Best Laptops for Students in India 2021 Under ₹60,000

Does a student need a laptop worth ₹60,000 in India? The answer is undoubted YES. Because the courses and curriculum have changed. New technologies and tools have been included in the curriculum that needs better configurations for computers to handle them smoothly.

However, it's all the budget that matters to an individual. Under ₹60,000, you could easily get two laptops with a decent configuration.

Why spend up to ₹60,000?

The courses, both design, and programming need a better computer with a better processor, graphics, and faster hard disk for fluid performance. In ₹30,000, you will hardly get an average build that won't be sufficient for effective multitasking or software development.

Take an example of Android Studio. Did it ever run smoothly on your ₹30,000 laptops? And the heat that it dissipates is no less to rocket ignition.

Will a ₹60,000 laptop does not lag or exert heat?

It will lag a bit with heavy multitasking. I would say, it performs better than an average 30k laptop. Moreover, Windows will keep on pushing more destructive updates in the future and that should not obsolete the hardware although not worn out yet.

If you are a student who will also play games, shut up and pick your laptop from the following list. Let your parents think about the budget for you.

And remember not to let them sell away something for your machine. If that is happening, you better read my other article with a list of best laptops under ₹30,000

#1 Asus X509

Asus is known for its value-for-money devices. The X509 model comes with a 10th generation quad-core i5 processor clocking at 1 GHz which can be boosted up to 3.6 GHz through Turbo Boost. The speeds are supported by 512 SSD storage and 8GB DDR4 RAM running at 3200 MHz.

Asus equips this configuration with a dedicated GDDR5 2 GB NVIDIA GeForce MX110 graphics. The RAM is expandable up to 12 GB on this laptop.

The hardware is backed by the latest version of Windows 10 Home pre-installed.

The display is a 1080P full HD LED-backlit display with 200-nit brightness and 45% NTSC.

Is this the right laptop for you?

What course are you studying? Is it related to programming or design?

The processing power is good enough for running basic designing software, and student-level projects and programming tools. But, the display with 45% NTSC signifies a low-quality display which would not be great for designers.

For computer programming, arts, and journalism courses - YES

For hardcore designing, photography, and media related courses - NO

#2 HP Pavilion Gaming 15-ec0101AX

Before you judge it for a gaming laptop, you should look at the specifications that it offers to its customers at ₹52,000.

HP Pavilion Gaming comes with AMD Ryzen 5 quad-core processor clocking at 2.1 GHz(can be turbo boosted up to 3.7 GHz) backed by 8GB DDR4 RAM at 2400 MHz, and 4 GB GDDR5 dedicated graphics of NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650.

This laptop comes with Windows 10 Home pre-installed on the machine. This gaming laptop will have ample storage space with a 1 TB HDD (not SSD).

Is this laptop right for you?

Being a gaming-centric laptop, this laptop should have higher capacity RAM and 256 SSD at least out of 1 TB storage. The sacrifices made are compensated with a high-clock speed processor and 2 more GB of dedicated graphics.

For computer programming, photography and designers - YES

For arts and journalism courses - NO (because it's heavy and not portable)

#3 ASUS VivoBook Ultra X413JA

Powered by a 10th generation quad-core i5 processor running at 1 GHz which can be power boosted to 3.6 GHz and 8GB DDR4 RAM, Asus VivoBook Ultra keeps the laptop light-weighted at 1.4 Kg. It comes with integrated graphics which is a bit let down for the price it is offered for.

Is this laptop right for you?

Although it may seem a bit overpriced, Asus VivoBook Ultra is a MacBook lite for Windows users. Don't over expect from it but it will perform well with your day-to-day tasks.

For computer programming, photography and designers - NO

For arts and journalism courses - YES

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