Formulae to Get Started with Blogging with a Bang

Blogging has got the boom right now. Seriously! Everyone irrespective of their ages and what they are doing(job) is looking forward to starting up a new and flexible life with blogging today.

The reason that might have inspired you might be the earning capabilities that you have come to know about or the successful case studies that you read from neighbour bloggers. Whatever might be the reason, you wanted to take up blogging and that matters. Let’s get started with ‘what’ and ‘how’ kind of meta-questions.

I’m not going to speak a lot abstract that would scare you off the race, instead, I will give you a brief idea of how to proceed with blogging in a language that you can understand.

Where to get started?

Isn’t this your first question when you thought about blogging?

Yes! Of course, it should be. Because you know what, no matter how better skills you possess, they’d go vain without knowing where to start?

To get started with the ‘where’ question, dig up your abilities and check if they can be really used for blogging. It helps you choose a niche that you love to write about.

N.I.C.H.E…Niche?? OMG!! What’s that word?

Don’t judge this article yet. I would not break my promise that I made to speak in your language until the end.

‘Niche’ is aahh…consider it a field or category or subject that you would want to write about in your blog. For example, ‘Health’ is a niche, ‘Career’ is a niche, ‘Tech’ is a niche and so on.

More precisely, Amfas Tech is a tech blog and I would never allow ‘health’ topics to be published on it.

Hope that figures it out for you.

So, choosing a niche of your choice answers the ‘where to start?’ question well.

Formula to choose a niche:

Niche ={ [ Search (Subject you have sound knowledge in) + Interest ] x writing skill }

What you need?

All you need to start a blogging career is some basic knowledge of blogging glossary and passion towards it. Blogging is not a monthly paid job. It is your own business online. So, do not expect to be earning the ‘justified’ money for the amount of work and time you spend here initially.

A typical blogging start-up needs a platform, good template, high-quality content, promotional strategies and time.

If this is formulated, it will be,

Platform {Good Template + [(HQContent x Promotions)]time } ∞ Success

Overall Motto

All you have learned so far about ‘where to start’ and ‘what you need’ is not everything. It is the very basic knowledge that you need to have before starting up your blogging career.

Do remember the following guidelines in order to make your start-up a true bang.
  1. Always focus on your blog reader’s sophistication. Always create content for your readers, not search engines. We can also call this type of content as eternal content that is never penalized by search engine algorithms (considering that you will follow the search engine guidelines in your content).
  2. Do not spin or write articles by copying them from anywhere else.
  3. Promote in a natural way.
  4. Always try to post high-quality content.
  5. Try to make the content as unique as possible.
  6. Build a relationship with your readers.
  7. Do not forget loyal readers.
  8. Take care of SEO.
  9. Improve your internet marketing strategies.
  10. At last, think about earning revenue from your blog.


  • The words in RED indicates the core aspects that are needed for blogging.
  • The words in GREEN indicates the success recipe and
  • The words in BLUE indicates your strengths.

Over to you

Switching to, or starting blogging career has its risks like as in any other career option. You won’t get revenue as soon as you create a blog today and posted a couple of articles tomorrow. You need to build your blog as a brand and focus on serving its purpose. No matter how many years you work on it and how much time you spend, all will go vain if you don’t follow the above said 10 guidelines.

Follow ethical ways and white hat techniques. Start your blogging career with a bang. Don’t forget to say ‘hi’ sometime. See you around! All the best!

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