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How to Use Twitter Dashboard as a Blogger or Business Owner

Twitter launched a new dashboard for the sake of small businesses, internet marketers, freelancers and bloggers who try to engage more traffic on to their content. This article will be talking about the complete Twitter dashboard features and how they workout for bloggers and businesses. Read on!


Business or blogging is all about networking. And Networking is all about sharing, telling stories, support and educate things on a platform. Any blog or business will look for more readers, traffic and conversions.


Twitter has been a great platform to interact, communicate and share things with the customers and readers in short and sweet snippets of text. With mentions and hashtags, a revolution in the field of communication has been established in very short span of time. Companies are even proving the technical support through twitter and responding to the @ mentioned tweets quicker than to the emails.


What is Twitter Dashboard?

Twitter dashboard is created for businesses, that includes the bloggers too. It helps to connect with customers and readers more effectively right from the timeline. You can access the tweets in which you were mentioned and take quick actions quickly.


Twitter Dashboard is a powerful tool designed to help businesses connect with their customers and community. – Says Noa Pepper, Product & Engineering Manager, Twitter on the Twitter Blog.


The mentions are notified as more of a re-actionable tweets than just a informative of who and what is tweeted at your @ notice. Let’s look into the features of Twitter dashboard more precisely.


Using the Features of Twitter Dashboard

Twitter dashboard offers some nice features that business owners, marketing managers and bloggers were looking for in 3rd party tools. From the scheduling tweets to the glance of analytics, twitter has included all needed features to manage the promotions and maintain the communication with the followers.


The new tweet schedule option

As a blogger or an internet marketer, how many times have you tried to schedule your tweets according to the most engaged times, on-going trends and special events?


You might have seek the help of some 3rd party tools that connect your twitter accounts to them to gain the posting permissions when you want.


Using 3rd party tools always is not a wise choice in terms of security for not just the twitter account but also for the business.


Twitter dashboard added a new option to the Tweet button in the ‘Create’ (compose new tweet in normal twitter website) i.e., Schedule Tweet.




You can schedule tweet to any time in future by selecting the date and time and clicking the ‘Schedule Tweet’ button. All your scheduled tweets will appear right under the tweet composing area sorted in a queue according to the date.


How to use ‘Schedule Tweet’ as a blogger or business owner?

You can schedule your promotions and tweets on highly engaging times and event dates just as you were doing it by using some other 3rd party software. As twitter dashboard allows you to track your own tweets on the dashboard homepage, it would be easy to monitor and respond to your customer/reader queries right from the same window.


Newly organized tweets

The ‘Home’ page is organized well with tweets under 3 tabs, ‘About You’, ‘Your Tweets’, ‘Timeline’.


The ‘About You’ section shows the tweets with the keywords, phrases and mentions that you have mentioned while setting up the dashboard.


The ‘Your Tweets’ tab shows all the tweets that you have tweeted in a timely fashion.


The ‘Timeline’ shows all the tweet activity from your followers just like on the normal homepage.


How to use organized tweets as a blogger or business owner?

Maintaining a good network is always responding to the messages and mentions in the right time. You cannot ignore a single customer’s tweet and respond to it after the end of earth. Because the mouth canvasing works the best yet. Any bad feedback can be fatal to your business trust.


The situation is the same with being a blogger. the authority build by engaging in the conversations readers earns more reputation and more loyal traffic to your site. The readers who are satisfied with your concern over their link sharing and mentions will turn into human promotions themselves.


In both the blogger or business cases, the ‘Your Tweets’ tab will have the list of all tweets sent by you. You can refer them anytime and keep track of your past activity while monitoring the strategy stats. I hope you got my point.


Quick love and retweet buttons

The new twitter dashboard tool comes with another time saving tool. You can just respond to the tweets that you were mentioned in right from the ‘About You’ tabbed tweets. You can quick like and retweet any tweet by not opening any lightbox window.


The normal retweet will popup a lightbox window that allows us to comment while re-sharing the same short message.


How to use quick love and retweet buttons as a blogger or business owner?

When it is blogging or business, time is money. You cannot waste an extra second for simple retweetables. If you supposedly retweeted 60 tweets through a normal twitter page, it would take you 60x2=120 seconds where as in twitter dashboard it takes only 60 seconds or less. If it sounds silly to you ask, successful people about their spending time on social media.


Analytics at a glance

The twitter dashboard have the summarized panel of analytics that shows the number of tweets, media tweets, replies, mentions, new followers, profile visits and views and tweet impressions. They are not as interactive as they are available on




Though, they are useful in making marketing and promotional decisions quickly. You can view these stats by week, 30 and 60 days intervals.


How can you use quick analytics as a blogger or business owner?

As I said before, the analytics that are available weekly, monthly and bi-monthly fashion are useful in making quick decisions. If you are promoting something, it should not take you much time to analyze the analytics data to compose and schedule some few targeted tweets.


First time on Twitter Dashboard? Here is how to setup

Probably, you might have not activated your dashboard on Twitter yet. The first time landing on the twitter dashboard page will leave you confused a bit (if you are not much of a internet user). Follow this one-time setup process to activate your dashboard.


Step 1: Go to and login with your credentials.




Step 2: Click on the ‘Try Twitter Dashboard’ button to start the setup process.




Step 3: A window with the short information of twitter dashboard will be shown. Click on ‘Let’s go’ button to proceed to next step.




Step 4: The real setup process starts from this step. From this step, you will have to go through four steps to complete this one-time setup process.


Select the type of business that you operate with your twitter account. Choosing an appropriate category will help you with relevant tips and what to tweet in right times. You will also have to choose the number of employees in your company.




Choose number of employees and click ‘Next’.


Step 5: In this step, you will have to choose the keywords and @mentions that you want to monitor about your business. Click on the ‘Next’ button on the top to add the keywords and mentions.




Click ‘Next’ when you are done adding the phrases, people and hashtags.


Step 6: All terms will be shown as added to your feed. Click on ‘Save Feed’ button to finish the setup process and start using dashboard.


Unleash the power of twitter dashboard features as discussed above an enjoy better returns.

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Boost Your SEO Score Using Social Media

This article is contributed by Sheela Joby, a freelance writer with an experience of 10 years. Apart from writing, she is into photography, traveling, music etc. You could reach her at


A decent Social Media methodology alongside SEO will help you increase better rankings on the web. A ton of organizations don't have the best handle or comprehension of the significance of having strong online networking vicinity. Here are few ways you can influence social networking to flavor up your SEO endeavors.


Social Sharing


Through social networking channels, little organizations can manufacture connects normally and really share articles on the online networking channels where your crowds are well on the way to be available, and pay consideration on the subtleties of every stage and the timeframe of realistic usability of the substance in that. On Twitter, where the timeframe of realistic usability of a bit of substance is shorter, you can don't hesitate to tweet content a few times in one day. You can focus the right recurrence by testing reactions from your crowd.


Make a Content Strategy

Both social networking and pursuit are content driven. Excellent content has a tendency to create more shares and engagement on online networking — a sign to web indexes that the data your image is giving is useful and locks in. In any case, online networking is more than a device for sharing content from your site; it’s additionally a stage where you can have data and assets for your purchaser. In case you're ready to create engagement, your board will rank high in web search tools, building mindfulness about your nearby business


Connect With Similar Businesses

At last, in case you're hoping to upgrade your site for neighborhood quests, take a stab at connecting with comparative organizations on online networking. Search for organizations in your neighborhood or organizations in your industry close where you work. Draw in with them by sharing some of their content, and remarking on their profiles. They ought to give back where it’s due and help you develop your crowd thusly.


Distribute Visual Media

Visual media running from photographs and features, to slideshows, charts, and infographics not just have the ability to make a profound initially impression with the online client, additionally holds the ever-alluring potential to create viral activity that rapidly gets a SERPs consideration.


Tailor your informing as per the system

Social Media system is interesting and in this way you have to verify that your informing and content is customized to its clients. Verify that your message is custom-made by Social Media channel. Individuals can tell when something has been duplicated that was particularly made for Facebook to Twitter and the other way around. Tailor your pivotal words, labels, and informing to the Social Media channel that you are focusing as one shoe doesn't fit all particularly inside of Social Media.


Online networking is not just about building a group for your site. It's more than that. You can utilize it to do SEO, to discover new substance thoughts and advance your business.


*If you have complaints with the content of the above article, please don’t hesitate to tell us.
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How to Become a Superstar on Twitter

This article is submitted by Suvin M.V, a twitter geek and tech enthusiastic. He blogs at Friwiz and you can follow him on twitter @SuvinMV

Twitter is an awesome social media, everyone would love it. Don't get addicted anyway! If you don't have an account yet, go an sign up for an account on Twitter.

Add good a profile picture

The first thing people see is your profile picture. So, lets not be an egghead(Twitter has a picture of egg as default picture) and be a real human. Your own photo is preferred and try not to add pictures of some celebrities. Let's just be us.

Here are some tips for a social network friendly photo

Have a descriptive bio

Yes, the bio is the second important thing on your profile. Keep it simple. You don't have to lie about your life to be a Twitter celebrity. Twitter is a different world. Everyone has got a place in this world.

The thing that is equally important as the bio is your URL field. Never include irrelevant links in the URL field. It will only make you look like a spammer. If you have a blog or website, you can add it there. You may also add your links to other social network profiles you own.

Make sure:
1. The links you entered are working
2. You have an important link that others must see quickly, add it in the bio field.


I believe you have completed your profile now. Tweet regularly. But don't annoy your followers with 100 tweets an hour or something. Because tweets have a limit of 140 characters, I don't compel you to use proper spelling. Short forms are just enough. But be sure that others can read it!

If you use your Twitter account for promoting your website/service, you have to follow the 5:3:2(Others-Yours-Personal) tweet ratio. It means for every 3 tweets you send for promoting your content, you have to send 5 tweet/retweet of other's content.


Retweets are important. You know why?

1. Interacting with others tweets will get their attention. Maybe you'll get a new follower. Who knows, you'll get a new friend!
2. Most spammers and bots don't retweet, thus you can show others that you're real.
3. You won't make your followers bored with your own content.


You can mention others in your tweets. But for conversations, I prefer Direct messages. If the person follows you, you can send direct messages. Twitter now has the direct messages with a chat layout. You got your privacy, and your followers don't have to suffer by reading tweets which are not meant for them.

Reply to others tweets

You must reply to mentions you receive. If it is from a stranger, have a look at their account and see if it's a bot mentioning everyone with same link or something.


Follow accounts of your interest. Keep the difference between following/followers under 100. If you have high following and has less followers, you are gonna end up looking like a spammer in front of others.

Follow back followers

In my opinion, following back all your followers do not do any harm. Don't worry about losing your favourite friends' tweets! You can make a Twitter list for your friends and interests however you like. If it is your friends, it is better to make the list private.

Thank followers with tweets

When you get followers, send out a tweet thanking them with mentioning them. It is a good way to earn followers too.

Getting serious on Twitter

I'm just joking! I want to tell you to be an active user on Twitter. Actively participate in the Social network:

Follow Friday(#FF, #FollowFriday)

Every Friday, people on Twitter sends out a tweet by recommending a user for following. A follow Friday tweet usually includes the @mention of the user and the hash tag.

Throwback Thursday(#TBT, #ThrowBackThurday)

On Thursdays, people tweet with old photos they shared long time ago. Like ‘follow Fridays' the tweets will contain the respective hash tags in them.

More FUN

Don't just tweet texts, you can share photos and videos too. Tweet with hash tags, emoticons etc. Emoticons for Twitter are available on the Internet.

More tips

Avoid all automated services for following, tweeting, sending DMs etc. Mostly it becomes annoying to others. This is my personal opinion. Because there are also people who sees nothing wrong in automated tweets.

That concludes my Twitter tips. I would love to hear your views on them.
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How to Tag Your Twitter Handle Automatically to Every Tweet Made with AddThis Tweet Button on Your Blog/Website?

Social sharing, as we discussed in previous article is one of the important strategies to drive traffic to your website from social media networks. We generally use third party social sharing plugins to let readers share and tweet the article links on to their social media profiles.

Do you think it is good enough to drive traffic your site? It may be, but it is not best enough strategy yet.

Let’s say twitter! When someone tweets your article link using the tweet button under it, it will go around the world of twitter and there is no doubt about it. Just think for a second, how good it would be if you could brand/promote your twitter handle to increase the followers with every reader’s tweet! awesome isn’t it?

tagging-twitter-handleLet’s see how can we enable this twitter handle tagging feature for the tweet button of AddThis social sharing plugin.

You need to have AddThis plugin installed with tweet button enabled on your website/blog to enable this feature. If you haven’t added AddThis yet, go to and set it up first.

Secondly, add the either of the following scripts to the <body> section of your website i.e., right before </body> tag.

Twitter handle only:
<script type="text/javascript"> var addthis_share = addthis_share || {} addthis_share = { passthrough : { twitter: { via: "TWITTER USERNAME" } } } </script>

Replace TWITTER USERNAME with your twitter handle. For e.g., amfastech. This will be added to every tweet as @amfastech.

Text only:
<script type="text/javascript"> var addthis_share = addthis_share || {} addthis_share = { passthrough : { twitter: { text: "TEXT" } } } </script>

You can also add text that you wanted to be visible in every tweet made with the AddThis tweet button. For e.g., Amfas Tech. This will be added to every tweet as Amfas Tech.

Twitter handle with text:
<script type="text/javascript"> var addthis_share = addthis_share || {} addthis_share = { passthrough : { twitter: { via: "TWITTER USERNAME", text: "TEXT" } } } </script>

Replace TWITTER USERNAME and TEXT with the text of your choice. This will be added to every tweet as Follow us @amfastech.

Choose a style of your choice and increase your twitter followers with every tweet made from your blog/website.
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Role of Social Media in Promoting a Business

Social media started generating buzz among the marketers and business owners since along ago when it was born. Those who are doing right use of social media in business are increasing their customer base and there by seeing a significant growth in revenue.

Social media provides a platform for direct communication between your customers, prospects and employees. What is more, it is a key driver of content distribution and brand visibility online.


Social networks like Google+ and Pinterest, can significantly impact the social media landscape, but most businesses need to focus first on the major players, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Before you start using these social networks in marketing and business, you need to monitor social media to measure if your efforts are truly getting successful.

Role of Facebook in Business

With more than 800 million monthly active users, Facebook has become the major player in the social media industry. From a marketing perspective, Facebook serves as a powerful platform for building a community of advocates and increasing word-of-mouth marketing.

The first step in leveraging Facebook for business is to set up a business page. Set up a business page and start promoting it on Facebook. You can also sign up for Facebook Ad campaigns to promote effectively.

Role of Twitter in Business

Twitter is a social network on which people share 140-character messages. Users “follow” or subscribe to each other’s updates and can receive messages via multiple technology devices, including desktop computers, smart phones, and text messages.

Understanding how and if people are talking about your business and industry on Twitter will dictate your decision on whether you should invest the time to start and manage a Twitter account for your business. If you decide that Twitter is right for your business, you can visit to sign up for a free account. Here are a few tips for setting up a business Twitter account:
  • Use the name of you business as your Twitter username.
  • Use your business logo or a picture of the person managing the account as the profile image for the account.
  • Create a custom Twitter background that provides additional information about your business.
  • Use tools like HootSuite or TweetDeck to determine industry influencers and potential customers that your business should follow.

Role of LinkedIn in Business

The social network businesspeople may be most familiar with is LinkedIn. This network of over 150 million business users is a major player in the lead generation game.

To get started using LinkedIn for your business, set up and complete your personal profile as well as a company profile for your business. When setting up these profiles, remember to optimize your information by adding links to your website and blog. Take the time to make the descriptions of yourself and your business interesting and an accurate reflection of your experience, knowledge, and passion.

Once you have created these profiles, you can explore LinkedIn’s other tools widely used for marketing. The professional network has two major features that are of particular use to businesses for lead generation and customer acquisition.

LinkedIn Groups

The Groups feature allows LinkedIn users to create and participate in discussions around a topic within LinkedIn. Groups can be a great way to make potential business connections and share relevant blog content or new offers.

LinkedIn Answers

The second feature, LinkedIn Answers, enables you to find people publicly stating they have a specific challenge or need. Identifying these questions and responding
with resources of yours that answer that person’s question can turn into a great marketing opportunity for your business. Ultimately, you can generate high-quality traffic and leads from LinkedIn Answers.

This is not everything! there are a lot of social networks which can give a boost to your business online. Keep researching on them too and stand yourself up high in the industry.
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Why Have a Good Social Media Reputation?

Why bother? It seems quite the frivolous affair just to have your name be on the internet, right? It doesn’t seem too important. The thing is – these are times wherein a Social Media Reputation could be the only thing that could change your business for good. A good viral video that boosts your sales, maybe, or a trending hashtag on Twitter could mean some good advertising up for your business.

It is more than simple posts on Facebook that makes a good Social Media Reputation. These day’s tech savvy customers have information at their fingertips that they can use at will – whenever and wherever they want. This accounts for all of your achievements… and all of your failures in business.

This is not something you will want advertised or at the very least, this is not what you want your company to be known for. Your reputation on social media determines your standing among your competitors about what kind of service you provide, the quality you can assure, and the name that gives people the peace of mind that they require when they’re investing in any sort of service.

Another thing about your Social Media Reputation is that it can serve as the foundation where you might build a trustworthy name, especially if you’re a business or company that’s just starting out. The corporate coliseum is bristling with new ideas every single day for new social media campaigns because of the near limitless possibilities that this new media platform can provide. From its aesthetics to its textual content, social media is a great way to understand what your customers need and more than that, it is a great way to convince possible consumers that they’ve been needing you all along.

Your reputation on social media speaks boundaries on your knowledge about your particular field of expertise. If you have content posted upon many different sources, all going to you as their initial source, it makes you out to be a business that is worth investing in – and you’ll want to make sure that you are. Start small when you go about this and determine your initial target audience. Only then, when you understand what the people need, can you make them want it – and want it from you!

From the colour schemes, to the tagline, to your logo – all of these are important factors for your online branding and marketing strategies. Building up your reputation on social media could even mean the difference between getting new customers and clients through your doors and ringing your phone… or the next tweet about your company could be about its demise and bankruptcy.

At the end of the day, it’s your choice – are you going to take the risk with your Social Media Reputation?

About author:

Doreen Wallace is a Business Consultant for CMS Information Technology Ltd Pty. Born on the 21st of June 1975, Wallace graduated from the University of Sydney in Australia. With her involvement in CMSIT, she is actively involved and up to date with the latest news on technological trivia and advancements.
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Truecaller, Twitter partner to increase user base in India

Truecaller, Twitter partner to increase user base in India


Phone directory application Truecaller on Thursday announced it will partner with social networking site Twitter to increase user base.


Under the partnership, Truecaller users in India will be able to see if a number is connected with a Twitter account, and will be able to tweet or follow a person directly through the Truecaller app. “With this new integration, a Truecaller user can instantly tweet back to a missed call that has a  Twitter account connected to the phone number. This is especially valuable for users in India who are looking for a fast, free and reliable way to communicate,” TrueCaller CEO and co-founder Alan Mamedi said in a statement.


The company estimates the current user base in India at about 22 million. Twitter had about 20 million users in India as per a report — by market research firm IMRB International and the Internet and Mobile Association of India — released few months back.


Truecaller is a free mobile application which shows name of the person calling to the user even if the number is not saved in the phone.


The application is currently available on Apple’s iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone, Nokia, and Symbian devices.


Truecaller’s Twitter integration is currently available to Android users, with plans to expand to iOS in 2014, the statement said.

- Economic Times

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Facebook adds ‘hashtag’ feature to take on Twitter


Social networking giant Facebook is now adopting the “hashtag,” a distinctive feature of rival Twitter, to help members keep track of popular topics being discussed on the social network.


“Starting today, hashtags will be clickable on Facebook. When you click on a hashtag in Facebook, you’ll see a feed of what other people and pages are saying about that event or topic,” the company said in a statement.


Hashtags have helped social networking users to participate in online conversations as real-time events such as political debates and sports events unfold.


It has also helped advertisers reach out to a particular set of audience.


“Hashtags on Facebook are just a first step. We’ll be rolling out more features in the coming weeks and months that make it even easier to discover and participate in conversations about shared interests on Facebook,” it added.


Facebook also said it looks forward to working with media partners, broadcasters, and journalists on how best to leverage these new tools.

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Facebook, Twitter Apps on Google Glass

Social networking services Facebook Inc and Twitter are coming to Google Glass, the wearable computer made by the Internet search company.


Google Inc announced on Thursday a half-dozen apps specially designed to work on its Glass devices. News network CNN, fashion magazine Elle, as well as online apps Tumblr and Evernote were among the half-dozen new apps for Glass unveiled during Google's annual developer conference in San Francisco.



Google Glass is a stamp-sized electronic screen mounted on the left side of a pair of eyeglass frames which can record video, access email and messages and retrieve information from the Web.


Google began distributing the devices last month to a limited number of developers, but it has yet to specify when a version will be available for consumers or at what price.


The futuristic-looking devices have been a common sight at the Google conference this week, with many of the attendees and staffers wearing Glass. But Google executives gave Glass short shrift during the more than three-hour keynote talks on Wednesday, barely mentioning Glass among the litany of new products and services discussed on stage.


[Source: Bing News]

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