The Importance of Uniqueness in Choosing a Title for a Blog Post

The secret was however revealed. The bloggers who read my previous articles have come to know about keyword optimization and the formula in choosing a best title for a blog post.

If you are the only one who knew about it, you would have been benefited. But, how can you make the most of it while everyone else know about it?

You may need some more different strategies that would make your articles standout best among the rest. What it could be?

It is not a magic wand of Harry Potter, not even the ring of green lantern that you need. It is an ‘idea’ that makes your title unique from everyone else.

An idea? C’mon I have got a lot of ideas up there!

Yeah, of course you might have a bunch of ideas for life. But, are they good enough to make your blog posts standout best?(No offense! please don’t take this personal).

What I mean to say is, after knowing about keyword optimization, ever blogger would think of a similar title with the same keywords.

For e.g., Let us consider the currently trending keyword family of ‘PK’, the latest movie of Aamir Khan. If the bloggers want to write about the movie, the keywords that they would generally choose are,
  • PK movie review,
  • PK review,
  • PK,
  • PK deleted scenes,
  • PK collections,
  • PK wallpapers & posters download
  • and so on
And the titles that they like to choose looks very similar but stuffed with keyword. Inserting keywords in the title is a good practice but should be taken care of. If we talk about the common titles, they would look like as follows,
  • PK Movie Review: Movie Review, Trailers, Wallpapers
  • PK Hindi Movie Critic Review
  • PK Movie Review: Wallpapers, Story, Trailer at Times of India
  • Aamir Khan’s PK
  • and similar
(All those above titles are as per the results found on Google search. They are not my own creation for god sake)

If you notice, there are results from top authoritative sites like Times of India which are hard to compete(of course it will not happen always). Though you put your site on the top, people will choose to read from authoritative blogs and sites. That’s natural after all(you and I do the same too).

The thing that differentiates your site from those authoritative sites is uniqueness. If your site link has unique title, that would help you get users attention.

I have noticed an unique title ‘Why Aamir Khan’s PK is Grabbing Eyeballs’ among the rest of the results. Compared to the word ‘review’, this title is so pulling and also not existed or might have less densely existed on the web.

Must remember advice

Choosing a title that is appealing is good but, you should make sure to satisfy the visitors eagerness with content. Just think if the title Why Aamir Khan’s PK is Grabbing Eyeballs’ is misleading visitors with out-of-context- content, would you be visiting the website again in future?

If your blog have no quality & title relevant content. there is no use of optimizing keywords, title and everything else on your blog.

By the way…

Unique title along with optimized keywords would surely make your site stand out best among the rest. By the way, writing unique titles with relevant quality content for a web index analysis time period would improve the blog’s authority and rank on the web.

Hope that answers your question! Till next time!

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