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How to Choose the Best Type of Power Bank

Today, the fastest growing type of charging electronic on the market are power banks. That’s because power banks are portable chargers that are able to go with us anywhere that we want. Most of the time we use USB wall chargers and the main flaw with them is that we have to stay close to them in order to charge our devices. This is a major problem when it comes to charging because we have things to do and places to be. Charging is something that we need and yet it holds us down at the same time.


Power banks solve the problem with having to stay in a single spot and charging our devices. With that said, as popular as power banks are, there are quite a lot of companies that now sell them. This is a good and bad thing. The good part is that there’s a lot of innovation that happens with power banks because there’s more competition. On the bad side though, there are quite a lot of companies that sell low-quality power banks that have poor traits and stop working after just a few weeks or months.


In this article, I’ll be going over the major points of a power bank that you should look out for when you’re purchasing one and what the best types are on the market.


Power capacity and size



The power capacity is a major part of a power bank because it’s basically the integral part of one since it’s the piece of it that you’ll be using the most. Depending on what the power capacity is, a power bank may be able to charge a smartphone only once or it can charge a smartphone and other devices multiple times over with its power capacity. Which brings us to the two main types of power banks on the market.


Low capacity

Power banks that have low power capacities that are within the 3,000mAh to 5,000mAh range are the most used. The reason being is that they have small sizes and they’re lightweight. The power capacity of a power bank is correlated with the size and weight of the portable charger. In this case, these power banks are so small that they’re able to fit into your pocket or you can hold them while you charge your smartphone.




However, these Mini power banks are not meant for multiple charges and most of them are only able to last for just a single full charge. They also only have a single charging port, so you can only charge a single device at a time and most of them don’t have the fastest charging speeds either. If you’re searching for more power, then it’s best to go for power banks that have higher power capacities.


High capacities

Power banks that have high power capacities are ones that are used a lot less and the reason for that is because they have larger sizes and heavier weights. The reason behind that is because they have higher power capacities, which means there are more batteries being used and larger ones as well. As a result, you won’t be fitting these type of power banks into your pocket and neither are you able to hold them for long periods of time.




However, on the powering side, these power banks are highly useful as you’re able to charge devices like smartphones, tablets, and even laptops to full power. They also use multiple charging ports, which means that you can charge lots of devices at once. What high capacity power banks also excel in is that they have special charging tech like Quick Charge and USB-C to charge compatible devices at their max charging speeds.


Know the amount of charging ports and their speeds

For the most part, a power bank that has numerous charging ports are ones that have high power capacities. The main reason for that is because they have more power that they’re able to split up without being fully depleted. It’s important to know that just because a power bank has many charging ports doesn’t mean that it’s a high-quality one. You must know the charging speed of each of those ports.




A power bank can have 3 USB ports but if all three of those port have a charging speed of 1 Amp, then that’s bad; because charging speed of 1 Amp isn’t going to charge most devices at their max speeds.


Instead, a good charging speed for a 3 port power bank is for each of those USB ports to have a charging speed of 2.4A. That’s because a 2.4A charging speed is a Max Standard charging speed. It’s basically a speed that is able to charge devices that are not compatible with Quick Charge or USB-C at their max charging speed. Most smartphones and tablets like iPads are able to achieve max speed. However, if you have a Quick Charge or USB-C compatible smartphone, then you should get a power bank that has those charging technologies.


Power banks brands are important

Since there are a lot of power banks brands on the market, you have to be careful from whom you’re purchasing your charger from. As I stated at the beginning of this article, there are a lot of companies that sell power banks that are low quality. These low qualities include: having a very large size for its power capacity, slow charging speed, and low build qualities that make the power bank stop working after just a few weeks or months. The worst thing is that these companies don’t have warranties most of the time.




You have to keep a lookout for companies that have a lot of positive reviews with not only their power banks but also with their other products. The brands that hold value with their power banks are the ones that innovate constantly and release new products frequently. They also have long warranties that prove that they’re positive that their products hold value and quality or else you’ll be getting your money back or a replacement.


Author Bio: This article is written by Usman Haq, the creator and owner of, that is dedicated to providing reviews, tips, and news for all types of charging electronics and related.

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12 Content Editing Tools for Error-Free Writing

For all bloggers and freelance writers, quality content is important for attracting more readers and also retaining them.


Most bloggers spend a lot of time coming up with topics and writing the final article. However, they rarely give ample time to proofreading, which is a crucial component of any piece of writing as it helps in improving the quality of an article. One quick way of getting your audience to shun away from reading your articles is to have many typos and other errors. There’s nothing as annoying as this. It’s better to have wrong content than poorly written content. Content that’s interesting and engaging will keep your readers hooked and will keep them wanting more. Coming up with an informative and well-written article can hard.




Proofreading your writing is not easy because your brain already knows what you’re trying to communicate. Therefore, it’s easy to overlook the mistakes. It is important to have online resources that will correct the mistakes.


With this in mind, the following are twelve editing tools that will help you come up with error-free, quality articles:


1. Polish My Writing

Polish My Writing is one of the most common tools. Errors are identified in three colors. Blue is for style suggestions; Green is for grammatical mistakes and Red is for spelling errors. This online tool also provides active and passive voice suggestions. Moreover, it gives results quickly.


2. Slick Write

If you require a detailed analysis of your content, you can check out Slick Write. Slick Write not only identifies your errors but it also gives you an analysis of your writing that lists filler words, uncommon words, passive words, among others.


3. After the Deadline

After The Deadline is an online tool that identifies spelling, grammar, and style errors. It makes use of contextual spell checking. Therefore, you will not miss words that are correctly spelled but applied in the wrong context.


4. WebSpell Checker

WebSpell Checker provides two different content editing options:


First, there is the option of correcting your writing as you type. It integrates with your browser and highlights mistakes as you proceed. This will make sure you’re aware of the mistake so as to make the necessary correction.


The second option checks your work in another window thus ensuring that your original content is not altered. This is ideal for protecting your draft from what can be referred to as “robot mistakes.” The other window provides corrections that you can either ignore or accept.


5. Essays Capital

Essays Capital is a custom writing and editing tool. You can use it to proofread content for your website, blog, etc. It also checks for grammar, spelling, punctuation, style, and structure errors.


Furthermore, it provides formatting assistance and can help whenever the writing workload is too much.


6. Grammar Base

Grammar Base is a free grammar checker. You don’t need to sign up for anything or provide any contact information. Just type in your content and the mistakes will be highlighted.


This tool is somehow more complicated than the other checkers. Apart from checking for things like grammar and spelling, it checks for mistakes like dangling modifiers and unclear antecedents.


This online tool is free, and you don’t have to download any software to utilize it. However, the downside to this is that you will not see corrections as you type in your Word Processor.


7. Spell Checker

Spell Checker provides the option of checking your content in several languages. In case you need to proofread a blog which doesn’t have many articles, you can utilize since it checks the whole blog for errors and then corrects them.


8. Pro Writing Aid

After a comprehensive analysis of your content, Pro Writing Aid offers suggestions for improving it. It highlights errors like overused words and cases of plagiarism.


9. Grammarly

Grammarly is one of the best and most commonly used editing tools. It’s a multi-purpose tool for all bloggers, writers, and even students and scholars! After finishing your article, paper, or blog post, you can copy-paste it into the editor if you use the web version and this tool will check for any grammar or spelling mistakes. You can also download the Word plugin that will work in your word processor and other office products such as Outlook. You could also get the browser plugin that will proofread what you type in the browser.


10. Paper Rater

Paper Rater is an online tool that not only gives you suggestions for issues like grammatical mistakes but also assesses your article’s title and rates your overall work. It’s an excellent tool for analyzing your content just like Slick Write.


11. HelpPlag Tracker

HelpPlag Tracker will enable you to always have error-free writing. It also checks your content for plagiarism. Furthermore, it also verifies your content with many other websites, and if there’s unintended plagiarism, for example, over-quoting, it will restructure the content so that it appears original.


12. Paper Gear

This online tool is popular among entrepreneurs and startups. It’s useful when there’s a bulk of content that requires proofreading on a daily basis. Moreover, it customizes its services on the basis of nature and style of the content required by the client.



There you have it. The above are just but some of the online editing tools that you as a writer can utilize so that you can create error-free content. While using these proofreading tools, there are several things that you can consider:


Before proofreading your article, you need to take a break. You can proofread it after an hour or two or even the following day.


Read the content out loud. You will be able to identify any mistakes in sentence structure.


If you come across any error, correct it immediately. Do not wait until you go through the whole article.


When you want to proofread your article, choose a quiet place. This will enable you not to lose your concentration.


All the best with producing error-free writing!


Author Bio: Sophia Clark graduated from the University in the City of New York with B.A. in Journalism, 2011. She is a creative writer from New York who loves to share her thoughts with readers, now she writes for BeforeWriting. In her free time she enjoys writing fiction as well as reading it. Her big dream is to publish a novel one day. Connect with her on Twitter and Google +.

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9 Reasons Every Blogger Should Write the Schedule for Posts

The trick to being a successful blogger is simple - consistency. Getting that audience is really not the hard part but rather maintaining it. Getting a loyal audience demands that you need to always have some good quality content, and this doesn’t come easy. It takes a lot of planning, time management, extensive research, and self-discipline. Professional and experienced bloggers admit that ensuring that you regularly have something for your audience is crucial. And remember, not just any content, good quality content!


Time is an invaluable asset for every individual. A good blogger must have a grip on his time management. There is a saying that goes ‘time is money’, well of course not literary but rather how you spend it. Having regular posts will dictate that you create a schedule for doing so. It may seem like a trivial matter but trust me when I say that as a blogger you need it. Well, you never know what may arise, causing you not to have the time to prepare your post.




So, why create a schedule in the first place?


1. For Consistency

Blogging is all about communicating with your audience. This means that without an audience, your blog is basically useless. Maintaining an audience can be difficult if you don’t have consistency when it comes to posting. Loyal readers always look forward to reading your posts. Picture a scenario where you have no regularity when it comes to posting, your audience looks forward to reading your articles and then it happens that you don’t post anything. There goes your readership!


A schedule will help you maintain your audience. You will always have something for them to look forward to. A loyal audience is particularly good for you as it helps generate traffic, which is quite significant if you intend to be a successful blogger.


2. To Produce Quality Posts

Preparing a blog post can be quite time-consuming. The implication of this is that you’ll need to set aside some time to write it out. A schedule is an excellent way of ensuring that you always have the time that you need to work on your blog. To avoid a scenario where you prepare half-baked blog posts, you’ll need sufficient time. You also need time to research on your post.


A good blog post should be a bit lengthy and adds value to the readers. Therefore, as you work on it, a schedule enables you to realize both goals with ease.


3. Comfortability as a Writer

Writing is all about being comfortable to communicate your thoughts to the audience. Therefore, you’ll need to create some level of comfortability for yourself. A successful blogger has positioned himself to be comfortable as a writer, and the best way to do so is to create a schedule which will incorporate all your strengths and weaknesses, allowing you to do excellent work.


Without creating comfortability, chances are you won’t be able to effectively pass your message to the audience and you end up publishing low quality work.


4. Grow the Value of Your Content

Spend some ample time writing your schedule because you need it if you intend to constantly build on the value of your content. The value of your content is directly proportional to all the effort and hard work you put into your work.


Thanks to maintaining a schedule, you’ll be able to effectively prepare your article. You’ll avoid situations where you rush to do work and end up posting content with little or no value to your audience. If you don’t have a schedule yet, try preparing one and see how posts grow rich in terms of content and flow of work.


5. Planning Is Key to Any Successful Business

Every successful business person attributes some of the success they enjoy to proper planning. Planning is key in each and every endeavor that we may decide to take part in. Maintaining a schedule for your posts often comes a result of careful planning, getting to identify what is and what isn’t important. It’s all about prioritizing your work!


If you desire to be a successful blogger, then planning is an art that you must master and writing schedules are the best way to go about it.


6. Avoid Working under Stress

Working under stressful conditions tends to limit our creativity. Therefore, you’ll need to write down a schedule for your posts to prevent yourself from working in such a situation. With a schedule, it means you get to plan for your time and avoid last minute dashes that may make your work be of low quality. Of course, without self-discipline, being to stick to your timetable and your schedule would be hard making your plan plain useless! If you don’t complete your work as planned you’ll just end up rushing through it.


7. To Identify the Best Times to Publish Your Posts

A good blogger must have done sufficient research to identify the times and days where their posts tend to generate more traffic. Also, they would have known when they feel more comfortable posting. A schedule will enable you to work on establishing such times. This is because, after having your content ready, you can spend some of your time trying to figure out which day of the week and what time of the day works in favor.


This is crucial as you’ll need to capture it in your schedule. As a result, you’ll always be aware of when your audience expects content from you. You could maybe post on Wednesdays during morning hours or whatever time you find your blog generating more traffic.


8. You Can Focus On Other Things

The advantage of having a schedule is that you get to complete most of your posts ahead of time. You can then do other things without impacting negatively on your blog. The thing is with a schedule is that you tend to create a system that allows you to constantly have articles to publish maybe weeks or months in advance.


However, it’s important though, that irrespective of preparing your work early, to always have fresh content, basically nothing outdated, especially if your area of expertise tends to frequently have changes as a result of new material.


9. To Create a Sense of Commitment

The more the effort and time you put into your blog, the more committed you get. It’s that simple! We tend to be more committed to work that consumes a large chunk of our time and energy. Interestingly, with blogging, the more you do it the more you want to because it becomes more of fun.


Having a schedule keeps you aware of your expectations and how you intend to work towards realizing them. This means you’ll be committed to completing the tasks at hand. It will require that you have some level of self-discipline which is an important trait for any blogger with the goals of being successful.



Blogging is fun, especially if you’re passionate about it. A good blogger invests time into ensuring that they deliver good quality work that adds value to their readers. Writing a schedule for posts allows you to deliver, while also maintaining your loyal readers and getting an even bigger audience. Traffic is what you need to succeed, get as much traffic as possible. It’s not difficult to write up a schedule and doesn’t take much of your time. Planning and self-discipline are crucial for your schedule to be a success. An author understands the value of time when it comes to writing, and therefore you need to value it more. Plus, you may not always be in a position to write, and scheduling posts may help you with that.


Author's Bio: Richard Nolan is a writer and a private tutor, sharing his experience in spheres of writing, blogging, entrepreneurship and psychology. Richard writes for numerous blogs and gives useful tips for bloggers and students. Currently, Richard works as a general blog editor for ProWritersCenter. Follow him on Twitter.

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How to Protect Yourselves from WannaCry Ransomware

The Fire Sale is happening all over the world with the massive ransomware (named WannaCry) attack on personal, organizational and government systems and networks by hackers. The predicted WWIII hasn’t started on May 13th but it took a digital course and showed up like this. The courtiers, organizations and government websites have lost massive data on computers.


The brutality has also spread to the hospitals leaving no past records of the diagnosis of patients that cast them away on the hopeless island. What is this WannaCry ransomware? How different and powerful is it from the previous ransomwares? Let dig deep into some analysis and at last we will discuss how to protect yourself and your data from being attacked.




What is WannaCry ransomware?

Just like any other ransomware, this WannaCry ransomware is also a type of encryption virus that encrypts the data on the computer and demands huge amounts of money to get it back decrypted.


WannaCry is named with WannaCrypt, WannaCrypt0r2.0, WannaDecryptor aliases and is spreading rapidly inside the networks like a rat from computer to computer in no time. More than 200,000 computers were infected over 99 countries including the health systems, parcel services like FedEx, police department websites in India and so on.


Sounds scary? It should be

This might sound scary to you as it should be. Ransomware is one of the most annoying virus that a computer catches. Once it is attacked, we will have two options left, one is to pay the huge amounts and another is to format the whole computer and reinstall the operating system fresh.


For individuals, there won’t be important data other than family and friends; photos and videos. As there are unlimited online storages available to us like the one Google offers us on ‘Photos’ app, I guess this won’t be a problem; One can easily format the whole computer and have a fresh copy installed.


If you have any important documents and files on the personal computer, it is a scary situation for your too. Organizations will have to lose unbacked up data once they are attacked with this virus however.


Which computers are at risk?

Computers running on Windows operating system are vulnerable to WannaCry encrptor virus. The virus is focused to exploit forcefully on Windows 10 as well. That means, the previous versions like Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8.1 aren’t safe either.


Preventive measures to WannaCry

Just like it is said that prevention is better than cure, it is always better to take precautions to safeguard yourself and your data on the computers. These preventive measures can be applied from personal computers to organizational network of systems.


Allow Microsoft updates

The only one who would protect you from being attacked by WannaCry or any other future deadly virus is the original software developer himself – Microsoft, in this case.


Microsoft has already released the patch for the underlying vulnerability so recently and you can expect it anytime via OTA. Fortunately or unexpectedly, it has also released updates for the support stopped operating systems Windows XP, Server 2003 and Windows 8. This gesture is most welcomed by the Windows users from Microsoft.


Microsoft patch update MS17-010


Customer guidance for legacy platforms (older operating systems)


Disable SMBv1 if not able to apply the patch,-smbv2,-and-smbv3-in-windows-vista,-windows-server-2008,-windows-7,-windows-server-2008-r2,-windows-8,-and-windows-server-2012


Allow antivirus updates

Let the antivirus software that you are using on your computer install virus definition updates automatically. Let your antivirus company work this out for you.


AVG antivirus WannaCry support page


Symantec WannaCry solution (Norton)


Norton WannaCry community page


Kaspersky forum page for WannaCry


Do not download suspicious files

Some files on the internet would be droolsome. You would want to download them without even knowing who sent them or what are they. If you do it, that means you have fallen for the bait of the hacker.


Do not download any suspicious email attachments or torrents without any knowledge. If you get any attachments from your friends, call them up and ask if they did it themselves or it was unintentional. Figuring out the authenticity of the emails will reduce the risks of being attacked with WannaCrypt virus.


Stay away from popups and downloads for a while

If you don’t have proper knowledge on computer and internet security, better stay away from downloads for a while, at least until you get the software patch updates to your computer OTA.


Most of the download sites will open popups unknowingly which may take your input actions as trigger and exploit the ransomware on to the computer. I recommend you to stay away from downloads for a while.


Always have backup of your data

It is said thousand times and over again. Always have a backup of your data to control the damage done by this such new viruses on computers. Always have your data synched on to your Google Drive or online secure place. Even having it on the other disks as local copies is appreciated either.


Already infected with WannaCry?

If you notice a screen locking down your computer and asking to pay money to decrypt, never be intrigued to pay a dime. This not only encourages the hacker but also doesn't guarantee over the recovery of the encrypted data.


To get back your data, follow the instructions provided by the following country computer emergency readiness teams. Here are the solutions offered by corresponding country governments for their citizens to fight against the attack.


US-Computer Emergency Readiness team -


National Cyber Security Center UK


IN-Computer Emergency Readiness team


Cooperative Republic of Guyana security


Homeland Security-Washington


Singapore-Computer Emergency Response Team


Government of Philippines


United Arab Emirates


Government of Israel






I have tried to bring together at my reach all country wide instructions to fight back against WannaCry cryptor. Comment below if you need any help regarding the information and identification of this ransomware in your system. I will try to help you at my reach.

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Best WordPress Coffee Shop Themes Collection

Best WordPress Coffee Shop Themes Collection
WordPress is one of the most versatile CMS that houses thousands of themes to match your business requirements. Along with different genre of themes, it also has a great collection of coffee shop themes. So, if you are looking to establish your own coffee shop you can choose from a wide variety of coffee shop themes that WordPress offers you.
The themes offered by WordPress are purpose-built and include all the essential features and tools that a website will need. All the WP themes have such an amazing design that it will create a visual appeal in the minds of your visitors. This will in return have a positive impact on your business.
In this post, we are going to discuss the best WordPress coffee shop themes. This will be very beneficial for you to choose a coffee shop theme that will match your needs and requirements.


Barista is a multi-purpose WordPress theme that will enable you to design a beautiful website for your coffee shop, café or bar. With just a single mouse click you can import all the demo content onto your website. The powerful color options will all allow you to customize the colors of all the sections, elements, typography and much more. The café menu functionality will help you to showcase all of your food and beverages.

The website created using the Barista theme will look scintillating on devices of all screen sizes as it is fully responsive. It is compatible with WooCommerce plugin that will enable you to create your shop in an easy way. The support team of the theme is highly professional and friendly that will assist you for all your queries.


This WordPress theme includes a slider that acts as the main focus of your homepage. It will allow you to showcase the best pictures of your coffee shop. This will allure the visitors to your website and convert them into your customers. LaCuisine is a flexible WP theme that enables its users to customize it according to their own needs. So, you can remove the dynamic slider and use a static image or video in place of it.
The time needed to set up the theme is very less and you can import a demo theme of your choice in literally no time. The theme control panel will allow you to customize the various aspects of your website that include the colors, general information, typography settings and layout properties.


Chilli has a clean and modern design that promises a very good user experience. This will impart a positive impression on all your website visitors. This is a multipurpose theme, as the design of the theme can be used for restaurants and bistros apart from using it for coffee shops and cafés. This will prove to be very useful if you plan to convert your coffee shop into a full-fledged restaurant.
The theme strongly focuses on the food service as it includes full menus, testimonials, event management etc. It comes supported with WooCommerce. The theme is fully responsive and retina-ready that makes it accessible on devices of all sizes.

Hot Coffee

Hot Coffee is a WP café and coffee theme that features a clean and light visual design that also works well with restaurants, bars, and bakeries. The theme houses gorgeous fonts, subtle animations and enough of white space that will put an impact on the minds of your visitors. The customers can reserve tables online as the theme is compatible with the Booked plugin.

The theme is highly customizable and it is very easy to run and update the theme. You can easily install, run and update the theme. It is highly user-friendly and its flexibility is extended by the custom widgets, shortcuts, and the Visual Composer. The theme is well documented and is constantly updated to keep it feature-rich.


Frattini is a user-friendly theme that is well-suited for WordPress beginners. As a user, you are presented with three variations that are a coffee shop, cake bakery, and restaurant. The theme is built on Twitter's Bootstrap framework. The theme will work seamlessly across all the latest high-resolution devices and a wide range of smartphones as it is responsive and retina-ready.
Users who are more into customizations, the back-end control panel will be very beneficial tweaking the colors, fonts and much more. The installation and the setup process of the theme along with the included data are very easy.

In The End

Above is a brief description of the best WordPress Coffee shop themes. The post will prove to be very beneficial to you if you are planning to design a WordPress website that is based on the coffee theme.
There are a wide variety of other WordPress coffee shop themes apart from the ones mentioned above. Please mention them along with your views on the post in the comments section below.

Author Bio: A WordPress developer by profession, Kiara Marsh has 5+ years of experience in WordPress theme customization. She is always up to date with WordPress news and loves sharing her knowledge with her readers. She works for Wordsuccor Ltd. and if you’re interested in working with Kiara, you can contact her through her Google+ handle.
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Best One Page Templates for Joomla 2017

Are you looking for One Page Joomla templates for your Next Joomla project? Then One Page Joomla template might be good option for you. One Page websites templates are example of easiness and minimalism. They are built on less code; you can modify the one page Joomla templates easily. All the One Page Joomla templates are come with their unique features like Responsiveness, Drag & Drop Page builder, social networking icons, short codes, unlimited module positions, Blog Section, Google Map ready and more.


Here are the best responsive One Page Joomla Templates with updated features. These Joomla templates collected to create single page websites with Joomla CMS.


JD OHIO – Premium Joomla 3.7 Template

JD OHIO is responsive Premium Joomla template that targets for Agency, Studio, Corporate, and Business website. JD OHIO Joomla template fits well on both mobile and tablet version with 100% responsive layout, clean and stylish. For technique of this template, it builds on powerful Helix 3 framework with fully Bootstrap CSS Framework, Google Awesome Embed and support K2 extended for blogging. Furthermore, 4 color schemes and Wide and boxed are also included.


Features of JD OHIO:

  • Fully responsive
  • Clean and Minimal Style
  • Strong Helix 3 Framework
  • 600+ Google Font
  • Off-Canvas Menu & Mega Menu
  • Article Post Formats
  • Bootstrap 3.2
  • Desktop, Mobile and Retina logo option
  • Improved Layout Manager
  • Social Comments
  • Cross-Browser Support
  • Compatible with Joomla! 3.7

Porto - Ultimate Responsive Joomla Template

Porto – is easy one page Joomla Template. It is fine, professional and convenient to make use of template. It is excellence, dependable and easy to use template. You need to use it for, business, , Freelancers, Portfolio Theme, creative agency etc.


Features of Porto:

  • Responsive Joomla Theme & Retina Ready
  • Powerful T3 Framework with Bootstrap 3.x.
  • Drag & Drop Layout Builder and Page Builder Pro Integration
  • 100% Responsive Layout
  • Acy mailing Integration
  • Awesome K2 blog support
  • Awesome Portfolio layouts
  • Multi-languages Support
  • Wide & Boxed Styles

Comet - Creative Multi-Purpose Joomla Template

Comet by Theme Forest is a stylish and modern One Page Joomla template width a responsive layout. Comer template is Ideal for Agency, Restaurant, Architecture, Resume, Landing Page, Photography, Fitness and Model Agency.


Features of Comet:

  • Fully Responsive.
  • Retina Ready
  • One Page & Multi-page design.
  • 15+ Home Concepts.
  • 65+ HTML Files.
  • Light and Dark Navbars.
  • Boxed and Wide Portfolio Layouts with Filters.
  • 3 Single Project Templates.
  • Shop Template with Cart and Checkout Pages.
  • HTML5 & CSS3
  • Bootstrap 3.3.5
  • 450+ Icons Fonts.

Leone - Multipurpose One Page Creative Joomla Theme

Leone is a simple & easy to use, Creative One Page Joomla Template with a clean design and neat arrangement of contents. Leone Joomla template is designed for any type of business like design corporate, agency, modern agency, startup, freelancer, mobile app, business etc.


Features of Leone:

  • Responsive Layout
  • Mega Menu
  • Comes with Google Fonts &Font Awesome Icons
  • Cross browser compatible
  • Nice Gallery with Filtering
  • Smooth Scrolling

Pride - Multipurpose One Page Joomla Template

Pride is Responsive Multipurpose One Page Business Template. This template is suitable for the creation of stylish websites in a variety of industries and businesses with unparalleled ease and speed.


Features of Pride:

  • Compatibility: Joomla 3.x
  • Drag & Drop Layout
  • K2 Component Support
  • Fully responsive
  • Pricing table
  • Browser compatibility

Incorporate - Multi-Concept Business Joomla Template

This Multi-Concept one page Business Joomla Template features a responsive layout, a drag and drop page builder, a color picker for unlimited preset color, and more. Incorporate could be used for different type of sites: landing page, creative agency, Business Company, portfolio and many others.


Features of Incorporate:

  • Awesome Mega menu and off canvas Menu.
  • Powerful HELIX 3 framework
  • Drag and Drop layout Builder.
  • Bootstrap 3.3.2
  • SEO Optimized
  • Joomla 3.6.5 Ready

Newtouch - Responsive One Page App Landing Joomla Theme

Newtouch is an ultimate one page multi-purpose Premium Joomla template. Easy to customize: backgrounds, color schemes and content. Newtouch is powered with JoomShaper Helix3 Framework.


Features of Newtouch:

  • Creative and Superb
  • Fully Responsive
  • Fast Performance
  • YouTube Video Light box
  • Cross browser compatible
  • Well Documented
  • Font Awesome Icons

Rose - Multipurpose Responsive One Page Joomla Theme

Rose is a powerful Multipurpose Responsive One Page Joomla Templates. This One Page Joomla Template is suited for any style of website, personal or business use. Start using Rose at present and make your internet site more strong then any person else.


Features of Rose:

  • One/Multi pages ready
  • E-commerce ready
  • Fully responsive
  • Retina Ready
  • Unlimited colors
  • Google fonts & + 400 icons
  • Advanced Portfolio
  • Clean blog layouts
  • Video background support
  • Documentation
  • Cross browser compatible

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How to Create a Blog that Will Last Forever

As is the case with many things in life, blogging is something that pretty much anyone can do. However, not anyone can create a successful one. If you see blogs succeed and fail while approaching the same topics even, it shouldn’t surprise you. The reason for this is that there are some elements that come into play when you create a blog that are needed in order to assure the quality standard of a successful blogging initiative. That being said, if you want to learn how to create a blog that will last and impact viewers, stick around.




Solid material

Make sure that you always post solid material for your blog. There might be some that like small, less significant entries about mundane things, but that will start making your blog look more like a high school diary than a blog. And that’s not necessarily a good thing, by the way. Try to only post when you have something interesting to share, and make your posts longer and more meaningful. That being said, don’t turn to two page long entries either. Make the content more consistent but keep it interesting and easy to read.


Personal experience

Depending on the nature of your blog, you will probably use real life experiences for your blog content. Your life might even be the theme of the blog. There’s nothing wrong with that, in fact many people love a good real life story. That being said, don’t stray from the truth and fill your blog with made up stories or story elements. It might look more interesting on the spot, but overall it will be only a matter of time before people start to catch up to your scheme.


Other content

Regardless of whether or not you are going to focus the blog on yourself, you can use other content as well. You can make interesting little side-stories to your big adventure in which you present different things which might spark the curiosity of your readers. You and your readers should have similar tastes and be drawn to the same things, so if there’s a book you really enjoyed or a world issue that’s on your mind all the time, be sure to talk about it. It helps you create a deeper connection with your readers and its great material for the blog. A bit of variety can also keep the main blog theme interesting and fresh.


Selling out

Just don’t sell out. In online culture, selling out means making publicity or marketing deals with companies that would have you promote different products or services or make modifications to what you usually offer. Even if revenue is the reason for which you started a blog, readers will quickly discard your blog from their daily ritual if you fill the page with ads and chug marketing promotions down their throats, for things they don’t need. Reasonable readers will have nothing against civilized advertisement where the far side of the page has an ad related to the blog, but there’s only a small step from that to doing paid promotion for products in your blog articles.


Hope that helps.

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