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Beware of Ransomware! Prevent, Protect & Recover Your Data

Ransomware might sound a new word for some of you. It is one of those blackmailing software programs that will get installed on computers silently and takes control of the data on them. Unlike malware, adware and other kind of viruses like Trojans, Ransomware programs will not exhibit any misbehavior of computer software programs but will demand for money.

What is this Ransomware? Why will it demand the user for money?

Ransomware, being installed, once installed, will encrypt the important data on your computer/network without asking for your permissions and will blackmail you in order to you to access the data by decrypting. A window or notification which cannot be closed will be displayed on the screen showing a countdown clock giving you the time to pay the money to safeguard your data. If you neglect, you data might be deleted or never be restored again.

Encrypting the data? Doesn’t that mean my data is safe?

You data will be safe as long as you have control over the encryption and decryption procedures. How could it be safe if it is encrypted by some unknown person leaving you no way to decrypt unless you pay some money in return?

How a computer can be affected?

Ransomware takes different forms. It will not enter into your computer just like a software program.
Via Emails – Hackers will try to inject the program as an attachment in email with different file extension which will be exploited once the file is downloaded and tried to open.
Via Security Loop Holes – Hackers will be hunting for the security loop holes to inject the virus programs into our computers. That’s why software vendors advise users to regularly update their software with new patches and upgrades.
Via Freeware – One of the major virus transmission media is the freeware. Hackers consider freeware software as the potential method to spread viruses to take control of users’ computers. After all, not all freeware software programs are virus prone but, be careful while downloading them from source.
Via Cracked Version Software/Game – Only 30% of the computer users buy software genuinely. All others just download them from internet. A computer means only the hardware for most of the people but software is the one that costs 10 times more than an average computer.
A cracked version of the software/game of game might give you full access but it also brings many security risks along with that. Remember that your anti-virus or firewall programs are not invincible enough to block every attack and data slip.
A recent ransomware attack exploited the popularity of the game Minecraft by offering a “mod” to players of Minecraft. When they installed it, the software also installed a sleeper version of ransomware that activated weeks later.
I wonder if you are not thinking about the reason why the IT industry discourage the using of some popular legacy software programs like Windows XP, Adobe Flash etc.

How to know if my computer is infected?

Ransomware is not stealth-ware. It exploits right away at the time it enters the computer or exploits after some time like ‘mod’ ransomware of Minecraft. However, you will be able to see a window or undeniable notification opened with a countdown timer. So, better not search for it and delete other files in suspicion by mistake.
You will be given instructions to pay for the hacker to decrypt the files which would be notified to you in time.

My Computer is infected. What to do now?

Before you scream it out, ask yourself the following questions,
  • Do I have any important data on the computer?
  • If my important data is still accessible?
  • Do I have a backup of the data? If yes, to what extent?
The above three questions answers your tension about this kind of virus. Generally ransomwares uses RSA 2048 encryption technology to encrypt the files on the victim’s computer. An average desktop computer will take 6.7 quadrillion to crack the 2018 bit RSA key if run without turning it off.
Not only you, the ransomware countdown timers also won’t wait till you develop a crack for the encryption and build a super PC. So, there are limited options for you now.
  1. To wipe all the data on your hard disk and make it new again
  2. To safeguard the unaffected data onto another safe drives (preferably cloud drives like Google Drive, One Drive and so on)
  3. To restore the latest backup
Before you take any further step, make sure to take the following actions in order to avoid spreading or re-affecting of the ransomware.

Action #1: Disconnect from network

Disconnect the infected computer from the network to avoid the further spreading or damaging of data on the other computers on the network. Ransomware can easily spread through shared files, folders, networks and USB thumb drives.
Cloud storage drives might restore the data as they maintain better security measures to storing the data from millions of users. For better recovery results, better to disconnect even though not connected to any network and only connected to internet through modem.

Action #2: Calculate the scope of recovery

Some files may not be affected because of the security programs you are using to lock or encrypt them. Check the list of files that you can still access and move them on to cloud drives or another safe drive as a precaution.
Some ransomware will list the encrypted files in the registry. This might help you separate the affected files and programs from the unaffected ones. Search on the internet for better knowledge of the ransomware that is installed on your computer.

Action #3: Check for security holes on your network

In general ransomware does not spread over the network like other malware programs. They will only encrypt the files that has direct access to. If you see the ransomware spreading through the network on all/any other computers, it means that your network system has got some security loop holes. Better take care of it first.

Wrapping up with a solution

The best solution for ransomware infection is that restoring of the backup. It is the ideal solution that gives maximum best result than trying out 3rd party decrypting software. If yours is an organization or a company, backup is an essential security mechanism that you should afford at any cost.
Try to restore files from backup at most extent. If you have not taken any backups, you may have to lose some money or data itself. If you have no important data in the computer, try to wipe it off completely (not formatting). Wiping off the data will erase the file table on the drives and cleans the hard disk as new as it was when bought.
If you even can’t wipe off the data or the encrypted data is important and it is the only copy on your computer, better to take a step down and pay the hacker for decrypting them. Because data is the only weakest asset of any individual or company in digital era.
Once the data is restored or recollected, take precautions for the next time. Use the best security programs and take regular backups to other secured computers or cloud. Train the employees in case of a company. Research and make a list of ransomware programs and block them right at the firewall. Keep the anti-virus- anti-malware and anti-spam software updated with latest definitions and never ever try to use patched security software.
There available some ransomware decryptors developed by popular security software organizations like Kaspersky and Cisco to fight specific ransomware programs like CoinVault, TeslaCrypt and Bitcryptor. Let’s hope the other security software companies also come forward and develop better solutions to keep our data safe.
Wish you a #SaferInternetDay
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LeEco Le1S Full Technical Review: Is it Overpriced?

Over 70,000 LeEco (LeTV) Le1S units were sold like in a real flash in the first flash sales on Flipkart. From the day Flipkart had given the registrants number to media, the curiosity for this smartphone has increased 5X times. Initially, I thought the brand has not much value in smartphone industry but the Gadget Woman states (in GWAT session 1) the brand is what people are not caring about these days.
There is a reason why people are getting nuts over buying this phone and you could have already sensed it why if you had read my Le1S preview that I had posted a week ago.
It’s time! Let’s take a complete look at the device and see if it is really worth buying or it is just another marketing stunt played by the companies to generate hype.

What’s in the box?

The package contains the Le1S handset, SIM card ejector tool, wall-mount detachable USB type-c charger and instruction manuals/user guides.


The design of LeEco Le1S looks premium if to say it in one line. The full metallic body and clean back panel gives it the rich look. From the back, the phone looks like Honor 7 and Samsung Alpha series phone. If the uniqueness of the design is not to be cared about, the Le1S is the phone that grabs the attention with its stunning metallic looks.
letv-leeco-le1s-design-front      letv-leeco-le1s-design-back
The phone is built 7.6mm thinner in a bezel-less unibody with solidly premium looks. The rear camera accompanied by the LED flash are placed on the top right corner on the back leaving much explorable place for a finger to reach out the fingerprint scanner on the spine of it. Unlike the other fingerprint scanner phones in the market, Le1S’s fingerprint scanner shines out new and is reflective.
The device is a right hander device. The power and volume rocker buttons are placed comfortable for right thumb’s reach. The charging and data connection type-c port is placed on the bottom of the phone alongside with the loud speakers. On the top it has 3.5mm headphone jack and IR blaster. The dual SIM tray is given on the left side of the screen which supports one micro type and another Nano type.
One the front side, it has 5.5 inch screen with a black border which looks pretty good when screen on. One the above is the speaker with front camera and sensor neatly arranged side by side.


LeEco Le1S has 5.5 inch 1080P IPS display with 403 pixels per inch sharpness and is protected by Gorilla Glass 3.
The display specification is quite good for multimedia usage and it is great for this price range of ₹10,999 i.e., around $160 USD.

Processor, RAM and GPU

Le1S comes with MediaTek Helios X10 6795T 64-bit Octa-Core processor clocking at 2.2 GHz speed. The processor is supported by 3GB RAM and PowerVR G6200 GPU for smooth running of multiple tasks and graphics at a time.
Le1S have a very good processing configuration. Multimedia, multi-tasking and gaming would be fun out of nowhere on this device.

Operating System

LeEco stands behind with its Le1S when it comes to the version of the operating system. It has Android Lollipop 5.0.2 on board with eUI (Eco User Interface) skin which could be based on v5.1.1. It lessens the curiosity over getting marshmallow update in future. May be they can do it like Asus is doing it for its Zenfones.


LeEco disappoints users by not providing the external memory card slot for memory extension. The internal memory that comes with the device is 32GB though but may not be sufficient for all type of users.


Le1S has 13MP PDAF rear camera with single LED flash (which is not cool enough). It can record Full HD videos just like other smartphones. The front one is a 5MP camera and both the cameras work with f/2.0 aperture.
The camera UI is neat and clean with only a few most used modes highlighted and other modes hidden under a ‘modes’ button. The color reproduction is good and the macros are great with this camera. But, I still doubt about the low light and flash photography with this device.


Le1S is a dual SIM phone with 4G LTE compatible slots (Micro + Nano). It has GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi connectivity and OTG support is still not known. It also lacks NFC which pushes this device off the trend.


LeEco has taken care of the battery as it seems. Le1S comes with 3000mAh Li-Polymer battery that can stand a day or so on average usage.


+ Super premium design
+ Sharper display
+ Clean UI
+ Good processor configuration along with 3GB RAM
+ Good camera
+ Good battery
+ Fingerprint sensor
+ Type-C port


- Still Android Lollipop 5.0.2 on board
- No external memory card slot
- Single LED flash
- No NFC
- OTG Support is unspecified

Is LeEco Le1S worth buying?

LeTV has worked it best on the design of LeEco Le1S smartphone. The metallic premium looks of the device is definitely worth buying for ₹10,999. But, talking the whole processing capability and specifications it lack into consideration, the price seems a bit higher than it deserved. According to my knowledge and experience in smartphones, the same specifications and configurations can be priced finely under ₹10,000 i.e., around ₹9000.
What’s you take on it? Do you think the LeEco Le1S is overpriced? Comment your opinion below.
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GWAT Session 1: LeTV Le1S Expectations, Opinions & Discussion

Welcome to the tech blogger combo session series. In this session I would be bringing up the opinions and knowledge of fellow techies and bloggers about the latest gadgets and trends in the market. You will get your unasked questions answered, doubts cleared and informed about the expert forecasts and expectations about the gadgets by the end of every session. Hope you would enjoy the as you enjoyed the rest of the content on the site.


I would like to start this session with the tech girl, the gadget freak, Debshikha Banerjee, who took mask of Gadget Woman recently. As we will be working in this collaboration in the long run, I would like to name it GWAT (Gadget Woman at Amfas Tech) Sessions.


Hi Deb! Welcome to our first tech collaborative initiative, GWAT. Our readers would be happy to see a welcome note from you before we start.


Thanks for the warm welcome Sasi. I have been a writer earlier and now I’m guest, I’m having mixed emotions! BTW, I’m suing you for unmasking me! *ROFL*


That’s one heck of freaky welcome note for me. Hopefully not for you. *grinning*




Take a look at the preview of LeEco Le1S on Amfas Tech and Deb’s Le1S review on Gadget Woman, if you are expecting more details about the gadget we are going to discuss in this session.




Let’s get started :)


Me: LeEco? I haven’t heard that name before. Hope you did!


Deb: I have been constantly keeping my eye on the company ever since they changed their name from LeTV to LeEco. On a very genuine note, I thought it was a TV company. Then I googled up and was baffled by what the company actually does. But we must say they did a smart job by doing the logo change. I’m sure it was a part of their marketing strategy. What say bud?


P.S. Their phone has ‘LeTV’ on the rear panel. They forgot to change the logo there. *ignorable lame joke*


Me: However, Le1S has crossed 3, 00,000 registrations on Flipkart for Feb 2nd sale so fast. What could have interested the people? The features, price or the design?


Deb: I guess Indians are okay with experimenting. Moreover, I read in a report which said India is a market for phone around 10k. So they decided to give this new brand a shot. Also we can see that the phone has all the essential features that any average Indian I needs. So the features iced the cake :)


Me: I think people are getting not so definitive about brands. The number of registrations say so. What do you say? Will LeEco survive the smartphone market, at least for this year?


Deb: Customers want service, brand or no brand. We can’t deny the specs of the device are pretty handsome! I’m very eager to see the number of sales actually. If the phone can survive the usual problems like unusual hanging, no heating, etc. the brand might pull off the first year very easily.


Me: Let’s talk about the design! Aren’t you finding any similarity of Le1S’s design with any of the phones we have seen so far? I think it looks like Huawei Honor 7. What do you think?


Deb: Yes. It does not come with a unique design. I feel the rear panel looks somewhat like Nexus 6P. But a unibody with no-screw and super thin device is also good. But it’s slightly bulky with 169 grams.


Me: The camera specifications are interesting. I hope it would undoubtedly stand as one of the best features of Le1S. If it cannot satisfy the expectations, it’s got to face the down in the sales thereby, out of the competition. Am I over thinking about the camera specification? Because I have the budget range also in mind.

Deb: Oh yes! The camera looks good enough with 13MP-5MP duo. Selfie is the need of every 6 hours: P. and 5 MP will provide you with pretty good selfies and required video standard for video calls. A big shoot-out to the manufacturers to give its customers such a wonderful camera at such amazing pricing.


Me: I have no doubt about the processor and RAM specification. Do you have anything say about it?


Deb: Ditto! 2.2 GHz speed and 3 GB RAM!! What more can a mobile user possibly ask for?


Me: I think the type-c port and fingerprint sensor under the budget is what drove people register for the first sale that crazily. Do we have any other smartphones with fingerprint sensor and type-c? I barely remember.


Deb: Yah! It’s called OnePlus Two *kidding*




The Type C might now be a big reason because it’s something new and rare. You can charge your Asus with any Samsung charger, but to get a Type C can be a nuisance at first. Whereas, fingerprint scanner has already hit the market as Coolpad Note 3 (previously) and Coolpad Note 3 Lite (recently). But it’s nice to stay updated with technology.


Me: I worry about the availability of the service centres across the country. It is what spoiled the sales-line of Xiaomi smartphones. In this case, would you suggest people to buy Le1S?


Deb: That will definitely be an issue. In the beginning, there will be service centre in a handful of the main cities throughout the country. I just hope that the phone does not face all the usual smartphone issues because the manufacturers have given many wonderful specs at just Rs. 10,999.


Deb: Concluding, I have really like the phone and the specs. I am sure the phone will get thumbs up from many users like Coolpad Note 3 and steal the light from some of the other companies. Let’s see what happens when the phone is launched.


Me: I would like to conclude this session with a simple note. Debuts are not ignorable. I wonder if you remember OnePlus One, Coolpad, Xiaomi Mi3 and many more to talk about. So, Le1S might have a chance to sit beside these successful debuts and the range of specifications prove the same.


That’s all for this session. I didn’t wear my smart wig for Deb’s punch-lines in this very first session as I haven’t expected it. Will get one in the next session hopefully. See you again in another GWAT session with another gadget.


If you want to take part in GWAT sessions, suggest any gadget that you want to know about in comments below. You may also add your own notes and points in there.

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Lenovo K4 Note Review: The Next Generation ‘K’ Series Smartphone?

It seems like Lenovo has taken a new train to compete with the strengthening smartphones and their market. Lenovo’s K3 Note is huge success that it even secured a place in the 10 of top searched gadget of 2015. We thought that the K3 should have been named after 7000 series in the K3’s review but somehow it survived the market slowly by the end of the year.
So, what’s this K4 Note have? I see a lot of difference from the design to the technical specifications. I even doubted if it is a product of Lenovo. LOL :)
Lenovo K4 Note, also named as Lenovo A7010, is the next version of budget Android handset from the company. It has got some noticeable improvements regarding the design and technical specifications whereas some features are continued without any upgrade. Let’s see if this VR technology bundled smartphone can cope up with the 2016’s market (one quarter at least).


With the completely different design compared to K3 Note, Lenovo has refurnished the K4 Note design to a new standards. The device looks thin with 9.15mm (with curve) curved back panel for better grip. So, you got a better Lenovo device than the previous one.
One of the major design transformations is that the speakers moving on to the front panel. Being at the front, featuring the Dolby Atmos, K4 Note can give you better, crispy and distortion less sound experience while watching movies, listening to music and playing games.
The back panel has also got many changes. The camera has been moved from the top corner to the top spine center like as the other 5.5 inch smartphones are having. The back panel is non-glossy plastic material which looks more like OnePlus 2’s back cover.
Finally, Lenovo has provided Gorilla Glass protection for this new release. That’s going to be a great satisfaction to buyer.
I’ll give 3.5/5 for design


Lenovo K4 Note has got 5.5 inch Full HD 1080p IPS display that has the pixel density of 403ppi leaving it with 2 extra pixels per inch compared to the Lenovo K3 Note.
2 extra pixels per inch? Dude..seriously?
Yeah! Every upgrade counts indeed. Isn’t it?
With 178 degrees wide angle display and sporting 10-point capacitive touch (an upgrade to K3 Note’s), Lenovo K4 Note lists some upgrades in the display also.
My score to display is 4/5

Processor & RAM

K4 Note sports a MediaTek MT6753 64-bit Octa-core processor with no upgrade compared with K3 Note. It is supported by 3GB LP DDR3 RAM and Mali T720 GPU which can accelerate 3D graphics up to 450MHz.
Processing capability is a great upset compared to its predecessor version. All it seems to be having 1GB RAM upgrade for this version.
It deserves 2/5 in upgrade perspective and 2.5/5 in processing capability perspective.


Memory is what we are seeing the upgrade applied to, for every new version released. Till A7000, it was 8GB internal memory that was given with the device. From K3 Note, it is 16GB internal. As so, K4 Note is also given with 16GB internal memory which can be expanded up to 128GB through micro SD card.
Upgrade to memory expandability is quite convincing. I’ll give 4/5 to memory and its expandability.

Operating System

Though the world is running behind the Android 6.0 marshmallow version, Lenovo K4 note stood behind with v5.1 onboard which definitely earns a sigh. It would have been better if Lenovo would have promised marshmallow update in any future.
For Android 5.1, the rating stands on 3/5. If any marshmallow update is promised, it will be 5/5 from me.


K4 Note sports a 13MP PDAF rear camera with dual-color (CCT) LED flash that can be used to take pictures with both white and amber LEDs. It also has 5MP front camera for selfies.
The camera(s) has got a little update i.e., the new technologies have been implemented to enhance the picture quality and photography experience.
For camera, it is 4/5


This new buddy from Lenovo supports 4G LTE connectivity from both the micro SIM slots along with the regular 3G and 2G networks. It has got Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, A-GPS, NFC and FM Radio transceivers for other kind of network connectivity.
The data connection can be established over GPRS, EDGE, HSPA+ and LTE connections. It also has OTG support for easy data transfers and excessive storage.
Connectivity is not that exciting, so it remains 3/5 because of dual 4G support.


The 2900mAh battery in K3 Note has been upgraded in K4 Note. It comes with 3300mAh Li-Po removable battery with ‘do not remove’ sticker discouraging the user to remove the battery of the phone by any chance. I guess it may void the warranty if found to be removed. So when you buy K4 Note, be careful with that.


+ Good Design
+ Good build quality
+ Gorilla Glass protection
+ 5-extra point touch compared to K3 Note
+ 1GB extra RAM
+ Great memory expandability
+ Good camera
+ Much better battery compared to predecessors
+ Dolby Atmos sound system


- No processing capability upgrade
- New CCT LED camera flash
- No marshmallow upgrade promise (as per the news sources)
- Uncompromising price for both VR and non-VR versions

Is it worth buying?

Lenovo has really brought some worthy additions to the new Note which people are expecting. The success of K3 Note might have inspired them to bring up these.
Instead of buying K3 Note for Rs.9,999, it is better to get K4 Note for Rs.11,999 (without VR) or (Rs.12,999 with VR) for the 1GB more RAM, better camera, better battery power, Gorilla Glass and design on the positive side.
On the flipside, Gorilla Glass is not a new feature to count in. Camera technology is all its flash we could see. There is no upgrade to processor and GPU. Rs.1,000 for VR alone is a thinkable issue as it is still not accepted by the users completely. Battery is not that great according to the users’ feedback so far on the internet. So, spending 2K or 3K on little upgrades would not be totally a wise decision too. It could have been compromising if the processor and GPU had got any upgrade. It’s your decision now.
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LeEco Le1S Specifications Preview

LeEco (formerly known as LeTV) is making its smartphone arsenal ready for the year 2016. It has released the new Le1S within the budget handset range so recently and yes it’s a Flipkart Exclusive product. Registrations are open for the flash sale on Feb 2nd 2016.
Sporting MediaTek Helio X10 2.2GHz 64-bit Octa-core turbo processor supported by 3GB RAM and powered by PowerVR G6200 700MHz GPU, Le1S is creating vibes in the smartphone world, especially in budget smartphone world.
Let’s take a look at this interesting smartphone that LeTV has brought to us.
Encapsulated in the metal body, Le1S is designed with screw-less unibody and built solidly premium. The handset is 7.6mm thinner though having the 3000mAh battery inside. That’s great!
The whole design looks clean and smooth. Non-technically, the design of the phone looks so premium and attractive that an average non techie or a girl can choose to buy it.
It also has fingerprint sensor on the back, convenient to the point finger to make a scan or tap.
Le1S has 5.5 inch IPS FHD display that can render graphics of 1920x1090 resolution at the pixel density of 403ppi. The display is anti-fingerprint magnet and it is made to work smoothly with gloves on.
This beasty comes with 64-bit MediaTek Helio X10 2.2 GHz Octa-core processor with the great support of 3GB RAM and PowerVR G6200 graphics memory running at 700MHz rate. This allows the 3D gaming and graphics run smoothly than expected.

It comes with 32GB internal memory and the memory expandability information is not yet known to us. If you have any information regarding this, please share it in comments, I’ll update it right away.
Le1S has 13MP PDAF (Phase Detection Auto Focus) rear camera with closing loops and VCM (Voice Coil Motor) for super-fast auto-focusing technological features. The front camera is 5MP shooter with the same f2.0 wide aperture and 85 degree wide-angle lens. You can take selfies easily by touching the finger print sensor on the back of the phone.
Le1S has 3000mAh Lithium Polymer battery that can quick charge with 24W charger over a C-type port. The battery is very good but not that exciting as per the trend.

Registrations are now open for LeEco’s Le1S on Flipkart for the Feb 2nd 12 noon flash sale. Already the registrations has crossed 100,000 mark so far. If you want to get your hands on it, Book it right now.
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Creating Best Converting Landing Pages; Unbounce vs GetResponse

A landing page is the end of the road for any target visitor. It is where people find the summarized information of the product along with the call-to-action buttons and other controls that converts. A landing page must be designed keeping the conversion in mind. After all, the marketing strategies to bring the visitors to the specific landing page are to turn them into active customers.

In this article, we’ll be discussing about the creation of best converting landing pages and how they can be created using two of the best landing page creating tools, Unbounce and GetResponse. By the end of this article, you will get a conclusion for your confusion to choose between these two programs.


Creating the best converting landing pages

A landing page should have the following elements on the page. These elements may vary from page to page depending on the requirement or marketing strategy
  1. Features of the product and catching headline – A landing page would be a zombie without a catchy headline and bullet pointed features.
  2. Appealing images (including the screenshots sometimes) – The name of the product (as headline) and little description are not everything. They can just speak about the product and its features but it cannot show how the product looks hands on. Only the screenshots of the product can help him understand (do not add more/unnecessary screenshots).
  3. Converting form with the necessary fields (make sure to limit the fields as far as possible because, the more number of fields in the landing page form might annoy the visitors).
  4. Appealing buttons with proper button text – Buttons with improper texts cannot pull the clicks from the visitors. That doesn’t mean to mislead them to make a click. I hope you understand what I mean.
  5. Eye-friendly background (white background is recommended most of the times unless there is any specific requirement).
  6. Bold or highlight the text in the summary to allow quick catch the features of the product or service.
  7. Necessary resourceful links.

Creating landing pages with Unbounce

Launched back in 2009, Unbounce has focused on the landing pages based on the growing marketing trends. Unbounce empowers marketers to create and publish landing pages quickly and easily. It also allows the A/B testing without the involvement of IT. With more than 400,000 landing published so far, generating more than 31,000,000 leads, Unbounce has earned 99% user satisfaction.

Features of Unbounce:

Faster Page Design – With drag and drop controls, you can create a landing page from the scratch by re-arranging the elements on the page as the way you wanted.

Mobile Responsive – Unbounce can help you create mobile responsive landing pages that bring conversions even from the mobile phone visitors. It provides full flexibility in designing the layout and control how it is displayed on the small screens.

Advanced Design Features – You can create parallax scrolling pages with flowing information on scrolling down and set full page background images to your highly converting landing pages in no time without any technical assistance.

Lead Generation Tools – Unbounce allows you to create forms without any HTML knowledge. It provides controls to forward the generated leads to the corresponding teams or email programs.

WordPress Integration – You can use the created landing pages with your WordPress website with an easy 1-click integration tool. You do need to worry about any hosting, DNS and CNAME issues once the pages are imported to the WordPress. It also allows you to change the URL of the landing page according to the website URL structure.

Dynamic Text Replacement – Dynamic Text Replacement (DTR) is one of the best features of Unbounce. It helps the marketers create the dynamic landing pages with the ever changing keywords that are searched for. It sense the keyword searches from the search engines and displays the relevant landing page in the advertisements accordingly.
Script Manager – This feature is helpful in creating scripts that are needed to be added sometimes. For example, you may want to add Google Analytics script to track down the visitors footprints for your future marketing forecasts. For such purposes, the Script Manager comes handy.

Automatic SSL Encryption
– Unbounce creates automatic SSL certificate for its landing pages to ensure the visitors as well as authorities the security in gaining the leads and conversions and seamless navigation among the pages.

Unbounce provides 200+ readily designed landing page templates which you can customize in seconds and take them live. All these templates are well organized by category where you can choose one for your requirement so easily.

You may try the trail version of Unbounce for 30 days before you sign up for a commercial plan.

Creating landing pages with GetResponse

GetResponse has been delivering excellent quality marketing solutions with more than 350,000 happy customers from 182 countries all over the world for 15 years. This is the world’s easiest email marketing platform available in different worldly languages. GetResponse is specialized in offering 24/7 spam-free solutions with 99% delivery and conversion rates which is most important in digital marketing business.

With more than 100+ outstanding landing page templates, GetResponse helps the digital marketers create eye catching, lead pulling landing pages with high conversion rates. All the templates can easily be customized in WYSISYG interface which does the job done in seconds.

Features of GetResponse:

WYSISYG Design – Who don’t love to design pages on the go? It would be easy and interesting to create landing pages on such an interface. After all, the tools to edit and customize the landing page templates along with the drag and drop tools are provided to make it much handy to pick the tools.

Responsive Design – You can create mobile-friendly landing pages with no technical skills or IT support required. You can do it yourself with no worries of technical issues. The landing page builder allows you adjust the display options for mobile, tablet and desktop accordingly.

Built-in Web Forms – GetResponse provides the readymade web forms which can be customized as per the requirement for capturing the leads. Better to limit the input fields as far as possible as we discussed before.

Image Editor – A landing with text alone cannot impress the visitors and help you increase conversions. GetResponse provides access to 1000+ free photos to features your landing page with applied filters, stickers, brushes and other most needed image editing tools in one place. This eliminates the migration of window to window or program to program for image editing separately.

No HTML Coding – You no need to be a techie or have learned the HTML coding skills to create beautiful landing pages and web forms. Organize and design the landing page as you wanted with all the readymade tools served on the side panes.

A/B Testing – You can track and monitor the landing page designs for best conversions. It also helps you decide the right places on the design to put your investment of efforts.

Google Analytics Integration – Google analytics is the best way to track and improve the performance of the web pages. GetResponse allows you integrate the Google Analytics for better marketing reports and further suggestions.

YouTube Integration – You can also embed your videos from YouTube seamlessly which not only attracts but also stands the visitors and know more about the product.

Facebook Integration – You can add your landing page as a tab on your Facebook fan page or add sharing controls to allow the visitors share and recommend the product to their friends also.

PayPal Integration – You can also add PayPal quick ‘Buy Now’ buttons on the landing to increase immediate sales and orders.

Along with these, GetResponse delivers the following features for their customers to get full control of the landing page and conversions. 


You can try out GetResponse for 30 days with full features before you get a premium version. I bet you won’t pull back once you try this easiest landing page creator tool.

Which one I prefer?

Every tool have the similar features but, only GetResponse talks about the spam-free 99% delivery and conversion rates. It’s not the number of readymade templates that will help a marketer but the ease of use, control over the prospects, future marketing forecasting tools and high spam-free conversion rates that builds the right customers network and brand. So, I’d prefer GetResponse over Unbounce regarding the same.

What would you choose? Do share it in comments below!
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