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How To Find Printer Ink For Old Laser Jet Printing Systems

Buying a new printer is always very exciting, but after a while you run out of ink. Finding out exactly which ink cartridge you need to replace and where you can find it is often a difficult and frustrating journey.


Then, the process of replacing the cartridge itself can be challenging. You may also find that a replacement ink cartridge can cost almost as much as a new printer. Read on to learn how to find printer ink for old laser jet printing systems and avoid getting frustrated with your printer system.




The Problem With Ink

Many consumers are frustrated with the methods profitable printer companies use to force consumers to purchase ink, whether it’s more expensive, incompatible with your printer model, or simply inefficient and quick to deplete. For example, many may have experienced that after purchasing a new printer the included cartridges last for only a few prints before expiring. Subsequently, refill cartridges are sold for nearly the same cost, if not more, than the printer itself.


Another business tactic that many consumers have encountered is the requirement to have all ink colors filled before printing, even if they’re only printing in black and white. Some believe these are schemes to make printing companies more money. However, a few printing giants, like HP, have claimed that they have spent years trying to lower the cost of making new cartridges.


Replacement Ink or a New Printer?

Inkjet printers are becoming more and more affordable, while new replacement cartridge prices are staying the same. The gap between the cost of a printer and the cost of ink cartridges is becoming exceedingly wide.


If you have an old laser printer, you may be wondering if you should just buy a whole new printer rather than track down the specifics of your cartridge. Before you choose the very impractical route of buying a whole new printer, consider the alternatives.


Check the Box

Many new printers come with a fresh ink cartridge stored in the box as part of the printer purchase. Check to see if you still have the original box—you may find a backup cartridge there. If you have the instruction manual, you can find the model numbers for the ink cartridge you need.




Call the Printer Company

Calling or emailing the company who made your printer is always a good place to start. You can inquire about where you can find a new cartridge based on the specifications of your printer. The key in this first step is to get the proper model number on your cartridge. Without this information, you may find it exceedingly difficult to properly replace your ink.


Compare Prices at Third-Party Vendors

The problem of expensive replacement cartridges comes about primarily when you try to buy officially branded ink from the same maker as the printer you own. Buying a replacement cartridge from your printer company is like taking your car back to the dealership for a tune-up—it’s going to cost a lot more than what smaller retailers will charge.


Online vendors have a deep inventory of ink cartridges that match many laser jet printers. There’s no reason to toss your old printer just because it’s out of ink and you’re not sure where to get more. Check the stocked inventory of any reputable vendor to keep your faithful laser printer running for another few years.


Although printer ink is a giant industry, it can be difficult to find the right cartridge to fit your model. However, with the right amount of research and insight, it is possible to effectively save on costs, avoid poor quality cartridges, and fulfill your printing needs.


Author Bio: Albert Krav is a software developer and IT technical support officer, working with other technical experts at 1ink to find the best solutions to all printing issues. Over the last decade, he has helped to effectively make printing at home or in the office a smooth and effortless process. During his free time, he loves to research about new technologies and write.

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Amfas Tech Wins the NationWide Micromax’s Innovative Technical Content Contest

I am glad to let you know that Amfas Tech’s article has won the first prize in the innovative technical content contest held by Micromax India for the year 2015. The winners were announced on February 5th, 2016 honoring with the grand prize of ₹1,00,000.

The contest was hosted on the multiple sites including Blogmint, the influencer marketing media where I got to know about it. The contest was to write an innovative technical content with the touch of humor in the article. I wrote this tech-kitchen article which has been published on with the title ‘How to cook with smartphones (no apps or guides)’.


Hereby, I’d like to thank Micromax’s jury for selecting my article as the best from all the entries received from the contestants all over India. Also, thanks to Blogmint for bringing up the contest on to the platform and following up till the contestants receive the prizes.

I cannot thank enough my friends, fellow bloggers who encouraged me to participate in the contest and reminded me about the important dates often. The positive spirit and healthy professional-friendly relationship that they maintained is utmost appreciable gesture. That inspired me and it will inspire those who are reading this.

Thank you everyone. If you are reading this, consider yourself one of those ‘everyone’.


With all the thankfulness,

- Sasidhar Kareti,
CEO & founder,
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Avoid Content Theft on Your Website by Using Simple CSS3

If writing the content is one side of the coin, protecting it from being copied lies right on the other side of it. Copying content would actually involve in selecting the text on the webpage. This can be blinded by using CSS3 to the content copier which annoys him while doing the theft.

Note: Content on the website can be copied in many advanced ways. Selecting the text with the mouse and copying content is the most traditional way of copying content. This tutorial is for beginner bloggers and website owners who don’t have much idea about the defensive mechanisms in protecting the content. This technique might not help you at fullest of its purpose. So, we recommend you to go for DMCA Takedown services if you are pretty serious about your content.


CSS3 have a selector named ::selection which can be used to style the selected text on the webpage. Using this selector, we can change the color, background, cursor and outline of the text. This selector was removed before the CSS3 recommendation status and can hopefully be added in the future version recommendations. However, this works well on all major browsers (with down versioning limit).

How it works?

As I told you in the above line that it can style color and background of the text, we are going to use the same properties to create a blind spot in the selection.

What is blind spot?
Blind spot is nothing but making the visibility of the text to zero using ::selection selector. For that, we use both the color and background properties.

Here is what you should do

Observe the following piece of code, I’ll guide you how to customize and install it on your website.

::-moz-selection { /* Code for Firefox */
    background: AS SAME AS FONT COLOR;
::selection {
    background: AS SAME AS FONT COLOR;

Add the color of your font on the webpage to both the color and background properties. This creates a mono-color selection style hiding the text within, thus creating confusion to the copier.

Add the above piece of code in <head> section of your website so that it will load up before the content.

Psych tip: Actually, copiers have less patience, that’s why they prefer the 30 sec copy-paste job to the 3-4 hours article writing one. So, If you could annoy him for 30 seconds at least, they will fly off your website.
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Want To Be a Freelancer? This Would Be Your Life; Pros and Cons

Being a freelancer is now rather a trend than a thoughtful decision. Hundreds of specialists dive into self-employment because of income rates, working environment or in a pursuit for freedom. It is fashionable now to work while travelling, talk about amazing life of a happy slacker and write sweet posts about work-from-home to various social media.
I have been freelancing for already three years and I can honestly claim that such lifestyle isn’t all roses.
Sometimes you will be able to count only on yourself, and sometimes there will be things that make you feel desperate.
Not that you’re a crybaby, but when your computer crashes in the middle of work, even the toughest heart would tremble. So, cutting the long story short, here are top pros and cons of being a freelancer.

Work from Home vs Side Expenses

Those who have worked at office know how much effort it requires to deal with company politics and workplace drama. Besides, at office you’re always bound with all those politesse things and pointless formalities.
If you work from home you will only need a stable Internet connection, a phone and possibly some other appliances (if you still invoicing on paper etc.).
Also, the great thing might be that you will be done with meetings, urgent sessions and monthly reports. At home, you can focus more on getting the things done.
Ha! Have you considered hidden costs of home office in your budget? Because your bills for phone, electricity and WIFI will rise right away, as well as those for water and other utilities.
At office, the company takes care about the building, bathrooms, coffee and those cookies you eat for snack. When your computer breaks, your company pays for replacement.
At home, these expenses will be your burden. Let aside additional hidden costs for being self-employed.

Flexibility vs Deadlines

Actually, flexibility is one of the most referred reasons as to why people switch from fulltime jobs to freelance. People want to work when they like, travel, communicate and not be bound by any location or time. This also is critical for important matters – like when you need to visit hospital or go to your child's school.
Yet, together with such freedom comes great responsibility. You are to manage everything in your life, including your working hours.
And you can’t simply choose three or four hours a day solely for your business (unless you earn really big bucks per hour).
There will always be some distraction factors, such as your family members, neighbors, pets, phone calls or whatever else calling out for your attention. You will have to handle with them and keep in mind the deadlines.
Your clients won’t accept excuses for failed projects, unless it is something really serious. Oh, and did I say about the safety net?

More Money vs Unstable Payments

The one of most popular questions I get is how much a freelance writer can make. Let’s face it – we all have certain amount of monthly expenses. So it is crucial to clearly understand whether freelancing can provide you with a sufficient, bill-paying level of earnings. Of course, it largely depends on your field, but, on average, freelancers make more than regular workers.
The reverse side is that freelancers usually don’t receive regular paychecks. Unless you’re a part of a freelance team of the best essay service or another big company, you will probably flounce among minor projects hoping to earn enough to cover month’s bills.
Another unpleasant thing – bills pop up regularly and they won’t wait for “another little bit” until you receive the money.

Independence vs Dealing with Taxes

People dream of doing what they love and being free from reporting their progress to any kind of a boss. They want to make own decisions and opt for what suits them best.
Certainly, individual freelancing has such benefits. You don’t have to get any instructions from managers, force yourself into boring tasks or ask for day offs. Freelancing will provide you with a bunch of challenges so that you can grow both in personal and professional spheres.
Yet, when it comes to doing the actual thing, many realize that freelancers are considered as business owners. And as any business, they must file their taxes and report all sources of their income.
Tracking of all the income and expenses can cause additional troubles for a person, not familiar with taxation system. Also, it requires additional time commitments, which can only worsen the situation for a solopreneur.

New Career Options vs Learning from Scratch

Freelancing opens plenty of career possibilities. It also sharpens your professional skills, and for those who learn new things fast, there is no limit for improvement.
You may join a project you’ve been interested in and make many useful connections in professional sphere by attending job fairs, conferences, seminars and other events.
At first, however, things might go slower than you expected. It is not easy to jump into business without deep knowledge of marketing or sales mechanism. Also, you will have to learn about time management, accounting, SMM and other disciplines that might even have nothing common with your main occupation.
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How to Use Influencer Marketing To Boost SEO

It would be extremely unusual to discover a digital marketing budget in 2016 that does not allow for investments in content marketing and SEO. However, if you want to really boost the overall impact of your online campaign then you need to include influencer marketing.


With the right type of influencers, you will be able to considerably enhance the discoverability of your brand as well as develop your audience thus boosting reach, results and ultimately, return on investment. Some solid reasons to include influencers into your current content and SEO campaigns:




Investments Have Already Been Made By You

Irrespective of whether the focus of your online marketing campaign is organic or paid search or a combination of both, you need to keep content marketing at its core.


Once you have established a strategy for the content, you are all set to attract the target audience to your website. You just need to invest in techniques and tools such as SEO, native ads, PPC, email, etc. so that your audience base can be developed.


It can prove very effective to add influencer marketing to increase the reach of your existing campaign. You can also get an entry into new sources of audience though influencers by leveraging their access to such target markets.


A recent digital marketing study revealed that 40% of the companies consider influencer marketing in their budgets, while the rest 60% are yet to leverage this technique. Given the fact that influencer marketing has already proved itself to be among the most cost-effective methods for customer acquisition, it makes eminent sense to include influencer marketing in your existing campaign.


Influencers Are the Doorkeepers to Your Target Audience

The overriding mission in the lives of digital marketers is to attract the target audience to the website.


Among the best ways of doing this is by making sure that the content is of very high quality, and that it is structured in such a way that consumers are assisted in making purchase decisions.


However, getting the attention of the target audience with content is a job that is not as easy as may be generally thought. Consequently, digital marketers are constantly on the lookout for smart ways to get noticed by the target audiences, and that is what a typical SEO course will focus on.


It is quite likely that every customer or potential customer that you are trying to reach has an account on one or more social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, etc. and they are already following some influencer or the other.


Using sophisticated software and well-defined parameters, you can find your target audience whose interest can be addressed effectively by your products and services. Using this technique you can find influencers who have the interests that can be fulfilled by your brand, and then you can reach out to them.


However, you can only succeed by first being able to win the trust of these influencers. It is only after you have managed to impress them that they will start communicating positively regarding their experiences with your brand to their followers.


There are many models of influencer engagement, and you need to find your best fit. However, be sure that results will not come flooding in overnight because it can take a pretty long time for the relationship to be cemented. It is also imperative that you keep on monitoring your influencer engagement so that you can measure its effectiveness in generating sales.


Content Distribution

There is little point in building great content if it cannot be distributed effectively through the various digital marketing channels such as email, SEO, paid search, social, and more.


Influencer marketing can be a very important element of content distribution because every single member of a social media platform is potentially your content marketing agent.


Content distribution is so important that experts are of the opinion that nothing less than a quarter of your digital marketing budget should be allocated to it. Current studies reveal most digital marketers have not yet woken up to the opportunities that can be opened up with influencers distributing your content.


Word of Mouth – Trusted and Potent

Virtually every marketer knows how powerful word of mouth is because of its very high credibility. Studies reveal that 80% consumers trust recommendations made by family and friends, while two-thirds report that they are also inclined to rely on opinions expressed by other consumers.


In a way, influencer marketing is nothing but an attempt to leverage the trust factor of word of mouth digitally. Since word of mouth is reported to be influencing anything between 20-50% of purchase decisions, it makes influencer marketing a very logical choice for digital marketers.


Author bio: Serena Smith is an experienced SEO practitioner with experience of optimizing websites across diverse industries. Passionate about the subject, Serena runs a structured SEO course that is focused on instructing web developers to integrate SEO into their projects.

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Xiaomi Mi5 Vs.OnePlus 2: Which One to Buy?

OnePlus 3 is already here and do you wonder why I am talking about buying OnePlus 2? Because some older phones are far better than the latest versions. One the top OnePlus 2 have already got a price cut and is now available on Amazon at Rs.23,000 (as of now).

I know the latest phones come with better hardware and software upgrades but the older phones with the price cut are worth buying than buying them during releasing times.

There is another beast from Xiaomi, the Mi5 with the flagship features at the price of Rs.25,000 with the latest upgrades that you are looking for. The OnePlus3 might be the good opponent to compare but not at the price point. You can also read my comparison of OnePlus 3 vs Xiaomi Mi5 if you want.
This article is going to focus on the confusions over choosing the two middle range powerful smartphones, Mi5 and OnePlus 2. Let’s make this straight and simple,

Decision making points about Xiaomi Mi5 vs. OnePlus 2

Comparison 1: The first thing that we look at the smartphone is the design. Unlike Moto phones, OnePlus 2 and Mi5 comes with fantastic design ergonomics that offer premium look as well as firm grip for better usage.

The OnePlus 2 is a bigger device with 5.5 inch screen followed by the bigger body. Mi5, on the other hand, is a 5.1 inch screen phone that fits well in hand.

For bigger hands – OnePlus 2 (If you are okay with both the designs).
For smaller hands – Mi5 (If you are okay with both the designs).

Comparison 2: The performance is what get into mind next for any sort of buyer. Xiaomi Mi5 is packed with Snapdragon 820 where as OnePlus 2 comes with Snapdragon 810. You might not feel the difference in performance unless you use the phone at its dying best. OP2 comes with 4GB DDR4 RAM and Mi5 with 3GB DDR4 which might not show the difference when compared in an average user’s hand.

If you are on a tight budget and cannot spend a penny after 23K INR, go for OnePlus 2 in terms of processing capability.

However, the Mi5 is a little bit better comparatively (amount of RAM will not increase the performance but multitasking capability).

Comparison 3: The third comparison module should be the camera. It is after all the third basic feature that matters to an average user.

Mi5 have 16MP OIS and 4MP ultra-pixel camera where as OnePlus 2 has 13MP (with 6-lens technology) and 5MP camera. Megapixels is not the first thing to count on when considering cameras here. It doesn't mean that higher the megapixels, better the camera.

Not considering the megapixels, when the sample shots are compared, Mi5 performs the best at taking clear and crispy subject focused photographs. OnePlus 2 underperforms when compared with the Mi5.

Have no limits to budget, go for Mi5.
Can’t spend a penny over 23K INR? OnePlus is not worst at all. Go for it.

Comparison 4: The internal memory should be discussed here. OnePlus 2 comes with 64GB eMMC 5.0 internal memory technology where as Mi5 with 32GB eMMC 5.1 which is 80% more faster than 5.0.

Need a phone with larger memory? it’s OnePlus 2.
Need a phone with faster memory? It’s Xiaomi Mi5.

Comparison 5: If software is considered, Mi5 and OP2 have customized android software which get updates often. The both operating systems are customizable to most extent at the user end and are comfortable.

Yet, Mi5 is complained to have software issues regarding the network connectivity. It was also reported to be having some bugs that are obstructing the performance.

Bugs are not permanent. Mi5 may get them removed in the next major software update. OP2 with Oxygen OS offers good performance with initial issues of fingerprint scanner malfunctions.

MIUI is the most difficult UI of all Android phones. If you want a new UI to try or is used to MIUI in the past, go with Xiaomi Mi5.
If you need an easy UI, OP2 is the one for you.


There is nothing to conclude from my side. You have the points table now. Go with the device with highest personal points.

If this review helped you, please buy it from the following links and help us:
Xiaomi Mi5:
OnePlus 2:
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Top 5 Games in Review: Android Games That You Seldom Play

The market for mobile application is already at its peak and is getting even bigger.  A mobile app is no longer for big brands only; small businesses are developing mobile apps to stay in the market.

The future of mobile app market is way broader than our imagination. With new apps popping up daily, consumers are installing apps as fast as they are deleting them.


Before the advent of smartphones, the mobile games were usually played on devices such as PSP, Nintendo and Microsoft Xbox. Since the smartphones have become so familiar, and hundreds of free and low-priced games with excellent graphics are available, it has changed the definition of mobile gaming entirely.


As the news begun circulating that various gaming companies are all set to develop game consoles focusing Android platform, other have started looking into options to make their consoles versatile and gaming interactive. Admit it or not, whenever we are stuck in traffic jam, or waiting in a long queue for our turn for something, or when boredom starts taking its toll on us, we pull out our smartphones and end up playing our favorite games.

Here my top 5 favorite games in review

Ridiculous Fishing



In Ridiculous Fishing by Valamber, experience of fisheries is redefined where you get to do fishing with tools like toasters, chainsaws and guns. Once your catch is thrown into the air, you will have to use weapons like pistols and rockets to turn it into cash.


Touch as many fishes as you can but avoid anything that resembles a jellyfish as they just deduct your score.  The more you catch the fishes, the more you earn coins and money, that money is then spent on different upgrades.  As you collect new species of fish, new maps will open up.  It has a whole list of new weapons that can be unlocked as you progress. If your weapon is good enough to knock out most fish in the air, focus on chainsaws and gasoline upgrades. Just follow the guy who leads the game.


With around 500,000 downloads it is a cool, easy to play and fun game.


Temple Run 2



Temple Run 2 by Imangi Studios is an excellent sequel to one of the most popular running games for the mobile device. With over zillion of download it and chosen as Editor’s pick in Play-store, has all new features and a fantastic follow-up. It has good graphics, new obstacles, simple user interface and great looking visuals.


This game is about collecting distance where you have to keep on running. If you see coins on the way, just move to the directions to grab those coins. These coins improve your power-ups and performance. While running, you will find power-ups along the way. Grab them up as they will give you certain skills that will help you move further into the game. 


Although it is a free play, you can always purchase more coins and gems through In-app purchase. Overall it is a must-have game.

Words with friends



Words with Friends by Zynga is a four starrer word game in Google Play. Mostly enjoyed by young teens, this game helps you test and improve your vocabulary.  It is as easy as A, B, C! You just have to search for a partner, login to your Facebook account, or ask a friend for their username.


Create a word on the board with the help of tiles vertically or horizontally. You get points for each word and eventually you win the game by scoring more point than your friend. 


Words with friends is a free game, but you have a premium option in case if you want to explore more features of this game.  All in all, it is an enjoyable game and worth a check.


Harvest Frenzy



Harvest frenzy by airG is reviewed as one of the finest games from farm frenzy series. With 50+ levels, each level has its unique goals and targets. In this game, all you have to do is to plant new seeds, harvest crops, check the water level and sell the crops to score points.

The game is designed to grow and harvest more. As you grow, your farm gets bigger, and you get to unlock more space. There are bonuses for reaching the level in predefined time. When bored, it can be suitable for all ages, especially kids.


Fish out of Water



Fish out of water created by the same team that developed the very famous Fruit Ninja and Jetpack Joyride, with over a million downloads, it is an addictive game by none other than Halfbrick.


Fish out of water is a simple game to begin with where you enjoy the fun and adventure across the sun, sand and surf. It is about six fish wishing to rise above the ocean. The player throws a choice of his fish out of water with full force, and it flies above the cloud. After you throw three times, you will receive a score from 5 crab judges.


As you move into the game, unlock achievements and level up, you are rewarded with crystals. If you are playing the latest version of the game, you will notice the weather changes after few minutes. Keep an eye on the weather report to know which fish to use. Fish out of water is an easy fun game, best suitable for kids and families.



Mobile apps are now the integral part of any business, and it is growing at an astonishing speed. This is a known fact that the mobile app industry has taken the world by storm, and it is here to stay.


Author Bio:


Alma Causey is a blogger by choice and profession. She loves to read and write about different aspects related to technology and medical. She is currently working as a blogger for, providing dementia testing online. You may find her on Twitter:@Almacausey

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Simple Fix to ‘Final Cut Pro Quit Unexpectedly’ (Version X 10.2.1)

Final Cut Pro is one of the best preferred video editing software for Mac users. The animations, transitions and the plugins that are available for this software helps us make professional videos with best of class effects.

The solution that I am sharing with you today is what I have faced recently on my new Mac running on OSX El Captain v10.11.5. I’ve tried many advanced tricks but a simple trick at last saved my day. So, I thought this simple trick could come to use for you and it is as shared below.


Step 1: Close the running final Cut Pro application and make sure it isn’t running in the background.

Step 2: Go to Finder > ~/Library/Application Support/ and find the and folders and trash them.

Step 3: Go to Finder > ~/Movies directory. You will find several folders in there. Go to each folder and remove the broken plugins if you found any.


Step 4: Now uninstall the application by moving it to the trash

Step 5: Reinstall it again

Step 6: Open the app now. If it still shows the same ‘Final Cut Pro Quit Unexpectedly’ error, press and hold ALT+COMMAND keys while opening the application (Run Final Cut Pro from Applications folder this time instead of from launcher).


Holding ALT+COMMAND while running the application will ask you to reset the preferences for Final Cut Pro X 10.2.1. Choose to Reset. Then your application runs without closing.

That’s it! Comment below and let me know if it worked for you too.
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