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How to detect and fight malware on your computer

Our computers can caught malware anytime, anywhere. They may not only get infected through unsecured websites and infected removable drives but also when our security system slow downs its performance. You won’t even know that some kind of malware is residing on your computer until you observe some odd behavior of the computer.

The malware of any other virus is a program after all. It also need some space to run itself. That means it needs a share in the processor and the system memory to execute. You can identify it in the running processes in task manager with a strange name that you have not installed. Do not consider that every other program or service running other than from your installed programs is a malware. So, it is better not to go and assess the running programs unless you are a pro user.

Note: Some programs may not show up in running processes. If you find no weird program running on your computer, that doesn’t mean your computer is virus free.

Anti-viruses cannot detect every malicious code and program. In fact many new viruses are being born everyday. As it is impossible to update the virus definitions in real time, anti-viruses cannot give you a full protection.

So there is something else to protect your computer from malware and that is your care. We actually depend on the anti-viruses totally. When we come about any odd behavior, we simply scan our computer again. Scanning computer viruses is a good thing but it needs the user’s attention fully. You have to take care of your own security of data on your computer. For that all you have to do is,

IMPLEMENT layered security for your company in case of security needed for your organization. Use anti-spam, anti-spyware, anti-virus and anti-malware solutions for your systems and network gateways to increase the protection. After all, security means more value for an organization.

IMPLEMENT a firewall for your networks. Firewalls can protect you from malicious inbound and outbound traffics. Setting strong filters for firewall would help you block attacks at the gate only.

KEEP  your software up to date. I don’t know what makes them to fear of, many people afraid to update their computer software, most particular in countries like India. The slow internet in many parts of the country might be a cause. May be they don’t wanted to loose the internet speed by dedicating all the speed up to limit for updates.

Updating software means mitigating security vulnerabilities on your computer. The updated software has very little chance of getting attacked than that of non-updated.

SET strong passwords would make it difficult to hack. A strong password would be of 8 character long and consists of a capital letter, a digit and a special symbol.

A strong password like ‘P@ssw0rd’ cannot be the strong password as it is easily guessable. Feed you brain some strong password exercise. Also choose different passwords for different applications. One hacked password should not give access to the remaining applications & services.

DO NOT share your passwords with anyone nor your computer. Do not make your computer remember you passwords. Hackers can easily gain access to your passwords if once your browser is hacked.

NEVER download stuff from untrusted sites. Never click on the download links from unauthorized sites directly. If you are using IDM as your download manager, set a automatic scan of downloaded objects immediately.

BE CAUTIOUS about the files you get from your friends. Because there are new viruses swaying on the internet from time to time. Check these important instructions to protect yourself from new viruses.

FOLLOW good security practices. Take appropriate precautions while using email and web browsers to the risk of spreading infections. Follow security news updates from various news channels and trusted sources.

A computer alone cannot defend itself against harmful malware and spyware unless your intervention is included. Take care of your computer. Stay safe!

Have you ever suffered the wrath of malware on your computer? How did you fought with it at that time? Share you experiences in comments.
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Microsoft focuses Siri against Cortana in its new Commercial Ad

Microsoft seems like had step in to the ring for direct battle against Apple in its new commercial about windows 8.1 phone. It is known that the fight between Apple and Microsoft is not of today’s. The new commercial ad mocks Siri, the digital assistance application of iPhone 5S with Cortana, the new digital assistance introductive for Nokia Lumia 635.

This ad mocks voice of Siri that shows like it is admitting Nokia as ‘the smart phone’ by the end of the commercial. Microsoft also did the same to Apple in the past in its windows 8 tablet commercials.

The ad also dramatically features the new possibilities of Cortana that Siri cannot do. The comparing of low end device like Lumia 635 with iPhone 5S seems truly satirical. It would have been better if Microsoft had showed off new features of Crotona normally. It could give a negative impression on Microsoft gloating on its own success. They might have forgotten iPhone 6 for a second while doing this commercial. Bad move!
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Why more ‘Categories’ are needed in IndiBlogger?

IndiBlogger is one of the top platforms for Indian bloggers to meet and share their passion with no bounds. We’ve already seen how IndiBlogger can change the life style of a normal blogger in the past. This wonderful platform allow bloggers share summarized articles with links. Each article submitted is to be categorized under one from the list along with the article link, summary of the article, post title and custom tags.

It is a nice idea to categorize posts in IndiBlogger so that fellow bloggers can easily find the post links from that particular category instead of digging it from the hump. Though there are a lot of categories available to post into, bloggers are finding it hard to post into a bit inappropriate categories yet similar. Let’s take a look at the current categories and see why more categories are needed in IndiBlogger.

Every category is sub-categorized in IndiBlogger. For example, ‘Computers & IT’ category is sub-categorized into Blogging, Design, Gadgets, Gaming, Hardware, Programming, Social Media, Software, Startups, Tech News.



When posting articles like ‘How to protect your computer from Bladabindi virus’, I didn’t find any such categories suitable for it. Instead I posted it under ‘Tech News’ with out any other option.

In the same way, when posting articles like ‘Google Local Search Algorithm Update July 2014 Slashes Global Queries’, I didn’t find any suitable category related to SEO but blogging.

There are some other kind of posts which are needed to be posted under different categories instead of the categories I posted them under.

In sub-categories under ‘Computers & IT’, there is a need to add categories related to computer security, internet, network security and SEO(as SEO is not just limited to blogging).

Also under ‘Business’, there available only limited sub-categories which are inappropriate to post into. While posting an article about business development, they are convinced to be posted under ‘Marketing & Advertising’ which is similar but inappropriate.


New Categories for business development and home businesses are to be set up in order to categorize them at their best.

What is the need for adding new categories?

There is an essential need for adding new categories in IndiBlogger. Bloggers would like to navigate through particular content they wish to read. It would be inconvenient to cope among the inappropriate articles in that category.

technically speaking, adding more categories will also decreases the bounce rate of a category for great extent.

What about custom tags?

Custom tags might help you say what the post is about. Better to use keywords in the article to let know people of what you are trying to express. Even they are not shown in ‘Posted under’ family of categories.


Final word

IndiBlogger is a great platform for Indian bloggers. It educates, inspires, motivates bloggers together. The flexibility of options to share the passion should not get frozen rigid by these little aspects. Hope one of the IndiBlogger heads notice this flaw and come up with better and simpler solution.

Do you have an IndiBlogger account? are you happy with the current list of categories in it? share your thoughts about it in comments below.
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Top Ten Must Have SEO Tools for Blogger 2014

SEO means Search Engine Optimization, and there are a number of tools you can use in order to make your website more search engine friendly. Here is a shortlist of some of the more popular tools you can use on the Internet right now. The list is in no particular order as each of the tools has its own qualities.


This is a very good tool that tells you things such as if your pages are being linked to and if the links are bad. It tells you which websites are linking to you and if the links are followed. It gives you are very good run down of your off-page SEO and has enough information to please most web developers. If you do not need a high degree of customization then this is the tool for you. It is very accurate in a world where many of its imitators are not. Many of its imitators will show partial results and pretend as if you have a poor quality of off-page SEO. They then try to sell your SEO services, but AHREFs doesn’t pull cheap tricks like that.


This is a tool that will help you to pick the correct keywords for your website or for your blog. It is also very good at picking keywords for your pay per click campaigns. It has a database that is full of unique searches, and the tool’s trend information may be used to improve your own search engine optimization. This means that in theory you will always be able to predict trends, and you may use this information to your benefit when you are optimizing your web pages.


This is a search engine optimization tool that allows you to enter certain words into the tool and then view a set of suggested keywords that you may use within your web pages. It is a research tool but does a lot of the work for you so that you may get more people finding and clicking on your search engine result entries. More importantly it helps you to attract the right target audience to your website.

Anchor Text Over Optimization Tool

This is an optimization tool and it allows you to put your URL into the device and click. Once you have run the program it will tell you if your anchor text is over optimized. It will tell you if your anchor text is too full of key words, and if you're being too vague with your anchor text.


This is a great little tool for finding out what your competitors are doing with their SEO. It is good to use if you set it on your competitors that are ranked higher than you are. You can see why they are ranked higher than you and may be able to learn from what they are doing or have done so that you may join them near the top spot. You can set it on other websites too with a similar theme to your blog to see if you can learn anything from their SEO escapades.


This is a tool that you can use in order to find the right keywords for your website. It suggests the keywords for your website based on the words you have typed into the tool previously. It is very clever because it does not rank unpopular words very highly in the tool, ergo you do not end up with a website full of undesirable keywords, although obviously at the end of the day it is really up to your discretion as to which words you choose.

Keyword Discovery

As the name suggests this is a tool that will help you find the correct and most useful keywords for your search engine optimization campaign. It uses information that it mines from the Internet and pay per click campaigns and gives you a bunch of words that are very relevant to your website. It is good because you can get a rough idea of what your target audience are searching for on the Internet at this very moment.


This is a SEO tool because it is high quality plagiarism checker. It allows you to see if your content has been stolen and put on another website that has been indexed by the search engines. If this is the case then there is a chance that your text will be punished for duplicate content. It is up to you to get the other website to remove your content because it is damaging the SEO of both your websites. The tool is very cheap to use and most of the time is rather accurate. You can even have it check your content routinely too to see if someone has just stolen and published your content.

Author Bio:

Kiara Halligan is an experienced writer who is writing on behalf of emergencyessays.com. She is passionate about blogging and different technology topics.
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Do you know that your Operating System can expire?

Everything has a lifecycle on this planet. Just like that, Every Windows operating system you are using has a lifecycle. The life cycle of an operating system starts when it is released and ends when the support is stopped. So far you have seen the most loved operating system, Windows XP getting expired on April 8th this year. Microsoft have ended support for Windows XP lately and made available the self-support guide for personal troubleshooting your XP.

It is important and necessary to know the expiry dates of an operating system that we are using which helps us to plan for the upgrade in right time. The following are the expiry dates of Microsoft’s operating systems for your reference.

Client operating systems Latest update or service pack End of mainstream support End of extended support
Windows XP
Service Pack 3
April 14, 2009
April 8, 2014
Windows Vista
Service Pack 2
April 10, 2012
April 11, 2017
Windows 7 *
Service Pack 1
January 13, 2015
January 14, 2020
Windows 8
Windows 8.1
January 9, 2018
January 10, 2023
To download the service packs for respective operating systems, go to windows.microsoft.com/en-in/windows/lifecycle and click on respective download link specified.

What is end of support means?

End of support means Microsoft no longer provides, service packs, patches and any other security updates or even online technical assistance regarding that particular operating system. When you are not receiving security updates and patches from Microsoft, there is an elevated scope of being attacked by new viruses, malware and hackers that can steal your personal and sensitive information from your computer.

How to know your operating system?

After reading the expiry dates of operating systems, your would have wanted to know your operating system on your computer. To know your operating system, Right Click on Computer > Properties.

Note: If you are still using Windows 7 RTM, its time to upgrade it with latest service pack as the support for RTM version of windows 7 was already expired an year ago.

What to do if your operating system is expired?

If your operating is expired or coming nearer to the end of support date, that means its time to upgrade your operating system with latest service pack or operating system of a whole. To get the updates for your OS, go to windows.microsoft.com/en-in/windows/service-packs-download#sptabs=win8 and download the respective update and install it.

Final words

The reason why companies end support for their older operating systems is because of the un-solvable critical issues raised regarding the security and usability of the operating system. So it is better updating our computers from time to time to keep our data secured.

Are your still using expired operating systems? what problems do you get using it? share your experiences with Windows operating systems with us.
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