How I Could Recover Local Search Traffic in Two Months

We have already seen how much toll it took on the blogs and website when Google released its new local search algorithm lately in the month of July of this year. Every webmaster was perplexed and local businesses are also got effected.

Amfas Tech also caught some heat earlier but we could successfully recover our local traffic by now. Read on to know and learn the strategies we’ve implemented to recover our local traffic.

Talking about the versions of the algorithms that Google has been introducing all these years, Hummingbird and Local Search Algorithm(unofficially called ‘Pigeon’) are the most effective algorithms so far. We’ve seen how a Hummingbird algorithm works in contrast with the Pigeon in the past and so we already knew that local search algorithm is as effective as hummingbird.

Local Search Algorithm was introduced to facilitate the Google user feel more realistic and comfortable with the results fetched from the local visibility.

For example, let us suppose I was searching for an ice cream parlor near by my location. I would be shown the ice cream parlors with in my location when I start typing in as you can see in the following screenshot.


What I have been shown may not be ‘the –best’ shops around the globe but they are nearer to me and that matters all. I won’t be able to get access to some random shop situated some where in California with lot of optimizations for their business listing set up.

Though it may show me the best shops, I cannot get access to them. What if happens in the case of hospitals-search too? Probably the patient will be playing with angles in heaven by the time he reaches the best hospital shown in some human coded search engine.

Google don’t want ‘Google’ still look like an human coded search engine. Years passed since internet was born. It wants it to become better with auto intelligence like locality detection, relevancy and accuracy. So is local search algorithm.

What I did to recover from local search impact?

I have read, watched and observed websites and local listings of businesses keenly. All the experts said was not getting through my mind actually but it left me with clues.

Specified address and location
The thing is that I never specified the address of my blog services availability to my readers on my contact us page which I did it later after knowing. Here is what I did.
As I did in the early days of local search algorithm hit, tit haven't showed me any result.

Kept writing more quality articles
Any algorithm hit never backed me down from blogging. So it is. I kept on writing more and more quality articles of at least 800+ words each with ample of useful information for readers.

It increased my authority over my blog in blogosphere. Remember quality matters, not just writing words.

Panda 4.1 helped me
The spam weed out algorithm panda version 4.1 helped my blog get positioned higher in search results.  The removal of links from spammy blogs and websites have automatically pushed up my blog links in SERP.

Death of PageRank helped me
I was expecting a PageRank hike from 2-higher like 4 this time as I am much confident about the content I have been posting all these months consistently. Though the current PR 2 help me get ranked higher in SERP, the death of it took toll on the gap between the two consecutive PR updates and that gap helped me.

Penguin 3.0 helped me
The latest version of Penguin 3.0 weeded out those blogs that have crossed Google webmaster guidelines. Two weeks right after Penguin 3.0, I could observe the hike in daily sessions by 400% amazingly.


How can I say it is local traffic?

I have seen no change in the international traffic and they are consistent since the hike. All I can see is the engagement of local traffic within the country.

No strategy I followed is wasted. Every step I took in restoring the traffic locally improvised my tricks level by level and Google helped me a lot in this regard.

You can also give it a try and see if my strategies are working out for you too. Google predators are on loose hunting hungry the prey. Don’t become one, follow Google webmaster guidelines and always stay on safe side.

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