What do you know about the term ‘Keyword’ in SEO?

Bloggers and webmasters chant the term ‘Keyword‘ 1000 times a day. Because it is what that helps their website get global exposure. Taking from a beginner to expert,  knowingly and unknowingly everyone would start discussing the term ‘Keyword’. Today I would like to take you on a tour about ‘Keyword’ and how it is used in SEO.

Before we get started, I want you to forget for second that you are a beginner or an expert. Just read it relaxed and later decide your blogger designation for yourself.

So, what is this keyword?

Before we directly dive into a frozen ice lake, let’s break it up somewhat so that the impact of understanding won’t be sharp enough to kill your interest in blogging.

The legacy

When the internet was born, there were no search engines on the web. We had to directly go to the web address, the IP address of the website to access the information from the other computers on the network. Later the naming system was invented and it is what we are using now.

It is the reason why the name’s www.amfsatech.com, not some xxx.xx.xx.xx

That’s short, about the internet. Let’s know about search engines too.

Search engines are nothing but websites that are programmed to search the web. They index the ‘new’ on the web and update their index databases with the help of crawlers.


Yeah! crawlers are again programs intended to work for search engines that search for and update the presence of content on the web. Different search engines have different crawlers of their own. Each search engine crawler’s algorithm is different from others and it is the secret of their success as well.

So what? Is this how a search engine works?

The answer is ‘Yes’ and also a ‘No’. The thing with crawlers you just read in the above lines is just half working of a search engine. The second half is what the search engines are meant for.

The second half works when we type something to search in it.

Search engines process the ‘terms’ we type-in to search and match them with the content of indexes in their databases. If they are found, the relevant hyperlinks to that content are shown.

That means when we type something like this, ‘how to create a website’, the search engine shows the results that match the words given in the search box i.e., it shows up the results matching the words of ‘how to create a website’. The words we type to search in the search box are called ‘keywords’.

That’s a long introduction for Keyword right? Yeah! I know so too. Take a sip of energy drink and continue reading. Because the show is not yet ended.

I’m just kidding! that’s all for an introductory tutorial about ‘keyword’! We’ll see more about keyword and how to choose the right ones to improve the website traffic in further tutorials. Stick to Amfas Tech social profiles for updates.

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