'Recent Malasian Flight Tracked and Found Today! Check Live' is a Spam

We are much familiar with visitors tracking spam and change theme in 60 seconds spam on Facebook. It seems like there is no stop to this. This time spammers chose the hot trending topic on the internet i.e., about the missing of Malaysian airlines flight MH370.

A video link with name "[Play Video] Recent Malaysian flight tracked and found today! Check live!" is circulating on Facebook these days.

Why People Choose Trending Topics?

The answer is simple. Trending topics give spammers massive traffic.

What they get from spamming?

Because they might want to promote their website links or just to be happy seeing people scrapping their wall with spam posts and believe me they would enjoy it, Isn't it psychotic?

Most of the spammers promote potentially harmful links that spread malware and spyware among the computers. The intend to do it to steal passwords and other valuable information like credit card and bank account details.

How to avoid spam?

Before you click or share something on Facebook, read it once. Yes, most of the spam can be easily identified if we stop and read it for a second.

Don't click on suspicious links. Report suspicious links to Facebook by clicking on the 'report spam' in the available options for each feed item on your wall.

Better to remove virus from your Facebook. Make sure you are following security measures to protect yourself online.

Spams won't stop coming until the Internet giants and cyber security officials do something about it. There won't be a coin with only one side. So be safe and conscious of what you are doing!

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