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Organize & Save Your Thoughts with Google Keep

“Save your thoughts, wherever you are” – is what Google says about the new notes taking app, Google Keep.


Google Keep is an online notes taking app that will never skip your thoughts whenever you are whatever you are doing. It syncs the app data on to different devices and let you keep on track.


Unlike the physical paper notes, you can tag pictures and audio notes and set reminders to notify. Also, you can share the notes with your friends and teammates and finish off your daily tasks in delegation.


Features of Google Keep

Add quick notes – Add quick notes of your thoughts by typing text, voice or by adding an image.


Set time and location based reminders – Set reminders to your thoughts based on the date, time and location precisely or just add a quick reminder that is available as later today, tomorrow and next week.


Divide and do more – Divide the tasks among the team by adding a check list and see them getting checked off in real time.


(New) Try the new Google Keep iOS app on iPhone – This useful application from Google is recently made available for iOS users too. It is worth a try.


Search the notes easily – It is easy to search and find the notes by label, color, picture, sound, keyword, checklist and shared status. It makes easy to organize the to-do’s so.




See the specific notes – You can only see specific notes based on the label name, by reminders and by archived from the menu.


Add once and sync on all devices – Once you add the Google Keep notes, they will be synched onto all the devices the app is installed on, logged in with the same email ID.



How to download and use Google Keep?

You can download Google Keep on your Android and iOS from their respective stores for free. You can even tryout a Google Keep web or install Google Keep extension for Chrome browser to add or check the notes on your computer.


It is always better to maintain a mobile app for smartphone and Google Chrome app for desktop accessing. Because you can refer your notes even when offline with these apps.



  1. Open Google Keep app after installing it from the legitimate source (check above links for legitimate downloads).
  2. Click on Add Note and it expands to take details. Give the title and short description of your reminder.
  3. When you are done, click on DONE to save it.
  4. Add the reminder – Add quick or precise reminder on a date, time and location to get notified.
  5. Share with friends – Share your notes with friends or colleagues and delegate your to-do list to get the tasks done in short time.
  6. Add a color – Discriminate your tasks by color so that, they can be easily identified.
  7. Add an image or voice/audio – You can add an image or audio to the note for taking quick notes.
  8. Note options – You can add/delete the note whenever you want, organize them with labels, make a checklist note, copy to Google Docs and duplicate the note to make another one of similar kind.

Hope that helps. All the best!

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How To Cook With Your Smartphone(s) (No Apps or Guides)

The mobile phone technologies in the world are advancing to future levels before the whole world could grab and adhere them into their lives. When a technology meets the world, it will be used for multi-other-purposes than it is meant for. We have such scenes playing live in real life around the places in our country too. This blog post is such a funny creative focusing on how smartphones can be used for cooking.


I have replaced the cooking arsenal in this post with the smartphones according to their hardware configurations and special features. This is a pure #technocrats post and I don’t know even know how to cook two grains of rice. Worry not! Let’s make a tech-kitchen experiment. Grab a cup of coffee and enjoy this tech-cook post.




Cutting the veggies and meat

Before we could put something on the stove, we should prepare our ingredients readily cut down and shoved into pieces. I’d recommend you to take Micromax Sliver 5, the thinnest Android smartphone to cut down the veggies and meat.


Also, there is an alternative to Micromax Sliver 5, i.e., Gionee Elife 5.1 with the same thickness at its edges. You can’t have a single knife for everything in your kitchen. So, Elife 5.1 should go in the cutlery as well.


Warning: Be careful! Do it under parent’s supervision. Because Micromax Sliver 5 and Gionee Elife 5.1 are the thinnest smartphones ever made and may cause thin cuts if wrongly handled.


Preparing the fire or stove or oven

The days when people won’t be bothering about pollution due to petroleum products are no far. We have smartphones those can heat up to match the sun. Smartphones that come with Snapdragon 615 octa core processor are heating up like never before. They are crossing the 50 degrees of temperature on heavy gaming and camera usage.


Phones like Mi4i, Moto X Play, Yu Yureka perform to their best to give a seamless user experience. For high temperature cooking, better prefer Mi4i; for low temperatures, better to go with Micromax Yu Yureka and for moderate heating up, Moto X play is the good choice. Don’t forget to bring up the heat with heavy multi-tasking and 3D gaming. Because, these smartphones will never compromise in multi-tasking and gaming right in our budget.


Warning: Sadly, some vendors have fixed the issues up that were caused due to software incompatibility or bugs. Do not upgrade the system software of these phones or else you will lose their heating capability.


Mixing up the ingredients

Meanwhile, we should mix-up the ingredients in right proportions. For that, you need smartphone utensils with slight bending to fit perfectly in your hand. Without any thought, you can pick up LG Flex and Flex 2 to do the process. This smartphone has brought evolutionary ergonomics to the large screen smartphones to fit right in hand. The concave bent screen gives the experience of watching a curved OLED TV.


You can even pick up iPhone 6 Plus or Nexus 6P for custom bending ability. The aluminum metal used for these phones makes the phones lighter though they are bigger. You can bend them up as you want and shovel the mixture well.


Warning: Apple has fixed the bending issues with iPhone 6S Plus. So, always chose iPhone 6 Plus or Nexus 6P only for custom bending ability.


Wait for the signal

It takes time for any recipe to get prepared. Are you going to watch the fumes going to the skies for the whole time or what? You can’t miss the live cricket match or your favorite daily serial on TV. Use a tripod and set a Samsung J5/J7 4G phone with Airtel 4G SIM to it and place it right above the container on stove. Make sure it is clearly visible via HD video call (don’t worry! You will get double data from Airtel connected via Samsung J5 or J7). Now go to your heavenly sofa in front of TV and enjoy the show placing the video call in progress.

That’s how you can make your kitchen a tech-kitchen  and cook with your smartphone(s).


I bet you are looking at your smartphone right now and imagining. Don’t let it go! Share it in comments below and let the other tech-cooks learn.

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Is Microsoft Lumia 950 The Best Windows 10 Phone Ever?

Satya Nadella, the CEO of Microsoft has already said that their tech house is going to focus more on mobile phones after the launch of Windows 10. This might have led to the well crafting of the new Lumia 950 with flagship (Windows phone) specifications. This new power packed phone is available in market for $600 USD (off-contract price) with AT&T carrier.


Personally, the last Windows phone that grabbed my attention was Lumia 1020 with an amazing camera and specifications. Later, Lumia 1320 and 1520 were released, but with very larger screens. 5 inch phones are my cup of tea and so I never chose to taste a sip of them since then.


Microsoft, after releasing the their operating system of the era, has revealed its thoughts on growing mobile phone technologies and the need that they had realized in the years of evolution that they were missed to take part.


We will go through the full technical specifications in another review. For now, let’s see what the Lumia 950 device has got and if this is the best Windows 10 phone ever made.



Image source:

The Premium design

The Lumia 950 looks fabulous. Slim, sleek and silver touched body with matte finish back cover and concentric camera gives the device a premium look while in hand.



Image source:

Latest operating system

Lumia 950 comes up with the latest and the last operating system, Windows 10 from Microsoft corporation. If you are using Windows 10 on your PC and wanted a perfect sync with your smartphone, Lumia 950 fits well with no air fitting gap in between.


Windows 10 is already working great on supported devices including both the laptops and Lumia phones if we could be little more careful while installing it (on PCs I mean).


The hardware configuration

The 1080p displays are yesterday’s now. Lumia 950 has 2K Quad AMOLED HD display spread over 5.2 inch screen with 564 pixels per inch. Lumias tend to give hardware configurations a new definition with the very unique dimensions. The 2K display is one of such definitions it seems, with ClearBlack display and 24-bit/16M color support.


The super sensitive touch and 2K display would bring the digital information live in front of our eyes. Don’t you imagine how that experiences?


The smarty is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 processor which won’t slow down a beat while using with the good support of 3 GB RAM.


It comes with 32 GB internal storage which can be expanded up to 200 GB through microSD card. There again it creates new definition with the number ‘200’ which won’t be seen on any other smartphones actually.


Lumias has another great hardware, the camera(s). The Windows phones always loved the cameras as its users. With 20MP powerful camera along with triple-LED flash, the Microsoft Lumia 950 takes the photography to another level.


The new camera feature called, Rich Capture adjusts the color saturation levels of the bright and dark areas in the taken picture and lets the user remove or add the flash in the unwanted and wanted areas respectively. With this feature, we no need to worry about the shots taken at the random moment. Thanks to Microsoft for believing in moments that won’t come again once lost.


The camera can also record sharpest 4K video with seamless auto focusing system and optical image stabilization.


This Windows 10 phone comes with 3000mAh battery that could stand the phone by two complete days on moderate usage.


Special Features

Type-C Port – The new flagship port connectivity feature, Type-C port comes to Microsoft’s house. The Lumia 950 has this type-C port with fast charging technology enabled.


Rich Capture – The new photo capturing technology is a revolutionary adaption to Lumia 950. It helps to capture the moments right on time without worrying about the lightening conditions and focus.


Windows Hello Beta –  Wakes up the screen by simply looking at the screen directly. The infrared camera on the front automatically authenticates your face while looking into the screen directly and unlocks the phone for full accessing.


Microsoft Display Dock – Windows 10 on Microsoft Lumia 950 allows the user to use the phone as an external monitor by docking the phone to the Microsoft Display Dock and use it with external mouse and keyboard attached to it like a PC. With this feature enabled, you won’t feel like missing your PC/laptop at the times of emergency needs.


Is Microsoft Lumia 950 the best phone?

Don’t you still think it is? I liked the device and can’t wait to get my hands on it. The operating system makes the phone truly a flagship killer in not only Windows but also in all smartphones category.


It is available in stores from 20th November 2015 for the best price of $600 USD i.e., ₹40,000 in India. If you are planning to buy a premium Windows phone, that could be Lumia 950.


What do you think? Is Microsoft Lumia 950 the best Windows 10 phone ever made? Share you thoughts about it in comments below.

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How to Convert Video Into JPG Images

Converting one video into another format video is common but, converting video into images is exceptional. Any video is a series of frames set consecutively to run with time causing the animation for our eyes. The more number of frames rolled per second, the smooth and realistic the video plays.


We have a free software program developed by DVDVideoSoft to split the video by frame rate and convert those frames into JPG image format. I’ve already made a video on this long back that you would want to check out:



[*] Many of the viewers of this video have complained about the adware that may get installed while installing this freeware. I advice you to be conscious while clicking the ‘Next’ buttons during the installation. Be wise and opt-out the adware that you don’t wanted along with this software.


It is obvious to get adware along with some software, particularly with freeware. We can control it in the installation phase itself by opting them out. I’ve only tried to focus on the functionality of the software in this tutorial. This is for your kind notice!


Download and install DVDVideoSoft Free Studio Manager or Free Video to JPG Converter alone.


To run the software,


You will find the ‘Video to JPG Converter’ program under ‘Convert’ tab in Free Studio Manager




Directly run the software with a name ‘Video to JPG Converter’ if you have downloaded it separately.


Step 1: Click on ‘Add files’ button to add the video files in to the software.




Step 2: Select the frame rate to extract images from the video. To get the most of the video, select ‘Every frame’ from the options.


Step 3: Select the output folder where you wanted the pictures to be saved. The default location would be ‘Pictures’ folder in your local documents.


Note: Each video will be extracted into a folder with the same name of itself. For example, if a video named ‘myvideo’ is being extracted, it will go to the folder named ‘myvideo’ in the selected output directory.


Step 4: Push the ‘Convert’ button and let the video be converted into images as per the pre-set frame rate.




Once the conversion is completed, open the output folder for images. That’s it!


Please like and share this article if you like it. You can comment below if you have any issues using this piece of software.

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