What should be the Ideal Keyword Density of a Webpage?
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What should be the Ideal Keyword Density of a Webpage?

Having a lot of keywords in your content of a webpage won’t make you the top in the Google search results. Google works in a different way in measuring the keyword density. When a search engine finds a keyword once it will consider your webpage and if it appears twice it’s good! another level up in search results and appears again, ok! it’ll be taken to peaks and again? this is not taking your much higher rather it keeps you at that last highest level you have reached. If it finds another instance of keyword it would fall down for sure. This is considered as keyword stuffing and you web page would go much lower than expected.


What is keyword stuffing?

Ideal Keyword Density of a Webpage

Keyword stuffing is the wrong way to pull up the rankings of the webpage by stuffing the same keyword in more numbers. This kind of SEO techniques are considered as black hat techniques and will be abandoned by the Google. Google’s spam filter mechanisms are much stronger than you could imagine. So better to stick on to the useful, information rich content with optimal use of keywords appropriately in the context.


So what is the ideal keyword density?

I would say, once or twice, that’s it. If you go further, that would definitely not going to help your boost your search rankings.


Take a look at this video by Matt Cutts, Google team talking about the ideal keyword density.



Make it look real

Keyword stuffing make the content look artificial, i.e., the content looks like it’s been created by artificial content creators or tools alike. Google cares for original content, the content created by humans. Though you write an article yourself stuffing the keywords, it looks like it’s created by a software program or tool. So make sure it looks real.


  1. I am actually facing problems finding the right amount of keywords for my blog..confused with the scenario..i have my content unique but generating organic traffic seems a little tough .

    1. Watch the Matt Cutts video above to get a clear idea of amount of keywords you should use. Try to get quality backlinks, write about trending topics, submit your blog to blog directories. Make sure about the robots.txt file in your blog. It can effect search engine bots from crawling your site.

      By the way, Thank you for dropping by!

    2. Thanks for replying brother .. Quality Backlinks , trending topics and blog directories is all okay . What about robots.txt fine ...say there are links like max result =5 ,labels that get indexed ..how to block them through robots.txt file ...have you made any tutorial for this ?

    3. You are welcome!
      I am writing an a tutorial about robots.txt file in which you will find information on what to block and what to allow for indexing. I'll be posting link herewhen i'm done! Please subscribe or followup the comments for alert!

    4. Thanks brother ..I already subscribed comments for alert ..Looking forward to your post :-)

    5. Hi Aman,

      I am back here with robots.txt article here it is http://www.amfastech.com/2014/01/managing-indexing-of-websites-content.html


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