Is the Asus ZenFone 8 Mini worth buying?

Zenfone 8 Mini has everything under the hood. This is the first phone in 2021 to come in a compact size and with beast specifications. Let's take a quick look into what it has got to make itself pick-worthy.

Processing power? You got it.

Compactness? You got it.

Cameras? You got it.

Water-resistance? You got it.

5G connectivity? You got it.

LPDDR5 RAM? You got it.

UFS 3.1 storage? You got it.

120Hz display refresh rate? You got it.

Super AMOLED display with HDR10+? You got it.

Gorilla Glass protection? You got it.

8k recording? You got it.

Stereo speakers? You got it.

3.5mm headphone jack? You effin got it. 

So, is Asus Zenfone 8 Mini worth buying?

To generalize the statement, yes. It is worth buying in 2021. But there is a catch here. 

If you like compact phones of 5.9'' screen size, you will love this phone like anything. Unlike an expensive Google Pixel phone, it doesn't compromise on processing power or any internals. 

One thing to look at is the flawed design. Look at the design of the phone on the backside. 

The design aesthetics of this phone are pathetic. The positioning of the camera module picks on my OCD for symmetry. It looks like a cheap ripoff of an original design in the market that is available for around $100. 

Also, look at the positioning of the front camera. It has the same flawed asymmetric position. It looks like the computer-aided design on the phone was initially made for even smaller screens and the screen size was enlarged without caring for the other layers of it. 

What could have happened with design? 

The idea of a compact phone by Asus designers might have come up because of the cross-racial competitor, iPhone. Apple has released a mini version of the iPhone with the iPhone 12. Asus might have thought that it could grab the android market of small phone lovers with the release of a 5.5'' inch screen phone that works like a beast. 

Turns out, people didn't go for smaller iPhone this time. As a result, Apple has stopped manufacturing Mini phones almost to an extinct level. It is reported that the production has been cut off by 70%.

Long story short, Asus f-ed up. They neither want to crush their months of work on a compact design nor spend more time tweaking it, as the schedule for the regular Zenfone version has some time shortcomings. As a result, came the product, Zenfone 8 Mini, with just the slightest diagonal stretch in the size.

Should I buy Zenfone 8 Mini or not?

If you have small hands, not into the smartphone design or like compact powerful phones, go to the website, and say, "Shut up and take my money."

I hope that helps! 

P.S. If you have any other feelings for the iPhone Mini mentioned or Asus Zenfone 8 Mini itself, rant them in the comments section below. I promise to keep your views live as long as this article is alive. 

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