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LG G3 Full Technical Review: New features and possibilities make it stand out bigger

LG have recently released the new G3 in to market recently. LG added new features to this smart phone that stand out bigger than any other android smart phone in the market today. The next level features,  iconic design and specifications makes the phone a beast out of beauty. Let’s take a look at the technical specifications of this device comparatively with other big smart phones in the market and see what make it a next level gadget.


LG G3 has got a lot of improved features compared to its predecessors. While talking about the improvements, we should start at the new features of this phone.

New Features


Quad HD Display

G3 comes with quad HD display that support 538 pixel density on the screen, which is generally used to print high quality art books. It delivers vibrant colors and ultra-sharp display with 2k resolution that is hard to find out pixel with naked eye.

Camera with Optical Image Stabilization


LG G3 has got a laser focus camera on the back that keeps track of the subject at distances and the image stabilization feature reduces blurring and shaken of pictures perfectly. It also got quick focus and you can take brightest pictures in dark environments with very less noise.

Smart Keyboard

This feature might sound a bit similar but it is one of the best features of LG G3. The keyboard can be custom resized according to our hand size. The word suggestions can help in completing the typing task faster. It suggests spelling corrections with simple gestures and makes sure you type no typo error.


G3 has got a powerful speaker that can play deep, low and clear high pitch sounds without any need of additional speakers. It comes with powerful Boost Amp that could break the dance floor.


Metallic Design

Unlike its predecessors, LG G3 was made with metallic outer case with a brushed finish. The phone might look big in hand but is as thinner as you can’t see it.


Though the body is metallic, it weighs lighter and easy to carry around. The LG’s signature design makes it easier to use it with one hand.

Simplified UI

The user interface is simplified removing the unnecessary elements of the display making it easier to find what is wanted on the screen. Each function is colored differently so that you can spot what you need at a single glance.

Manageable Pre-Installed Apps

The pre-installed apps were lessened by merging the similar applications into one. Just like I said once before one app doing 3 functionalities is far better than the three individual apps that do the same tasks but takes more resources.

Unlike the most of the android phones, the pre-installed apps can be deleted to make some free space on the device.


Smart Notice

It seems like the age of virtual assistance is is nor so far from us. The smart notice feature predicts your needs and give suggestions based on the status of the phone, behavior and location.

For example, this feature asks you if to clean the not used applications since long time. Also asks you if to make a call back to the missed call and asks you if to turn on the power saver mode in low battery conditions.

Knock Code

We’ve already heard about this new security feature coming to LG flagship phones earlier. The tap unlock feature has 80,000 possible combinations to try on and LG took a great move to include this feature to its flagship phones. In fact this is one those features that make LG G3 stand out bigger in the market today.

Quick Circle


The flip cover of LG G3 is no less. It shows the frequent used apps in a circle so that you can access them easily and quickly. The circle will have a ambient glow around it when it is on the screen making it look aesthetic.

Wireless Charging

The 3,000mAh powerful battery of LG G3 can be recharged wirelessly. It long lasts for a day and more if even used heavily. The battery is removable and can have a spare one if needed.

Technical Specifications

Display 5.5 inch Quad HD display with 2560x1440 resolution and 538ppi
Available colors Metallic black, silk white, shine gold, moon violet and burgundy red
Design 74.6 x 146.3 x 8.9mm
Processor Qualcomm Snapdragon up to 2.5GHz Quad core processor
Memory 2GB RAM, 16GB Internal/
3GB RAM, 32GB Internal
Extension: Micro SD - 128GB(up to 2TB)
Operating System Android Kitkat 4.4.2
Network 2G(GSM/EDGE)
Connectivity Bluetooth 4.0 LE(APT-x)
USB 2.0
Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac
A-GPS Glonass
HDMI SlimPort
Camera 13MP rear camera with Optical Image Stabilization, Laser Auto Focus and dual flash
2.1MP front camera
Sound 1Watt Speaker with Boost Amp
Battery 3,000mAh


LG G3 with whole lot features like 538Quad HD display, laser auto focus camera, 1Watt loud speaker and memory expandability up to 2TB are stunningly amazing and the next level features like smart notice, quick circle and knock code make it stand out big in the smart phone market. The technological initiates LG has taken in G3 has set an benchmark for competing companies to reach.

What do you think? Isn’t LG G3 a next level smart phone? share your opinion in comment section below.
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How to Save Google AdSense Reports in PDF Format

AdSense not only mine but also the favorite earning source for many of the bloggers in the world. We actually peek through the adsense reports regarding our earnings. We access the data, analyze it and build strategies to improve the revenue. All we do it if only internet is available to us.

Sometimes we bloggers have to stay away from internet due to journeys or the places we’ve been to. At those times, to work offline on adsense optimization, you might badly want the internet connection to assess the reports. So as for the purpose, you need to save them in some document format to access in future. In fact it is suggested to have a backup of adsense earning reports in file formats to assess and plan the future strategies.

We don’t have any option to save adsense reports directly into PDF format. All we have are ‘Export to Excel CSV’, ‘Save report(through email updates)’  and ‘Save as default report’ options to save the reports in file formats.

Under ‘Export to Excel CSV’, we have 3 other options. They are ‘Export to Google Drive Spreadsheet’, ‘Open in Google APIs Explorer’, ‘Get BigQuery Code’. The last two options are used in developing purposes. The first option, saving to a spreadsheet in Google drive is the option that is going to help us now.

Choose the parameters for your reports and click the drop down arrow of the ‘Export to Excel CSV’ and select ‘Export to Google drive spreadsheet’ option.

export to googledrive

It will export the data into a spreadsheet format and will show you a link ‘open spreadsheet’ when done.


Click on it and it will open up a spreadsheet in Google drive in another tab showing all your data within the parameters you have set. Now go to File > Download > choose PDF document(.pdf) option.


Save the file on to your computer and you’re done. Congratulations! you have successful saved your adsense report in PDF format.

You can watch the video and follow the steps one by one if needed:

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Things to Mind While Registering a Domain Name for Your Blog

So, at last you have decided to register a domain for your blog! What is that you consider when registering a domain name for your blog? What comes first for you in getting a custom domain for your site? Is it domain name or length of the domain? or else is it the price you can get it for?

What ever might be your first priority, you must consider all the points I asked you above. The following are the list of things you should mind when buying a domain name for your blog.

1.Domain host

If domain host, as first priority gave you a “yayh!” expression, you should be a beginner. No pro blogger would disagree prioritizing domain host at first place.

A good domain host should give you 99.99% uptime with no DNS issues. Domain registered with such hosting providers would suck you up. What I mean is the hosting providers with not better than best uptime would really let your site down at visitors.

Choosing a host with DNS issues would also ground your site. You might face very frustrating issues regarding the identification of the site. For example, you won’t get directed to www version of your site when a naked domain is typed in. Its like typing example.com would not redirect to www.example.com.

2.Domain name

Domain name matters all. How bizarre it looks if the site have a different name and a whole different domain name. For example, my site is about superman and if I wanted to register a domain name, I should register it with the names related to the niche I have chosen. How would it would be if I register it with a name related to cheese burgers? sounds weird and funny right?

When you search for superman in the search engine, it would end up showing cheeseburgers.com with superman keywords. Google may consider these kind of irrelevancies unsuitable to the queries typed in and as a result your site will get stomped down in the search results.

3.Domain length

I know you are aware of this. In fact you would have experienced difficulty typing in a looooong domain name in the address bar once in your life time. No one has patience not only to type in but also to notice a long domain name. For example, domain name, superman.com would be easier to remember than thebesteverhumanontheplanetsuperman.com.

So make you domain name shorter. Follow the KISS metrics here, Keep It Short and Simple.

4.Don’t look for cheap domains

I hope you are not blogging to cheat or run away taking funds from people. As long as you are not, you should not opt for cheap domains every time. Cheap domain names can only give you a domain name and nothing else. They don’t come with email hosting feature even. A domain bought for short currency notes won’t help make large ones either.

Cheap domains might be the reselling products. The impression that the URL has made on the people till then on internet would be reflected on yours. Make sure you are buying a new one.


Be careful! everything counts in SEO. Taking from a domain name and to its uptime, every single aspect is considered in filtering out websites that are low qualified for visitors.

All the best! happy blogging!
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“Bear Tears Woman Apart” & “Anaconda Swallows Woman Alive - Video” are spam

Two new and similar spam links are rolling out in facebook news feed recently. The two links are being propagated the same way previous facebook spams have spread out. People’s anxiety over such happenings is air to such craps on facebook.

Here is how they look like:

facebook spamfacebook-spam

This click fraud links asks the victim to hit the play button to watch the video which actually shares it on to his timeline and ends up crashing the player. Facebook has already released an algorithm update in the past to weed out these kind of click scams.

How to keep away from these scams?

There is only one way to keep away from these kind of scams. Do not click the links and hold your anxiety over such updates on facebook. Facebook or any other social network won’t encourage displaying disturbing content on the walls of its users. So next time you go to give a click on it, wait for half a second and think over it for the remaining half second.

Keep yourself safe!
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Using Facebook for Effective Lead Generation in 2014

Facebook, as you know is the largest social network with billions of accounts and hundreds of millions of active users per day. You know facebook as a platform that helps you meet childhood friends, colleges buddies and families that locate far far away from each other.

According to the stats only 42% are ready to agree with you. The 37% use it for both personal and business purposes. Only 2% of people say that they use facebook exclusively for business purposes and astonishingly they are one of the top most successful business persons in the world. The opportunity they see is using it for business to business lead generation.


Yes! you read it right! lead generation through facebook is possible. Facebook can be used in more creative ways than you think. Generating business leads is one of the creative strategies what successful businessmen have found.

So, How am I going to generate leads for my business?

The answer is quite simple and less complex. Facebook runs on content, I mean the content that is mostly engaging and useful by the organic users. Multimedia content on facebook would get much interaction than that of textual content. Videos are most shared than links and images are most liked than textual status updates.

Create adorable content

Create adorable content with attribution links of your product. I won’t say ads but it should be informational and a reason to buy your product or service. You can create amazing videos that could show the necessity to sign up to your services or products.

Create infographics – Infographics is a great way to engage people on social media on your content. The visual information attracts reader than textual paragraphs.

Create status updates that show off features of your services and product along with the direct links to the subscription page. Because, once tend to subscribe, no visitor would care reading other stuff on the page.

Set up a fan page for your business

Fan pages are the most reliable elements of facebook for a business. Create compelling content that is said above here on the page and observe the user interests. This helps you do a little research on current market trends and act upon the next product quickly.

Setting up a fan page is easy, but you should not leave it incomplete after creating. Take better care about the cover photo and profile picture of the fan page. Don’t forget to place your logo in both of them to get your business a branded identification.

Post regularly on it

As you believe lead generation is an ongoing process, you facebook fan page should get into sync with it. Posting regular updates is proving that you are still alive on social media. When a fan comes to your page and finds out the last update shows up with the date before a month or two, the next second he’s gone.

Post something human. Facebook has rolled out some major changes for its newsfeed eliminating and less prioritizing the posts that are useless and automated using third party applications

Generate ‘likes’ to increase fan radius

You are creating adorable content and posting everything human, you’re good. But, if you don’t have any fans who care to read your updates, you’re done! all your efforts would go to dust.

Generating ‘likes’ for your fan page is not a hard job. Invite your customers, friends and employees to ‘like’ the page and share it. This is most effective way to get followers for your business page.

Use hash tags – hash tags promote your content far beyond your expectations. Use moderate number of hash tags that truly relate to the content you are creating would surely help your business reach more number of users online. Do not flood the hash tags in order to get more like as it might bring you a bad repo at facebook team.

Use facebook ads

Facebook ads are another great way to promote your content on facebook. Sign up for a couple of ad plans one after another and see the difference. It is better to sign up for ad campaigns that run at commercial times. For example, the evening times and weekends are more commercial than that of working hours. Festival seasons are more commercial than normal days. So be smart and choose a best season for signing up.

Promote your posts

Not only the fan page as a whole, you should opt to promote your posts on it often. Promoting a post that is talking about the offer you are giving at commercial times would help you in 3 dimensions at a time. It promotes your product or services, promotes your post about it and also promotes you fan page making a tri-hit for single shot.


That all I got for you? No! there are so many creative ways to generate leads from social media giant like facebook. All you have to do is find the possibilities. If you think I forgot something that has to be in the list, comment below. I’ll add it up in the article with a thankful attribution of your name.
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