Why Should You Know About Internet Trends & Keyword Suggestion Tools?

Knowing what is keyword and why it is used is not enough for a blogger but anyone. It is important to know the best performing keywords as well. To know them, you need to have a little knowledge about internet trends and keyword suggestion tools.

Internet trends? Keyword suggestion tools? Does such tool really exist?

Yes, they do exist! You no need to spy on your friends’ computers to know what is being searched the most on search engines.

Really? Are they reliable?

Yes they are reliable. Not because they are used by me or some other professional blogger. It is because they are provided by Google, whom you would try to impress in your whole blogging life.

I would like to introduce to you, Google Trends and Keyword Planner Tool.

What is ‘Google Trends’?

Google trends was initially introduced to compare the search intensity of two search terms. You can compare two search terms and can choose the right topic to blog for that season.

Google trends was inactive in the past and when bloggers noticed that it has not been updated since November 2006, Google woke up and updated it from then.

Now, Google updates trends on hourly basis. Thanks to bloggers for taking the initiative and making it alive again.

Look at the following example of how Google Trends can be used to analyze most trending topics,

If you see the above graph, the term ‘Christmas’ has got hike from the middle of September(roughly) as it is the Christmas season coming in December. If we had searched for it in the middle of May or June, it could have been beaten by the term ‘Independence day’. See the screenshot of the stats by Google trends.

By this, we can say that the internet trends depend on,
  1. The season
  2. Time &
  3. Festivals
That means the trends that you choose may show adverse affect on the future traffic of your blog or website. Thought, this is not totally true.

Let us suppose that you started a new blog focusing on ‘Black Friday’. Google trends can help you make the most of it till that day or another day after that. What would be the future of the blog till next year?

Unlike the above example, let us suppose that you are writing a review of Apple iPhone 6 which is trending today. It won’t bring you harm or loss though it would not trend in future as people would be searching for it somehow through the year and later. Hope you got my point!

This is how Google trends will be helpful. But it would be more helpful to an event bloggers(Who creates a blog focusing an event to make profit for that season, For e.g., ‘IPL Cricket’ blog in IPL season is an event blog) rather than the regular ones.

Though it is, Google trends can also be wisely used for non-event or semi-event blogs, like as ‘iPhone 6 example’ in above lines. So that the semi-event blogger can make the most of the event for that season and also after the season(which an pure event blogger cannot).

What is ‘Keyword Planner Tool’?

So, you’ve got an idea of internet trends and how Google trends can be helpful. How do you think you can elevate the trending topic on your blog, where there are many other high authority blogs that dominate yours?

‘Keyword’ answers this toughest question. Implementing best & unique keywords in your blog posts can put your blog competing with the high authority blogs.

Though keywords, content will always be given priority by search engines. So when I mean keywords, I consider you are writing a wonderful article

How to know what are the best and unique keywords?

That is what the ‘Keyword Planner Tool’ is useful for. But actually, keyword planner tool was actually meant for Google AdWord advertisers to analyze and learn the popularity of the keywords in the search engine. Later, bloggers and webmasters started using it for keyword optimization.

Let’s get to know about the keyword planner tool briefly before we get to know about keyword optimization.

To use AdWords Keyword Planner Tool,
  1. Go to https://adwords.google.com/KeywordPlanner and login with your Google account credentials.
  2. Under Search for new keyword and ad group ideas > under Your product or service, type in the keyword you wanted to focus on in the article.
  3. Scroll down and under Targeting, choose the location you want to target audience of.
  4. You can also choose Language, Google (with images) to target specific people.
  5. Don’t care about Negative Keywords as it is only useful for advertisers.
  6. Under Date range, you can set the dates to view the popularity of the keywords
  7. in between.
Read this article to learn how to search best keywords as it would help you in choosing best keywords.

Hope you understand why you should be knowing about internet trends and keyword suggestion tools while blogging now. Happy blogging :)

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