Why Should You Report Spam on Facebook?

Facebook news feed sometimes show some unwanted content including texts, images and videos that is quite disturbing to the users who are subscribed to it. This sort of feed can been seen frequently from our friends activity too. It is not their fault every time, sometimes links would be shared among the walls giving any idea to the account holder. This is called spam. If you were active on Facebook from the past two days, you could have noticed the spam post about the missing Malaysian flight circulating through the FB walls.

What should you do when you see such feed?

We all see such content on Facebook daily. What we do is simply scroll down and checkout some other post. When I asked my friend that why can't he just report spam? replied as if it is not his concern to do so.

Consider you are with your family and sliding through some birthday party photos of the cutie kid from your relatives. All of a sudden you have a seen a nude photograph of a girl on your wall while jumping over the menu options, what would you do?

The answer for that question is 'embarrassment'. Yes! you would feel embarrassed at your family right then. The whole fun time goes wrong and you family meeting will be dispersed.

You have seen that nude picture is not because facebook is not strict with their policies, it is because someone haven't reported it spam yet.

Facebook allows us to report against disturbing content. Millions of people on earth use Facebook today. If you see something not so pleasing, you can report spam without any hesitation.

How do I report spam?

Reporting spam on facebook need no form filling or signing a petition against it. Every feed item comes with handy options at its top right. You can chose to unsubscribe to that feed or report spam right away.

Click on the downward arrow mark to see options. Choose 'I don't want to see this'. After that you will be shown the reporting option along with hidden post. It looks like following:
Click on 'Why don't you want to see this?'  After this, you'll have to go through one more step to complete spam reporting.

Choose one option why it is disturbing you and click on continue. That's all, your spam report has been filed successfully against that unwanted post.

Remember, facebook will take action only after verifying your spam report very keenly. You won't get banned from facebook or sued back by the post updater, if the spam report is not genuine.

Checking status of your spam reports is recommended if you are serious about that particular post you filed report against.

Taking precautions would help fight spam

Is is better to prevent that cure when infected. Follow are the precautionary methods that would help you fight against spam.

Checking if the profile is real or fake would sort out genuine profile from fake one's.
Revoking access from suspicious apps will assure safety of information and reduce spam on walls.
Using Facebook without internet would reduce spam at most level.
Removing virus from your Facebook profile would assure much safety than before.
Identifying spam links would keep you a click away from spam always.
Blocking messages from unknown people would reduce the risks of being hacked.

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