5 WhatsApp Features You Will See in Next Month

The most used and billion-user messaging platform WhatsApp is bringing new features to its users in next month. Most of these features are demanded for a long time. The Facebook-owned, 'WhatsApp from Facebook' is now ready to feature these five exciting features from next month. Give it a read:

1. Instagram's like Boomerang feature 

Who doesn’t know about the Boomerang for Instagram? The infinity short video looping software is popular with Instagram users. Now that Facebook owns both the leading platforms, Instagram and WhatsApp, which is evident from the outages happened a couple of months ago, due to the tri-platform integration process as told by Mark Zuckerberg in a Facebook conference.


This Boomerang for WhatsApp will do the same as it does on the Instagram platform. It will be fun to see funny short video loops in WhatsApp statuses after this update rolls out. 

2. Multi-device login for the same account

This is one of the most wanted features for WhatsApp users. In fact, this is one of the reasons why WhatsApp users flea to Telegram and other messaging platforms is the inability of logging in from multiple platforms.


As WhatsApp is a non-server based platform that will not save any messages on servers but only on devices, accommodating a multiple device login access will need server mediation for messages. It’s not only expensive but also need to change the entire framework of the messaging platform. 

3. Server-based WhatsApp Web

WhatsApp web was introduced after knowing the necessity of accessing the media content on PCs. This feature is also used to eliminate the need to switch between devices for communication. Switching between the devices for communicating will not only distract users from the work but also plunders productivity.


The traditional ‘WhatsApp Web’ needs the device to be connected to the internet which might add fuel to the distracting triggers. A server-based WhatsApp Web will let you log in without your device connected to the internet. Now you can access only WhatsApp from your computer and avoid the other alerts on the phone. 

4. Dark Mode

This is the most awaited feature of WhatsApp. Users are fed up of the old school green layout and incapability to change the accent colors as in Telegram. Moreover, the implementation of system-wide dark modes by Google for its mobile operating system Android and Apple for its iOS is compelling to have a full system-wide dark mode for the application either.


Most of the application developers are enabling this feature already to assimilate with the users choice. Having one application with a white theme and rest of the apps in dark will definitely not please the users at all. Information from ‘WABetainfo’ from twitter says that WhatsApp developers have 90% completed working on dark mode for iOS and 75% way through for android. It would hopefully come out next month, after all. 

5. WhatsApp for iPad

iPad is not like the iPhone or MacBook. It is a totally different environment though it runs on an iPad version of iOS. This version of the mobile operating system from Apple features different adaptions for the large screen. This makes the using of mobile phone version of WhatsApp difficult.


Any Android tablet that runs WhatsApp has no difference compared with that of running on the iPad version of iOS or iPadOS. So, Apple has decided to make the best use of the large screen for this viral messaging application with a slight overhaul of the app environment.

To Mark and WhatsApp Team:

WhatsApp is a wonderful application. The root cause for increasing users base for this app is ease of usage. Nonetheless, of the ugly green interface and non-server operation, users still want to use it because it’s easy to operate. If you don’t bring new features faster, third-parties like GBWhatsApp will start making a clone version of it. Result? Loss of users. Think about it!

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