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List of Tools and Applications to Increase Your Blog’s Social Reach

Getting massive traffic from social media networks is a dream come true for any blogger. I know that’s hard to see fellow bloggers making it possible while you were watching their blog posts with a lot of social engagement. But believe me, that’s is also going to help you if you can change the perspective you watch out their blogs every time.

Successful bloggers were not born with amazing social following(may happen in future because of social media craziness in people). They have learnt all the seductive ways to engage people on their blog posts. I know you also write wonderful content but you just don’t care about connecting it to the world or just lazy like me.

Making your content exposed to social media is no kind of wizard spell, I guess so. There available some magic wand like tools on the internet to automate the social shares right away when you write a blog post. The following are the list of social media automation tools that are easy to use too.

Automation Tools:

Complete automation of your blog updates may not help you actually now. Because, major social media giants like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest have released their own spam reduction algorithms to give the best feed for their huge database of users in order to maintain their standards and loyalty to them. So, don’t go for automation every time. It is better to use automation when in your absence times on your blog.

So, what are the better practices?

I am not against the automation tools nor even in favor of them after the social media spam weed out. As we can do nothing about it now, it is better to go with better alternatives.

The alternatives doesn’t mean to suggest you some other automation tools but to let you know about the usefulness of inbuilt social media features. If to start with them, I’d like to start with Facebook. The following are the list of some inbuilt features of Facebook that can help you reach the world more strategically.

Facebook Applications/Features:

  • Pages
  • Groups
  • Events
  • RSS/Blog syndication
  • Reviews
  • Notes
  • Places
  • Photos & Videos
  • Discussion Boards and
  • Facebook Ads
  • Networked Blogs
  • Slideshare
  • Mail Chimp
Twitter has got nothing less popularity than Facebook. In fact, twitter is most popular than Facebook. One twitter handle can drive twice as traffic as a Facebook group or page. The following tools can expand your reach on twitter and can help you increase twitter inbound traffic to your blog.

Twitter Tools/Applications:

LinkedIn is a professional social network meant for business. It was not so famous till it was added with some conventional social networking features. It is a great platform to showcase your skills in the area of your interest through blogging. LinkedIn is a great source for niche bloggers particularly. I suggest you to use the following features of LinkedIn to effectively so as to get benefitted. It not only increases your blog traffic but also brings professionals to follow your updates.

Linked Features/Tools:

  • Groups
  • Promotions
  • Service Listings
  • Discussions
Along with the three major social media networks, Pinterest has also got equal priority these days. It allow bloggers and business owners to manage promotions and advertising about their businesses very creatively and innovatively. Optimizing your pinterest profile will help your brand reach your customers and visitors as well.

I wish you use these powerful tools very well to bring out the most of your strategies.
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Sony Xperia Z3 Review: Specifications, Performance, Price and Market Competition

Sony has released its latest flagship smart phone, Xperia Z3 into market recently. The new Xperia kid comes with powerful arsenal of better waterproof performance and powerful battery to hold the charge up to a half a day longer than usual. The phone comes with revamped features and specifications that makes this device interesting.

Let’s take a dive into the features of this new gadget.

Display & Design

Sony Xperia Z3 comes with 5.2 inch full HD display that can render 1920x1080 resolution picture on the screen. The legacy of triluminos display technology is also continued in Z3. This technology displays the true colors of blues, greens and reds on the screen very well. This technology was first known to be introduced with Sony T2 ultra.


Sony Xperia Z3 has got little changes to its design compared to its predecessors. It comes with a metallic, round cornered frame around the panel with the embedded water-proof lids over the ports.

Isn't that frame looking like a iPhone6’s? I wonder if it can bend too.

Processor & Memory

Xperia Z3 comes equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 2.5 GHz Quad-Core processor with the graphic support of Adreno 330 GPU. You can also connect and play remotely on a PS4 console.

Z3 comes with 16GB internal flash memory and can be expanded up to 128GB with the help of external microSD. It is configured with 3GB RAM which is a perfect come-along for the 2.5GHz processor and 330GPU.

Running heavy applications won't slow down the device due to the powerful configuration. Gaming would be a great fun on this device, that too on the full HD triluminos display.

Network & Connectivity

This devices runs on GSM 2G, UMTS HSPA 3G and LTE 4G diverse networks. It has got assisted GPS and GLONASS system for global positioning, Wi-Fi with ANT+ technology.

Z3 also have now-a-day connectivity options like native USB tethering, USB 2.0 micro, NFC and Bluetooth 4.0.

Camera & Video

Xperia Z3 got a powerful rear camera that can take pictures of 20.7MP resolution and 2.2MP front facing camera which is good to take selfies and video calls but remember there are phones with 5MP front camera already.

You can talk 1080p video calls with the front camera and can shoot the videos with the 4k resolution with the rear one. The camera also got now-a-day feature like image stabilization, HDR, burst mode, geo tagging.

Water & Dust Proof

Sony is the first one to introduce the waterproof technology for mobile phones commercially and this might have brought the thought of upgrading the waterproof technology to next level. Sony inherits the new standards(IP65 and IP68) of water and dust proof to Z3.


Sony released Xperia Z3 with the price tag of Rs.51,990 in to the Indian market. You can get it for 3% off on flipkart.

Verdict in Market Competition Perspective

No doubt Sony Xperia Z3 has got amazing specifications but I still see some emptiness in specifications like GPU, front camera and bendable metallic frame. I think the bending videos of iPhone 6 might have made me think of much about metallic frame. Middle range smart phones like Xolo Gamer has got 470GPU graphics and 5MP front camera already where as the Z3 has got 330GPU and 2.2MP front camera yet.

The 1080p video calling might not impress people in India where 3G is still a dream. Streaming HD video calls might hike up user internet bills that may seem like making an international call for a newbie(in bill perspective).

I’ll give 3.8/5 for Sony Xperia Z3.

Feel free t share your rating on this device.
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Google Confirms Panda 4.1 Update, Sets Out to Filter Thin Content

It is now official and confirmed earlier by Google that Panda 4.1 is on the loose to hunt the low quality content on the web. The latest panda update is going to affect the websites having poor or thin content.


+Pierre Far of Google shares the news about announcement of the new algorithm update on early twilight hours today. The update says that the Google has slowly rolled out the updated version of the panda algorithm this week and it is going to be fully functional by the next.


This update looks like is going to benefit sites with low ranks and high quality content which would be a hard work payoff for those creative writers and webmasters.


Who’s going to get benefitted?

Website owners who have been striving hard to pull up their awesome content since recent months will get a good push. All the work they have done will be paid off with good rankings.




So workaholic bloggers, admins and webmasters, get ready to throw me a party for the news!


Who’s going to get slapped?

Though this might sound like a hard rock to swallow, you have to accept it. Websites and blogs with thin content will be dumped by your Google girlfriend.


Feels like slapping me?


There no point of doing it my friend. I’m just the news bearer. You Google girl friend have found some good websites to hang around. Be one of those to be with her!


Aha! I write bold and long word articles, I won’t feel the heat

Hell yes! you can. Thin content in Google’s context is not that is written in pale fonts without any text decoration. Writing in bold letters or long keyword articles may not help you unless they are helpful to the readers.


Google is going to consider the readability, navigability and also language ethics much better than ever in this latest panda update.


Has someone slapped their face? I hope that’s not you! Watch out for the bear that is on the loose.


Wait a second! don’t forget to share your love story with your Google girlfriend in comments below. I’d appreciate your honesty in sharing it!

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College Dunia Makes Finding Colleges & Courses Easier

Choosing a college is one of the life turning choices a student has to make after +2. When the time comes, almost every student would go bananas over the half-known details of the colleges. One can’t go ask Google because it would give millions of results to explore into. Moreover a teenage stud won’t have life time patience in sliding over all the search results.


College Dunia is a website where a student can get all the information about the colleges and courses easily. It empowers students with knowledge of several colleges, universities and courses and gives them a chance to choose their own careers without being influenced by the people around them.



Searching Made Easier

Searching information about colleges, universities and exam results is made easier by providing a easy-to-find search engine right on homepage of the website. You can also choose to search the information with in a respective field, you wanted to pursue your career in.


You can search the information of the colleges and courses by the field of education you wanted to proceed with in future.




Each college or university is rated by the fellow students which helps you make you choice easier. To make your search results show up more accurately, use city and state filters.


Information about every college is nicely framed so that one can easily find the information that he/she is wanted. You can find very fine information of each and every college with all the contact details, faculty, reviews, placement companies, brochures, seats availability, fee details and all the other information that you can’t find even on a official college website.


The homepage of the website is a central hub of all the quick information about the colleges and courses with quick filtering options like type, stream and location.


College News Hub

College Dunia also provides neat and precise news updates on admissions, examinations and results of various universities. You don’t need to keep on jumping on the web search results for each individual purpose.


You can register to college dunia and avail the following features for free anytime anywhere:

  • View College Brochures
  • Check Detailed Fees
  • Shortlist and Apply to colleges
  • Ask Questions to senior Counselors
  • Never miss Important deadlines


College Dunia is a one stop solution for students to explore information about colleges, universities and courses. I like the idea of College Dunia to facilitate students in India who take the advice of half-knowledge neighbors yet. Though there are many other website which provide information, college dunia out smarts all of them by availing the information in multiple dimensions.


Amfas Tech wishes all the best for CD team in future!

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