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Download Nokia’s Z Launcher for Your Android Phone Now

Nokia have launched the customized app launcher, the Z launcher recently and got good response from the users. It was a spark in the dark for Nokia on the death bed.

Initially, it was only kept available for limited number of devices and users but after getting good feedback and responses from them, Nokia made it available for many other devices on Google Play as ‘beta’ version.

What is Z launcher?


The Z launcher is an app launcher introduced by Nokia in recent times. This application learns how you use the phone throughout the day and adapts your usage. The application’s productivity increases as you use it. That means it will work better after a week than you used it for the first time.

Scribble – You can just scribble a letter to open up the apps.
Launch – The launcher will bring up results from apps, contacts and websites.
Adaption – The application will learn your usage and behaves accordingly making the apps faster than normal.

What’s new in Z launcher beta?

The Z launcher comes with a little improvements to its features making it work more better, faster and intelligent.

Faster – Made faster by improving optimization for some handsets and improvising finger touch tracking.
Better Intelligence – The prediction of apps for the letter you scribbled has been improvised by adding the Wi-Fi networks and key elements.
Improvised Scribble – The language recognition ability of scribbling has been added with the support of Pinyin Chinese support and some optimization.
Compatibility for rooted devices – The new version of the Z launcher is compatible with the rooted devices also.

How to download

Download Z Launcher fro you android phone from this link. Unfortunately BlueStacks doesn’t support this app
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Join as an Technical Content Writing Intern in Amfas Tech and Learn Blogging & Internet Marketing

If you are new to blogging? If you are still struggling to make $$$ from your blog? If you have been looking for some guidance from experienced pro-bloggers? You are in the right place.


Amfas Tech is accepting content writing interns for its blog now! Details of the internship program are as follows,


  1. Education is no bar
  2. Must be a technical aspirant
  3. Must have good writing skills
  4. Must have good English vocabulary
  5. Must be a Blogging & Internet Marketing aspirant
  6. Good knowledge over the topics that we write on(visit our blog index to see what we write about or just go to homepage and learn from our welcome message)
How this Internship will benefit you?
By entering this internship, you will learn,
  1. Why you should not blog just for Google AdSense?
  2. How to blog in order to earn online?
  3. Blogging with Search Engine Optimization(SEO)
  4. How to blog creatively?
  5. How to improve you writing style?
  6. How to get loyal readers for your blog?
  7. How to build your blog’s fan base?
  8. How to do internet marketing?
  9. How to build your personal brand online and how it helps you?
  10. Will get a certificate of completion at the end
  11. You can promote your affiliate links in your articles
What You Have To Do?
You need to write about the specific assigned topic or any interesting topic of your choice with the consent of the blog owners. All assignments will be given after a keen assessment of your technical writing skills.

Things To Note
  1. We don’t waste time on ‘for-certificate’ entries.
  2. We won’t tolerate plagiarism, violation of Amfas Tech’s and Google policies at any cost. Immediate action will be taken on the candidates who does so.
  3. We don’t allow personal blog promotion in blog posts.
  4. We don’t allow sponsored posts on our blog unless they are bound by our polices.
  5. You will be kept under watch for 1 week or more based upon your performance. The blog owners have right to strip you out of the internship program anytime if your performance results are not satisfactory.
  6. You will have to write 8-10 articles and work for 2 months at least to get the certificate.
How To Apply?
To apply, you can reach us out directly at admin@amfatech.com or apply through Twenty19.com.
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Play a Goat with ‘Goat Simulator’, the Self-Confessed Stupid Game

We’ve seen ‘people going crazy over people’, ‘machines going crazy over people’ and ‘Aliens going crazy over people’. Have you ever seen goat going crazy over people?


Ahh! I have a hunch that you started remembering the moment when you hit by a mad goat to broken b*tt. That was a ROFL moment you can’t forget, Right?(Easy bro! but goat hitting moments are truly hilarious. Sorry if you took it seriously).


(Thanks for the smile, I’d take it ‘excused’).


Have you ever thought of being a goat and rising against the man kind? The thought itself makes me laugh like anything.


Goat Simulator

“Goat Simulator is a small, broken and stupid game” – says Coffee Stain Studios, developers of the game .


This game doesn’t feature very high-end graphics like GTA but is fun to play. The story line of the game starts with you playing a goat role. That means you have to become a goat face in the game and start hitting people in your way.


Should I become Daniel Bryan of WWE?



Haha! No need to. Watch the trailer to see how the gameplay feels like:



*New Goat Simulator

Coffee Stain studios have announced a new expansion for the game later this month that allows massive multiplayer online gaming for free.


Watch the new MMO trailer version of the game below:



How to download?

Goat Simulator is available for major platforms Android, iOS and Steam and can be downloaded from the following links:


Download Goat Simulator for Android

Download Goat Simulator for iOS

Download Goat Simulator for Steam

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How to Insert Your Website’s Homepage as Cover/First Page of Your eBook

So, you have started writing an eBook? That’s good but writing isn’t enough. You need to design it’s cover page, the first page of your book appealing to the reader. Also it should represent your website so that the readers could gets a quick notice of it when opened.


The time and money have you been wasting hiring cover page designers for all your previous eBooks will now be saved(I think so, if you like my trick).


As you make your eBook in PDF format, you need a professional version of the Acrobat Reader to edit it. If you don’t have the professional version of Adobe Acrobat Reader, download one from the this link and install it on your computer.


Open the Acrobat Reader Pro on your computer.




As the first page of the eBook has no cover page at all. We have to insert an additional page i.e., the blog/website’s home page before the current page.


Always remember that we are inserting an webpage, not the normal PDF page here.


Go to Tools > Pages > More Insert Options(under Insert Pages) > Add PDF From Webpage, give URL of your website’s homepage and click Create.




Your website’s homepage will then be downloaded by Acrobat Reader.




and will be opened like as shown below,




The page thus added will have active hyperlinks to your webpages.


It may show the unnecessary parts that are extended to further pages which you don’t want to add to your eBook. Take a look at the following screenshot for better understanding.




Let’s remove the extra pages from the document.


To remove pages, go to Tools > Pages > Delete. A new window will pop up and asks you to enter the page range to delete pages in between.




Enter the range from 2 to 7 and hit Ok. The webpage will now remain in a single page that need to be cropped out to make it look better.


To crop the page, go to Tools > Pages > Crop and drag your selection and hit ‘Enter’.




A new window will pop up asking you to Set Page Boxes. Under the Page Range, keep the count from 1 to 1 and leave the rest of the options untouched unless you want to over-do the cropping.


After you are done, click OK. The cropped page will now be shown like this,




Now add your eBook as an attachment to the existed page.


To do so, go to Tools > Insert from File and attach your eBook to it.


Choose to place it After 1st page(website’s homepage).




Here is what it looks like after attaching your eBook and your website/blog’s home page,




Now Save it.

  1. Make your website’s homepage as cover page of your eBook if it is appealing enough for the reader (Only add if the home is good as a cover page).
  2. Make sure you crop the webpage as per the dimensions of pages in your eBook.
  3. Make sure you do not ads on your cover page(many website will have ads on their home pages), because adding clickable ads other than your website might be against the policies of your advertising network.
  4. Do not place too many clickable hotspots on the cover page.
That’s all. All the best with your eBook. By the way don’t forget to share a copy with us!
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Microsoft Makes .NET Open Source and Adds Cross Platform Development Capabilities in Visual Studio 2015

Microsoft Corporation has reinforced its commitment to make .NET a cross-platform developing environment by open sourcing it to run on Linux and Mac OS platforms. Hereby, Microsoft announced the next version of Visual Studio environment, Visual Studio 2015 and also announced Visual Studio 2013 Community that provides access to the Visual Studio core toolset recently this week in its connect(); event.


“With billions of devices in the market today, developers need tools that target many different form factors and platforms. Through Visual Studio and .NET we are committed to delivering a comprehensive end-to-end solution for developers to build and manage applications across multiple devices and platforms.” says S. Somasegar, corporate vice president, Developer Division, Microsoft.


logo_NET_380x215 logo_VisualStudio_380x215_reverse


As promised in the previous events, Microsoft provides full .NET server stack in open source that includes ASP.NET, .NET Compiler, .NET Core Runtime, Framework and Libraries thus enabling developers to build with .NET across Windows, Mac and Linux platforms.


Microsoft will be closely working with the open source community now and will take contributions from the worldwide developers to improve .NET in future through .NET foundation that was announced during the April 2014.


What’s new coming in Visual Studio 2015?

Visual Studio was built to support any device taking from iOS, Windows and Android to any other future platforms. Visual Studio 2015 was built to develop any application and service of any device and any platform.


Microsoft has also announced the preview of ASP.NET 5.0, a streamlined framework and runtime optimized for cloud and server workloads in the release event of VS2015.


VS 2015 comes with new connection manger with which you can easily connect your applications to the line-of-business APIs such as Office 365, SalesForce and others.


Visual Studio Online

Microsoft also announced additional features for Visual Studio Online. They are

  • Release Management as a service
  • Cloud Development Projects

Update 4 for Visual Studio 2013

Microsoft in connect(); also released another update(update 4) for Visual Studio 2013 which features productivity enhancements and additional capabilities.


You can buy an updates version from here.

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