Google Introduces Maps Santa Tracker 2014 for this Christmas

 Weird title isn’t it ?

Well Christmas in only weeks away ! And guess what Google has introduced a new way through which you can track  Santa Claus.

Yes, you heard me right !

We can finally track Santa Claus  and keep tabs about his movements around the world handing out gifts.
Only this time , Google has updated its  Santa Tracker, an interactive town which offers viewers with videos and where the Santa can sleigh his slide. Though, it is known to be educational fare.

For example, you click on the globe which provides you with the Christmas traditions all over the globe. Even better is the fact that Google plans to upgrade the features further this month like Santa speaking different languages  and children would be able to learn short term coding project – JavaScript.

This is the ultimate way of mixing fun with education . While children have fun, they are also learning something credible and educational about different traditions and cultures around the world.

The previous year’s Santa Tracker has the ability to make calls to your loved ones and the option to stream Santa’s journey directly to your TV’s. These abilities plus the interactive village  via Android App, shows the way Google is upgrading themselves and making it more fun and educational.

Let’s start this Christmas with a informative and educational way !! Ho..Ho..Ho!!

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