Things to Consider While Choosing a Title for a Blog Post

Do you know that the title of a blog post is the door to your article for your readers? So it seems like you know it well. One should not leave by not knocking your door when they are passing by.

Do you know how to decorate the ‘door’ appealing to the reader as well as search engines? What are things to consider while choosing a title for a blog post? Read further to know.

Limit title to 55 characters

Short titles break the ice faster than the lengthy ones. This is not just a kind of KISS(Keep It Simple & Short) metric but a reader’s psychological tweak.

Why only 55 characters?

If this is the question you have in mind right now, you are in sync with what I wanted to say in this article.

Search engines only show 55 characters in SERP(Search Engine Results Page). The excess characters after 55 would be shown as “…”

Though they show them with continuity dots, the search engine will still consider them. But, for the reader, it will still not be so appealing. Take an example of the following screenshots:

The title of the blog post is greater than 55 characters in the above screenshot and so it shows ‘...’ at the end. Though it is shown in the 1st place in SERP, it is not that appealing to the reader. This might take effect on organic traffic.

The title of the post in the above screenshot is within 55 characters and as you can see it more appealing than the above shown lengthy title. Isn’t it?

Don’t forget to insert the main keyword

It is ok if the title can attract only the subscribers of your blog, but how can you get the exposure of global audience? Yeah! search engines is the only way(social media apart).

Search engines only can send organic traffic to your blog. When you type something in a search engine, it looks for the same word/phrase on the web and shows you the relevant results.

For example, if you type the term ‘Android lollipop 5.0 phones’ in Google

Every search engine strives hard to give the user the best-matched information for the ‘keywords’ he type in. So, it is recommended to insert a keyword that you are focusing the topic on, just like ‘Android lollipop 5.0’ in our example.

Choose an appealing title

Choosing a title that is just search engine friendly is not enough. It should be appealing to the visitor. Though your blog has 1000+ subscribers or you have optimized the title to appear top in the SERP, people will not like to click on it if it is not appealing.

For example, ‘Nokia Lumia 535 Price, Specifications and Availability’ is just search engine optimized but not as appealing as ‘Why should you buy a Nokia Lumia 535?’ If you could notice, I have used the same keyword i.e., ‘Buy Nokia Lumia 535’ in both the titles but the second one gets more exposure than the first.

Make sure the title is as unique as possible

‘Uniqueness’ is also one of the major factors in placing your blog title at the top of the search engine results page. A title has as many chances as it is unique in getting placed in the top of SERP.

Here is the conclusion formula for a perfect title:

(short+keyword stuffed+appealing+unique) x title = top position in SERP ~ Success of the blog.

Capitalize the first letters

That’s all about choosing a perfect title, how would you make it so appealing(I say it ‘appealing+’)?

Capitalize the first letters of the words except for the prepositions in the title. Now, tell me which is more appealing? the title like this: “Things to Consider While Choosing a Title for a Blog Post” or this: “Things to consider while choosing a title for a blog post”?

Don’t get out of context

Yes! Of course, a perfect title is necessary for a blog post to get much exposure. But, it should not get out of the context.

As you see, many links with appealing titles will not have the expected stuff on the page, rather it would have some crappy content with spammy content.

Yes, I said it spam! Because choosing irrelevant titles that will have unsolicited content is considered as spam on the web. Isn’t it?

So, choose wisely!

One second!

These are the basic things to remember while choosing a good title that could bring you traffic not only from your subscribers but also from search engines as well. Always remember that the content you write for the readers is the king and it rules the web world. This is what search engines believe from the beginning and will be.

All the best!

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