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Facebook Introduces ‘Nepal Earthquake Safety Check’ | Mark The Earthquake Survivor Friends ‘Safe’ on Facebook

Nepal earthquake was the biggest catastrophe of recent times. More than 1800 dead officially and many others stuck in remains of the collapsed buildings after 7-8 magnitude hits Katmandu, Nepal on 25th of April 2015.


Facebook, this time has taken a step voluntarily to gather information from its users and so introduced Nepal Earthquake Facebook Safety Check. You can mark your friends with whom you still have communications ‘safe’ using it. You can mark yourself safe and help them gather quick stats.


How to use this special feature?

Go to the link given above and the options will be provided to mark your friends as well as yourself ‘safe’.




You can also see the helpline if needed any emergency service.


To mark your friends ‘safe’

Just scroll down the page and mark your friends ‘safe’ by clicking on the  green SAFE button beside their profile information.


To mark yourself ‘safe’

Click on the link ‘Yes, let my friends know’ and it will take to another screen like as shown below:




Click on green I’m safe button if you were in the affected areas during the earthquake. Choose to click on I’m not in the area link if you are not there.


Continuous safety notifications about your friends will be sent as soon as they hit ‘safe’ or ‘I’m safe’. You can turn them off if you want to avoid turning emotionally imbalance in this situation.


This is a great move taken by Facebook after Google. Finally, we’ve got a reason to tell parents ‘why use Facebook’. We know that Google also has always been with us during such havocs and so is it now.

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Bootstrap Code Panel Widget for Blogger

We bloggers need features more than the ‘Blogger’ provides. When writing about coding tutorials or mentioning a snippet of text or statement, we would want an inline-styled panel to make the special text or code stand out from the rest of the content.

Applying different styles to the parts of the tutorial will make the article look more reader friendly. To do so we have to add some code in to the blogger template. I’ll take you through the procedure to add the ‘Code Panel’ for your ‘Blogger’ blog.

Let’s get started!

Adding Bootstrap references

As we are using the Bootstrap framework here, we need to import its CSS and JS classes. This is the important part of widget installation. Specifying wrong paths or wrong HTML will breaks the link to Bootstrap framework resources.

Copy the following code and paste it in the <head> part of your blog’s template.

<link rel="stylesheet" href="http://maxcdn.bootstrapcdn.com/bootstrap/3.3.4/css/bootstrap.min.css">
<script src="https://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1.11.1/jquery.min.js"></script>
<script src="http://maxcdn.bootstrapcdn.com/bootstrap/3.3.4/js/bootstrap.min.js"></script>

Using the widget

You’ve literally installed the widget by installing above code. You need to use it now.

To use the widget in your blog posts, all you need to do is just remember the following class names and the order they are to be nested.

Level #1 – panel panel-default
Level #2.1 – panel-heading
Level #3 – panel-title
Level #2.2 – panel-body

Here is what the resultant code looks like:
<div class="panel panel-default">
<div class="panel-heading">
<h3 class="panel-title">View Code:</h3> //Panel Title
<div class="panel-body">YOUR CODE HERE or SPECIAL TEXT HERE</div>


You can customize the widget though you haven’t added any CSS or JS to your template. You can add up a new CSS class and use it along with those DIVs.

For example, you can create a new class with name .codetemplate and specify font values here.

   font-family:courier new;
   color: #333333

Now specify this CSS class along with panel-body in above code. It should look like like this:

<div class="panel-body codetemplate">YOUR CODE HERE or SPECIAL TEXT HERE</div>


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HostUCan Makes Finding Web Hosting Easy

Hello fellow bloggers and webmasters! Here I am with another best online place, HostUCan, to find proper tools and services to build a website at best. We’ll take a look at the options this website is providing us in choosing the best online web building and related resources.


Building a website is not as easy as it was. There used to exist a very few sites and companies that provide web resources to webmasters in the past, but it is 2015. We have a lot of companies to choose and a lot of options to consider here now. Almost all of them look similar and even offer similar packages. Selecting a plan or package among those website is another hurdle. All these collectively creates confusion over choosing one.


We would generally search for reviews on the internet about the product or service that we wanted to buy, in such a confusion. It would take a lot of time and there is no guarantee that you would come out with a conclusion. Because reviews on different website can drive you crazy thereby leading to quit the searching. Sadly, you’d end up signing up for a wrong deal at wrong time and from a wrong company.


Not all companies are best at everything. Isn’t it?


HostUCan was designed to serve this purpose. It helps webmasters find best SEO and web related tools, hosting plans, domains, discounts on them and tutorials. Their mission is to help webmasters and it extends to introducing the CEOs and other heads of the companies through interviews published on their site. They also update the news related to technologies supported by web hosting companies so that the visitor (webmaster) can be wise while buying.


First impressions

There we go! HostUCan is neatly designed yet not with mobile friendly template. That would not be a problem as a webmaster would be developing the website on a computer. So, he would be referring the website from a desktop or a laptop computer only. Here are some of the first impressions I’ve got about the website:


Search on visit – One can find the hosting and domain searches right on the home page. It is easy to choose a hosting with dropdown selection menu filters like app framework, hosts country, daily page view and data center.




Searching domains is as easier as buying one. The search interface represents the interface of a domain selling company where you can select the ‘. ‘ extension to search.


Can check the keyword ranking – A tab on the homepage allows webmasters to check the rank of your website links for specific keywords on Google and Bing. This cool feature will show up the position on the SERP and page URL of the site given.

There also available multiple domain tools to find the details of your competitor websites.


HostUCan is maintained as a webmaster community where webmasters share their options and review their experiences about the companies listed. Isn’t that cool?

Neat navigation menu – The navigation menu is well organized and categorized here. The resources information is dived by type CMS/Script and popularity. Take a look at the web hosting search page for example.



My favorite part of this website is the tutorials. The website is more than a coupon website. The owner blogs regularly on the issues related to hosting, domains and web security. They also blog about content marketing, SEO and web design.


HostUCan is a package of web resources. Webmasters would find it easy to find a web hosting or domain with the filtering tools they provide. When you visit their website, don’t forget to get back and share your opinion on it.

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Top10inaction.com Review: Less is more Sophisticating

While shopping, we don’t just buy things in an attempt. We would check out similar products, compare them and select the best one out that matches our needs and budget. If you are such a person who wants the top best products in a row and wanted to check out each one of them specifically, it would have been taking a lot of time for you so far to check out the innumerous similar products in front of your eyes on a screen.


Moreover, it is also not possible to compare number of products against each other on your screen at once. It would be good if there is a chance to compare products side-by-side before choosing to buy. Top10inaction is such a website which allows us to compare top ten products side-by-side. It would then be easy to pick out a product among those top 10.


What is “Top 10 in Action”?

Top10inaction.com is a professional product review website that covers the products of different kinds. They help people in taking complex buying decisions through their reviews. They are established back in 2012 with this theme and has reviewed so many products so far.


First impressions

Handy categories page – Any website would have some introduction about themselves on the page, but this website owner has placed the categories right on the home page itself. You can directly access the product comparisons right from the home page only.




Quick star rating on products – Every product is rated out of 5 stars. There is no need to look out for a top product deeply as there exists star ratings on the summary list itself. You can choose to read a review that meets your required rating.


All 10 in one page – The impressive thing on this site is that, it all the top 10 products on the same page without the need of horizontal scrolling. Take a look at this web hosting page for example. Each and every product in the 10 is compared just like a typical ecommerce site does.


Feature star ratings – Top 10 in action not only provide the comparisons of specifications and price but also provide star ratings for features, uptime, speed and customer support.


Some products might be good at features but might be poor at providing customer support. Some might be good at giving uptime but not so many features. You can summarize the list based on these features and can select one at last.


Editorial review – Specifications are not enough to take choices, everyone need detailed reviews. Top10InAction provides the editorial reviews for each product mentioned in the top ten list. You can go through them and decide if to choose it or not, by the end.


For example, if you have chosen a product from the top list and you still doubt to buy it. The detailed product reviews will help you take a decision at the end. Isn’t seeming like you are given so many chances over buying just one product?


Discounts specified – Sometimes, it’s the budget that matters. We may need the products within our budget, even they are from top 10. There available discount prices under each product so that we can pick out one that comes within our budget.


What’s best?

Top 10 would be the top best themselves. Top10InAction takes immense care while choosing the top 10 best products. They would consider reputation of the company, features provided, specifications the product has, reliability it offers, server speed the company promises and customer support while choosing the best. So, there is no need to worry about choosing a bad product from the list.


Top10InAction impressed me. It helps us filter the required product by lessening the effort and providing more sophistication.

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A2Coupon.com Review: The Best Place to Find Online Service Coupons

Who won’t love coupons? Coupons give us discounts, price offs and a lot of happiness when a deal is grabbed for a cheaper price. there are a lot of coupon website which always focus about those ecommerce store products and travel tickets.

Webmaster like me don’t travel too much. I actually spend a lot on websites, hosting, themes, SEO tools and strategies. Not only me, a lot of webmasters do the same. How can a coupon website be helpful to this community of internet users who actually are busy in building the web?

A2 Coupon is such a website which provides the deals related to web hosting, SEO, domains, SSL, themes and other related tools. Let’s take a look the kind of feasibility this website is offering to webmasters(its customers) in choosing a web estate with in budget.


First impressions

The very first impressive feature of this website is the providing of cheap hosting and domain links on the navigation bar.


To test a web application or a beta version of the website, a company or an individual will look forward for a cheap hosting and domain providers. The links on the navigation bar will take us straight to the list of hosting and domain companies that offer services for cheap prices.

The best part of it is A2 Coupon team will take care of quality in considering ‘the best list’. They consider reliability, quality of the customer support, ease-of-use, hosting company’s legacy and money back guarantee.

Precise details about the hosting provider – Just providing coupon codes of never-heard-so-far hosting companies cannot help us with our trust levels. A2 Coupon provides the details of the hosting provider which leaves us option to assess its reputation. After all, they seem like not considering the no-trust worthy providers to mention on their website.

Categorized deals – A2 Coupon categorizes the deals by web hosting and domain categories. Imagine picking up a mango flavored chocolate from a mixed up candy sack. Isn’t it difficult? It happens the same if they are mixed up. Categorization not only saves time but also allow us to compare the similar deals.

Enlightening articles – I’m not kidding! A2 Coupon also speaks out their voice. They write about the hosting providers, tutorials providing information that enlightens our knowledge as well.

Top companies

A2 coupons offer coupons of services offered by top companies like GoDaddy, Bigrock, BlueHost, Hostagator, Host4ASP.NET, NameCheap and so on.

They only display deals offering by well established and reputed companies and we have already discussed about it earlier in this article.

Top best deals

There is no need to search and note down the offers and discounts every similar web hosting company is providing. A2 Coupon provides a top list of best web hosting deals on the right sidebar. One can easily find the best among the top 10 deals displayed over there.

Top cheap deals

Price matters for testers, webmasters and event bloggers. Bloggers who maintain an event blog would like to take up cheap hosting and looking forward so. Also, micro-website managers would like to spend less of web hosting and domains.

A top list of cheap deals is displayed on the sidebar, right under the ‘top best deals’. One can easily grab a deal from these lists, compare them with similar ones those are mentioned inside the details page.

What’s new

Not only the top ones, we have a list of new deals on the sidebar, right under both the ‘top lists’.

A2coupon.com looks more like a tech blog with discount coupons and precise information about the same. So, what do you wait for? Go, look around the site and grab a deal that suits best for your needs from this list.
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