How to Become a Superstar on Twitter

This article is submitted by Suvin M.V, a twitter geek and tech enthusiastic. He blogs at Friwiz and you can follow him on twitter @SuvinMV

Twitter is an awesome social media, everyone would love it. Don't get addicted anyway! If you don't have an account yet, go an sign up for an account on Twitter.

Add good a profile picture

The first thing people see is your profile picture. So, lets not be an egghead(Twitter has a picture of egg as default picture) and be a real human. Your own photo is preferred and try not to add pictures of some celebrities. Let's just be us.

Here are some tips for a social network friendly photo

Have a descriptive bio

Yes, the bio is the second important thing on your profile. Keep it simple. You don't have to lie about your life to be a Twitter celebrity. Twitter is a different world. Everyone has got a place in this world.

The thing that is equally important as the bio is your URL field. Never include irrelevant links in the URL field. It will only make you look like a spammer. If you have a blog or website, you can add it there. You may also add your links to other social network profiles you own.

Make sure:
1. The links you entered are working
2. You have an important link that others must see quickly, add it in the bio field.


I believe you have completed your profile now. Tweet regularly. But don't annoy your followers with 100 tweets an hour or something. Because tweets have a limit of 140 characters, I don't compel you to use proper spelling. Short forms are just enough. But be sure that others can read it!

If you use your Twitter account for promoting your website/service, you have to follow the 5:3:2(Others-Yours-Personal) tweet ratio. It means for every 3 tweets you send for promoting your content, you have to send 5 tweet/retweet of other's content.


Retweets are important. You know why?

1. Interacting with others tweets will get their attention. Maybe you'll get a new follower. Who knows, you'll get a new friend!
2. Most spammers and bots don't retweet, thus you can show others that you're real.
3. You won't make your followers bored with your own content.


You can mention others in your tweets. But for conversations, I prefer Direct messages. If the person follows you, you can send direct messages. Twitter now has the direct messages with a chat layout. You got your privacy, and your followers don't have to suffer by reading tweets which are not meant for them.

Reply to others tweets

You must reply to mentions you receive. If it is from a stranger, have a look at their account and see if it's a bot mentioning everyone with same link or something.


Follow accounts of your interest. Keep the difference between following/followers under 100. If you have high following and has less followers, you are gonna end up looking like a spammer in front of others.

Follow back followers

In my opinion, following back all your followers do not do any harm. Don't worry about losing your favourite friends' tweets! You can make a Twitter list for your friends and interests however you like. If it is your friends, it is better to make the list private.

Thank followers with tweets

When you get followers, send out a tweet thanking them with mentioning them. It is a good way to earn followers too.

Getting serious on Twitter

I'm just joking! I want to tell you to be an active user on Twitter. Actively participate in the Social network:

Follow Friday(#FF, #FollowFriday)

Every Friday, people on Twitter sends out a tweet by recommending a user for following. A follow Friday tweet usually includes the @mention of the user and the hash tag.

Throwback Thursday(#TBT, #ThrowBackThurday)

On Thursdays, people tweet with old photos they shared long time ago. Like ‘follow Fridays' the tweets will contain the respective hash tags in them.

More FUN

Don't just tweet texts, you can share photos and videos too. Tweet with hash tags, emoticons etc. Emoticons for Twitter are available on the Internet.

More tips

Avoid all automated services for following, tweeting, sending DMs etc. Mostly it becomes annoying to others. This is my personal opinion. Because there are also people who sees nothing wrong in automated tweets.

That concludes my Twitter tips. I would love to hear your views on them.

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