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SendPulse Review: Try SendPulse and You Won’t Regret Your Decision

Email Marketing is still one of the best techniques of gaining leads and conversions and I’ve talked about a bunch of them so far on this blog. This time, I would like to talk about the new one, which I found interesting from the dashboard to reporting for easy campaign management.


There is nothing interesting like a free plan forever. Putting all the restrictions aside, the free plan of any service offers a chance to get our hands on it before we could actually buy a commercial plan. SendPulse offers such a free plan which captured my attention to give it a shot.


There is an easy registration process and you will be send straight to dashboard. The best thing about the SendPulse is the user interface. It is easy to navigate and switch through from one to another.




Managing mailing list is easy

The managing of the email list is easy as available in the other top service providers. SendPulse offers a neat user interface to add or remove emails from the email lists.




We can import entire email list from CSV, XLS and XLSX file formats. Email lists can also be added from various other email marketing service providers like Constant Contact, GetResponse, MailChimp, UniSender and ecommerce platforms like WooCommerce, Bitrix 24 and Zapier.


SendPulse offers the complete control over the managing of the email lists and collaborated with the easy and multi-dimensional reporting for campaigns.


Creating campaigns is simpler

Creating email campaign is simpler as we would see in the other top notch services.




You need to add the mailing list in the address book and your from email address followed by sender’s name and subject line. This email campaign interface may not the newer one comparatively to the other campaign service providers but the templates are so convincingly good. They provide the email templates that you would be needing based on the special dates like Black Friday and Cyber Monday.




Selecting the template will take us to the HTML editor which is way more comfortable and easy to edit with drag and drop tools. The SendPulse’s email template editor is the best one I’ve seen in email marketing tools category so far.


New SMS campaigner

The SMS campaigner is the uncommon feature that SendPulse offers, even in a free plan but with limited 10 free text messages. You will have to buy the SMSs as you go.




You can reach out your leads through the SMS promotions as registered in compliance of the law of the land.


The scheduling option is interesting but it would have been much better if any looping option is made available like wishing the festival greetings on the same date every year and reminding them about the renewal of subscription like that.


Clear reporting

The best of SendPulse stands at the reporting. The campaign reports are clear, graphical, colorful and educating.



The reports include the details like the number of delivered email, opened, clicked and spam reported. The reports also show the data like the locations, cities precisely of the subscribers. It would help us to target the specific people of that location at a particular date and time. They also include the device and software that they were opening the emails so that the marketers can moderate their technicalities next time for better conversions.


All those reporting perspectives are kind of normal in any email reporting tool but the representation of them is what matters at the end. As said, SendPulse create better reporting representation comparatively.


The special feature is that it reports the heat map of click on the email templates that we have used for the campaign so that the next campaign can be improved better with better positioning of the visual elements of the promotion.


Tutorials and useful blog posts

SendPulse has its own knowledge base of tutorials and information on their site. They have an email marketing blog and even have an YouTube channel with tutorials demonstrating how to use the email marketing tool for better productivity.



SendPulse is a very good email marketing tool which is actually underrated but deserves a fine position on the top list of email marketing tool. That’s what I feel, what do you think? Did you try SendPulse email service? Comment your thoughts and experience with it below.

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Note 2000: The Cheapest Note That Dominates All Other ‘Notes’ with Flagship Features

ALERT: The following article is another tech-humor, a mockery of the hoax that Rs.2000 Note is installed with Nano-GPS chip, after ‘Cooking with Smartphones’. So, don’t take this information granted. You can laugh out loud at your convenience any way.


The pace at which the technology is racing through is proven with the flagship specifications when every gadget is released to dominate the processors and competitors in the market. The flagship series has got a new face of gadgets with bigger screens than the bigger ones (5.5 inch ones I mean) along with some added special functionalities.


Talking about the bigger screens, we should also talk about the value of them. Generally, the Note series devices from any manufacturer costs premium rates compared to that of normal ones.


RBI has released the cheapest and new flagship note of value Rs.2000 which comes with all technical specifications that a smartphone would have. Let’s take a look at the Rs.2000 note and see what it got to be called as a flagship.


Note 2000 INR is the successor of its predecessor Note 1000 INR which is duplicated at the most possibility. The Note 1000 INR featured no special technology but the strip on the middle for the scanners and some camouflage logos and images for identification. But the new Note 2000 INR comes with a built-in GPS chip which is not only identifiable if lost, but also identifies the other notes when stored in bulk. This new NFIGPS (Near Field Identification GPS) helps to curb the duplication and cloaking of stock that is produced.




The 2000 Note looks a bit longer and thinner than 1000 Note. It has Mahatma Gandhi’s picture on the front and Mangalyaan Satellite on the back that promotes the success of India into Space. We have the language options shown at the back in all major Indian languages. We will have to wait and see for the support of more languages including tribal in next possible update.


Thank god, the Nano-meter wide Note didn’t ditch the headphone jack like Apple did for iPhone 7. More than that, it has built-in radio antenna that minimizes into the width like never existed.


The 2000 Note features a 16MP camera that will not give a bump of the back of the Note. All the pictures taken will be saved on the Indi-Cloud which is maintained by the Indian government. This camera also acts a spy camera if you keep more than 125 Notes with you. The NFIGPS counts the number of notes and activates the camera if the max limit is reached. However, the banks will be given the camera disabler gear to disable the cameras when in storage.


The Note 2000 comes with 200GB USB drive and 3-Blade Razor for smooth shave. Looks like the government is taking care of the personal grooming as well. Releasing this Note in the month of November shows the government vision about the ‘No Shave November’. So, boys! Note 2000 is definitely for us.


The government of India has managed to pull off 1000s and 500s in the market after being analyzed as duplicated. So, it is not just Samsung or Apple that hold the record of pulling off their gadgets from the market.




The hype for Note 2000 has incredibly went high. People all over the country lined-up for exchanging their old 500s and 1000s to get the new Note 2000. It may break the record of demand for iPhone and JIO sales very soon.


What’s your take on this? Please comment your thoughts in comments section below.

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FotoJet Makes a Good Alternative to Canva But Not Fully

Canva is my favorite online photo editing tool and I wrote about its features in the past. I won’t complain that it didn’t have features that I wanted the most, yet I used the most of it in preparing graphics for my blog posts and social media campaigns.


With the times, I got used to all the free designs of Canva interface and I kind of got bored of them.


Photoshop is my lifebuoy when the internet connection troubles me. But, loading all heavy Photoshop tools every time by quitting the browser is a fatigue that you would not expect to get.


During that times, I found out this new online free photo editing app which makes a good alternative to Canva, and with more new designs and possibilities. I am not paid a shell for this review and it is wholly out of inspiration that this tool has provoked me to do.


To make the possibilities of FotoJet in a simple 3 word tagline, it makes a collage maker, graphic designer and a simple photo editor.


Let me show you what a collage maker tool from FotoJet can do.


FotoJet’s collage maker offers us a few types of collages and frames to make a good photo frame. The photo templates for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year are also available on their collage tool.


What I like in FotoJet

The simple drag and drop interface reminds me of the Canva’s beautiful interface. Like Canva, FotoJet also has the drag and drop interface with the facility of the bringing media into the workspace from the computer.




One more interesting thing that I found on FotoJet which Canva couldn’t offer is that the importing of images directly from Facebook into the workspace.


There are different readymade designs which can easily be modified in a minute and used. Canva also have this feature, but I am specific about the type of readymade templates that FotoJet has.


What I hate in FotoJet

The ads. Yes! The ads in the free graphic designer are annoying. They are as disturbing as the malware or adware installed on the computer. It distracts a lot. To get rid of the ads, FotoJet suggest us to upgrade to the FotoJet Plus plan.




But, Canva is clean even in its free designer. The fluidity of the application interface of FotoJet is spoiled by the addition of the bottom bar and sidebar ads. Canva on the other hand yet offers the clean interface.


FotoJet makes a good alternative to Canva but cannot dominate it with some minor glitches and interface distractions.

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Has Apple Lost It After All These Years?

What comes as a symbol of richness and dignity in movies and TV ads? Why a glowing bitten apple is on the back of the laptop lies in a selfie shot? Did you see any mirror selfie shots being taken without the Apple logo on the back of their phones?


Okay! I’ll slow down a bit and let you think.


Times up!


It is because Apple products are the symbol of richness, dignity and even royalty of this era. The middle class hero in the movie will be using the MacBook and the world doesn’t care how does he get such a costly piece of computer.


Yeah! I know. That’s Bollywood logic and Bollywood logics have no scientific proofs but a blind belief.


If we talk about selfies, they are most popular even from the days of earlier camera phones where the selfie taker do it in front of the mirror with his/her phone. It was started a rare practice and has been an addiction since the Apple iPhones. People, yet love to take selfies with their back camera in front of the mirror even having the very good front camera on the phone and that phone would be an iPhone.


That’s because they just want to show off their iPhone and the Apple logo on the mirror. It’s more than a phone and to pride itself when held in hand.


Voice from the sky: Excuse me! I thought this would be a technical story and you are literally talking like a drunkard.


That’s being said. Let’s skip into technical.


The reason why people started loving Apple products is because of the passion and the art of work in their every product that they put and how it integrates into the lives of humans.




Voice from the sky: That’s deep.


The very first idea of making a computer that can be carried everywhere is innovation that is admired by the whole world for the era of computers. You may not know the father of digital computer, Alan Turner but you know Steve Jobs very well.


Apple stood for innovation. The perfection of design has also been taken inside the shell, thereby standards of computers.


The whole music library in pocket

When Steve Jobs was thrown out of Apple, the company started to fall in the world market with their meaningless un-unique designs which even Steve Jobs hated once a while. Later, when he came back, he created the smallest MP3 player, iPod as he named it, that fits in your pocket like anything. The invention of iPhone with touch screen and no stylus to operate hardware and software integration amazed the world. That was the best cell phone that world has even seen thus far.



The dream of thinnest laptop

The dream of carrying a laptop without much strain to muscle and storage space is made a reality by the Apple Inc. with the introduction of the thinnest MacBook, named MacBook Air. Jobs actually inaugurated pulling it out from a office document cover. That inspired the world of computers. Other manufacturers started to make thin computers.



Biometrics and computers

iPhone 5S was the first best S model that the Apple has introduced. It has integrated the biometrical security in the mobile phone which is a whole new thing to the world of smartphones.



No smartphone thus far has featured the gold colored back panel. Who would you think will like to buy a gold colored mobile phone instead of conventional black and dark colors. This seeded the invention of new colors to the smartphones as we see them today.


The software and hardware policy

One of the best reasons why people always love to use iPhones is the software on the top of their wonderful collaboration of hardware. The smoothness, graphics and the simplicity hits the bulls-eye of any user in no time, every single time.




Named iOS, the iPhone’s operating system is the best operating systems that once can use on earth on a mobile phone with minimal hardware configuration to the fullest. They believe that the hardware and software should be made by one manufacturer unlike Android phones. The exclusiveness of the software helps in maintaining the privacy and security of the user data.


What Apple has lost now?

Things were perfect till 2011. Later Steve Jobs died and the company has started to make their borrowed cup of ideas which are not of the Apple kind.


iPhone 7 which is a sheer disappointment with no new design and no proper upgrades, criticized as the iPhone 6SS (the next version of iPhone 6S), instead of 7. Apart from the camera module and the iOS upgrade, the whole phone looks and works like iPhone 6S and an average user won’t find the difference until tested by some benchmarking tools. The depreciation of 3.5mm audio jack with extra connectors and adaptors really upset the users this time.


When the world is waiting for new MacBook, the company has announced a new MacBook 2016 with deprecated function buttons and introduction of new touch bar and touch ID. The touch bar, they say turns into application specific controller which is of course an upgrade but not a complete one.


Microsoft, the main competitor of Apple from beginning, on the other hand is improving its status with the introduction of the new Surface Studio which dominates the new MacBook 2016.


Apple has lost the passion to create new things. The brand value of Apple in people is blinding the company to run behind the money train instead if the vision and a mission. The company has forgotten the innovation that it stood for in the initial stages. After all these years, Apple has lost it.


What do you think? Share your thought in comments below.

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WhatsApp is Moving the Pawns Under the Mat | Video Calling Feature is Also Treated the Same

WhatsApp has 1 Billion month to month dynamic and highly active users and that is an immensely high number. This is majorly due to its simplified options and good download speed without the presence of lots of widgets. The users of the application were sitting tight for the video call since so long and they may, at last, get what they have been eagerly anticipating. At last the most popular chatting application is going to bolster its global presence by adding the video calls. This is said to be one of the biggest moves of WhatsApp to take the game away from social media applications and websites offering video calling facility.


WhatsApp is a standout social media application amongst the most well-known applications for customers which is purchased by Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg for $19 billion. From that point forward, there were numerous adjustments in the application. With a huge amount of clients utilizing the site every day, even the smallest change will undoubtedly be spotted effortlessly.


These days it is seen that another video call facility gradually appearing for a few clients. Accessibility is by all accounts aimlessly, as a few lucky customers can get to the feature even without overhauling it since they have the late beta versions of the WhatsApp.




Despite the fact that the organization hasn't started promoting about this awesome feature yet, new beta variants of its Android application accompany the capacity to make video calls. On the off chance that both the WhatsApp users are on the most recent beta variant of WhatsApp for Windows then, both the users will get the Video Call and Voice Call choices when they press the dialer catch on upper right corner of the application.


Prior to this month a few of the Windows users had made it known to the world regarding the newly added video calling feature in the WhatsApp. Even pure Android users and iOS users should not worry as the sixth sense of marketer can easily say that this feature will come to these devices sooner than later without any doubt.


For making a video call, one will need to tap the dialer symbol and after that, get a choice to either make a WhatsApp video call or voice call. It ought to be noticed that this element will work just when the guest and the beneficiary both are part of the Android beta testing program by having the latest Beta version.


WhatsApp presented video call include however shouldn't something be said about iOS? WhatsApp hasn't overlooked its iPhone customers. There is no word precisely on when the component will come to iPhones. It additionally appears as though WhatsApp is looking more towards Android. With this update, it is pretty much confirmed to consolidate its number one social media application status in the world without any bit of doubt.


There is no official word from the WhatsApp has been issued yet with respect to this hot new feature there's still no distinct time span for ‘when all Android gadgets will get this most awaited feature’ question.

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Does Touch Bar Really Matters an Upgrade for Apple MacBook Pro 2016?

The waiting is over. At Apple event, Apple finally unveiled the new MacBook Pro 2016 with new hardware upgrades along with the new Touch Bar which will mold to the application specifically and bring up the necessary options under the finger tips. Not with any major appreciable upgrades except the Touch Bar, Apple MacBook Pro leaves the fans into confusion between the new Microsoft Surface Studio and the MacBook Pro 2016.


The MacBook Pro 2016 has its own advantages over Microsoft in terms of software functionality and smooth rendering of graphics. Sometimes, it’s not just the performance of the GPU but the software that plays a major role in using it. That is why we have a lot of difference between the smoothness of Android and iOS mobile operating systems.


Apple MacBook Pro 2016 specifications and availability

The new MacBook Pro has got the following the upgrades and additions. The are the 130% faster graphics, 67% brighter display (higher contrast ratio), 17% thinner body design, Touch Bar and Touch ID, up to 3.8GHz turbo boost, 100% faster storage, 58% higher volume, 2.5x louder bass with 2x dynamic range, 4x more key stability and 2x larger track pad.


The new MacBook Pro simplifies how we get connected to the other devices. It sports a four Thunderbolt 3 ports of which any port can be used for connecting charger. This is why people love MacBook which doesn’t need an eye to put the charge pin in.


The MacBook Pro 2016 is available in three versions, the 13-inch version without Touch Bar, 13-inch version with Touch Bar and Touch ID and 15-inch version with Touch Bar and Touch ID.


Does Touch Bar really matters an upgrade for new MacBook Pro?

The Touch Bar is nothing but a glass panel that shows up the most needed options based on the context and the software that we use. If the computer has not opened any software programs and it’s sitting idle on the desktop screen, it turns out to be the brightness and volume controller, press the ‘Fn’ button to get the function keys shown on it.


Touch Bar is quite interesting. We don’t have the multifunctional buttons with functional keys on the numbers anymore like as we see in the normal laptops and previous versions of MacBooks. The organic LED panel of the MacBook Pro will display only the necessary pixels and keep the rest of the bar darker. Apple is so proud to present this new hardware addition to the MacBook Pro because it is application specific as we talked about it earlier.


Along with the Touch Bar, Touch ID is included in the new Mac which adds a fingerprint biometrical security just like for the iPhone.


The new MacBook Pro comes in three versions, 13-inch without Touch Bar and the other two with the Touch Bar and Touch ID. They are divided with different price tags as you can see in the following image.




Note: The prices of the Apple MacBook Pro 2016 shown above are of 13-inch models. The actual pricing of the all MacBook versions range from $1,499 USD to $2,799 USD progressively.


The inclusion of the Touch Bar, Touch ID, 0.9GHz extra speed processor, Intel Iris Graphics 550 version and 2 more Thunderbolt ports costs another $300 USD extra on the same MacBook. If AirPods costing $159 is a fine pricing, MacBook Pro 2016 with Touch Bar and ID is a fantastic upgrade for another $300 from the basic version.


What do you think? Is Touch Bar a fine upgrade to Apple MacBook Pro 2016 comparatively to the Microsoft Surface Studio? Dribble your thoughts in comments below.

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Microsoft Surface Studio is a One-Stop Solution to Designers

Microsoft has unveiled the new class of surface computer particularly meant for designers in the recent Microsoft Surface event. This desktop surface computer is named the Microsoft Surface Studio that comes as a all-in-one PC with wireless pen, keyboard and mouse accessories.




Microsoft Surface Studio Specifications at a glance

The Surface Studio sports a 28-inches PixelSense display with 192 DPI resolution and supported 10-point multi-touch, Intel Core i5/i7 processor, up to 4GB NVIDIA GeForce GPU, up to 32GB DDR5 RAM, 1TB/2TB Rapid Hybrid Drive, 637.35 mm x 438.90 mm x 12.5 mm design measures, 4 USB 3.0 ports of which one is high power port, full-size SD card reader, mini-display port and 3.5mm headphone jack.


The 28 inch monitor is the noticeable hardware of Surface Studio. It can be adjusted down to 200 for the sophisticated hand drawing and controlling of the work spaces. The large display has 4500x3000 resolution spread out with 192 DPI and it supports the Pen and Zero Gravity Hinge.


Surface Studio is available in three DDR5 memory versions, 8GB, 16GB and 32GB and all of them will have 6th generation Intel Core i5 or i7 processor. It obviously runs on Windows 10, the latest and best Windows from Microsoft yet. Microsoft also announced that they are going to announce a Creator Update in the next March (2017) which aids the creators who have bought Surface Studio.


Surface Studio puts a check for Apple MacBook Pro

Apple MacBooks and all-in-ones are the best available solution for multimedia workers so far. Microsoft Surface Studio might change that opinion with the seamless design ergonomics and software solutions.


The only con about Microsoft Windows is that the instability of the operating system that is being observed since the beginning of the Windows 10. The positive side of it is that the Surface Studio is a wholly made by Microsoft, which includes the both hardware and software. So, we could expect better performance of Windows 10 on this desktop studio.


The Creator Update which will be releasing by the next year’s May will definitely make Microsoft Surface Studio the best and one-stop solution for the designers and artists all over the tech globe.


What’s you take on it? What do you think about Microsoft Surface Studio? Can it be the one-stop solution for the artists and designers? Feel free to share your thoughts about it in comments below.

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Xiaomi Mi Mix May Spoil Apple’s Decade Special iPhone 8 Concept

Xiaomi, once known as the Chinese Apple, has now got evolved into a separate hybrid and been proving it from the last few device releases. With the new design ergonomics of the Mi 5 to the flagship budget release of Redmi 3S and 3S Prime, the company has put a dent in the smartphone universe (excuse me if that is a Apple thing).

Apple has disappointed us this year with the iPhone 7 which has same old design but a few strike offs and discontinuing of most needed hardware specifications. This is not the era of forgetting the 3.5mm audio jack yet Apple did it with no other thought of present but future. The iPhone 7, in the performance wise still stands out and it has notable significant changes if observed.

We all know that by 2017, Apple turns 10 and it would be a big thing for the company. Even Microsoft made it special with the release of the Windows 10 which is of course yet not liked by many users all over the world. It looks like a business gimmick to present something that glitters in the dark that they create themselves. Windows 10 is such a successor or bi-judgemental Windows 8 and 8.1. Now, Apple is going to do the same with the next version of the iPhone.

It is leaked in some interviews of the Apple employees that the next version would be called as iPhone 8 and it is better to do for Apple as the people are no going to tolerate another old iPhone 7 model with some extra features named as iPhone 7S.

Apparently, there could be new iPhone with whole new design and specs next year. As Samsung is already identified by its curved displays, it would be brand defaming if Apple follow the same. The next possible alternative could be the full screen iPhone. The bezel less display is rumoured with iPhone 7 till some factory leaks happened. May be the company wants to release the new revolutionary tech in the decade anniversary.

Coming to the Mi Mix makes the wildest tech dream of an average smartphone user true. With the help of Philippe Starck, a French designer Xiaomi makes the techie’s dream of having a bezel less smartphone true. This concept phone from Xiaomi sports a 6.4 inch display, Snapdragon 821 Processor, 6GB RAM and 256GB internal memory along with the fingerprint scanner on the back placed side-by-side with the single camera module.

Mi Mix is the first smartphone to have 91.3% screen-to-body ratio in the smartphone evolution and has created history. The body is full ceramic with 8MoHs hardness on all sides gives a glossy looks to the device. The bezel less screen leads to the 17:9 custom ratio display which is again a new introduction to the smartphone market.

The Mi Mix features a 18-karat gold rims around the camera and fingerprint sensor that adds beauty to the glossy back. It comes with 4400mAh battery which adds long lasting power backup to the device. Compared to the Mi Max, Mi Mix’s battery is a fine justification to the new tech introduced.

Mi Mix is available in two versions, 4GB RAM+128GB storage and 6GB RAM+256GB storage. Just like all other concept phones, Mi Mix is not a showcase piece device. Xiaomi releases it into the market from November 4 in China, initially. It is available for 3499Yuan and 3999Yuan which is $517 USD and $590 USD respectively. The Indian price of this revolutionary smartphone/phablet could be around Rs.34,999 and Rs.39,999.

How Mi Mix might spoil the Apple’s 10th year anniversary and iPhone 8?

As we discussed about how Apple is planning to make it big on its 10th year anniversary with the new iPhone 8 which would have special futuristic design, The availability of the Mi Mix in the market with the beast specifications, battery, screen and the price it is available for, might get butterflies on the stomach of the ‘putting a dent in the universe’ company.

To save the unique design fame and branding name, Apple should looks for a new technology to introduce in a smartphone or should take over the Xiaomi which is impossible in a year if even planned so.

Xiaomi really put a dent in the face of Apple this time. Let’s see what way this cold war of technology implementation leads to. What’s you point on this? Do you think Apple will release the same bezel less screen for iPhone 8? Or something else that will compensate the brand name that it has lost with iPhone 7? Don’t hesitate to post your comments on this below. I’ll be excited to read them.
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