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Asus Zenfone 3 Review: Overpriced or Feature Rich?

The latest zenvolution event revealed the new class of Zenfone smartphones, the Zenfone 3 in India at most shocking price range. The whole Zenfone fans are a bit disappointed with the rates but, what do you think made this phone wear a tag of such a high price?


Asus has got a new nick name with this revelation. People started calling Asus the next Apple, not fortunately in the terms of quality but the pricing. However, Zenfone 3 is not that dumbest phone. It has all those extra bit features (except the processor) that we were expecting.


Let’s see what Zenfone 3 has got in its armor and later decide if it is over priced or really a feature rich smartphone.


What’s in the box?

Zenfone 3 package comes with the handset, charging unit with detachable USB cord, ear phones (surprise!!), SIM ejector tool along with the manuals and usage guides.


Good to see Asus including the earphones this time. It seems like the company has taken the user frustrated feedback on no-earphone package seriously this time.



If you had ever closely observed the previous class of Zenfones, you would have noticed that the similarity of design between the Zenfone 5 and Zenfone 2 and difference compared to the Zenfone 3.


Zenfone 3 has the full metallic unibody design this time with an eccentric back pointing to the finger print sensor. The device is made flat and slimmer than Zenfone 2 leaving the marks of premium looks in its design.


asus-zenfone-3-ze552kl-back   asus-zenfone-3-ze552kl-front   asus-zenfone-3-ze552kl-side


The power button and volume rockers are replaced to their normal position compared to that of Zenfone 2. So, the complaint of difficulty to reach out to the power button on Zenfone 2 has been solved. The Zenfone 2 Deluxe and Laser also had the same problem as they are the sibling products of the Zenfone 2 era.


Zenfone 3 has the Type-c 2.0 port at the bottom beside the 5-Magnet loud speaker and mic. The other edge has the SIM tray and the top of the device has the 3.5mm audio jack along with the secondary mic.


The back side has the premium looking eccentric glass over metal design with a fingerprint scanner, camera, dual-tone flash and laser. On the front, it has the secondary camera and proximity sensor. The front and back panel is protected by the Corning Gorilla Glass 0.25D glass.




Zenfone 3 ZE520KL comes with 5.2 inch FHD 1920x1080 IPS display with 75.6% screen-to-body ratio and 600nits of brightness. The 178 degree viewing angle display will not let the true color performance of the screen. It also comes with the blue-light filter for eye care. The ZE522KL version has the 5.5 inch display with the same specifications.


ZF3’s display has 10-point capacitive touch with the fingerprint and smudge-resistant Oleophobic coating. You would see less smudges on the screen and less oil stick to it.


This ZE520KL model is the one with the smaller screen among all the Zenfone 3 phones that were released.



Zenfone 3 sports a 64-bit Octa-Core Snapdragon 625 processor clocking at 2.0GHz. The processor is accompanied by the 3GB/4GB RAM and Adreno 506 GPU. The hardware combo is powered by the Android 6.0 based ZenUI 3.0, unleashing the performance out of the device.


Though Snapdragon 625 is not a fair exciting processor that a smartphone of 2016 should be having, with the support of 3GB/4GB RAM, Adreno 506 and Android 6.0 Marshmallow, the Zenfone 3 will perform at best.


However the SD 625 processor can support the LTE aggregation, camera module up to 24 mega pixels and 35% less power consumption. Trust me, you still can count on it.



The basic Zenfone 3 comes in 32GB internal storage at minimum. It ditched the 16GB version this time or may introduce with lessened prices in future. ZF3 comes in two memory variants, 32GB and 64GB. These two variants come along with the 3GB and 4GB RAM variants respectively.


You can expand the memory of Zenfone 3 up to 2TB with the help of a microSD card. You will also get 100GB of free Google Drive space for 2 years.



Zenfone 3 has an interested upgrade to the camera module. It has 16MP rear camera with 6P Largan lens, f/2.0, dual tone flash and laser auto-focus system. This means that we don’t get a laser version in future like as Zenfone 2 Laser.


The front camera is a 8MP shooter with f/2.0 aperture. This is a good upgrade compared to ZF2 to take clearer and sharper photos.



Zenfone 3 supports the UMTS/WCDMA/TD-SCDMA/LTE/TDD-LTE/FDD-LTE networks all over the world. Their specifications are as follows:

Data Rate:
HSPA+: UL 5.76 / DL 5.76 Mbps
DC-HSPA+: UL 5.76 / DL 42 Mbps
LTE Cat4:UL 50 / DL 150 Mbps (WW version)
LTE Cat6:UL 50 / DL 300 Mbps (TW/JP/HK/SG/PH version)
2G: 850/900/1800/1900
WW version:
WCDMA: Band: 1/2/5/8
ID/IN/TH version:
WCDMA: Band: 1/5/8
FDD: Band: 1/3/5/8
TD: Band: 40
TW/JP/HK version:
WCDMA: Band: 1/2/5/6/8/19
FDD: Band: 1/2/3/5/7/8/18/19/26/28
TD: Band: 38/39/40/41
BR version:
WCDMA: Band: 1/2/4/5/8
FDD: Band: 1/2/3/4/5/7/8/17/28
CN version:
WCDMA: Band: 1/2/5/8
TD-SCDMA: Band: 34/39


*The above network information is taken from the ASUS official website. The ASUS phone 4G/LTE band compatibility may vary by region. You are advised to check compatibility with local carriers if intending to use your ASUS phone outside the original purchase region.



Zenfone 3 ZE520KL comes with a 2650mAh Li-ion non-removable battery. It is less powerful than that of Zenfone 2 had (3000mAh). The battery is quite a disappointment for Zenfone 3. The Adreno 506 will suck up the juice faster when in use. Though the processor is 35% energy efficient, it cannot perform as good as ZF2’s.


The ZE522KL version has the 3000mAh battery. With the little extra large screen on this version, the battery performance of both the devices makes no difference at all.


The Zenfone2’s battery also couldn’t stand for 24 hours when moderately used, because of the bloatware that keeps on running in the background. The less powered battery is hopeless.



+ Premium looking design

+ Better display

+ Type-C port for quick charging

+ Improved cameras

+ 2TB storage expandability

+ 100GB Google Drive space for 2 years



- Average processor in price point

- Weaker battery

- Drastically overpriced



The SD 625 may be energy efficient, the 3GB/4GB RAM variants are good enough for better multitasking. The Antutu score of 60,000 is not a negligible one. Zenfone 3 could have been a good device if it was labelled around $180 (Rs.12,000 INR). But, the device is overpriced at $328 (Rs.22,000 INR) for 3GB/32GB version and $418 (Rs.28,000 INR) for 4GB/64GB version.


I don’t understand the point that why would someone spend that much whereas the better processor phones like Redmi Note 3 is coming out for just $180 (Rs.12,000 INR).


Another point is that why would someone spend another $90 (Rs.6,000 INR) for just 1GB more RAM, 32GB more storage,0.3 inch extra screen and 350mAh extra juice in the battery? Looks like Asus have gained more over confidence this time.


Performance wise, Zenfone 3 ZE520KL makes a very good device. If you want to buy one, you may buy it from the following links:


Buy Zenfone 3 ZE520KL 3GB/32GB

Buy Zenfone 3 ZE522KL 4GB/64GB

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10 Tips to Prevent Yourself from Online Scams While Looking for Jobs

Wondering how to look for a job online? Today, the advent of the internet has made our job-hunting process easier a lot and now we can find amazing job offers online sitting in the comfort of our home moreover, can go for the one that perfectly suits our personality and preferences. The modern day and age is bringing a myriad of opportunities to ease our living.

Well, don’t get excited. This is just one side and as we always say, ‘Every coin has two sides’ same is the case here. Undoubtedly, there are a number of legitimate and stable companies that provide an exciting range of job offers with the help of telecommuters. However, there are many fraudulent companies or unscrupulous individuals who scam thousands of job seekers.

The trend is growing at a rapid pace and there are many cases of scams that we come across daily. You might be surprised, that how these scammers get into your computer to steal your money and identity? Well, the answer to this question is hard to find, because of a number of ways that enable the scammers to offer great job and employment opportunities.

As we can see today, millions of people are looking for the jobs from homes to make their livelihood easier and happier, therefore, in order to trap the job seekers they majorly deal in the areas of home-based and business opportunities.

It has become a common practice of the crooks to defraud thousands and thousands of job seekers by making use of the latest and hi-tech schemes combining with the old ones. This is the surest way to make you fool to get out your personal information as well as your money. In the case of job scams, all our information related to personal, financial, identity theft and credit are on the line.

You never know, you might be their next victim. So, get ready to save you and your friends from such type of real online job scammers. Have a look at the 10 tips on how to prevent you from scams while looking for work online.
Internet Lottery

1. Avoid providing your personal information

No matter what the case is, it is always necessary that we should not disclose our personal details to any person unless or until we do not have surety that he/she will not misuse it. This can leads to identity theft. Review this article to find more on that topic. When applying for jobs online be aware of the questions that are the big red flags. Never impart your social security number and home address to anyone at your initial contact because it is hard to distinguish whether it is a legitimate company or a crook. Be cautious and do a proper research about the company.

2. Get help from the social networking sites

Asking someone about the company is not a right step to clear your doubts. To make you feel satisfied, sign up for a reliable site such as ‘FlexJobs’ to get daily updates related to the number of work options that are home based. This will prove to be an excellent tool and surely guide you so that you can make a difference between the real online job and a scammer. Never make a decision in hassle; this will put you in trouble. In order to get the right job, always put your best foot forward at the times you are searching for the job.

3. Go for the one that sounds too good to be true

While looking for jobs, it’s very often that we come across the ads that offer much more than our expectations and we get attracted towards such advertisements. Have you ever wondered that how it can be possible that someone is offering us annual salaries of $50,000 a year even without asking about our skills, prior experience and education? Do not response to such ads and look somewhere else to find the perfect job that meets your needs.

4. Never share your Bank Account Details

As we all know, Bank Details are the most crucial details that we should not discuss with any new or unknown employer. Though, direct money transfer is the most efficient technique that we all are enjoying today. However, to save you from the job scams don’t agree to share your bank account details with any third person whom you don’t trust. Feel free to grant access to your account, if it is legitimate.

5. Reject the Jobs with no expertise required

We often get many emails and job postings where it is clearly mentioned that no experience and expertise is required. Do you really think there is any firm that will hire you without even bothering about your skills and experience? All legitimate job offerings include some sort of requirements (education, skills, and experience) are essential to qualify the job posting.

6. Do a background check of the scammer

Before you make any decision, it is advisable to think twice and more in order to find out the status of the company. False Job Postings promises you for easy money, but it is up to you whether to jump into it without making any proper research or to protect you from job scams or schemes. To get the best job and to save you from the job scammers, harness the power of the internet.

7. Avoid making payments to get the job

There are a number of scam companies who take money from the candidates and then disappear. It is illegal to ask money from the job seekers in order to help them get good jobs. Never pay upfront for a promise, these are the things that are the signs of warning. Be alert of any recruiter who promises to provide you job leads.

8. Say ‘NO’ to Jobs with vague Job requirements

How to make a difference between the real email and the scam one is the biggest issue that we face. Well, the points that will help you to say ‘NO’ to the scam emails will include things like ‘Age must be 18 years old’, ‘Must be a Citizen’, ‘Do you have internet access?’ all these are the ridiculous questions that have nothing to do with your job. The real job always includes questions that are relevant to your qualification, Skills, and experience.

9. Ignore the emails containing unsolicited Job offers

Sending unsolicited job offers is an old trick that is used by the scammers for long. If they have sent you an email that seems to be well-written then don’t get trapped. If the email contains a legitimate address with the company’s original email site then you can trust it. But, if it is the one with the free email site, then do not pay attention to it, just ignore.

10. Stay Away from the marketing gimmicks of the scammers

If you find some amazing testimonials then don’t get impressed. These are designed specially by the scammers to grab the attention of the job seekers to make them fall for the scam. Scammers are often caught making such false money back guarantee policies by the real job companies online.

All the above-mentioned tips will definitely help you to keep your guard up moreover, to bring crooks to justice.

Not only this, if you have experienced Identity theft which is the most common practice by the fraudulent these days, then take a corrective measure at the right time to prevent you from online fraud and identity theft. It is the crime in which hackers misuse your personal information through various methods such as Data Breaches, Skimming, Unsecured Smartphone, Phishing and more.

To put a stop to identity theft in the first place, always use different passwords for your every account which must contain at least 8 characters along with letters, numbers, and symbols. Always try to use cash instead of Debit and Credit Cards. Moreover, avoid giving your personal information to the unsolicited callers to save you from identity theft.

About Author:

Andrew Gordon is a general content writer usually writes about the current events & news. Everyone expect usable information from content writers. He provides as much of that kind of information as possible. His Favorite quote is “Become your best. Share your best with the world!”
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Recover Deleted or Lost Files on Windows 7/8/8.1/10 Easily with Wondershare Data Recovery Tool

Data is the most valuable part of the computers. The digital format of information is vulnerable to the several threats which may result in lose of data. It may be due to the human error or the technical glitch that happened inside the circuits. At the end, the users remain the victims of data loss. Recovering deleted or lost files on computer is not as difficult as it was. We have better software and hardware tools available in the market now.


Spending time and money on the deleted files may worth trying but it also need a supervision of budget and effort. Wondershare offers a budget friendly solution for recovering deleted files on Windows computer. Their Data Recovery Software is available for just $49.95 and is effective in recovering the lost files on Windows computer.


I tried this software for recovering my niece’s lost birthday photos on my Windows 7 desktop and on my Windows 10 laptop. It worked great! I almost recovered all the photos back. This time I backed them up to cloud.


Wondershare Data Recovery software have some interesting recovery options that are quite needed when your are perplexed of what to do in such panicking situations. I will show you how this software can be used to recover your lost file of any format.


Note: Recovering of data is not 100% possible with any tool that is available for us so far. However, some tools like Wondershare Data Recovery help us recover almost all files of any condition by all means possible. I recommend you to take a backup of your data very often.



Recovering the deleted or lost data

Download and install Wondershare Data Recovery tool on your Windows computer. Run the tool after installation.


The home screen under ‘Standard’ mode will be shown with the recovery options of the software including the file recovery, partition recovery, RAW file recovery and recovery resume. This will recover files of all formats. If you want to recover files by type, click on the ‘Wizard’ link on the white bar on the screen. This will open a new wizard where you will be shown all the file type options including image, audio, video, office document, email specifically and other formats.


Lost File Recovery – Recovering lost files of any format



This is the first and very non-specific option that this data recovery tool has. You can find this option on the home screen of the tool itself.




You just have to show the location of the disk to search for the lost or deleted files. The rest of the process is taken care of by the tool itself.


Just select the location from the shown disks and click ‘Start’ to continue the search process.




When the search is over it shows all type of files that can be recovered along with the health status of these files. Click on the files to view the preview, select those you wanted and click ‘Recover’.


Partition Recovery – Recovering data from partitions

This option will help you recover the files from the particular partition of the list of hard drives that are connected to the computer. This specificity will help the user plan & organize the search process from partition to partition.




All you need to do is to choose the hard disk > partition > and start the search process. Check the files that are found, preview if necessary and recover them on to your hard drive.


RAW File Recovery – Recovering files that are difficult to recover

RAW format files are those that are identified by the non-human readable attributes like name and path. Sometimes the deleted or lost files cannot be recovered by using normal recovery mode. This RAW file recovery option will help to recover such difficult-to-recover files easily.


RAW files includes all random files that are deleted or removed from the HDD with time. As they are found unnamed, the previewing process might take a bit long yet worth when it can recover the actual data.




Click on ‘RAW File Recovery option > Select the partition > Hit ‘Start’. The search will find all the random RAW files on the HDD. This process might take a bit longer than the other options, as the possibility of finding the number of files is more.


Resume Recovery – Save scan and resume the search process later

This is one such great feature that is needed for a system utility tool like this. Wondershare Data Recovery tool is an efficient data recovery software that takes optimal time to search the lost or deleted files on the hard drive. The time to finish the scan also depends on the size of the hard disk, number of type of files selected to find and the type of scan chosen.




The terabyte hard disks of now-a-kind, re-checking for every file extension chosen and scan types like RAW file recovery will take lot of time to find the files from death and present before us. We cannot stay along all the time during the process and sometimes we may need to shutdown our computers after a while. At such times, this ‘Resume Recovery’ option will help us ‘Save Scan’ and resume later in any future.


Recovering data by type of file – Specific data recovery method

There is another mode of recovery wizard that you can swap on to. This recovery mode allows you to choose the type of file to recover > choose the partition or location and scan.


You can choose the photo, audio, video, email, office document and all other file types specifically to scan for. This will reduce the time of scanning and will give you quick results.


To be more specific, it scans the following file file extensions associated with the file types.


Image files – All common image formats such as JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP, TIFF, EXIF etc.

Audio – All common audio file formats such as MP3, WMA, AAC, AMR etc.

Video – All common video file formats AVI, FLV, WMV, MOV, MP4 etc.

Office Documents – All common document file formats such as Word, Excel, PDF and so on.

Emails – All common email file formats such as Outlook, Outlook Express, PST, DBX etc.


Still thinking?

There is nothing valuable more than data in this world and when it comes to digital data, it costs a penny more to recover. Spending just $50 for a license is nothing for the flexibility of data recovery options that Wondershare Data Recovery tool offers. Go Get the tool today and get back your valuable files.

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The Best Tools for Lazy Web Designers

Web designers have faced with the new tools on the web in 2016. After they’ve tried them, they realized that some of them are very useful and simple for everyday usage, but for some of them they need to spend more time in learning and involving in their design.

What’s new in web designing?

Whatever you want to design and even you are a beginner or your design project is at the start yet, you can try some of the tools like Webflow, Origami, Relay, Frontify, Marvel or Avocode. You can also use some of them during the trial period, some of them are free and if you plan to make a big project, you should consider the monthly paying for some of them - that will be worthy of the long term.

Don’t worry if you are one of those designers who like a classic in their designing. You can try some of the classic tools available on the web. Some of them are Square Space, Builder Engine and Dunked (the best tool if you haven’t learned to code by now).

But, what if you are one of those who are practically lazy to learn something new, try new options and check what’s new every minute? Are you a bad designer? Or not?

Are lazy web designers really so bad?

There is a statement that lazy people are actually good for any kind of job because they’ve learned to do more job in less time. They will not waste their time on long and boring coding; they will always try to find an interesting content easy to use. They also know how making a perfect project, which forces people to accept and understand the content very fast and without too much time spent on reading. Every fast and useful tool actually came from lazy designers and programmers. Their sites are clean, readable and without too many information.
But, on the other hand, the lazy designer has to be dumb, too. He must know that learning is everything and that nothing is possible if you don’t admit first that you have to learn so much. Smart people think that they have learned everything. Dumb people learn every day.

So, if you are one of those lazy designers, or just don’t have time for making the big and complicated site, don’t worry, you are not the worst person at all. The only thing you should do is to use smart your laziness. Maybe this list of the tools is as made for you.

If you need a simple navigation

You should try This completely customizable tool will make much easier creating tabs acceptable in practically any design. Even the basic design, color, and shape are already made, the designer can adjust every part to his site and short the time needed for this step.

Do you need more colors?

There is a solution for that, too. Its Color Scheme Designer, a simple tool with already made pallets of colors and combination of colors which you can use. You also shouldn’t worry about the looks of dark and light version, because there is a sample of that included.

Do you want to eliminate dummy text before sending content on the site?

Tool creators have made an effort to make a simple and very useful tool, Bling Text, for resolving a problem with dummy text. The only thing you need to do is to plug the type and how much dummy text you want and give to a tool a chance to resolve it.

Speaking about the text

You also should consider a tool called because it will provide you thousands of samples of different sizes, fonts and text options so you can easily choose whatever option you need for the site.

Finally, what about the layouts?

There it is a simple tool, YAML Builder, for this problem. If you know what layout want to put, this tool has an easy-ten-use visual interface and you simply can choose one of those which is most approachable or similar to your idea. Now, just put content and code and, "voila", the job is finished.

See, it’s no problem if you are lazy; the problem is if you can’t do the job even you are a lazy person. Thanks to tools, that problem is resolved.

About Author:

Tom Jager is professional blogger. He works at Royal Essays. He has degree in Law and English literature. Tom has written numerous articles/online journals. You can reach him at G+ or Facebook.
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iSkysoft PDF Editor Pro for Mac Makes PDF Editing Easy on Mac

PDF documents are the non-editable documents formats that maintain the consistency of the font and other document format on any device as when it is created.


I personally save documents on to my thumb drive as .PDF files to save the format of the document.


Well that the advantage of PDF files. When it comes to editing, they are the toughest files. You cannot simply open them in any other document editor and edit them as you wanted. The only way is to purchase a professional tool for this purpose. The iSkysoft PDF Editor Pro for Mac in this case that serves the purpose with easy user interface.


Don’t believe me blindly. Read the following walkthrough and know yourself.


iSkysoft PDF Editor Pro for Mac Features & Options Walkthrough

iSkysoft PDF Editor Pro for Mac has many professional document editing features including the most wanted OCR conversion. Let’s see all its features one by one.


1. Complete Professional Document Editing Suite

iSkysoft’s PDF Editor Pro for Mac has all the document editing features that are needed like adding, deleting, replacing texts and extracting, cropping and replacing images on the document without disturbing the format of the whole document.


We can also split PDF files into multiple files or combine several individual files into one large PDF document as per our needs.


Text Operations:

We can perform some specific text operations using this PDF Editor. They are as follows:


Adding text:

To add a text on the PDF document using this tool, just open the PDF document with the tool and click on ‘Edit’ button on the toolbar. This will enable a cursor, click on any part of the text to add the text to the existing document.




Removing the text:

With the edit mode kept on, we can click on any line of text and remove the part of it character by character.




Move/Replace the text:

With the edit mode kept on, we can drag on the single or multiple lines of text and move them on to any part of the document.




Resizing the text:

With the edit mode turned on, we can custom resize the selected text by dragging it holding the resizable points on the selected area.




Page Operations:

With the edit mode turned on, we can perform some page level editing operations on the PDF document using this tool. They are as said below:


Rotate Pages:

The page level editing operations window will be shown popped out from the right side of the tool. Choosing ‘Rotate Pages’ option from the given option will popup another window showing the rotate options in three pre-defined angles as would be most needed for professional editing.




The document can be rotated in 90, –90 and 180 degrees in the selected page range.


Delete Pages:

Clicking on this option will popup delete pages window. We can select the page range here to delete the pages in the PDF document.




Extract Pages:

This option will extract the selected pages/page range from the document and saves it as a separate file.




Replace Pages:

This option will replace the pages from the PDF document with the new ones. This features saves the time when a major makeover for the prepared document is needed.




Crop Pages:

We can crop down the part of the document by copping down the document by page level or entire document at once. This option will give us options to select the coordinates of the crop tool and the page range to apply.




Split Document:

The document can be split into multiple document based on the requirements with this option. We just need to select the pages/page range to split and click ‘Ok’.




Add/Update/Remove Watermark:

We can add watermark to the individual pages or all pages in the document at once. The watermark options allows us to choose the font, font size, color, watermarking image, angle of insertion, and opacity over the selected range of pages.




We can add a new watermark, update or remove the existing one from the document.


Add Background:

We can add color or image background to the whole PDF document or the specific page with a chose inclination angle and opacity.




Add Header and Footer:

iSkysoft PDF Editor Pro for Mac gives the complete control over adding the header and footer of the document. We can add the text specifically to the left, center, right or all as per the requirement.




Bates Numbering:

The iSkysoft PDF Editor Pro for Mac can be used to digital stamp the bates numbers on the document which is needed in cases of legal, medical and business fields the most.




Don’t you think this feature proves it a professional tool?


2. Markup Options

iSkysoft PDF Editor Pro for Mac has extended editing options. Using this tool, we can highlight, underline and strikethrough specific lines in a PDF. We can also add text, sticky notes and callouts to make the piece of text more informative. All the markup options can be customized with the chosen colors, fonts and backgrounds. The following are the markup options that this tool has:




Pencil: Draw Free Form – This tool allows us to draw free form on the document.


Pencil Eraser: Erase Free Form – This erases the free forms drawn with the pencil tool.


Text Comment – Can add text comments on the text on the document. Just select the option and click on the document and start customizing it.


Sticky Notes – Can add sticky notes to the page. Select the tool and click on the page area to add and customize.


Text Box – This is different from text comment. A box of text can be placed on the page with this option.


Text Callout – This callout comes with an arrow mark pointing out the selected piece of text.


Stamps – This adds most needed office stamps on the document.


Shape Markups – Can draw shaped markups to point out the piece of text.


Adding/Editing Hyperlinks – We can add/edit hyperlinks to the text to give more web references using this option.


3. Create & Convert PDF Documents into Other Formats

One of the best features of iSkysoft PDF Editor Pro for Mac is creating and converting feature. We can create PDF files from existing multiple PDF files, webpages, images, EPUB and any form of texts from the files.




We can also convert the PDF into the above said formats easily. It’s a reversible process.


4. Edit & Convert Scanned PDF Files Easily

The Mac edition of iSkysoft PDF Editor Pro for Mac comes with OCR (Optical Character Recognition) features that reads the text from the scanned documents and creates PDF files that can be edited and converted anytime in future. This is one of the most necessary office tool features as we know.


5. Form Creator & Filler

If you had ever encountered a PDF form that isn’t allowing you to fill it, you would understand the stress. iSkysoft PDF Editor Pro for Mac fills out interactive and non-interactive forms without any obstruction.




Not only for filling purposes, we can use this feature to create an interactive PDF forms seamlessly. The text fields, buttons and other elements work the same way as we create them on a webpage.


6. Security & Authentication

iSkysoft PDF Editor Pro for Mac not allows provide the security to the files by allowing users to add password and permissions, but also allows to add custom stamps and handwritten e-signatures to authenticate the documents in the right way.




7. Sharing is Simple & Easy

This PDF Editor lets us share the document in three easy possible ways. We can take a hardcopy print-out, attach it directly to the email and export the document directly to the Dropbox. The cherry on the cake is, it even compresses the large PDF files, previews before sharing.




Don’t you dare to disagree

Now that you have seen the every feature of iSkysoft PDF Editor Pro for Mac and learned about it clearly. Don’t you think this is the best and affordable PDF Editor for your Apple Mac computer?


Watch iSkysoft PDF Editor Pro for Mac video walkthrough:



You can get this software from the iSkysoft’s official website now itself and make your office work simpler.


Don’t forget to leave your thoughts about it in comments below.

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Amazon Kindle Paperwhite 2016 Unboxing | Taslar Kindle Paperwhite Origami Case Unboxing

Here is the unboxing video of Amazon Kindle Paperwhite 2016 which has 300DPI screen and has a built-in-light for night reading along with Wi-Fi connectivity. I bought this Kindle Paperwhite for Rs.8,499 in a discount offer (the actual price is Rs.10,999 i.e., $200 USD). I also ordered Taslar Origami case along with the Kindle.




Spoiler Alert: The video is not a professional unboxing video and might look quite recorded by an underdog. Yeah, we didn’t plan for this unboxing and so the video is not that great. And sorry for too many hands in the frame, my friends are as much excited as I am to put their hands on the device. However, I tried to show you the size of the device, ports and the initial setup of the device that may give you an idea before buying.



Buy Kindle Paperwhite from Amazon directly from this link:

Buy Taslar Origami Case for Kindle from Amazon directly from this link:

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How to Install Windows Anniversary Update for Windows 10 Manually?

The most awaited Windows anniversary update is rolling out. Not all Windows 10 PCs are getting it at a time. Many interesting features are introduced to Windows with this anniversary update. Taking from the UI to the added functionalities, the Windows 10 with this update is quite interesting to use.


If you cannot wait till it shows up in your regular update notifications, you can install the anniversary update manually. It is a simple process and need no advanced knowledge. I will walk you through the process step by step. Follow on.


Things you must remember before upgrading Windows 10


Windows 10’s anniversary update is the second major update that is released in the one year of its release. The first one was released in November 2015 with some minor updates and stability fixes. This update adds more features to the operating system and brings major changes to the user interface and functionality.

  • You should have a fully activated Windows 10 installed on your PC. If your Windows is not yet activated, check these possible solutions
  • Check if you have disabled the automatic updates. This will not show you pop-up notifications of any updates to be received.
  • The New Windows 10 after upgrading would be totally new with re-shuffled options. Only upgrade if you are okay to adapt the changes. If asked, I would suggest to upgrade.
  • All the features that are promised to bring to Windows 10 might not work on your PC due to hardware availability and incompatibility. So, do not expect the most the new features if yours is a older PC.
  • You may revert back to older version (10586) if you don’t like the anniversary update (version 14393). I always recommend to have the latest updates installed unless you face any software or hardware problems while working.
  • After the update is downloaded as shown in the Step 4, it might take up to 90 minutes to update the PC. If you are in some serious work and cannot afford that much time, better restart it later.

Installing anniversary update manually



Step 1: Go to Settings > Update and Security. Under ‘Looking for an info on latest updates?’, click ‘Learn more’. The web browser will open up Windows updates page showing information about the Windows anniversary update.




Click on the ‘Get the anniversary update now’ button. It will download a small Windows 10 update assistant application to perform the update process.


Step 2: Run the application (generally named as “Windows10Upgrade28084.exe”). It will open the window as shown below.




Step 3: Click on the ‘Update Now’ button. Then it will check the compatibility of the device for the update. If your PC is compatible, it will show the ‘Ok’ status beside CPU, Memory and Disk. Click on the ‘Next’ button to download the update. You may minimize the windows and resume your work.










Step 4: It will ask you to save your current status of the work to restart and start upgrading process. Click ‘Restart’ to get the update installed. Before restarting, you will be shown a notice about Windows update assistant signing out your current login in order to install the update.






Don’t just enjoy the new features for yourself. Share your experience with us in comments below.

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Is BlackBerry DTEK50 a Good Buy? Or Will It Get Trouble with Android Again?

BlackBerry was the first preference of the business persons and professionals. Before the iPhones that become mainstream of security communications now, BlackBerry is the captain of the dignity ship. The adaption of the open source android technology into the mobile phone market and the availability of the applications suppressed the other brands with custom software.


One of the brands that was suppressed in the market was BlackBerry with BlackBerry OS after Nokia with Symbian. BlackBerry was a special operating system with the support to some Android applications and Google Play services. Later, after the evolution of Android Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0, the support to Google Play Services on BlackBerry devices has been revoked which pushed the users into a pit hole.


After so long time in producing and after being taken over by several hands, the company has decided to come up with a most secured version, BlackBerry Priv with a sliding keypad for a 5 inch phone. Though it satisfied the security requirements, it couldn’t satisfy the customer with a huge size and mutant shape.


BlackBerry has introduced a new android smartphone after Priv, i.e., BlackBerry DTEK50, a mid-range budget smartphone of this era configuration.




BlackBerry DTEK50

BlackBerry DTEK50 is mid-range budget smartphone from BlackBerry unlike previous premium versions. It comes with Qualcomm Snapdragon 617, 3GB of RAM, 16GB internal storage which can be expanded up to 2TB extra with external microSD card. This is a 5.2 inch screen phone that runs on Android Marshmallow 6.0. The camera module comes with 13MP rear and 8MP front for selfies.



Security is the main feature of the BlackBerry phones. It vows to manufacture the device with all security measures and send security software patches often. This the main advantage of BlackBerry smartphone after all.


BlackBerry ditches its own operating system and adapts the Android in the mainstream. So, most probably, you won’t be getting the Google Play Services errors on the device just as we used to get on previous BB phones.


There is another thing to consider when buying this DTEK50 device and that is the price. The BlackBerry DTEK50 is available for $299 (appx. ₹20,000) in US when pre-ordered. I will come up with a complete review of DTEK50 along with pros and cons.


If you are looking out for a secured android device at mid-range budget, at $299, BlackBerry DTEK50 can be a good buy.


Bring out the professional swag out of you. Share you thoughts about it in comments below.

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