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Google Takes Back ‘Ban’ on Sexually Explicit Content Blogger Blogs

It has not been so long since Google announced the ban on sexual content blogs on their free blogging platform, Blogger. We have seen Google saying that they are going to take action on the sexual content blogger blogs from March 23rd of 2015 so recently.

The company have also made changes to their policies to make internet free from sexually explicit content. Amfas Tech welcomed this change whole heartedly as this coincides with our policy of spreading awareness on online security. But it seems like our happiness didn’t last so long.

What made Google change the decision?

The change of ‘change of policy’ is updated by +Jessica Capelegio, employee of Google in the product forums page. However, the old link about the ‘change of policy’ has been redirected to this page after the change of decision.

According to the update posted by Jessica, Google took back the word as it shows a negative impact on those who post sexually explicit content to express their identities and those adult bloggers who have been with blogger from 10+ years.

“..So rather than implement this change, we’ve decided to step up enforcement around our existing policy prohibiting commercial porn.” says Jessica in her update.

However, adult bloggers are advised to mark it as ‘Adult content’ in blogger dashboard that puts their blog(s) behind the ‘Adult content’ page.


Take a look at the change of ‘change of policies’ on Blogger policies page.


I would personally like to thanks to my friend Gopi Talluri for bringing it to our notice with the references of reliable internet sources.

This is the quickest ever policy change I have ever known about in my tech life. Hoping for the best, Amfas Tech will help you keep you updated on online security issues.

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Google Takes on Sexually Explicit Blogs, Going to Block or Delete Blogger Blogs with Nudity from March 23rd 2015

This is going to be one of the game changing decisions that Google have taken for Blogger in this era. They announce that they are going to block or remove content or blogs entirely from March 23rd of 2015.

New year resolutions for Blogger seems like have started like this, a lot better way ensuring the social web security and clean content for the internet users. They also say that will allow nudity if the content have an educational, artistic, documentary or scientific benefits substantially.


What’s going to change on your blog?

You don’t have to worry if you don’t have any kind of explicit, nude or any pornographic content on your Blogger blog. Your blog in such case won’t get affected.

On the other side, if you have a blog that entertains adults with all the no-more-allowed kind of content, it is the time for you to wake up from the bed and pack up your things. Because Blogger will not allow you to have ‘such’ content any more on your site from March 23 of this year.

Your content is either made private or removed completely from the web.

What to do to safe guard your site?

If your site have any such content that violates this new policy of Google, remove it as soon as possible before 23rd of March or else you will have to see the magic hat-rabbit trick performed by Google.

It is however better to backup your blog and Google is ready to help you with that. Check out Google’s Takeout to use that feature.

Any new blogs that are created after march 23rd would have to comply with this new policy from then along with the rest. Read the updated Blogger policies here.


Amfas Tech welcomes this wonderful changes being added to the Blogger policies as it supports our concern over the child and web safety content on the internet.

What do you think? Is Blogger making a good move? I’d be glad to have your thoughts in comments below.
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Lava Iris X8 Review: A True Competitor to Yu Yureka?

Seems like Lava had it up its sleeve already. The Noida based Indian company have released a true competitor to Yu Yureka, the next beast(pardon), the next god version of smartphones, Iris X8 into the budget smartphone category recently with the same price tag as of Yureka’s, ranging around Rs.8,999.

It comes with damn good looks and great specifications. It seems like Micromax’s Yu Yureka have found someone of its own size to get into the true fight. Let’s take a tour of specifications of Lava Iris X8 and see if it can beat or get beaten by Yu Yureka.

Round #1


Lava Iris X8 comes with iPhonic design in two color variants, pure black and pure white with common golden edge frame. It looks more like an iPhone 5S and less like a new flagship device in terms of design.


Where as, Yu Yureka comes with a slim and sleek design with mat finish back panel and glossy finish on the front in a single moonstone grey color of a whole.

It is pretty hard to choose one in terms of design as each of them have their own iconic design.

By the end of this round,

Bot the competitors gets the equal fight.

Result: Draw

Round #2



Lava Iris X8 have got 5 inch HD IPS display that can fit 720x1280p resolution on the screen with 16.7M color rendering capacity. It comes with Asahi Glass protection.

Where as, Micromax Yu Yureka comes with 5.5 inch HD IPS display that can render 1280x720p resolution along with the rendering capacity of 16M colors on the screen. It is protected with Corning Gorilla Glass 3.

A 5 inch display can do better than a 5.5 inch one as both the devices have the same rendering capacity of resolution. Also X8 can display 0.7M more colors compared to that of Yu Yureka. Yureka could give only one punch with Gorilla Glass 3

By the end of this round,

Lava Iris X8 – 2 punches
Micromax Yu Yureka – 1 punch

Result: Lava Iris X8 wins

Round #3


Iris X8 steps into the ring with 1.4 GHz Octa-Core ARM Cortex A7 Processor(32-bit) which can run multi-tasking much better than Quad-Core processors.

Where as, Yu Yureka steps in with Octa-Core Qualcomm Snapdragon 615(64-bit) processor with much enhanced capability of handling the multitasking on the phone more speeder than Iris X8.

It doesn’t mean that Iris X8 is not good but, when compared with Yu Yureka, it lags behind.

In this round, Iris got nothing dominating and Yu Yureka already hit 2 punches with 0.1GHz extra speed and 64-bit processor.

(Qualcomm Snapdragon is found to be more powerful than ARM Cortex processors. So Yu Yureka get a bonus point)

By the end of this round,

Lava Iris X8 – Stays defensive
Micromax Yu Yureka – 2 punches + bonus point

Result: Yu Yureka Wins

Round #4

RAM & Memory:

Lava Iris X8 is equipped with 2GB RAM and 16GB ROM where 12.9GB is actually usable. The 2GB is a great for a Octa-Core processor or else the processor could not be used of its full.

Where as, Yu Yureka also comes with 2GB DDR3 RAM with same 16ROM where 12.5GB is actually usable. For this gadget also, 2GB DDR3 RAM is a great fit for 1.5Ghz 64-bit Octa-Core processor.

Both the RAM configurations are apt for their processor architectures. But, there is a chance of improving the usage of Yureka’s 64-bit processor to it fullest by increasing the RAM(which is not possible) while the processing capacity cannot be improved to the extent that of Yureka’s, in case of ARM’s Cortex A7.

Both the devices supports the expandability of memory through external memory cards up to 32GB.

Though it is hard to decide a winner in this round, one between the two can be chosen by taking over the precise specifications.

By the end of this round,

Lava Iris X8 – Fights to the end
Micromax Yu Yureka – Punches final uppercut with DDR3 precision

Result: Micromax Yu Yureka

Round #5

Operating System:

Lava Iris X8 runs on Android v4.4 Kitkat with the guaranteed upgrade to Lollipop version.


Where as, Micromax Yu Yureka runs on Cyanogen Mod OS version 11 which is a customized version of Android v4.4 Kitkat.

By the end of this round,

Iris X8 is Lollipop upgradable and Yu Yureka has non-void warrantee though rooted. These two handsets have their benefits in different perspectives. So, it is hard to call off this round with a winner.

Result: Draw

Round #6


Iris X8 have a 8MP AF camera on the rear side with dual flash and a 3MP selfie-camera on the front. It can record videos in full HD resolution. The camera comes with a QR code scanner application that can decode the 2D coded information on the products and cards as well.

Legacy features like Face detection, Facebook Upload, HDR, Panorama Mode, Face Beauty and Live Photo Mode are continued a usual.

Where as, Yu Yureka comes with a 13MP AF rear camera with flash and a 5MP selfie-camera on the front. It can record videos in full HD 1080P resolution.

By the end of this round,

We can clearly say that Yureka beats Iris X8 in terms of camera.

Result: Micromax Yu Yureka wins

Round #7


Lava Iris X8 supports 3G connectivity along with the legacy connectivity features like 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0, Micro USB connectivity, Tethering, GPRS, EDGE, GPS and works with the GSM band frequency of 850/900/1800/1900 & WCDMA with frequency of 2100.

Where as, Micromax Yureka supports 4G LTE connectivity with TDD frequency of 2300MHz and FDD frequency of B3 1800MHz along with the regular supporting of GSM with 900/800/1900MHz and WSDM with frequency of 900/2100MHz. The rest of the usual connectivity features are also continued in Yureka.

By the end of this round,

It is clearly known that  Micromax dominates Lava iris in this context.

Result: Micromax Yu Yureka wins

Round #8


No matter how better the specifications, they would be nothing with a weak battery. Let’s discuss about the stamina of these two tough players and finalize the fight result.

Lava Iris X8 comes with 2500mAh Li-Pol battery that can withstand up to 14h 2G, 9.6h 3G talk time and 291h 2G and 3G standby time.

Where as, Yureka comes with the same powered 2500mAh battery 210 standby hours and 8 hours talk time. Large screen and 64-bit processor might be the cause for this depreciation.

By the end of this round,

Though beaten up, Lava Iris X8 could stand up in the ring with a bit more stamina than that of Micromax Yu Yureka.

Result: Lava Iris X8 wins

Final Scoreboard

After having a tough fight in rounds of different perspectives, the following is the finalized score

Lava Iris X8 gets 2 wins from 8 rounds where as Micromax Yu Yureka backs 4 wins and remaining 2 are declared ‘draw’. This doesn’t only mean Yureka wins the competition but it also means that Lava Iris X8 have given a tough fight in those two ‘drawn’ perspectives.

Don’t you think Iris X8 is a tough competitor for Yu Yureka? Share your thoughts and experiences with these two handsets in comments below.
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Collect All Highlighted Texts in a Document in One Click Using Google Docs

We actually don’t need the entire document to give references. All we need are the highlighting points of it. Because, one cannot go through the number of pages to find that reference or cannot flip over number of pages to read those highlighted texts.


How cool it would be if you can collect all your highlights in a document and save them separately with no effort of copy-pasting at all?


If you want to avail this feature, you need have a Google account and the digital copy of the document that you wanted to gather highlights from.


Uploading the file

Step 1: Go to Google Drive > Click on ‘New’ button > Chose ‘File Upload’ and select the document file from your computer > Click ‘Open’ to start uploading.


Opening it in Google Docs

Step 2: Click on ‘New’ again > Click on ‘Google Docs’ and it opens in a new blank document in a new browser tab.


Step 3: Switch to the Google Docs tab, go to File > Open > Search for the uploaded file and click on it to open it.




In this step, it will look like as if you are previewing your Gmail attachments before downloading.


Step 4: Click on the ‘Open’ option on the top tool bar to open it in Google Docs. It will open the document in another browser tab.




Installing an Add-on for Google Docs

Step 5: Now, you need to install an add-on to your Google Docs. Search for ‘Texthelp Study Skills’ add-on and click on +Free button to install it.


Step 6: Go to ‘Add-ons’ from the menu again and you’ll find the add-on installed. Now, go to Texthelp Study Skills > Show highlighting tools.




It will open a sidebar on the right with all the text highlighting options.


Highlighting text(s) & collecting them

Step 7: Select the text from the document and select a color from the sidebar options. You can choose different color for every selection.




Step 8: When you are done with highlighting text, click on ‘Collect highlights’ from the sidebar.




It will ask you to select the sorting of the highlights by ‘document position’ or ‘color’. Choosing ‘document position’ will sort the highlights in the order of text in the document where as choosing the ‘color’ will sort them by order of the color appeared in the sidebar.


Step 9: Choosing an option and thereby clicking on ‘Collect highlights’ button will create a document with highlights. A click here link will be provided to open this document in a new browser tab.




When it is opened, it will look like as shown in the following screenshot:




You can then go to File > Download as a file of a format that you wanted it in.


Watch the video demonstration of the same here:

Hope that helped!

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Web Design Issues To Take Care Of, For Bloggers?

sheela-jobyThis article is written by Sheela Joby, a freelance writer with an experience of 10 years. Apart from writing she is into photography, traveling, music etc. You could reach her at sjindia2013@gmail.com


She has written some more article on Amfas Tech. You can check them out here.

Consumer tastes and preferences tend to change from time to time. Pictures say a thousand words as compared to words. Here are some of the latest blog design trends which have become very popular in the recent months:




Look for sponsorship posts

Though there are numerous brands which offer information about a product or service. But only a handful of them are sponsored. Therefore, you should give emphasis on sponsorship posts to gain greater visibility on the web.


Prominence of the mobile

A majority of the users are switching to their mobile devices when going online, so all blogs which are published on the web would need to have smaller screens. Though having mobile phone is a necessity, mobile is the now the major focus. Incase a site isn’t very effective on mobile, then you are neglecting a major section of our audience.


Therefore, major emphasis of any web design process needs to be centered on mobile. Therefore, any web design process needs to be based on mobile. Therefore, for any web design process to be based on the mobile, you need to design it to work on a desktop screen.


Large background photos are important

Large background photos have gained popularity because of their capability to fill in an otherwise sparse, simple site. This trend has gained widespread popularity because of an increase in bandwidth across the globe and helps sites with large pictures and a lot of information. Using large background pictures is an effective strategy for web pages, and when used with flat-design buttons provides a stylish appearance to a website or blog.


Enhancing the content layout

People using their mobile phones for browsing usually don’t have significant screen space to work with. They are often frustrated when their mobile phones zoom out automatically. In order to improve their experience of visiting your website, you will need to minimize the number of columns on your site. Do away with sidebars, so as to ensure that people who are visiting your website find your content interesting and informative.

Most of them would have liked specific pieces of your site’s content. At this point, they have no interest in navigating the menu which includes the entire screen, or a huge sized inbox. You can access a number of websites so as to ensure that they find the content engaging and easy to read.


Make users familiar with the content that is shown

There are clearly an extensive variety of sorts of programming and locales, all conveyed for different markets and gatherings of spectators. What looks "incredible" for any one particular swarm will change. This suggests that you should outline the look and feel of your interface for your gathering of spectators. Moreover, feel should be used as a piece of offset and to reinforce limit. Adding a level of sparkle to the interface is different to stacking it with pointless incredible sight.


Therefore, you will need to ensure that the content of your website is updated with latest information. This will not only create interest in the minds of the consumers, but also help you gain greater visibility on the web.

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