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The biggest SEO myths that are still believed in 2014

It has been a quarter year since the Google's algorithmic update changed the blog-sphere. After the year's final algorithmic update in December 2013, Google taken over the guest blogging networks so viciously this past month.

Though the Google is trying hard to provide quality content to its users, it is still believed that some SEO techniques those of which that are affected by the Google algorithmic updates are made for the company's business development. It is true that Google wants to improvise the business strategies from time to time but not in the way you think it is.

Read out some of the myths about Google SEO that are still under practice.

Myth 1: Google penalizes blogs to compel the webmasters buy Google Ads

This is absolute misconception about Google. Google always tries to give the best to its users. In this process, the search engine giant would try different new algorithms. 

Think of the scenario that you are trying to search for something on Google and you don't get what you want exactly even after different trails of keywords. That would definitely be annoying, Isn't it?

Think if you get the information in one time search on Google. How convenient that would be? This is what  Google is trying to do, 'giving the best results'. 

The ease of using the engine and accuracy would make you go for it the next time. Who would want to use a blunt knife when you got one sharp!

Myth 2: Buying Ads will boost your rankings

Ads vs SEO is really a bad fight. Google Ads has nothing to with the search engine rankings unlike SEO. 

Buying Google Ads could only bring you into focus in the search engine where as implementing good SEO techniques would not only bring your site into focus but also helps in search rankings. Pages with good search rank would help Google users get the best results for their search terms. Back to the story of user-Google relationship again.

Myth 3: Submitting in directories and guest blogging would help getting more backlinks

Submitting in directories and guest blogging have already become past now. It was ages ago, webmasters started thinking of getting backlinks to their sites through guest blogging and directory submission. As we were talking about this in the earlier paragraphs, Google has taken a action on the guest blogging sites and directories that provide invalid backlinks.

Myth 4: Using automated tools help you earn valid SEO scores

Automation is good everywhere but SEO. Every piece of content on the web must be organically viewed reviewed, liked, shared or +1ed. Any tool that promises the automation of white hat SEO doesn't really help you. FYI using automated tools is against the Google policies. This can throw into a pit hole to hell. So be careful of what you use in case of SEO.

Aligning your goals in the Google's view would really be helpful. Follow the webmaster guidelines and algorithmic updates and optimize your website according to them. Then you website would get the better page rank it deserve.

Watch the Matt Cutts video on this issue:

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