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Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 & Mi5 to go on Open Sale from June 1st

Finally, after all Chor-Police game, the Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 and Mi5 are going on in an open sale beginning June 1st. This one month had shown the stars in the day light to the Redmi Note 3 lovers who have been waiting to grab in an every flash sale. The scripts will have no demand and the 2PM tension and ‘Out of Stock’ dismays will no more be heard.


Hugo Barra announced it on Facebook just now with a GIF of himself creating a lip-print with the Xiaomi device;



The script and no-script tricks that we have been using so far will go in vain and they have to search for another flash device now.


Redmi Note 3 has been identified as the best performing device under the budget of Rs.15,000 in India with its outstanding multitasking and gaming showoff.


Read the full technical review of Xiaomi Redmi Note 3




This phablet even dominated the devices like Lenovo ZUK Z1 and Meizu M3 Note that came later. In fact, the sales of Redmi Note 3 are more in numbers than the Mi5 which came into market as a middle range device with powerful chipset and gear.


I though it was some bug in the Amazon in the previous flash sale itself that allowed me to add a product to the cart at 2:20PM and checkout later at 3:30PM on the same day. The actual expiry time was 15 minutes and the clock stopped showing counting down when I was entering the address details.


Who whos the Amazon is gearing up for this from the next week’s open sale. Anyhow, the hustle is no more. Walk free to the Redmi Note 3 page, add it to your cart and checkout.


Enjoy booking a RN3 from June 1st in an open sale like a boss.

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Meizu M3 Note vs. Xiaomi Redmi Note 3: Which One to Buy?

The smartphones are tightening consumers necks with the similar specifications, design and price. Here comes the Meizu M3 Note and Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 under the same category with the great similar looks and similar specifications.


Both the smartphones are available at the same price leaving all the confusion to the buyer. In this article, I’ll be differentiating the differences specifically in both the devices and at the end, you will be able to go with your choice.


Let’s begin!




Design: Metal vs Metal

The 18 wheels of metal it sounds like to me when I had the thought of comparing both the devices. Meizu M3 Note and Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 are both the metallic devices with clean and aluminum alloys for their bodies.


Both these budget phones are inspired from the Apple iPhone 6’s design but with the minor changes to it. If you see the package of the Redmi Note 3, it exactly looks like that of an iPhone 6’s.


Meizu M3 Note on the other hand looks more like an iPhone than the Redmi Note 3. The metallic back, buttons, shape, finish and the position of the fingerprint sensor looks exactly like as of iPhone 6’s except the camera position.


Winner: Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 is no less beautiful and strongly built to the Meizu M3 Note, but the iconic iPhone 6’s design and the looks of M3 Note steals the show with a little extra few glitz.


Meizu comes in 8.2mm thinness and Redmi Note 3 in 8.65mm. This even makes Meizu a good choice.


Display: IPS LCD vs LTPS

Xiaomi and Meizu have embedded two different display technologies on its screen, IPS-LED and LTPS respectively. The both technologies have their own features. IPS-LCD gives the better color reduction, viewing angles and good color in-depth and LTPS gives a high resolution display using the low temperatures.


The common factor about the display is that they both have 5.5 inch 1080p display with the pixel density of 403ppi.


Both the phones comes with the screen protection glass, Redmi Note 3 with Dragon Sapphire and M3 Note with Dinorex T2X-1.


Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 comes with a special auto-brightness feature that enhances the dark pixels on the screen when under sunlight, where as the Meizu M3 Note comes with the normal auto-brightness feature.


Winner: Both the phones win the display challenge with the outstanding display modules. If you want to pick a phone in terms of display, better choose one that take low battery power would be better for longer screen-on times without any compromising of quality and resolution.


Performance: Snapdragon & Adreno vs MediaTek & Mali

The is the perfect round to assess a smartphone’s ability. It’s not the looks and the battery power that weighs more in choosing a smartphone, it is the performance.


Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 with Snapdragon 650 hexa-core performs a lot better than the Meizu M3 Note with MediaTek Helio P10 Premium Octa-core processor. Though, it seemed to be the Octa-core to be dominating, the hexa-core take the lead surprisingly.


Snapdragon 650 of XRN3 is coupled with the Adreno 510 GPU giving it the power of graphics and gaming. Where as the MM3N comes with Mali-T860 64-bit GPU, which brought up the expectations but failed in real time.


Gaming is found to be smooth and no lags identified on Redmi Note 3 in many tech reviews online but, Meizu disappointed with the disastrous frame dropping on high-end gaming even with moderate graphics setting.


The Antutu benchmark scores of Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 and Meizu M3 Note are settled at 74000 and 44000 (that’s last year’s Zenfone 2 intel Atom processor version’s score) respectively.


Winner: Without no second thought, Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 wins the performance round.


Storage: Hybrid vs Hybrid

Both Xiaomi and Meizu comes in two memory variants, 16GB and 32GB. They can be expanded up to 128GB through microSD card. Both the phones have the hybrid SIM with a choice and sacrifice option for the user.


Winner: Let’s call this a warm-up round. Both the phones stand at the same point in terms of memory expandability.


Camera: 16MP vs 13MP & 5MP vs 5MP

Both the phone cameras work the same irrespective of their modular configuration. The 16MP PDAF camera of Xiaomi is better at taking outdoor shots and videos in Full HD 1080P. With Google Open camera, Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 can even record 4K videos.


The 13MP camera of Meizu is fast and right focusing the subject. The macro shots come much better on Meizu than the Redmi’s.


Winner: As camera is not just about the macro photography, I’d prefer to suggest the camera of Redmi Note 3 in case of all around photography.



The RN3 is having the powerful 4050mAh battery where as the M3N is having the 4010mAh that can give a full day (24 hour) charge on heavy usage as well.


Winner: Both are impressive but the LTPS of M3 Note might get the advantage over Redmi Note 3’s IPS LCD.



Xiaomi Redmi Note 3: Meizu M3 note:

+ Full metallic premium design
+ Better processor & GPU
+ No over heating
+ Better display technology
+ Better camera
+ Powerful battery
+ Wi-Fi supports both 2.4GHz and 5GHz band

+ Beast performance

+ Great premium design

+ Sharp screen with LTPS

+ Scratch protection

+ Good camera

+ Huge high capacity battery

+ Fingerprint sensor

+ Multipurpose single button (including fingerprint sensor)



Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Meizu M3 Note

- No specific screen protection
- Still Android 5.1.1 based MIUI7

- Heating issues

- Lags a lot with multitasking and gaming

- Hybrid SIM is always a sacrifice

- Custom Android Flyme OS 5.1 is hard to get used to it


Final Verdict

Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 and Meizu M3 Note are two great devices with wonderful premium design and specifications. The both devices are similar in many aspects expect the performance which is the mostly concerned metric while buying a smartphone.


Xiaomi heats up while charging and it is said to be normal when it happens with the beast performing device in a metallic armor.


Buy Xiaomi Redmi Note 3: If you are wanting a device that doesn't compromise in performance and needed a day/2-day battery.


Buy Meizu M3 Note: If you are looking to have an iPhone like android smartphone in your budget and you don’t game heavy games on the device.

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Meizu M3 Note Review: Great Design & Low Performance

Meizu company has released the next M series smartphone, M3 Note with an iconic iPhone like design and good configuration. Those who dream of having an iPhone should take a look at this smartphone. Because, it can fill your appetite of having an Apple (apple like) device in hand.


Meizu had got some bad reviews so far on the internet regarding the performance. The chipset is a good gig on the paper, but let’s see what it has got and why it is getting so many negative reviews.



Meizu M3 Note is out standing in its design. It has the closest design phone to the iPhone 6 among all the devices that were released with the similarity. The curves, the buttons and the back panel makes M3 Note quite a beauty.




The only thing that it differs from the iPhone design is that the position of the back camera and dual tone flash. Even the metal alloy used is the 6000 aluminum alloy that is used in making the iPhone’s body.


The size wise, the M3 Note weighs 163gms which is better than the last year’s Zenfone 2 series smartphones and wears a 8.2mm thick body from the side.


Impressions: I, as an Apple iPhone’s design lover, extremely satisfied with the Meizu’s design and curvatures.



Meizu packed M3 Note with 1080p 5.5 inch screen that can render 403ppi with 1000:1 contrast ratio. The screen is protected by Dinorex T2X-1 Glass from scratches. So, there is no need of worrying about scratches. It uses the LTPS (Low Temperature Poly-Silicon) technology to save more power and gives more screen-on time.




Impressions: The display is very good and sharp. It will make a good device for multimedia users in case of screen quality.



This device is powered with MediaTek Helio P10 Premium Octa-core processor coupled with 2GB/3GB RAM as optional. The duo is powered with Mali-T860 64-bit GPU. The mTouch 2.1 sensor with Flyme Assistive Touch technology gives user a brand new convenient experience. The whole hardware runs on Flyme OS 5.1which is based on the Android Lollipop 5.1 operating system.




Impressions: The on-paper specifications are very good but the performance in terms of gaming and multitasking really sucks. It gets struck in every high end game even with medium graphic settings.



M3 note comes in two memory/storage versions. The 2GB RAM version comes with 16GB internal memory and the 3GB RAM version with 32GB internal memory. The storage can be expanded using the microSD card (through hybrid SIM slot).


Impressions: Hybrid SIM slots have been a tradition of smartphones these days. So, we can’t blame a single device for this.



Meizu M3 Note comes with a 13MP rear camera with f/2.2 aperture and 5-element lens accompanied by dual tone flash. The front camera is a 5MP shooter with f/2.0 and 4-element lens.


Impressions: Camera on Meizu is pretty impressive. The tap to focus works great in taking the macro shots with full clear focus on the subject and blurred background.



M3 Note supports 4G FDD-LTE in both the SIM slots along with the 3G WCDMA, 2G GSM, 4G TD-LTE and 3G TD-SCDMA.


It has GPS, A-GPS, GLONASS, Digital compass for location connectivity. It has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.1


Impressions: Connectivity is no new in Meizu M3 compared to other smartphones. Thumbs up for connectivity.



M3 Note have these sensors; Hall magnetic sensor, Gravity sensor, IR proximity sensor, Gyroscope, Ambient light sensor, Touch sensor and Digital compass.


Impressions: Good to have all needed sensors on the device.



Meizu comes with a 4100mAh high capacity battery that can hold the charge up to 2 days ion moderate usage. The LTPS screen technology gives more screen-on time with such a huge battery backup.


Impressions: Great battery backup. Fully satisfactory with the battery and price comparison.



+ Great premium design

+ Sharp screen with LTPS

+ Scratch protection

+ Good camera

+ Huge high capacity battery

+ Fingerprint sensor

+ Multipurpose single button (including fingerprint sensor)



- Lags a lot with multitasking and gaming

- Hybrid SIM is always a sacrifice

- Custom Android Flyme OS 5.1 is hard to get used to it



Meizu M3 Note gives a great premium phone (iPhone 6) look in hand. The processor and RAM combo is great and should handle multitasking butter smooth.


Unfortunately, it lags like crazy skipping more number of frames while gaming under both high and moderate graphic settings.


This device is for those who won’t play games on the phone and only for general multitasking (not heavy) . This phone can also be considered for those who need longer battery life. The looks when holding it will dominate any other budget smartphone that was released so far.


The Meizu M3 Note is now available at Amazon for Rs.9,999 through flash sale. Follow this link to register for the next flash sale.

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Get 50% OFF on Tesla Themes

Tesla discounts are here!!


Telsa, the website theme cart website offers 50% OFF on all themes on the occasion of their 3rd anniversary.


Tesla themes are neatly designed, SEO optimized, responsive and fast loading. There are whole 50+ templates on the website to grab from.


If you are a blogger or an internet marketer, this is time to grab a few wonderful themes with 50% anniversary discount. This offer can be claimed till 31st of May of 2016.


3 years tesla


The popular themes on Tesla like Megalith, Hotelia, Narcos, E-Event, Daily Post are even available for 50% cut off prices.


How to buy Tesla Themes for 50% Off

Go to and search for your favorite theme. Enter the following coupon code while checking out. The offer will then be applied to your cart price and the total price will be shown. Checkout paying the half amount shown.


Coupon Code: TESLA3YEAR


Note: This offer will be valid till 31st of May 2016. If Tesla Themes extends this offer, we’ll let you know.

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How to Grow Your Business Using Mobile Coupons?

These days, big companies are trying to promote their products indifferent ways like online campaign management, through SMS on mobiles, on television, banner ads and offline advertisements. As much as we know, the companies who promote products by offering promo codes through mobile SMS, get more benefits.


Actually, Mobile Coupon Marketing is the most convenient way to reach to customers. Not only you will target your customer but also can also target many type of mobile marketing strategies. And a very good thing about mobile coupons or promo codes marketing is: if you want to target local business then it is the suitable business strategy for your business.


Through SMS, e-commerce and branded companies give the coupon codes for best offers to targeted clients. What’s the main reason: why these companies prefer the mobile discount coupons marketing strategy? Do you have any idea about that? Read more to know.


5 Main Reasons to Use Mobile Coupon is:

1. Companies can directly reach their customer and benefits them.

2. Customers can easily use the discounted offers

3. Brands can target easily the local business

4. As Customers get more benefits, they love to purchase more and more products

5. Easiest way for brand promotions.


In these days, each and every famous e-commerce companies like Paytm, eBay, Jabong, Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Shopclues and all food and beverages companies, interior-exterior companies are offering promo codes.


In this 21st century, marketing strategy is very complicated to handle. So, small scale business owner should nurture their skills in such a way so that they can compete with the competitive market.


Are you a small or middle sized business owner? If so, then you can start with the mobile coupon marketing tricks to grow your business. Hope this article will be helpful for those owners who want to see their companies at top level.


Author Bio:

This article is written by Ameeta Mohanty, a professional blogger who love to write different kind of articles from several categories like travel, technology, health, shopping and news. Apart from her profession, she loves singing, dancing and enjoy life to the fullest.

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Bored? Try Out These Top 10 Movie Apps for Android

Think of yourself as a great movie lover? Well, how many of the movie apps of Android are you familiar with? I am sure the list wouldn’t be that long. Even without the help of all these apps you manage to watch a lot of movies. Think of how many movies you can enjoy with proper use of technology!


If you’re willing to stream movies online rather than watching them on your Android smartphone. Then check out this post, where you can find some of the best sites to watch movies online.


Now here we have come for the rescue, presenting to you the list of top 10 movie apps of android that sure is going to take your breath away. What are you waiting for? Let’s get started.


1. Netflix



Who can forget Netflix when it comes to watching movies? Netflix is the leading provider of movies and other videos across the world. It has no competitors in terms of quality and reliability. So where does the problem lie? Yeah, the problem lies on the fact that Netflix is not a free app. You got to pay Netflix for watching videos. But the pay is very less when compared to the benefits. If you are a true movie buff and cares about high quality videos, you sure got to have Netflix on your device.


2. MovieBox



Movie Box can be considered as the most popular movie app for Android. It lets you stream and download movies. You get to browse through the endless categories of movies and videos and watch them at your preferred time. You can create your own movie library and add movies manually as well. What more can a movie buff ask for? Well, you need to get your device rooted before you can use this application. It’s a bit difficult to download this application as well.


3. Crackle



Crackle is the app that you are looking for, if you are so much into movies and series. It lets you watch your favorite movies and series all for free! You can create your own favorites list of movies and series to watch later. You even have the provision to create a Crackle account such that you can log into Crackle from multiple devices and pick up exactly from where you left off. Yeah, sounds amazing, isn’t it? Crackle comes in the size of 11 MB and you can get Crackle from Google Play.


4. ShowBox



ShowBox is another popular movie streaming app for Android. Using ShowBox, you get to watch the latest Movies, Serials, and Series and so on. ShowBox is available both for Android and iOS platforms. There is a specially designed Windows application for ShowBox as well. ShowBox is totally free and totally cool. I would suggest ShowBox for every movie lover out there. Thousands of users have already downloaded this app and experienced its benefits. What are you waiting for? You can get ShowBox from Google Play.


5.Movie HD



Movie HD app is specifically designed for those who are in love with watching and streaming movies as well as TV shows. Movie HD app is available in a wide variety of Operating System platforms and is highly reliable. The app has a huge collection of movies from which you can choose and it extends its reach to 3D videos as well. The User Interface of Movie HD app is something’s to admire. Navigation is so easy with well-defined boundaries between different genres. There is the option of search which helps you find your movies of choice with such ease and pace. After you download the APK, you might need an additional application to stream videos.


6.PlayBox HD



PlayBox HD app can be considered as an alternative to apps like Movie HD app and Show Box app. PlayBox HD app also offers free streaming of movies and TV shows. PlayBox app lets you download videos and watch them when you are offline as well. An important feature of PlayBox HD app is that it has various subtitles sources available in different languages. It also supports the feature of Chrome cast. PlayBox HD app is available in both iOS and Android platforms. You can get the Android version of PlayBox HD app from this link.





ViewSter comes next in the list of top 10 movie apps for Android. Viewster also offers several of the features that other movie apps offer. It is cost free and it has high quality videos. It offers wide variety of videos including movies, anime, music etc. You can browse through the huge collection of videos in Viewster and the results can be sorted in any order that you like to see them in. Viewster has a great User Interface. The videos load with a bit of a delay, but since the video quality is good, this little delay is often ignored. You can get Viewster from here.





Using the Flipps app, you get to stream latest movies, music and TV shows as and when you need. You can connect your mobile device to your home TV and watch the movies without a set top box or a cable connection. Even YouTube videos can be watched on TV with high resolution. Tell me how cool that is! Flipps is definitely an inevitable app for all the movie lovers out there. You can get Flipps from Play Store.





Using Hubi app, you can download and stream your favorite videos from the most popular streaming services available. Hubi is totally free. Hubi has a lot of attractive features. Hubi allows you to keep a list of watched videos, it has a clean interface which is easy to use, it lets you download videos and watch them later, it lets you share video links with your friends and family and a lot more. Hubi definitely redefines one’s idea of a movie streaming app. You can download Hubi app from Google Play Store.


10. Movies by Flixster



When it comes to movies, Movies by Flixster app has a lot to offer than you can think of. It is the app for movies, I should say. It lets you create movie lists and lets you have a look at the movie lists of your friends. It has latest movie trailers included and definitely you can have a look at those cool trailers. Flixster even lets you book tickets online to watch your favorite movies. You can see the Rotten Tomatoes critic reviews from this app. The interface of the Flixster app is simple and you can access almost anything and everything instantly with this interface. You can get Movies by Flixster App from Play Store.


Author Bio:

This article is written by Rahul Gupta. He is the CEO & Founder of CrunchyTricks. He is online since 2014 and had helped many bloggers and startups to achieve what they want. He writes about Blogging, SEO, Social Media, Affiliate Marketing & Tech. 

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