Launch Your Marketing Campaign in 5 Minutes with This Online Marketing Video Maker Tool

This is the era of video marketing. Your marketing videos reach better than the textual and imagery posts on the internet. But the time it takes to make videos is huge. Upon that, you need a highly-skilled video editor to do the job. 

It will not only make the job expensive but also time-consuming. For making an online advertisement, waiting for a monstrous video editing software with thousand options is not fair. At least we have no time for preloads. 

When you get an urgent requirement from your client, or you got an idea of using a trend to make your content viral, sitting in front of the computer for hours won't make it a clever move. By the time you come up with your video, the trend would have waved 'Katam...Tata...Bye Bye'. 

What you need is actually a tool that helps you create marketing videos in just 5 minutes. What do you need for that? A computer, a web browser, and nothing else. Yeah! Don't worry about your bad taste in creative works. The tool that I'm going to write about in this article has ready-made templates in it.

All you need to do is just, select the template and edit the text, replace the media, and export it. Ask me if it takes more than 5 minutes.

What is that tool? 

FlexClip is the name. I found this tool when I was searching for online marketing video maker tools. Yes! you don't need to waste the space on your computer by installing it. You can directly access it from your web browser. 

Sign up for FlexClip free account now and try your hands on it without wasting your time on this article. If you want to know all the features of it, finish this article before you create an account. 

How to create online marketing videos with Flexclip?

After signing up, you will have two options to get started with. You may choose a predesigned template or go with the 'from the scratch' option. 

As we are talking about creating a video in just 5 minutes, I would suggest you choose a template that suits your campaign. Flexclip provides hundreds of templates for your advertising needs. You may waste a minute here choosing the right template. 

You can preview the template before start editing it. Because time is valuable here for you. You don't want to end up on an irrelevant output later.

Once you finish selecting the relevant template, click on 'Customise' to start editing it. 

You can add images and videos from Flexclip's stock library or from the local computer. My favorite option is the ability to record the video right from the app. 

Take a couple of minutes to play around with the editing dashboard. Once you are finished with the editing part, click on 'preview' to check how does the output looks.

If everything's alright, click on export and choose the quality. Give it a name, creator name, and choose an intro slide to it if you prefer. Once all given, click on 'Export' and wait for the video to render and save it. 

Did you check the clock? How many minutes did take? Not sure? Try creating another video for marketing and count the time. 

What do you think about the Flexclip? Share your opinions in the comments below.

Use this link to signup. Will help our staff break a bread.

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