6 Reasons Why People Hate to Upgrade from Windows XP

Microsoft had announced the ending of support for Windows XP from April 8th 2014. XP is the most successful product from Microsoft and so it is the most used operating system in the world. Microsoft alone is advancing with the latest upgrades and releases of windows operating systems but not the people. Most of the computer users are still using Windows XP on their computers.

The news was leaked a year ago before the official announcement and spread in media. Microsoft made it official earlier this year.

The company is much concerned about the security vulnerabilities that are existed in XP and says that they cannot be solved with security patches which were released so far and further.

The ending of support for XP raised voices against Microsoft. People, who till then were so get used to the most successful operating system are not ready for this. I have discussed about the news with some of Windows Xp users and found 10 reasons why people hate to upgrade from XP.

1. People get used to XP

The era of Xp introduced computers to every home. Every common man started learning how to operate a computer with Xp installed. They have done A-B-C-D and A-P-P-L-E on Xp itself. The word 'computer' gives them a picture of green meadows with blue sky and clouds and it is strongly fixed in their minds. 

People those who grew up older with Xp couldn't inherit the changes the tech world is making. So they don't like their computers be spoiled with unknown new operating system upgrades.

2. Upgrading XP is upgrading the hardware

Windows Xp runs on the system with minimal hardware configuration. As there are minimal graphics in the UI of the best operating system, it works best on computers that are a decade older. 

When the Xp has to be upgraded, the computer has to be upgraded with the hardware too. Let's suppose a Windows Xp computer with 1Ghz speed processor and 512 RAM. If it has to be upgraded to Windows 7 or Windows 8, the RAM should be upgraded to 1GB at least. So upgrading the existing operating system would weigh a extra burden for computes with low hardware configuration.

3. Upgrading XP is upgrading the application software

People usually use older versions of the software with the older operating systems. The newer version of the third party application software need newer versions of the OS to be installed on. The older operating systems may not have the frameworks, or other supporting software upgrades which are essential in installing their latest versions. 

If you wanted to use an application software that need .Net framework 4.5 version installed on it, Xp would be the total incompatible platform.

Upgrading Xp would increase the sub-costs of upgrading software which can go high based on requirements. Due to increase in the cost of upgradation, users step back of it.

4. Upgrading XP is upgrading you brain

Upgrading from windows Xp is not just upgrading your hardware and software, you should also upgrade your brain to use the later versions.

Users who are customized to use Xp will find difficult using Windows 7 or 8. Particularly, old people who has worked their whole work life with Xp cannot easily adhere to new versions. The scenario turns total converse in case of smart kids who grew up playing on Xp. So older people would hate the upgrade as my dad's doing so with Windows 8 on our home computer.

5. Upgrading XP is upgrading MS Office

Microsoft also announced the ending of support for MS Office 2003 along with Xp. So one must upgrade to later versions of MS Office along with the Windows. It may or may not add a separate burden on the upgrade costs but it would certainly decrease the productivity of the employees who are accustomed to MS Office 2003. MS Office 2013, the latest version of office software would take some more time to get used to, comparing with 2007 and 2010 versions.

6. Upgrading XP needs extra bucks for maintenance

Above 90 percent of the government and private organizations running their systems on XP. Over 95% of the ATM machines are running on XP all over the world. The upgrade message is really a bad news for them. As Microsoft has decided to end support for Xp, organizations can't risk the security of the people money in ATMs and so they have to be upgraded. The expenses that costs for upgrade would flow a tsunami wave of revenue for Microsoft but it also would effect the organizations financially. This might have an impact on the bonuses and salary hikes for employees. This much loss is enough to be despicable. 

Apart from all the hatred reasons, upgrading software and hardware of your computer would bring more security to your data and speed up the workflow. If calculated, Windows 8 could complete half above the tasks more than that of Xp in a unit measurable time. Upgrade your system sooner and walk along with the tech world.

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  1. Ohh right ! The Office version of Windows 7 is horrible. I have started working on-line for whatever I do , its so annoying to learn the new things every time they do an upgrade. they should really have a 10 year policy in place :P


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