Why You Should Not Buy an Acer Product in a Life Time

This article is a very special one and an experience of my own. The views expressed in this article are purely from my experiences with the Acer product(s). No one else has motivated me in any way in writing this. Read the full story and decide if you still want to buy an Acer product in your lifetime!

It was 6 months ago when I bought my first and new laptop, Acer E1-572 for my work. It was the first laptop to come with i5-4th generation processor under affordable price. I ordered it from Flipkart and they delivered it within 2 days which was great. It was a great experience of having a laptop of my own for the first time.

Though I do a lot of tweaks on computers(of mine’s and friends’), I never had a laptop of my own as my father couldn’t afford to buy another computer for me when in graduation. After a lot of waiting I chose to buy one, i.e., Acer E1-572 for god sake.

It worked fine for a week and started showing abnormal behavior of its speakers. I know that a lot of laptops get this issue and I have had an experience of it on my friends’ laptops in the past. Most of such issues occur because of virtual audio enhancement feature of some of the media players like VLC player. As I know it could affect, I never used it on my laptop. Though the problem was identified.

I contacted the support about the issue. They told me that the support will be coming in 3 working days and they come as they said. As you know, the support technician who comes to home to repair a laptop would be a local technician who would be representing the company. The same happened to me, the local support guy came within the time and concluded that the speakers that come along with the laptop are not in good condition and need to be replaced. He left home saying that he will get back in 4-5 days with the new speakers in hand.

I was happy for the kind of support I have been receiving but it didn’t last long. 5 days passed and the support guy didn’t care to get back. I kept on contacting them again and again, day after day with getting back of an answer of “not yet got the product”. Finally, after 10 days, they came to me and replaced the speakers assuring me all would be working good from then. I felt good that I could get my work done in a little longer time at least.

It worked fine for a week again started showing up the same speakers error. I have contacted the local technician again and explained to them about the issue. They advised me to file another call log so that they will come again and replace the main board(as the problem seemed to be in the main board). I logged a complaint through phone and they told me that the local technician is going to contact me in 3 working days.

This time I got a call from a local technician after 4 days and told me that they are going to replace the main board as soon as they receive it from Acer warehouse. Days and weeks are passing by, whenever I make a call to the local technician to inquire about the same, the only answer I got from them is “we will inform you as soon as we get it”.

I waited a month and I waited a half. No response from either side. I have become busy with my works and didn’t care about the complaint for some time. I used to remember about it when I notice it disturbing my work all of a sudden in the middle of something. I once called Acer again and asked about my complaint status. They told me that the complaint booked was closed(for no reason). I logged another complaint again from my dad’s number with a renewal request for the previous complaint.

I got busy again and this time I got no 3 working day response from local support even. Later I realized so recently that it’s been already 6 months since I bought this laptop with a faulty main board. If I can’t make it repaired, I’ll have to spend some extra bucks after the warranty period which I am not willing to.

I logged another complaint again through phone and email as well this time. I have got an email response asking me to fill up a complaint detail spreadsheet. I filled it up and sent. I have got a call from a local technician after 3 days, to my dad’s number which I used once in the past. In fact, they need to call the number which I have provided while logging a call. I ignored it because I wanted my problem get solved at first and it doesn’t matter the kind of communication channel I or they have used.

The local technician came and noted down the motherboard number and bid goodbye telling me that he would come again when the spare part is received. He told me that he’ll return with new main board in 4-5 days again which he didn’t, as usual.

I don’t want it to be ignored this time also and so kept enquiring about it after every 3 days sequels. When I called for the second time, I asked the local technician straightly as if they are going to ignore this complaint also. He reversed it on me and accused that I changed my mobile number(which I have been using constantly since I got a mobile phone in my hand, 8 years ago) and so they cannot contact me back.

I made a call to Acer and asked if it is their habit to play with customers after buying the product. The Acer support told me that they do not have the spares in the warehouse because they are facing issues with importing them into India. I talked a little harshly to them this time which might have made him took it seriously and so sent the local technician today with a spare of the main board. The guy replaced it and gone. This time the problem got worst than before. These are the problems that are added to it now,
  1. I could not see BIOS settings
  2. The DVD writer is making short beep sounds while the disk is rotating
  3. Internal keyboard is not working
  4. Even external keyboard is not working as well
  5. Takes power lately after turning on the laptop
  6. Don’t know what else are not working
I have very important data of mine in my laptop and don’t know what it’s going to take toll on. Acer was my favorite and I used to prefer/refer Acer among the rest in the past till my laptop. Later, I have realized it lately that the support it gives is horrible and is no different from an in-famous startup business. I’d be glad if this story of mine helps you decide.

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