Google Photos Reaches One Billion Users

When your phone runs out of memory to store photos and videos, you would look for one name, 'Photos' app. Google introduced this application back in I/O 2015 and this has become popular because of one major feature, 'unlimited storage' to all android users.

Google photos stores unlimited photos and videos in high quality for all android phones whereas it stores all media from Pixel phones in original quality.

Google has reached the one million mark in the first year. It exponentially increased to half a million by next year. The users towered up high to one billion mark recently.

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Why Google Gives Away Unlimited Storage to Users?

Nothing comes for free in this world. There is no wonder how Google has managed to maintain the camera quality with just one lens on the back. Did you ever think about it?

The trillions of photos that billions of users upload and save on Google photos could be used for AI processing. The intelligent algorithms of Google learn the depth of field, background, color, and contrast of the pictures based on the possible time of the day, to improve the software optimization of camera samples. Yes! It's not about hardware lens.

Should You Use Google Photos?

Like there is another good option to save unlimited photos and videos on the internet? Suspicious thoughts apart, Google must maintain and maintains the photos safely in its servers - as it may be plundered everything if leaks happen.

Don't think much about it. Just enjoy Google Photos App for now. Amfas Tech will notify you if anythings breakout.

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