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How to Save More on Amazon Great Indian Festival Sale?

Amazon India offer great and exclusive deals during every festival seasons. There will be eye-popping discounts on every category of products during those days. The customers also spend a lot of time in front on their computers to grab the best deals in those days. Naming the deals festival ‘Amazon Great Indian Festival Sale’ Amazon bags double profits from the business they will have at that time.


Amazingly, there is a chance to SAVE MORE MONEY on those deals as you think you can. All you need is some patience and controlled excitement. Let me share you some tips to save some more money on the discounts.


Actually, the Amazon Great Indian Festival Sale would be for 5-7 days. That means you will have numerous deals in those 5 days where some of them expire in hours and some long last till all 5 days.




Tip #1: When you are selecting a product, make sure to look at the deal’s expiry time/date. Do not overexcite even if you have only a few minutes to grab it.




Overexcitement kills your intelligence. Take a couple of minutes, research about the original cost of the product and make your decision to buy.


Tip #2: Don’t just settle down with one best deal. Lookout for a better one in that category until you can. Add all the best deals to your cart and decide later.


This technique will save your time in deciding over one another like as judges in X-Factor auditions do.


Tip #3: Don’t go for EMI’s. Some EMIs sum up to the original price of the product at final. If you cannot afford the product at a time and want to choose EMIs, choose short time payments option. This will at least reduce the interest and save a few bucks.




Tip #4: Choose to pay instantly from banks that give more cashbacks or benefits. Even if you can COD an item, don’t go for it. I understand that you are comfortable with COD as the paying money when the product arrives will be more gut-satisfying.


But, banks give very good benefits if their cards/payment gateways are used. You would better earn some cashback on the top of the best discount of your product.


For example, Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 (3GB, 32GB edition) is given 8% discount on its original price of Rs.11,999 i.e., it comes for Rs.,10,999 (Rs.1,000 off on total). If you use HDFC bank account for paying for it, you would get additional discount up to 15%. That sums up the Rs.10,999 to Rs.9,349. Hope you find the difference.


Tip #5: Products bought from mobile app will get better discounts and cashbacks from bank. HDFC gives 10% cashback if ordered from website and 15% cashback if ordered from the mobile app.




Download and install Amazon app on your phone if you haven’t yet. Actually let me help you with the downloading. Follow these links to install Amazon on your phone.


Amazon App for Android

Amazon App for Windows

Amazon App for iOS


Hope that helps you save more money on this year’s Amazon Great Indian Festival Sale.

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This is the Reason Why Google Celebrates Birthday on Different Dates | Confusions Clarified on Google Birthday Date & Doodle

Google needs no introduction and its birthday either. Because you might have seen it displaying this following doodle for the year of 2016, as its birthday.




By 2016, Google turns 18 and is officially an adult now. The confusion among the dates of Google’s birthday leaves some fuses of Larry Page and Sergey Brin’s belief in calendars.


In 1998, the official Google birthday was marked on the September 27th (the same day now after 18 years). But, later it was observed on September 8th till its 6th birthday. Later in 2004, the birthday doodle went live on September 7th which is a day prior to last year’s. In 2005, it was observed on September 26th and in 2006 it was seen on September 27th again.


Ryan Germic writes to the users about celebrating Google birthday on different dates on its 15th birthday. He says that the first Google birthday doodle was posted even before the company is officially incorporated. You can read this Wikipedia article informing that the Google was founded on September 4th 1998 officially.


No birthday doodle on

For your surprise, we have tried to check the Google’s birthday doodle on which showed nothing but the regular logo.




Isn’t that surprising?


Of course it is! I think you have fund a clue why Google celebrates different birthdays by this simple check.


Still didn’t get it? See some more examples below

It is showing the birthday doodle on (we are from India after all) and when we tried to open, it showed a normal logo.


We didn’t stop. We tried it fro some more location specific domains. Here is what we found: (United Kingdom):


gogole-uk-birthday-doodle (Angola): (Costa Rica):


Every .co.xx Google domain we have seen is having this birthday doodle displayed. We didn’t quit yet. We moved onto (check) non .co.xx domains as well. Some of such kind of domains are structured as and www.Google.xx. All such domains other than is displaying the birthday doodle all over the globe.


I hope you understand why Google celebrates different birthdays by now. Before you thank me in comments below, learn more about Google company information.

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GetResponse vs. InfusionSoft: The Difference You Should Know

Whenever I'm out here writing a review, I ask to myself, would I buy the products I'm vouching for myself, and being honest the answer isn't always simple.


I mean I try my best to make a review as honest and transparent as humanly possible, but then again my needs, purpose, budget, everything differs from my readers', right? 


So that's the reason why I'm here again with another one, a detailed insight into GetResponse VS InfusionSoft.


And hey, I won't tell you which one is better, because trust me they both are good, so just take a look at the features and then decide for yourselves based on your parameters.


GetResponse vs. InfusionSoft:

Well, GetResponse and InfusionSoft both are E-mail Marketing tools, so no doubt there's a lot common between them. But it's the differences that make something unique, better than the other, right?


So let me first start off with the "differences", things I was highly impressed with GetResponse while InfusionSoft could improvise upon them.


Webinar Pages:

Whenever I write a review, this is the one feature where GetResponse always seems to enjoy the upper hand. 


If I'm paying an E-mail marketing tool, there are chances I'm going to do a lot more than just "email marketing" with the tool, right? Only Email Marketing is so last decade! 




So well GetResponse has this unique feature where it lets me host, analyze, gather reports and data of a Webinar right from inside of it's dashboard! (Wait, How's that E-mail Marketing?)


Trust me, nothing converts better than free webinars! People just throw their E-mail ID's out to us, and for that, I wouldn't really like paying an E-mail marketing client + a separate webinar client right? 


So yeah, that's one thing that I love about GetResponse.


Landing Pages:

Again, Email Marketing isn't just about sending out e-mails! And landing tools is just my second strategy after webinars to collect E-mails.


GetResponse offers me a Drag & Drop landing page builder. With 100+ Pre-Designed templates! So all I've got to do is, edit the text and my super-professional landing pages are ready.




InfusionSoft too has a landing page builder too but sadly enough it's not exactly drag & drop! Yes the logic is so, but it's kinda complicate and not as easy as GetResponse.


And additionally, you don't get as many pre-designed landing page templates with InfusionSoft either. Not to mention the lack of elements compared to GetResponse.


So in other words, I'd prefer GetResponse's landing page builder any day over InfusionSoft's.


Official WordPress Plugins:

Ofcourse if we're talking E-mail Marketing, we can't forget WordPress integrations, right? I mean we all need WordPress at one time or another.


To put it simply, Integrating GetResponse with WordPress is much easier with their official plugin compared to InfusionSoft, which doesn't have any official plugin for the integration and third-party integrations make it a bit hard!


Form Builders:

This is the one aspect where both GetResponse and InfusionSoft are kind of my favorite.




They both allow you to create beautiful, responsive forms to capture user-data, like E-mails, date of birth, or just the name of their crushes maybe! 


A/B Tests:

These tests no matter how small or big, always prove to be more than just fruitful. (And I know a lot of you might not even be using it!)


So anyway, with GetResponse there's a lot of potential for A/B testings, basically it lets me A/B Test emails, landing pages, forms just about anything.




While with InfusionSoft, the bad news is that first of all there isn't an officially built A/B feature, and secondly the A/B testing that's possible via audience tags isn't as effective.


Email Templates:

GetResponse is the ultimate ruler when it comes to this, with over 500+ professionally pre-deigned templates, can you say otherwise?


While InfusionSoft too has pre-designed templates, first of all they're way below 500, and secondly they are pretty "average". The design, the layout, the feel, it just isn't comparable.



This is the one aspect I'd say both the tools go hand in hand.


GetResponse and InfusionSoft both have world-class analytics and data reporting system. You can get almost every detail you wish for.


But here again, there's a catch.  The data from Infusionsoft lacks "visuals". It's just numbers and comparisons.


You've got to crash your own brain trying to figure out a conclusion. While on the other hand GetResponse is a lot more illustrative and conclusive.



Okay so finally down to the section that matters most, I always say, if you can't afford a lambo, there's no use however awesome it might be.


So well here's the thing.


GetResponse plans start from as low as $15! Well yeah! While InfusionSoft? Well it's kinda big, it starts at $199/month! That's like almost a year's plan with GetResponse.


Final Verdict:

Let me be brief and straight-forward.


I'm getting more features, more control, more actionable data with GetResponse, at 10 times less the price compared to InfusionSoft.


InfusionSoft is a great tool, but unless you're a company with really extremely advanced needs and a team to solve all that data into actionable tips, I'd say you should stick to the simpler, more economical solution.


Go try out GetResponse right now!


*The opinions expressed in the above article need not necessarily be that of the author or the publisher. Readers discretion is needed.
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Google Chrome Updates Font Size and URL Colors

Google Chrome has brought some changes to the user interface comparatively to its older versions. The newer version v53.0 with the build number 2785.116 has changed the way the chrome interface used to look.


The newer version of the Google Chrome has resized address bar, extensions bar, and the font size. The previous history URLs and suggestions used to display in green which are recolored into conventional blue.


The home button seems like have got the touch of revamp bristles. You can notice that in the above screenshot.

No technical changes are not known yet in this revamped version. These changes are expected to be made for the better rendering of the browser on any device and compatible with Google new Allo messenger and Android Nougat.

Enjoy the new browsing experience.
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Original Procedure to Replace Your Faulty Samsung Galaxy Note 7?

So, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7s are officially recalled. That means you can get a replacement of your current (faulty battery) Galaxy Note 7 with a new one. You won’t need to spend another penny on this process. This whole process is taken responsibility by the Samsung itself for the sake of customer safety of their premium customers (after all they are the ones who survive a company from being turning down).


Countries in which already got the Samsung Galaxy Note 7s sold will be getting the replacement in the late weeks of September and those which are yet to get it launched (like as in India) will be getting it with a little more delay. The pre-bookings will be getting a free Gear VR (latest version) along with the device as a compensation for the waiting.

The battery cell issue is not full detailed on the Samsung website but given a notice about the replacement call.

Don’t take exchanging of Galaxy Note 7 easily

It is not as easy as taking your device to the Samsung service center and get it replaced. There are certain proceedings you must remember. Before we go through the procedure, you better know that Samsung is speeding up the replacement all over the world by September 21st of this year. So gather up things that you need to carry along. Possible add the following in your list.

#1 Take the whole package of your Samsung galaxy Note 7 including all the accessories and the box as well.

#2 Take the invoice or the bill along with you. Bill is necessary of course.

#3 Take a backup of your data including the phone numbers, photos, calendar entries and documents at your home before you take it to replacement.

#4 Note down the IMEI number of the current Galaxy Note 7. You can dial *#06# for checking your IMEI number or you can find it in Settings.

#5 After taking backup, factory reset your device and make sure no personal data exists on it anymore.

How to identify the replacement?

It is important to make sure that you got the correct replacement for your faulty Galaxy Note 7. In order to identify the new Galaxy S7, check for the following icons and symbols on the package as shown below.

A valid replacement will have the following details on the package.

#1 A blue ‘S’ mark

#2 A small black square

#3 Unique IMEI number

Samsung fears Apple iPhone 7

The fact why Samsung is taking this very prestigious is that the Apple has already introduced the new iPhone into the market, the iPhone 7. As the buzz for iPhone 7 is not that vibrating, this might benefit Samsung to hold their Galaxy Note 7 customers till replacement.

Hope that helps!
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Resolved: Outlook Error 0x8004060c with SCANPST.EXE Utility

MS Outlook, being one of the commonly used desktop email client is very familiar among several users for emailing purpose & the inbuilt Office applications provided with it. The most common error that has been encountered by most of Outlook users is error 0x8004060c. This error has been found in multiple versions of MS Outlook, without any warning or may affect the send/receive emails option on an Outlook Account. The blog will be discussing about the same error and the method to resolve it.

Unknown Error 0x8004060c

This error is one of the common error messages that users of Outlook has faced, which occurs when user attempts to send or receive an email, remove contact, update the calendar etc. The error may make Outlook crash at irregular intervals, unable to view attachments, prevention of incoming new mails, and other issues.


Causes of the Error

The main reason for the occurrence of this error is exceeding size limit of the message store, leaving no free space for new mails. It can be due to following causes:

- Corruption of PST due to Exchange Crash, Virus attacks, oversized PST
- Exchange Connectivity or Synchronization issues making OST inaccessible

Since oversized PST file is the main factor for the error discussed above, we need to be able to reduce the size of the PST file. The earlier versions of Outlook supported only 2GB size limit of PST file, which was increased up to 20 GB in Outlook 2007. Now the maximum storage supported is 50 GB with the introduction of Outlook 2010. When the PST reaches its limit, the performance will automatically slow down, and oversized PST file becomes more prone to be corrupted making it inaccessible and leads to partial or complete data loss.


Ways to troubleshoot the Error

The possible way to troubleshoot the error is by reducing the size of PST file. Some of the solutions are as follows:


Delete unwanted data from Outlook Account

Reduce the overall size of PST file by deleting some of the unimportant or repeated emails & other data items from inbox, deleted items, and other folders from the Outlook account. These items can be deleted using SHIFT + DELETE to free up the space in Outlook PST file.


Using Compact Feature in Outlook

Second method is to use the Compact option available in Outlook to reduce the size of PST file. When the items are deleted from PST file, the file is compacted in the background while not using computer or Outlook is running. To reduce the size immediately, compact process is used.

Create a new PST file to archive data

This method is used when the size of the PST file of an Outlook account is very large. In order to reduce some space, user can move some of the items and archive them in a new PST file. Archiving feature helps in reducing the current PST file size by creating new PST and storing items in it.


Using Truncation Facility developed by Microsoft

The truncation facility designed by Microsoft is a tool that helps users to create a truncated copy of a PST file allowing recovery when size reaches over 2GB. The copy of the PST file does not contain complete data as the tool cuts the amount of data from the file as defined by the user.


Use Inbuilt Repair Utility of Outlook

This utility helps in dealing with corruption issues or damage in Outlook data files i.e. OST and PST. Scanost.exe was used earlier to repair the OST file, which was later replaced by scanpst.exe for repair of both OST and PST files. It will scan and repair the corrupt file. However, it does not guarantee complete recovery of data items.

Increase Size of the Outlook PST File

Another option is to increase the size of the PST file by editing the registry entries. This method can be difficult for non-technical users but we can follow the steps below to increase the size:
1. Go to Start and type ‘regedit’ and click OK.

2. In the Registry Editor window, follow the path ‘HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\11.0\Outlook\PST

3. From the PST Folder, locate the values MaxLargeFileSize and WarnLargeFileSize

4. Double-click on MaxLargeFileSize value and select Decimal and enter new size limit in the value data box and click on OK.

5. Repeat the same for WarnLargeFileSize value to select the new warning size limit

6. Close the Registry Editor.



In the blog, we have discussed about one of the most common error encountered by Outlook users related to Send/Receive error that restricts users to receive any new incoming mails. It has been found that the main factor for the error is oversized PST file size. Along with the causes of the error, the blog further describes several methods on how to solve 'Unknown Error 0x8004060c' in Outlook.


Author Bio:

Clark Kent is one of the Microsoft Outlook Expert and an author of MS Outlook Ware. He has experience more than 21 years in IT industry and at present he is working in a Data Recovery organization. He has quality expertise in the Office Products especially in Microsoft Outlook and love to resolve users query by providing best solution.
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Google Ban Websites With These Sidebar Widgets

Google remind webmasters about the unnatural links in the sidebars and in the other areas of the site that just pass the link juice to the directed ones. Google has warned webmaster about the unnatural linking in the past which resulted in the banning of several sites that participated in the widget baiting, blog spamming and link exchanging.


This action taken by Google had made it clear that it won’t be tolerating the manipulating links to the websites that manipulate the search engine rankings.


We're distrusting some links to your site. We often take this action when we see a site that is mostly good but might have some spammy or artificial links pointing to it (widgetbait, paid links, blog spam, guestbook spam, excessive article directory submissions, excessive link exchanges, other types of linkspam, etc.) – Google about spammy backlinks back in 2012.


If you had taken proper actions before Google by removing the links from your sites, you are the luckiest one. But Google now taken it more seriously and announced that it will ban the sites that either be linked from sidebar widgets or provide links to.


That means those who are getting inbound links from the widgets of websites and those who are giving these links from the widgets on their sites will be eligible for penalization. The widgets that credit the developer and his/her website with a hyperlink at the bottom are the ones you should be watchful about.


Widgets like mutual content advertisers (the ones that are a trend these days to promote one another’s blog posts on each other’s blog.), counters, video Ad snippets from 3rd-party widgets and other kind of widget scripts from freelancers are coming with the crediting links in the bottom in very tiny fonts. Though these look unharmful, these might become the reason for penalization of your site.




How to tackle with these kind of widgets?

There are 3 ways to tackle these kind of widgets. They are simple and mutually exclusive to one another. These methods are as prescribed by the Google web spam team itself.


1. Make the crediting hyperlinks at the bottom of the widget a ‘nofollow’. Adding rel=’nofollow’ will make them neutral and pulls you back on to the safe shore.


2. Remove the links entirely from your site to stay out of the banning list.


3. If you cannot control the neutralizing or removing of credit links from your side as a webmaster, just remove the entire widget.


If you had already get any warning message in your webmaster console, submit your reconsideration request to Google after taking the any of the above actions.


Share this news to your friends and team to alert them. Thank you for reading!

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If This Is True, Turing Cadenza Is The Redefined Future Of Smartphones

While the smartphone manufacturers are in the rat race of flagships with a little bit extra powerful specifications each time they release a new smartphone, Turing Robotic Industries (TRI) company have announced a phone that redefined the word ‘flagship’ itself. Turing Cadenza it is called, comes with the monster specifications which is hard to believe.

Turing Cadenza that is claimed to be launching next year (2017) most probably, is said to be having the dual Snapdragon 830 SoC, 12GB of RAM (two 6GBs), 60MP+20MP camera module, 1TB storage (256GBx2 and microSD 256GBx2), triple power source 2400mAh Super capacitor battery along with 1600mAh Li-ion Hydrogen fuel cell and 5.8 inch 2K display.


Seriously? Is that a phone? Unbelievable

If the claims are true and the specifications leaked are really happening, the future of smartphone flagship is going to start with the year 2017. The next technological transformation of the palm computers will see a tremendous change.

Some of the critics say that this is going to be the biggest prank for the year 2017 and the company is supposedly cooking it from now.

What would be the price of Turing Cadenza?

What is the best configuration you have known so far? Probably the SD 821 SoC with 6GB of RAM along with 128GB of internal memory. If that is premium configuration and is so called beast, the specifications of Cadenza would make it a monster.

The highest pricing scale of an Android smartphone today goes up to $1000. If priced, what could be the price of Turing Cadenza blows off the minds of the tech experts. it could be closer to $1000 or cheaper than that. If it comes cheaper than $1000, Samsung, Apple and recently Asus would have to find numbers under affordable scales.

Hoping that this leak is a true news and this would change the face of mobile computing in the next year to come, I would like to welcome Turing Cadenza into market with all pleasure.
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