a hero like me at such times. Have two different addresses ready before the start of the sale.
That's all I can advice according to my experiences. Use simple common sense and do not always rely on scripts. All the best for the Xiaomi’s Redmi Note 3 next Flash Sale. Share you experiences in comments below.
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Google Introduces Anchor/Overlay and Vignette Ad Formats

Google had left us a clue about this overlay ads 2 years ago and you had seen that in a post on Amfas Tech in the past. Google comes up with the beta version of the Anchor/Overlay and Vignette ads with readers in mind.

New ad formats may or may not work for all of the AdSense publishers. Because, we’ve seen it in the past. The custom sizes, super large vertical and horizontal banners didn’t work out for most of the publishers. Overlay ads as they sound, will appear blinding the content during the page load time.

Coming back to the new overlay ads, they display at the bottom of the content as always-on-top units. These can be dismissed by click on ‘X’ on the ad. If the readers clicks on it, they will be displayed full screen with animations or videos. These ads will also appear as links ads that we see with infolinks integration. These two ad types will work on mobile screens only.

On the other side, the vignette ads loads in the loading time of the webpage like as we see ads on YouTube videos. These ads can be easily skipped by users at anytime like as of YouTube’s.

overlay-ads-adsense                                   vignette-ads-adsense
Anchor/Overlay ads                                                                            Vignette Ads

Google introducing these ads is quite sweet shocking people because, overlaying the content might act against their own policies. But, Google confirms that these ads are introduced keeping the use in mind and so they are safe to implement on our sites too in terms of Google SEO.

The good news is that we can preview the ads on the mobile by adding the hashtag #googleads to the URL of the page.

The new Google ad formats are cool. But, these ad formats could affect the user engagement rate as they do for the other ad serving networks like infolinks. This might result in increase of bounce rates on mobile phones. Because, it is always better to have minimum ads on the mobile version of the websites.

Google provides all guidelines to enable and implement these ad formats on your website. You will have to add a piece of ad code in <head> or <body> sections of the pages for these ads. Login into your AdSense account, you will see the instructions right on the screen.

Please note that these ad formats are still in beta phase. It might take some time to Google to regularize them. Enabling them on the site would be experimenting itself. So, do it with this point in mind.

All the best!
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Why Do You Need a Mobile Manager Software on Your Computer?

Android has been the most used operating system all over the world. The features, open source nature of the technology, availability of the number of applications for different purposes and the cost of development are the crucial factors of the Android’s popularity.


Apple iOS is no less to the popularity level of Android but a premium operating system and is exclusively available with the Apple devices. iOS is known for its stability, seamless performance and innovation. Apple would be the first operating system to get new application ideas most of the times which are later adapted into the Android by the developer.


What is this all about? What’s the need of a mobile manager?



I just started a post with a topic Android and iOS and the title seems different. Am I misleading you?




We live in a world where our lifestyles are dependent on the mobile phones. It is hard find a person having only single mobile phone these days or a person with a mobile phone that is aged more than 12 months.


I wonder if you had caught my point!


Yes! I am talking about the data integrity over the mobile phones. This article is about the mobile manager that is needed to take backups and manage the mobile content including the messages, contacts, music and files on the smartphone.


We switch mobile phones very easily. That is why smartphone market is in boom. What we actually don’t care before switching the SIM and memory cards is the data. We don’t actually worry about the crucial data like contacts, calendar entries and messages.


My phone syncs data with my Google account, should I still listen to you?

What Google backs up is the contacts that are associated with the Gmail account and that are saved to that particular Google account. What happens to your contacts saved onto your device?


This applies the same to the calendar entries too. Then what about the SMSs? You might have some registration details confirmation in them that has to be shown to the authorities in future.


The simple conclusion is, Google won’t synchronize all your data. Don’t be in a trans.


(Well! I guess you still wanna listen to me. Then, read on..)


I have backup apps on my device. Should I still…?

Backup application are the great innovational app ideas for mobile phones. Most of them work only when there is a data/Wi-Fi connection. Some mobile phones don’t even have the stable Google Play Services installed on them to reinstall those backup apps for restoring purposes.


Only a mobile manager can restore the stuff back on to the device irrespective of its version and state (You must have had taken backup using the same software in the past).


I recommend you to buy a premium version of the mobile manager to look after your smartphone data from time to time.


(You can the mobile manage software reviews from this link if you want to get one)

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