5 Important Things to Look for in Amazon SEO Services

As with most activities, having someone to help you is a great relief—especially if the area you need help in requires expert attention. This situation is particularly true if you are selling on Amazon. There are areas you can handle on your own, but some projects are just too complicated and too large that you'll need outside help.

Hiring a team of specialists has plenty of advantages. Primarily, you know that your account will be handled by individuals who have experience and training and you can expect quality results. With the time that you save by delegating difficult tasks to experienced companies offering Amazon services, you can focus on ensuring your product's quality and customer satisfaction.

This article will focus on Amazon SEO services, an essential step you need to do for selling on Amazon. Amazon listing optimization can spell your store's failure or success because it is the means for your listing to appear on search results. If you are looking into partnering with people and agencies for your Amazon store, below are the five things you should look for before hiring a service.

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1. Look for an Amazon Listing Optimization service that will help you start from scratch

Imagine your Amazon account with absolutely nothing in it. Like a clean canvas waiting for the artist. The Amazon service you hire should include keyword research using tried and tested tools that get data from the Amazon A10. A10 is Amazon’s algorithm that decides whether your listing will appear on the search results or not.

The keywords that appear in research should be used in your store's frontend and backend. Here are the areas where you should include keywords:

  • Product Title: Amazon allows only 200 characters to be included in the product title. That consists of the keywords you want to rank for and details about your product you want your customers to know about immediately.
  • Product description: You have a 1000-character limit to inform, educate, and convince your customers that you have the best product in the market. Experts would know how to include keywords in your content while ensuring readability.
  • Backend keywords: Backend keywords are measured in bytes and not per character. A total of 250 bytes is allowed per listing. Adept SEO specialists know which keywords you cannot include in the frontend but should be included here.
  • Advertisements and campaigns: Usually, agencies offering Amazon optimization services also have a PPC team to help you with your ads. With that, they can also utilize the keywords you want to rank for in the ad's content.
  • Images: The agency should optimize everything, even your photos on Amazon. This should be among the services to look for before hiring Amazon experts.

2. The service should include keyword performance monitoring and continuous optimization

After ensuring that you have a solidly optimized store, the next task is to monitor. The Amazon listing optimization company should have a reliable tool to monitor daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly keyword performance.

Knowing which keywords help you rank higher on the search results and which keywords do not have any searches can help you make decisions.

Know that Amazon SEO is not a one-time activity but a continuous one, so you’ll need someone to constantly keep an eye on it.

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3. The Amazon SEO service should include professional photographers and graphic artists

As mentioned above, images are included in optimization. SEO experts can optimize the file name and backend tags of each photo, and having a picture that adheres to the Amazon product image requirements while catching your audiences’ attention simultaneously are the works of photographers and graphic artists.

Photographers will be responsible for well-lit photos that feature your product’s key characteristics. Customers should be able to see the details clearly when they zoom in to your featured images.

Did you know that having a consistent layout can also reflect your brand to create brand awareness? The professional graphic artists will take care of this.

4. The SEO company should have a solid process for competitor analysis

Look into your competitors to see if you are on par, behind, or ahead of the game. The Amazon SEO company you hire should have a tried and tested mechanism for competitor analysis. They should also use the data they gather to create a game plan for your own Amazon account and make sure that you are always ahead of your competitors.

5. Choose a team that offers all services needed by an Amazon seller

The steps you should take in making your Amazon store successful are interconnected. For instance, the Amazon optimization team you hire can add Amazon SEO to content and ads. Content and ads should also contain images that will catch potential customers’ attention.

Brand protection and registry are another concern you will have when you sell on Amazon. This will keep your account safe from Amazon black hat tactics. More areas like customer service, Amazon FBA, and PPC are in the scope of Amazon services you’ll need.

Your best bet is to look for a one-stop-shop agency that can give you all the assistance you need. You will get one dedicated account manager who knows your account's history. This same account manager will monitor it and help your store grow.

Here are the other services the third-party agency should be offering:

  • Full Account Management
  • Sponsored Ad Management
  • Product Launching
  • Brand Protection and Registration
  • Account Suspension Appeal and Reinstatement
  • Reimbursement and Refund
  • FBA Wholesale Partnership Program
  • Business Needs - Social Media
  • Website and Content Creation Management

When you see that a third-party agency offers all these services, you can feel safe knowing that your account will be in expert hands.


If you are currently deciding on which Amazon assistance or Amazon SEO company to partner with, use the five essential factors listed above.

You ideally want to be with a group who are experts and professionals, and who will build a solid optimized foundation while consistently monitoring keyword performance.

A well-versed team in photography, graphic art, and image optimization would also be of great help to you. Information about your competitors and whether you are on par or leading the market is another detail that you would want to get from your partner agency.

With the factors above, the company's credibility increases when they offer all the services needed by Amazon sellers.

If you see yourself managing your Amazon store and growing your business for years to come, choose a company that will satisfy all your business needs. More importantly, hire someone you can invest your trust in and partner with for a long time.

Author’s Bio:

Jayce is the managing director of Seller Interactive, an Amazon marketing agency that offers Amazon SEO services to brands built on Amazon. With content marketing skills that have taken him to top brands such as GoDaddy and Toyota, he’s cemented his knowledge and expertise in helping brands reach new heights.

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