Realme 2 Pro Gets a Major ColorOS 6 Update in August/September?

We all know that the ColorOS 6 is full of bugs and it did not quite impress the users, as ColorOS 5.2. The last year's flagship Realme 2 Pro is at the top having plenty of bugs to be called a failure. Since the stable update was announced, it had faced a lot of bugs, from boot loop to battery draining issues.

The customer support team has begun ignoring the complaints on twitter and Realme community. Finally, at the end of July, someone had time to answer a few queries from the stock of questions. They announced that the July patch will be announced with all bug fixes and security patch.

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Realme 2 Pro is the only phone yet to get swipe gestures and security patch in the batch of premium models.

Users expected that it would carry all the expected features after 2 ignored months. The July patch was rolled out without notice to the internal employees (it seems) as who replied later on the posts were surprised to find customers posting about it.

Turned out, the July security patch of size 645MB had nothing but a July 5th security patch in the update log. For customers who have no WiFi available, 645MB is an expensive sacrifice. Still, a few updated it as OTA arrived.

Some of them complained that the bugs persisted even after the huge security patch update which is supposed to carry all bug fixes reported.

Someone from the admin team finds time to reply to one of the thread on the community saying that the Realme has some exciting surprises under its sleeves, yet are come in coming months.

You call aware of Realme calling for beta testers for a secret project, supposedly Realme OS.

All these give rise to new doubts for Realme 2 Pro users.
  • Is Realme Going to Push Realme OS to Realme 2 Pro Users?
  • Is Realme ditching Realme 2 Pro for Realme OS and so is preparing for special features like 'digital wellbeing' along with swipe navigation gestures and dark mode?
  • Is Realme 2 Pro a failure device that has hardware incompatibilities with software and that's why the problems?
  • Is it ColorOS 6.1 for Realme 2 Pro? And Realme OS for Realme 3 Pro?
However, as per the replies on the community posts and threads, it is clear that Realme 2 Pro is getting a huge software update in August/September.

What do you think? Will it be Color OS 6.1 or a Realme OS beta call? Share your thoughts with us.

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