I Know You Can Write, But Can You Blog? It Makes Difference

There are two kinds of people in this world, one is just a writer and another is a blogger. The two words might sound similar but makes a lot difference. You may not need to know about blogging if you just want to be a writer and you should have to be a writer in order to be a blogger. Read out to know the contrast between the ‘Writing’ and ‘Blogging’ and this article will help you become a blogger if you are not.

What's this ‘Writer Vs. Blogger’ thing?

As I see, all writers who took up blogging to publish their works were not successful. Though they can write well and all their writings are good enough to attract readers, they failed.

If you are a writer too, I believe you know what it means. Getting no readers is like publishing a book and no one is there to buy it even for FREE.

This somehow discourages the writer to give up his passion for life.

Alas! How disastrous!

Worry not! This article is meant for you only. It helps you blog the way people love to read your articles, stories, and even tales.

Let’s get started!

Make a little change to your writing format

The #1 Writing Tool
I don’t mean you don’t know the grammar and the way to write. In fact, you might have known better than me. Kudos to you in that context.

As a writer, you would be focusing on delivering the idea in better language to reach the hearts of readers. Isn’t it? But what I suggest to change is the way you start, the way you end and the way you take the story from one end to another.

Do not just skip into the story as it is not the regular book you are writing. Even regular books have ‘prefaces’. Haven't they?

Yeah! you got it. That is what I’m talking about. A brief summary of the story in a few lines prior to the start. It is also called ‘trailer’ in movies paradigm. Make sure you write the summary, trailer or whatever it is, interesting.

Always remember, you can’t even sell a single magazine without the highlights printed on its cover page. Will you buy one if I sell such a thing?

Make paragraphs shorter

Another thing that kicks out your readers from your blog is the long paragraphs. Long paragraphs trick might work out in writing books, not blogs.

People just scan rather than reading a blog. Do you know what are the stoppings of their scanning eyes? Yes! End of paragraphs.

Every end of the paragraph will make him stop by and will make his checkout for the interesting words in it.

Now tell me how many short paragraphs of this article have you been through? Probably most of them as I believe.

Limit the paragraphs to 4-5 lines and any further extending of it can make your readers miss the crucial part of the story.

Highlight appealing sentences

This is one of the interesting parts of this article and well known too. I don’t know how many times you stopped scanning(yeah! ok ok! I mean it for ‘reading’) this article at the end of every short paragraph, but I’m sure you must have stopped at every bold sentence.

Aren’t you?

Yeah! that is what happens with your readers too.

Write conversations in new lines

Writing a story include conversations also. I have seen many wonderful writers writing conversations in all single paragraphs on their blogs.

Take a look at this following example of how a conversation has to be ‘blogged’,

“Hello John, have you read that article on Amfas Tech about blogging?” [In one line paragraph]
[Paragraph break space]
“Hey Paul, I have already been through it. It is really helpful” [In one line paragraph]

Don’t compromise with the ‘title’

You are writing an article for your readers, not for the search engines. As many other bloggers, including me, give a little priority for search engine optimization.

Because bloggers are bloggers. They care about getting visitors, traffic along with writing quality articles.

But as a writer, you may not want to dissatisfy your soul by compromising on your content and title of the story. Would you compromise if you are writing a book? So I said.

You always wanted to get loyal readers for your blog, not just useless come-visit-go readers. Isn’t it?

Search Engine Optimization is not bad by the way as long as it doesn't violate search engine policies. Give it a try if you want.

Over to you

All these suggestions that I have made in these articles are intended to help your blog as being a writer. Do not compromise if these points conflict with your writing style.

I hope these tips will help you blog the right way and get loyal readers to your writings. By the way, don’t forget to share your next blog post story with us.

Have a good day!

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  1. Hi Sasidhar,

    This small paragraph thing is so true. It just helps building up the anticipation. And long ones are so boring.

    Rest of the point i knew(more-or-less) but it was a nice revision :)

    You might have made a writer out of a blogger, you never know (#JustAThough) ;)


  2. Hi Debshikha,

    Glad you liked the article! Yeah I ever wanted to be a writer but thought I could kill English and people reading. Though, I'll try it on sometime!

    Have a great day :)


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