Why Your Business Needs Social Media for Growth in 2021

2020 brought many atrocities with it and was a year that was difficult for both small as well as big business firms. Social media saw a great increase in the percentage. Social media has taken on greater significance with 2020 pandemic events forcing more digital communication and business marketing. Social Media is not the platform for posting just organic content or pictures, many companies and firms use social media to promote their products online.

Social media management on the rise again?

Social media in 2020 bridged the gap of social distancing and helped its users to stay socially connected to their family, friends, and most importantly to the brands seeking social marketing. Until 2020 came up to the rise with the pandemic of Covid-19 every brand shop owner was aware of where they stood in terms of social media reach. Their engagement, ad marketing, social media handles all stood in vain until the real pandemic hit with the calamity of worldwide lockdowns taking place.

Social media gives the business a new approach to lay the foundation on. It helps in brand promoting the website at a bigger level irrespective of how and where to play advertisements.

But as we welcome the new year with cautious hands we hope that this year will bring with it much less pandemic and new opportunities to small businesses to grow online at a much larger rate than before.

Why is social media important and why are our businesses depend on social media for growth in 2021, let's talk about them briefly below,

Direct Referral Traffic To Your Site Or Blog

Visitors that come to your website or blog from other social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, etc are called referral traffic. This traffic has no relation with any other bigger search engine and is just referred from other websites or advertisements.

Social media plays a great role while navigating referral traffic from one website to another, if properly placed, an advertisement could get you more visitors and traffic than most of the search engines.

Social media marketing is FREE(Almost)!

Social media marketing is one such face that everyone talks about but remains secluded from the minds of most of the firms seeking marketing at a low cost. In 2020 as the social media expansion grew, many firms saw the path to the successful marketing of their product without any extra cost.

They just need a social media account(which can be made for free) and then after gaining a healthy community you can just start telling your customers about your product, sales, and any such post or ad which brings in more traffic.

If you get a decent amount of traffic then you can use Twitter or Facebook advertising policy and let them advertise for you just at the cost of merely nothing as compared to the amount of traffic you will get in return.

Gather data from audience research to improve

Many big firms and businesses fail to gain at one thing which is staying connected to their customer hub. Staying always connected to your customers can help you in many advantages,

  • You will be aware of what customers need and how and when you can launch out your product for better sales.
  • You can limit your competition by making sure your customers come to you in the first place whenever they need to buy something.
  • Timely organizing sales will expand your growth and will help in getting the maximum reach in the lesser of time.

Hashtags generate growth and reach

Ever saw a bunch of hashtags in an advertisement or some picture to gain reach and follow?

Well, that is how much of the social media platforms work nowadays, users want their post or their advertisement to reach many users or customers in the least amount of time. Many companies or business owners send out their products to popular social media handles and ask them to make a post with their product thereby inculcating brand involvement.

A hashtag is a trending tool that helps in getting most of the alike posts together by searching on their hashtags. Hashtags should be used sparingly and only on words, try to not use many irrelevant hashtags together as it may mix up your post with different communities all over. 

Provide Support

Social Media as already proved is a great platform for getting in touch with your customers, also you can reach out to your customers or solve their queries upon request by creating your brand Instagram or Twitter handles.

Wrapping up

In 2020 we saw an increase of 10.9% in people using social media as and when compared to the year 2019. In 2020 there were 3.96 billion people actively using social media. Back in 2015, there were only 2.07 billion users which is just an overall increase of 92.76% in just 5 years.

In the year 2020, we were deprived to meet anyone, because of which we had to spend most of the time online on social media thereby leading to adverse social addicting habits.

An average user as of now spends around 2 hours 8 minutes online on social media which includes many messenger applications as well.

Though addictive usage of social media can be adverse for the health of a user, many small businesses and e-commerce websites social media came in as a boon in the lockdown period for 2020, and as the year advances to 2021 we will see more of the social media marketing generating revenue thereby eliminating the use of offline marketing. 

Author Bio: Ankita Kaushal is a businesswoman, a business coach, and an entrepreneur. She helped many small business owners in starting up their online businesses. Get in touch with her regarding any online business query on Linkedin.

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