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Hello readers and fellow bloggers, here I am with an interview of Akshara Aduru, the founder of

Akshara is a passionate and successful blogger from India who makes $2000 per month from Google AdSense on her blog. Her blog is her first blog and the success she has achieved shows her dedication and passion in her work. She works for an MNC right now and looking forward to quitting the job to focus on her blog in fulltime.

Quitting job was what happened with the most other successful bloggers too. I believe that she would get a place in those ‘top bloggers of India’ list in no time.

Amfas Tech tried to contact her for the interview and she was very kind to give her valuable time to us. Let’s hear the blogging journey of Akshara Aduru in her own words.

Full Name : Akshara Aduru
Location: Andhra Pradesh
Profession: Software Engineer, Blogger

1. Hi Akshara, how are you? Congratulations on your grand success with your blog!

Akshara: Thanks Sasidhar Kareti for considering me worth an interview. I hope my interview will enlighten upcoming bloggers and their productivity.

I feel happy that my blog is successful but there is a lot to do for further growth and consistency. Your expectations make me work even hard on my blog

2. When did you start blogging actually? Have you been told about it by anyone? Or just find it interesting on your own exploration?

Akshara: I landed on to blogging by destiny and not by choice. In 2013 I attended a demo class on SEO along with my friend. That’s how I was introduced to blogging.

3. Who was your first inspiration? Who is now?

Akshara: Imran Uddin is my inspiration. His blog “” was the one which made me to think in an innovative way and landed me to this position.

4. What was your first blog? What was its niche? Are you still maintaining it?

Akshara: “” comes under educational/jobs portal. This was my 1st blog and it is still doing pretty well in this niche.

5. When did you start EduGeeks? How did you get the idea of starting up a blog of such a niche? Are you aware of the success before? Are you willing to share the foreseeing technique with us?

Akshara: 2013 July 17th was the day I started I wanted it to be unique from other portals so I started with my different articles which gave me success. Especially my guide on General Awareness is the sensation for all the people who are preparing for competitive exams.

6. Job in a MNC and blogging? How could you manage your time? Even I am very curious to know about it.

Akshara: It is/was pretty much difficult for me to manage both MNC job and my blog. Even though I work in a software company my soul is always with my blog. I try to blog whenever I get time. But after I have joined MNC it became very difficult for me to spend more time on my blog and I have decided to stop doing full-time job and blog full time.

7. What was your first earning through EduGeeks? How did you feel receiving your first payment? Happy or just kept working on your blog.

Akshara: It started with Rs.300 per day. Then I made Rs. 30,000 the first month followed by Rs. 1,30,000 successive months.

Even though I am not blogging for money. Money gives the motivation to give your best in what you are doing.

8. How many hours do you work on your blog per day?

Akshara: I spend most of the time on Blogging other than my job hours. Weekends I dedicate my time to blogging to finish off the pending works and articles.

9. What can we expect from EduGeeks in future? Planning for any transformations?

Akshara: Frankly speaking, yes I have many plans but don’t want to reveal them at this moment. I believe in actions rather than words. So, just watch me.

10. Can blogging be taken as a career? What would be its scope?

Akshara: Yes but only if you can do something unique with a lot of dedication and passion.

11. How many days it took for you to get AdSense approved?

Akshara: I don’t have an AdSense account, to be honest. In fact, I am very unlucky when it comes to AdSense. I hired some trusted people to share their AdSense account for my blog.

12. What are your other sources of revenue other than AdSense?

Akshara: As of now I am making money only from AdSense primarily. I rarely do sponsor posting and accept banner adverts if I get some good offers.

13. How many bloggers work with you right now?

Akshara: As of now I am the only one who is working on my blog. But I am looking forward to collaborating it with some talented team to take it to the next level.

14. What is your life motto? What’s your motto about blogging?

Akshara: My life motto is to give the best in whatever I am doing. I have learned a lot from the Internet and I want to give it back to the internet in the form of my blogs.

15. Any suggestions for Amfas Tech and its readers?

Akshara: Focus on building a great product rather than focusing on money. When you have good product money automatically follows you.

..and Akshara was featured in Imran Uddin’s blog and what could be the success more than getting featured by her own inspiration.

Thank you, Akshara for such an inspiring interview. We wish all the best and all success to you and hope to see her in the top bloggers' list in no time.

Over to you

So, newbie bloggers out there, it just took a year hardly for Akshara to get succeed with her blog. How many of you still blogging for money instead of building a great site for readers? 

Valuing readers is all that pays off. That’s what she believed and that’s what every other successful bloggers believe too.

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