How to Choose a Perfect Title for a Blog Post?

No matter how good your article is and how better you wrote it, an appealing title will always be responsible for welcoming your readers. So the optimization should start from the title and then be proceeded to the rest of the article.

In the past search engines used to consider ‘title’ as an SEO signal which was later turned up on to the article’s quality now. Although, it is the ‘title’ that always attracts a human to click and come on to the page to read. So, we need to create a ‘perfect title’ for a blog post and it should follow some rules. Please go through the following headlines and learn what is needed in choosing a perfect title.

1. Perfect title? What are the things to consider?

A perfect title is no magic, it is just an search engine optimized piece of phrase to attract more human readers. There are certain things that should be followed while choosing a perfect title. They are as follows:

A perfect title should
  • Not exceed 55 characters of length
  • Be stuffed with main keyword
  • Be appealing to visitor/reader
  • Be as unique as possible
  • Not get out of context while choosing one

2. What is a keyword? and what is main keyword?

Another thing you should be aware of, is the term ‘keyword’. A ‘keyword’ is the term which people type-in to search something using a search engine. A ‘main keyword’ is nothing but the topic we are writing about.

Keywords play an important role in search engine traffic. The keywords that are mostly searched will bring good traffic for your blog. We can research and explore for the best keywords using different tools that are available on internet and I will introduce to you further.

3. Explore for best keywords

The best keywords are those which are mostly searched and that could bring good organic traffic for your blog.

The keywords that can bring conversions from visitors can also be considered as the best. The word ‘best’ can be seen in different perspectives and it depends on the type of blog you are maintaining and kind of visitors you are expecting.

One’s best can be another’s waste and one’s waste can be another’s best. Click on the highly recommended link and learn more about it.

We use internet trends and keyword suggestion tools to explore and research for the best keywords.

4. What are internet trends and keyword suggestion tools?

To choose the best keywords for a blog post, we take the help of some of the reliable tools online. They include tools that show internet trends and tools that help in researching and exploring the best keywords.

Google trends and AdWords Keyword Suggestion Tool are the best keyword research tools that are available on the internet.

Choosing the best keywords is not enough, they need to be optimized and inserted wisely on a page. Because search engines started out listing unnatural keyword stuffing and its density on the page already since past few years.

5. Keyword optimization? What makes it different from keyword exploring?

Sorting out the best performing keywords for your blog can’t complete the task. This is like gathering up all the tools to build something and forgetting to build it at all.

Optimization is how you build your blog friendly for readers and search engines as well. Optimizing keywords should be the second priority and the reader friendliness should take the first.

Exploring keywords is a just a part of the keyword optimization. Optimization includes both the best performing as well as least performing keywords in a perfect sync. Using only best ones might give a bad impression of your blog at search engines.

6. Importance of uniqueness

A title that is optimized may also not work out for you sometimes. The same keyword family you have chosen might also have been used by many other competitors of yours. So, you might need some extra booster than just an keyword optimized title.

What might it be? It is no green lantern from space shuttle, it is the piece of creativity using which you got to choose the title as unique as possible.

An unique and appealing title will make your blog post standout among the rest of the results in SERP(considering yours a quality blog post).


There is nothing like ready-made perfect title. The skill of creating one will come by experience of trying to do it. The readers of your blog will expect more regarding the content after entering your blog by clicking the title. So, take care and never neglect the content. It is what makes the impression to the readers though the title is too appealing to click through.

All the best! Happy blogging!

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