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How to Get Back Old School Google Toolbar On Your Browser?

All Google users, attention!! The old school Google toolbar is back on browsers but not officially. We used to have a dark toolbar on every Google homepage with links to Gmail, Orkut, YouTube, News and more on the left and our signed in account on the right.

Yeah! I know Orkut is no more, but I was talking about those days pal!

The toolbar used to look like this,


The now-a-day toolbar looks like this,


We can still get back our lovable old school toolbar. I found it accidentally today when I was jamming with some of the URL extensions on the browsers.

So, I might not explain what’s going on internally as I have not studied yet that closely. For this time just enjoy the discovery(am I not eligible for a Noble Prize? Drumrolls at least, please).

To get back the old toolbar, go to Google.com and add the following URL extension to it in the address bar,


After adding, the whole Google URL would look something like this,


I love being old school, how to open it every time I open the browser?

Easy! Just go to your browser settings and add this up as a default page/homepage setting.

I have tested it on Chrome and Firefox and it works fine on them. I think there is no point of worrying about it working on IE, Isn’t it? It doesn’t work on it after all.

Hope you liked it!
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Lenovo Tab 2 A7-10 Review: Design, Features, Specifications and Price

Hi guys, I am happy to be here again. This is the third time.

I got many responses on behalf of the two articles I wrote here. Thank you +Sasidhar for giving me such a wonderful opportunity.

This time I am here with a budget tablet from Lenovo, it is Tab 2 A7-10.

Everyone loves to have a Tablet, right? Recently my pal Ajay asked me to suggest a cost effective iPad for him.

I know everyone can’t afford an iPad. I surely can’t. So I am coming with this post. Thank you so much +Sasidhar for giving this idea to me to write on.

This tab grabbed everyone’s attention with its cost actually.

Lenovo’s smartphones are not a big success. But I am sure this tab will help the company to get on top.

Why wait buddy? Just read this review and see whether this is apt for you or not.

So here we go,

Build and Design

Actually I am amazed with its build quality at a very cheap price tag. I am sure you will be also.

This tab comes with a 7 inch IPS capacitive touch screen display with 1024x 600 pixel resolution.

It has a 3.5 mm audio jack and a speaker on the front for the sound.

Not many colour variants are available except ebony black.

This tab has 9.3 mm thickness and weight 269g.


The first factor I look for, is the processor. So let me begin with it. This astonishing tab has 1.3 GHz MediaTek 8127 Quad Core processor.

Quad Core processors won’t let you down. Don’t dream about Octa Core my friend, this is only a tab under 5k INR.

We won’t want a snail as our gads. Aren’t we?
So it is essential to have a decent RAM. Lenovo packed 1 GB RAM with this tablet.

Internal memory is 8 GB. You can expand it using an SD card up to 32 GB.

Many awesome and essential features are also available like G-Sensor, Accelerometer, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0.

It assures awesome audio quality with Dolby digital system.


This awesome budget buddy comes with Android 4.4.2 Kitkat, but don’t worry it can be upgraded to stock Android Lollipop.

Lenovo also included some of their special Do it apps in this gadget. Want to know what is that apps to do? No! I don’t reveal it buddy. Grab this device and know it yourself.


Don’t be desperate my friend, this gad completely lacks a rear camera (before tapping your hand on head, have a look at price section). But a tab is not meant for serious photography, isn’t it? Use your smartphone or professional camera for this function. Want to do video call? Then don’t worry. Lenovo Tab 2 A7-10 consists of a 0.3 MP front camera, enough for video calling.

Battery Life

Lenovo Tab has a 3450 mAh battery which is a wonder at this price range. We can expect a lot from this battery. Playback time is about 8 hours and standby time- 200 hours.

Price and Availability

Hey my friend, close your eyes for 5 seconds and normalize your breathing and heartbeat. Unless, you will have a heart attack.

Ready, steady, here we go

The price is only Rs. 4999/- (approx. $84). I am sure you are astonished!

This tab is exclusively available on Snapdeal.

Have a look at cons also. Actually this section is not needed according to the budget.


  1. Rear camera is absent 
  2. Lack of voice calling facility 

Specs in a Nutshell

  1. 7 Inch capacitive IPS Display
  2. 1024x 600 pixel resolution
  3. 1.3 GHz MediaTek 8127 quad core processor
  4. 1 GB RAM
  5. 8 GB Internal Storage; Expandable up to 32 GB
  6. Front Camera 0.3 MP
  7. Android 4.4.2 Kitkat (upgradable to Lollipop)
  8. Dolby sound
  9. Lenovo's DOit apps
  10. 9.3 mm thickness and 269 g weight
  11. 3450 mAh battery, Playback time- 8 hours, standby time- 200 hours
  12. G-Sensor, Accelerometer, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth4.0 and 3.5 mm audio jack

Final Verdict

If you have a tight budget around 5k, don’t hesitate buy it now. If you are looking for a tab with voice calling facility and rear camera? May you have to look around some more reviews.

Is this helpful? Share your opinion in comments.
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Malaysian Airlines Website Hacked by Lizard Squad

It is not the first time, Malaysian Airlines appearing in hot news and this time it is not about missing of the plane but it is about the cyber attack on their official website.

Yes! Malaysian Airlines official website is hacked and the havoc come in cyber form this time to them. The official MalaysianAirlines.com is defaced by Lizard Squad hackers. The website has been replaced with a lizard-man in a tuxedo with a smoking pipe in mouth(a morphed imaged).


The image is followed by the credit text “Hacked by LIZARD SUQAD – OFFICIAL CBER CALIPHATE”. They also left their twitter handle on the website. It is not the first time for them to exploit on websites, they have been arrested for performing DDOS attacks in the past.

The worst thing about it is that Lizard Squad tweets about the Malaysian Airlines website hack and he is what it says,

Here is what people respond for their tweet,

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Best Republic Day Deals 2015 at Amazon[Latest Update]

Its Republic Day folks! I know you love your country as much as I do. Don’t you see Republic day as a festival. C'mon guys! every day of happiness is a festival in India and you know it well. Glad Amazon found it and so brought us some great deals for this Republic Day of 2015.




Amazon gives,


How to grab a best deal?

  1. Go to the links specified above and choose a product of your choice from that category.
  2. Click on Buy Now button on the chosen product.
  3. Fill in the delivery postal address to where you wanted to receive the product and,
  4. Choose the payment mode.
  5. Pay the money.

That’s it! Isn’t it simple? Don’t forget to share what have you brought on this Republic Day in comments below. Happy shopping! Happy Republic Day!

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Microsoft Renames Skype as iMessage in Windows 10

Windows 10 will not have Skype. Isn’t that shocking? Wait don’t give yourself a heart stroke. Microsoft renames the most lovable multi-purpose chat application as iMessage along with the new UI.


This might sound surprising but it is true, Microsoft is integrating Skype with a new name in Windows 10. It seems like Microsoft is bringing back the in-built messaging application that earlier versions of Windows 8 had. Unfortunately, the software giant discontinued the message app with Windows 8.1 update leaving users a conclusion of short lived app of all times.

The new iMessage in Windows 10 allows you to chat, make video or voice call your contacts on Skype. Another interesting feature is that it will maintain a sync between the devices. You can continue the chat after leaving it in the middle on another device.

You would give a double exclamation if I say that the UI looks pretty similar to messaging application in Apple’s OSX with the same rounded profile pictures and dual panel white interface.

Don’t you think Microsoft is adapting the Job’s dreamy design?

Respect to Steve Jobs for his amazing designs!!
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